Basic Instincts
Author: T.M. Ritz

Chapter 9
Journal Entry #9

9:17 P.M.

Lots of strange things have been happening tonight. It started off around 6:15 this evening. The military came around one more time and said that everyone needed to leave. It was really eerie, the way it went down, though. There was almost a hopelessness in their voice. They also said that after tonight, we're on our own. I don't understand the big deal, I've been on my own since 16. Dumbasses.

But that was only the first thing. Not too long after that, I got a knock at the door. A little strange, but I figured maybe our neighbors are thinking along the same lines as I am: Why move when there's nothing wrong. When I went to answer the door, though, there was no one there. If Alex hadn't said anything, I would've sworn I was going crazy. But she verified my sanity by asking who was at the door. Thank God for her, otherwise I really would go crazy.

Now, to top everything else off, there's a street gang outside my door. Freaking hoodlums, is what they are. Baggy pants, hoods up even though it's 90 degrees out, your stereotypical picture of a troublemaker. But they keep circling the houses. And they keep looking this way. It's weird, it's like they know that we are here. And they know that they want in. I can't put my finger on it, but something about these last few days are

I know, that makes me sound like a dingbat, and maybe I am, but something just doesn't seem right. For instance, why would the military evacuate us and then not tell us where we're being evacuated to? Does that make sense to you? Because it doesn't to me! I mean, hell, even if they said we're going to a temporary shelter downtown, that would work. Instead, I get met with “That's a need to know basis”. Bullshit! I'm the one being relocated? Why would I not need to know.

To top everything else off, Toby has been acting really strange lately. Not only has he been trying to bite everyone, but he's been really focused on trying to get out of the house. I have no idea why, but I swear to God, that kid is annoying the piss out of me. No matter what I do, I can't get that kid to stop being ultra aggressive. He's reminding me of an animal, almost. He's got kind of that whole “this is my territory, get out” attitude. Maybe we'll have to see a doctor.


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