Basic Instincts
Author: T.M. Ritz

Chapter 5
Journal Entry #5

5:56 P.M.

What the hell people??! I go in for my scheduled appointment, and get told that the doctor is not seeing anymore patients? Really? Next time I may just make an appointment and not go in because I'm not seeing anymore doctors today! What the fuck, people? Just stick to what you say you're going to do.

Speaking of which, at least this did give me an opportunity to go buy a generator. Sure enough, I came home with one big enough to power the lights, fridge, and one other electrical device. Guess what the first thing Alex said to me was? “How'd you know I was thinking that we should get one”. I wonder how, indeed!

I'd forgotten all about it, but today is my 28th birthday. Can't say I really feel like much of a success. Most of my friends live in houses that they own, and all of my family had started making a living by the time they hit 30. I know I have two more years, but really? If I'm still stuck in a shitty rented house and a dead end job at this point, what makes anyone think that my situation will change in just a few years? I know I definitely don't have much hope...

Alex definitely hadn't forgotten my birthday though! She even made me a cake. I swear to you, she thinks of everything. She's definitely too good for me. But then again, she just laughs at me when I tell her that.

Gonna go now, I hear a zipper from the bedroom; maybe this is my second birthday cake of the night!


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