the world within me
Author: Ella

Chapter 113
the Lord is my Shepherd

this cycle seems to have no end

routine continues on

and there’s so much to bear

before my dask turns to dawn

my life compartmentalised

i hate this cycle now

mechanical and obligatory

to the world’s pressures i bow

blind to my own sight

numb to my own senses

sometimes i feel depression

shattering rose tinted lenses

i see everything lying right ahead

up close right before my eyes

beyond that i am blocked

where my vision fades and dies

how do they smile and laugh

and go on so happy each day

what hope is there in the world

this hope the only way

no one will ask what hope i have

if i hold it so loose

and see not further beyond tomorrow

and bank everything on what i choose

there’s so much more to life

than this stressful routine

each section a duty to fulfill

a race i’d never win

there’s so much more to life

this is killing my love to learn

and all the things i hold dear

all the wrong things i yearn

there’s so much more to life

how could i have forgotten

and though i know it in my mind

my heart is just so rotten

hardened, cold, stubborn

refusing to let it go

and give it all up

to the God in control

i want that peace so badly

i’m bleating like a sheep

and every sunday night

my heart could only weep

the Lord is my shepherd

how true is that to me?

i shall not be in want

i wish to be set free

take away these chains

these strings that hold me down

they’re loose so very loose

but i cling to my crown

a million reasons to worry

only one great one to hope

i have to do more than remember

and continue to sit here and mope

the Lord is my shepherd

i shall not be in want

and till i see Him face to face

such peace only God can grant


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