~In the Dark~
Author: E3TV

Chapter 2
-In the Dark- part two: Ricker

"Make the box move."
"I can't."
Sharp pain.
Make it move!"
"I can't!"
More pain.
I fall to the floor. Why do they keep hurting me? It's not my fault! Dammit, this stupid kid. He's not trying hard enough!
I am!
Wait...The man behind the glass didn't speak. Oh no.
"Make it move."
"I'm trying!"
Another sharp pain.
"Try harder!"
Getting up I stair at the box. I can do this. Just concentrate.
God this is point less.
Damn I forgot to get dinner!
I wonder if Sam going to be home to night.
No no. Not now! These aren't my thoughts. Ignore them and maybe they'll go away.
"Make the box move and you can be done for today"
Liar. I know you to well. As soon as we're done with this your going to hurt me some other way.
"Move it!"
I crumple to the floor again.
Poor bastard.
This is such a waist of time.
I want to go home.
No no no. Go away!
Their voices are in my head. Their thoughts are not mine. Their shrieking in my head!
"Make it move dammit!"
More pain.
"Stop please!"
The pain the thoughts. Its too much!
I writhe on the floor clutching at my head. Spikes are being driven into my brain!
"Make it move!"
So much pain!
Make it move, make it move, make it move! Make what move? I can't remember what I'm doing, too much pain! To many thoughts that aren't mine! I arch my back grasping at my head and scream. Glass shatters, alarms start to wail.Then sudden pain so strong renders my vision black.
A man in black glares at the images on a wall. Eyes cooler then ice burn with ferry. A harsh grin crosses his face. I'm going to find every one of you and when I do your all going to wish that you were in Hell.
In the dark he stud smiling.
I'm the one in charge of this sick game now...


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