Author: Falco276

Chapter 7
Apples bouncing like Red Rubber Balls

Art class came to a close with Jack avoiding Sora and I at all costs. The rest of our class's drawings were... Boring. No one really knew what to draw. Everyone started gaping over Sora's drawing, as usual. Let's just say he was really REALLY good at drawing. Much better than me, anyway.

We had one more class period before lunch. P.E.

By now, Sora and I had caught on to the fact that all of our "new teachers" were characters from Beyblade.

Temporary villains, to be exact. We both had a couple of guesses for who was going to teach the remaining classes. It hadn't occurred to either if us that the next teacher would be some regular nobody like Xigbar. Sadly, there were no regular nobodies.

So for P.E., our first thought was "Enzo, of course! (Amazing, huh?!)" But Enzo is a bit young to be a teacher, so we were thoroughly confused when a floppy haired monkey person greeted us cheerfully in the courtyard.

"HI EVERYONE! My name is Enzo! I'm your P.E. Teacher for X-bar! Amazing, huh?!" The class gaped at the sight of the elementary-looking kid bouncing around, doing flips and handsprings with such ease. No one seemed to notice the other person who walked up behind us.

"No, silly little brother, it's Xigbar!" she then turned to us, grabbing hold on her little brother so that he won't argue. "Mind me if he's become bad with names lately but anyway I'm your new P.E teacher, Miss Garcia! You're just the sub, Enzo!" Everyone jumped at the sound of the older girl's voice. Sora and I sighed in relief; a class with Enzo would most likely leave us exhausted. Although, Selene probably wouldn't have been our first choice, either.

"Ok kids! Three laps around the track!" She says, smiling inhumanly. No one complained. By the second lap, Sora and I are last in the group. That's no surprise, he was instantly tired and I stay back to keep him company. Though, I would most likely still be pretty far back if I didn't.

When everyone was FINALLY done, we were all out of breath and panting heavily, hands on knees.

"Oh come on, you shouldn't be tired YET! We're only getting started! Now you should all try and do THIS! Amazing, huh?!" says Enzo, demonstrating a few back handsprings and a cartwheel. Sam looked a bit confused.

"Is that humanly possible?" he asks as a red P.E. ball hits him square in the face.

Another girl speaks up. "No! I can do it!" she replies, perfectly replicating what Enzo had done. Some of the class starts clapping, but it quickly disperses.

"Wow! Besides this little girl, you are really out of shape! We need to work on your reflex's!" Selene exclaims, referring to Sam's ball-incident. Suddenly, both she and Enzo have multiple balls in their hands and wide smiles on their faces. Without warning, are rapidly pelted at our faces. Everyone struggles to avoid the barrage, stumbling over each other and tripping in the process.

"Ok!" exclaimed Selene, "Now we're going to work on flexibility!" We all groaned... except the abnormally flexible people.

In short, we got stuck in a bunch of odd positions and were really sore when we stumbled over to the Lunch Room. None of us really got any more flexible. I mean Xigbar would never require us this much work in one day. Running 3 laps around the track, demonstrating silly cartwheels, a game of instant lightning speed dodge ball, then finally working on our reflexes. All we did for him was go through a muscle test, and play tennis, that was it. Hayner told me he had a fun time with that. I smiled in agreement, but that was last year. Now, I just think this is too much for me.

Something tells me these "teachers" are just trying to torture us. I mean they do have REIJI, after all...

Wow, if I were in that P.E class I would simply skip that class and zip off to the library! XD

Anyway, now Roxas got to know that the teachers here are trying to torture their students.

Well? Seek out chapter 7!



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