Basic Instincts
Author: T.M. Ritz

Chapter 7
Journal Entry #7

9:45 A.M.

The news ticker keeps scrolling across the bottom of the screen, letting us know about the dead and wounded. I didn't think that those fuckers would do it. But they did. We're the first (and probably the only) major city in America to be hit. It's funny though. I watch all of these fatalities scroll across the screen, but I can't help but wonder what hit us. I know that we got hit by a bomb, as the house was rocked by explosions early in the morning. Aside from that, I keep smelling and tasting the air, but I'm not detecting anything funny about it.

I feel bad now about my bitching about the doctor's office yesterday. Dr. Kline was at the hospital downtown when the bomb hit, so I guess I won't be seeing the doctor I've been seeing since childhood anymore. All I can say is that I hope he went quickly and painlessly, for his sake.

Toby is not getting any better either. He's just got a bad case of the sniffles right now, but it's progressed from yesterday to where he now has a mild cough. It's still something he's laughing over, but I'm afraid that all the doctor's will be too overwhelmed for his cold. I guess I'll keep giving him some cold medicine and hoping that it'll work.

Alex has gotten a slight cold as well. She's pretty much the same as Toby, just mild runny nose and mild cough. I don't think it's serious at all.

Fuck! Sirens again! Better check and see what's going on now.


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