Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 151


We all suffer weakness locked inside

Insufferable weakness we all try to hide,

Minor diversions from everyday living

Emotional distractions in having and giving.

Secret aversions to this and to that

A private revulsion to plumpness and fat,

A terrible fear of being caught out

A covering strength for a weakness to flout.


Life’s a performance of how life would seem

If your favored preferences had the esteem,

To convince all and sundry, on the day,

Of integrity’s truth in your public display.

Blandishments buried and locked deep within

Phobia’s blandished and portrayed as sin,

Temperaments tickled by how it would look

Should appearances follow the plot in the book.


Shades of candidity worn as a cloak

In the passing parade of morbidity’s joke,

Inducements to follow disguised as a prize,

Hollowed inducements for all to despise.

Tragedy locked in a cycle so false,

Entrapped in a lie  that would pass for a waltz.

Equilibrium’s promise to compromise rife

In the serenade call to the failings of life.


A blue pantomime of  hidden grey thought

Entwined in the dreams of pink rapture sought,

Delusions held, in an impossible way,

Bring disappointment’s causticity quickly to play.

Enchantment lost to a false embrace

Breeds pain to pride’s enigmatic pale face

Your peace of mind escapes the room

Life’s failings bleed in pensive gloom.


This corruption holds you in contempt

Where blind avarice goes to pay the rent.

Black anger brings the curtain down

When friends discern your brow’s weak frown.

It’s sorrowful as her trust is sold

As a tales inconsistencies unfold.

A  failing hides in dark disguise

Where mean-ness lurks behind the eyes.





Mangere Bridge

20 June 2009



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