Life Through Different Eyes.
Author: Maximilion Mars

Chapter 10
The New World.

Chapter 10

The New World


The next couple of days were hectic. Many of the countries started arguing as to how much land would be taken from Russia. The last agreement was each of the participating countries would get a piece of land of Russia, therefore the country who owned the pieces of terrain could do as they pleased. Of course knowing the vast selfishness that exists in human kind, a pleasurable agreement could never be met. In the best, U.S. would get the south of Russia for leading the attack, the other nations would have to grab land and stick with it, yet wars were not allowed to get the terrain, instead whoever came first could stick a flag and claim it. If negotiations were needed they were to be made professionally and peacefully.

All the nations were getting settled into the whole, grabbing land thing. No problems in the negotiations and all were peaceful. The economy was booming and all the nations were in big production booms. Abramovich was never found, but it was sure that he was dead. His base of operations was bombed to dust, and we had pinpoint locations as to where he was broadcasting so there was no way of missing the target. The next couple of months Dante and I were sent home to our families. I took time to over to my dad’s grave and just remember the jokes and all the things that made me miss him, but I grew so much thanks to him. I went over to Dante’s and I saw his family and it made me feel like if something in my life was missing.

On November 4 of that year I got a call from the secretary of state saying that they needed me and all of the U.S. battalion as soon as possible at the white house.

On the way there I caught up with Dante and we talked about things and were real quick on details, since we both had no idea of what to expect. We got to the white house and it was only Dante and I, the others were sent to the military hanger that was close by. “Dante, Jay. so good to see you again. You both must be wondering, why would President Green call upon us again? Things are peaceful right? There’s no need for war or anything, and you are correct there is no need for war. You see men, with the economic boom that we as a nation have had, I believe it is time to go out there again, and by out there again I mean of course space. Right now the programs of space flight have been getting massive funding and we have now made it possible to fly into space using your type of jets. Not a simple task but it was done. Boy you give money to scientist and they will find god if they can.” As president green spoke I knew that something was off, there was something about this entire space thing that just wasn’t adding up. “Sir may I ask, what is the reason of going into space? We have astronauts that do that and they do a hell of a better job than we can.” I said. “Funny you say that boy, see we are planning to populate other planets slowly. Explore the universe as it’s supposed to. Spread our wings and fly off this planet and into others. Of course, planetary rights are now up for grabs as was for Russian terrain but it’s a bit more hectic since in space the laws of earth don’t count apparently. See there will be a council just for that made of key components of the U.N. members. Now the reason I need you guys up there is that you are the finest the U.S. can offer. Now, I need to build bases of military purposes up on those planets and I need strong commanders over there. this is how it’ll be one of you will stay here and monitor all the activity from earth and the other will work on the overseeing of the creation of the U.S. military bases over in the other planet.” President Green said. I got chills in my spine hearing all that information but I guess if we are to evolve we must go out there and explore all we can.

The days were quick and we were getting prepped for our first space flight with the new jets. Dante and I had a blast, since all we knew was that after a certain altitude our jets would just roam but these new ones would break apart from normal flight and would just use pulsars in the back to slowly but safely push us out of the atmosphere. It was amazing, seeing the earth from that perspective, “it’s almost perfect from this height” Dante said. “Even though, down there we destroyed a whole nation and millions of people, to get just one man.” Dante said. I was in a mere state of tranquility until I heard President Green’s voice. “Well I believe fun time is over children, get on down here, let me know how good the ride was!” President Green said.

Going back into atmosphere I could see how this planet was being damaged and I felt horrible for never noticing that this planet needs a break from our destructive path. We landed our jets close to where the president was staying and we were invited to lunch with him.

“So how good are they? President Green asked. “They are excellent sir, fully responsive to every detail, carrying this mission on will be easier than expected sir.” Dante said. During all this I stayed quiet, many questions still unanswered, yet I knew that I would get them if I only asked. President Green stared at me with his huge blue eyes, his face was red from the heat as he ate his big steak, he looked over at me and said, “Jay, son, is something a bother to you at this moment?” I remained quiet for a second and decided to ask the entire questions I never thought I was going to get answers to. “Sir, what is the main idea of this mission? Colonize other planets? What are we going to do with earth? Just leave it behind? How many civilians are going to this planet? Is it just one planet? What are the names? I am truly sorry sir but I need to know this.” I asked almost out of breathe. “Well son that was a mouthful. I am an honest man, and I will be completely honest with all the nations and everyone who asks the questions that need to be answered. First the main idea is to explore what we could not explore in the past years, we need to mobilize and expand, it is getting a bit crowded here and we must make way for our future generations. Second, earth will not be left completely, we are leaving multiple people behind because we cannot transport all seven billion humans here on earth, therefore we will leave those who wish to make the earth clean and stable, and most of those leaving are those who want to make something new out of their lives. Third, we are planning to take approximately 2.5 billion people up to three new habitable planets. The main planet is Kino, which is three times the size of earth and has all the things needed to survive, the other two planets are Nemiba and Faulston. Those other planets are habitable but are smaller; Nemiba will be for the elderly or the more advanced people to live the rest of their days at peace, Faulston will be our industrial planet, from which we shall extract all the things needed to build our metro-planet in Kino, which will house more than twenty five billion humans. See son, this isn’t just a race, this is something we need to do.”

 President Green left me speechless, there were no words to express the awe and craziness there was to this plan, yet I knew in the back of my mind it could work. “By the way, I’ve been hearing rumors of the other big nations wanting to expand to other planets, because of course the ones we found aren’t exactly the only ones. Near our solar system we have twenty-one planets that are habitable but, the ones we are going to are the closest ones. I wish to have a meeting with the other nations to set policies and laws since they will use our planets to re-fuel and re-enter space to get to their locations. Now men, go on to your loved ones, pack all your stuff, cause I’m sure as hell not letting anyone who you two men love behind here.” President Green said.

We followed orders and had our family members close to the inter-planetary docks the set date for military forces to arrive to the planets were October 11th 2025, all other civilians would arrive two years later, when accommodations would be made for all the people who would be transported from earth to Kino. From Kino, the civilian workers would be transported to Faulston in three years, and from there the rest would be transported to Nemiba. The new space vehicles that were to be used were called the Ionax 22-1 Ionax, 22-3 and Ionax 22-3. They were huge spaceships designed for quick travel and comfortable stay, each with the capacity of one-hundred thousand occupants, it was a pretty big vessel, and each vessel was to be accompanied by our jets to ensure safe arrivals.

The date was October 10th 2025 we were all ready for the coming days of space travel, our military forces moved like no other that last day. We completed all the safety checks we needed and were surely to leave on point and time the next day. October 11th 2025, the day had come, the whole world was paying attention to the skies, as us of the 105th and 106th were the first to rise into the clouds, the other nations followed behind swift and quickly. President Green did not miss the chance to take the first jet out of there with us, I swear that man has more sense of adventure than the 105th and 106th combined. We reached atmosphere and all was going well. Back on earth families celebrated our grand step into human kind’s evolution. When we reached the outer rim the operators back at earth set the destination for our jets and we laid back and looked at everything. President Green leading this armada of jets to multiple planets was a sight to see. Everything went according to plans, we reached Kino in two months of nonstop space flight, these jets were something special, and they were solar powered so each time we needed gas we had a giant re-fill on our backs. As we prepared to land in Kino, I could hear the voice of President Green over my headset, saying that there was a designated spot to land that our scientist back home figured out. We orbited Kino for a day or two until we found the perfect moment to go in. Kino was this green giant, it really was three times bigger than the earth, the oceans would spread for miles and the mountains and hills looked unreal.

We landed in Kino with the team of builders and there was one weird ship which was actually somewhat of a hotel, there we many rooms and it was basically the pack mule of ships, the ship was called the S.S. Carrier, Very ironic. The S.S. Carrier was unloaded by all the crew it carried, the buildings took shape in no less than a year, details were needed but I barely saw the new buildings since I was on monthly flights from Earth to Kino. Things at Kino were stable; President Green took residency over there, over watching the construction and entertaining the workers. 

Kino was vast and had many miles of undiscovered terrain. Many new materials were found and so we found minerals and many other things, the weird thing in Kino was that the only thing that lived in there were these miniature dog like creature that were very docile and calm, we called them kidos to continue the irony. The day had come to make the giant transport of first civilians other that the military personal and the workers.

The flights were even faster, the Ionax ships moved at incredible speeds, we weren’t allowed to escort them, instead after we got out of the atmosphere we were told to park our jets inside and man the security systems. The Ionax ships reached Kino in less than twenty days. A record for most of us who were accustomed to the two and half month flights. When we were entering orbit we were allowed to escort them to the Kino Inter-Planetary Dock. We landed and were waiting for everyone to slowly come out. The faces of the other people were amazing, they were in complete shock and awe as too how much Kino resembled Earth, only that Kino is three times bigger than Earth.

            Everyone was getting settled in by the first year of being in Kino. Every facility we ever needed was built in no less than a year. We had these new cars that hovered and were air powered so there was no pollution and it was all natural. The health of everyone was surprisingly well, things were looking up after the disaster we had back at Earth. Things back at Earth were still pretty much the same only with less people roaming about. Earth was also on track to getting back into shape if I can say it like that.

Months passed and the inter-planetary union was built and had their own set of laws and sanctions made to control population and space flight. The I.P.U. was made of different people from Earth; it was to say a U.N. that deals with inter-planetary ordeals.

In the coming days we were preparing to make the jumps from Kino to Faulston and Nemiba. The jumps were a success and all was moving well. In Nemiba we were preparing the new inter-stellar dock so that the other nations could pass to the planets they wanted to go. The Chinese came first, with their ships filled. From workers to military men the Chinese were moving in masses. The I.P.U. sent the Chinese the Inter-Stellar Jump Sanction Fee, which means that for each planet they use to jump they would have to find a way to repay the U.S. for the use of our services and other expenses. Which came down to nothing, we just wanted the knowledge of what their planets held, any new life forms, fruits, etc.

            The Chinese Ionax ships were making the jump from Nemiba to their new planet JinRei. Everything was going smoothly until we hear distress calls coming from one of their ships. Apparently there was some type of mutiny and some rebels took control of the ship. How un-amusing it sounded over to my headset, I gave Dante a strong look and pushed over to see the situation for myself.  I saw the whole crew of the Ionax sat down on some type of locks that looked as if you moved and they would get tighter. The Chinese Ambassador tried to speak sense into the rebels but all they would say was, “there is no place like home, there never shall or will be another home for us.”

They continued on to say that they would crash the ship with everyone inside on JinRei for the atrocities committed to them. Since the Chinese took people from their homes and stuck them in a ship unwillingly. We had a real problem on our hands, two of the three Ionax had already landed and were mobilizing to their respective hangars to be inspected and given maintenance too, yet we had this couple of hooligans up here trying to prove a point. Although I could give them points for charisma, they weren’t going to quit easily. The Chinese Ambassador made a bold statement saying that “if they did not let go of the commanding officers to finish the flight to the new home planets, they had no problem shooting down the whole ship.” Both the 105th and 106th were ok until we heard the statement come straight from the mouth of the Chinese Ambassador. “If he does that he might end up with a civil war in his new home planet.” Dante said. The Moon brothers were sided by side to Dante and I, and so was the rest of the 106th as we circled around the Chinese Ionax ship.

The standoff lasted for a couple of hours. The Chinese Ambassador was not letting down on his side of the bargain, tensions were high at that moment.

The rebels were no longer interested in living, at all. The re-routed the Ionax ship towards Nemiba and that was not an option. They weren’t going to land they were going to crash the Ionax ship into the Inter-Stellar Jump Dock, made precisely so other nations could make the jumps to their corresponding planets. The Chinese Ambassador had no choice but to unveil the new laser targeted weapon that they were testing back on earth, we had knowledge of this weapon; we didn’t know it was fully operational. “I am sad to announce my fellow countrymen that the other Ionax ship destined to JinRei will not meet its destination; therefore from JinRei we will destroy its wings. Sorry for all who will suffer this impending death. I sadly bid you all, a nice afterlife.” the Chinese Ambassador Said. The lines were quiet; we were authorized to evacuate the situation immediately by President Green, “He means business. Men, haul ass back to Nemiba NOW!” said President Green, and so we did.

As we were racing back to Nemiba we all were stopped by a giant trail of a red flash. We couldn’t help to look back. The Chinese Ionax ship was hit directly by the laser, it slowly started making these ear crunching noises and then it just fell apart, piece by piece. You could see the millions of people being thrown into space, pieces of human bodies floating in the vastness of nothingness, completely black and red. We all had the grim idea of what a nation is willing to do, to save to other by sacrificing a few. The need of the many was the motto for this Ambassador. The weapon was somewhat scary, but we were working on our own piece of weaponry. We all headed back to Nemiba, scared out of our minds. How easily one man sacrificed thousands, yet he saved millions more. Sometimes I believe that being the man that calls those types of shots must have the hardest job in the universe.

JinRei was in the darkest moments of its history. The crime rate in China went from having some to nothing. Dante and I were permitted vacations since we were non-stop ever since the first American Ionax took flight. I strolled around all our home planets, took my mother out to see space from my eyes, and enjoyed some time with Dante’s family. I was really enjoying vacations, really getting the hand of not doing and or worrying about anything for a bit.

On November 8th, 2029 the news of JinRei was complete anarchy. The Chinese Ambassador was making all the wrong calls, killing even more people than he was saving. The People of JinRei were in a huge war over taking power of from the current Ambassadors hands. And so they did. They hung him in the middle JinRei City, for the entire universe to see. It was a grim picture to see, but it was necessary. The new Ambassador was a young man, no older than twenty two. He was a decent man who lived through the riots of JinRei and was in favor of taking down the old Ambassador. You could say he was leading the cause.

The new Chinese Ambassador came to Kino on November 22nd to visit President Green. They spent the whole day talking and laughing at old jokes and marveling over how far we as a species have come to exist. The Name of this new Chinese Ambassador was Jin Huo Ling. Jin was very old fashioned, very respectable. The reason Jin came to Kino to talk to President Green was if he could be able to make five more jumps from Earth-China to JinRei City, using the passage of Kino, Faulston and Nemiba. “Well Jin, I will have to run that through the I.P.U. ever since your old ambassador pulled his laser stunt the I.P.U. has been very careful on whom they let make the jumps and what not. They would let you make these five jumps, but Jin, listen to me when I tell you. I will not put my people in danger.” President Green said very serious. “No worries Mr. President. I have taken the vow of never letting my people be hurt by no one ever again. I have been getting reports of the volunteer list to come to JinRei has multiplied ever since I took command.” Jin Said. “Well that is very good Jin, I will personally push this petition to the I.P.U. and hope for a good judgment.” President Green said as he escorted Jin to the Inter-Planetary Dock.

I was never sure of how and why but in a month’s notice the I.P.U. accepted the jump grants and the Chinese were flowing over by the masses again. It was a slowly growing system, but it was working. JinRei was moving forward with potential. JinRei City was turning into a hotspot, multiple businesses came to rise and fall in JinRei, yet I could feel something was hidden from the public eye. As If Jin were trying to get something out of the jumps. The last Chinese Jump to ever occur from our Inter-Planetary Docks was in December 11th 2031. After that communication with Jin went dark. They shut down completely.

The 105th and 106th were sent over to check and make a quick survey to see if the Chinese were still there. We were getting in the orbit of JinRei and all we could see was the planet lit up like a Christmas tree, and not in the jolly way. We tapped into the coms of JinRei and received copy that Jin went mad. He was getting so many petitions and the I.P.U. was on him for not paying his sanctions dues. He barricaded himself inside the JinRei Judicial building in which we did not know that they had nuclear silos and the last jumps were to smuggle the material to make these silos active.

We were sent updates that Jin wanted to eliminate JinRei from the Planet list. When President Green got ahold of us we were indecisive of what to do. Yet again he told us to come back home and let them handle their own business. And so we did. We landed in Nemiba and rested for a couple of days. Now I was flying without Dante since he was offered a post in Central Universal Flight Command. So even if he wasn’t physically with me he was in the headset shouting orders. Months later, JinRei was active once again.

We were mobilized and on the move to watch over any unauthorized jump. Since the I.P.U. made the Non-Jump Sanction to JinRei, when I caught up in the news of JinRei City, I learned that Jin Killed himself. He was barricaded for too long and I believe he lost his mind and just decided to end it. The new Ambassador was named a couple of days after, this one stuck for the longest. His name was Lee San Hui. Lee was a stronger looking leader and fearless as he was, he respected the I.P.U. deeply. We were sent home with nothing to worry about.

The following weeks we received word that the French were planning to make the jumps now since their economy was well enough now to sustain such an arduous process. In May 15th 2031 the newly elected French president Sir Lou Dumas’ was clear on his intentions to go north of Kino to a planet called Bienne. He was clear on telling President Green that all he wanted was to join the giants in space and mark an era of history for the French. The I.P.U. accepted the jumps but this time they were very careful that we wouldn’t have another JinRei case.

The months passed and many of the French admired our Planet of Kino for its vastness and such a colorful flora. Sir Lou Dumas’ was settled in Bienne and there for started the empire of the French to grow and expand.  


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