~In the Dark~
Author: E3TV

Chapter 3
-In the Dark- part three: Kevin

I was terrified. My arms were stretched out on a metal table before me. They were succored to it with restraints. A man came into view. He wore a lab coat and gloves. He held a large knife in his hand. I franticly started to pull at the restrains. Weeping, I begging the man not to hurt me. "Please no. PLEASE!"
The man placed the knife just above the my arms. Slowly he lifted it into the air. "NO, NO PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!" I'm screaming now, struggling as harder as I could. Then the knife came down. Pain so much pain surged through me. The sound I made was the high anguished cry of a child. soon pitiful sobs replace the scream. I looked down at where my arms had been. Quickly I looked away. I stared up at the man through year blurred vision that was slowly being eaten away by blackness. The man held a small arm in his grasp. My arm. I wanted to cry out asking why they would do this to me. The man had turned away. He spoke to another man. Couldn't hear what they were saying they wre speaking to fast. But I did kech the last part. "Okay prep him for reattachment of his arms. The boss will be very happy with the results. Until then I'll get the next test ready."
A boy with shaggy brown hair slowly opens his eyes. Their a deep green and full of pain. He takes a breath to calm his racing heart. He turns his head to gaze at a girl with rainbow hair. He smiles. As long as I'm with you I'll be fine, he thinks. I'll never be trapped in the dark again.


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