Basic Instincts
Author: T.M. Ritz

Chapter 4
Journal Entry #4

2:34 P.M.
Dr. Kline's Office

So glad I brought this laptop to the doctor's office. Normally he's always on time, if not a little early, so I'm a little nervous about what may be holding him up. As much as I hated writing in this thing, it's starting to grow on me. I guess if you give it a chance, it's not too bad after all.

So remember how I said I'd be keeping one eye on the news? Now I'm keeping two! Chechistan has decided to threaten the U.S. And the U.N.! This pitiful little country thinks that it can take on one of the most powerful countries in the world! It makes me chuckle a little bit, but I feel a little sorry for all of the citizens over there.

Speaking of which, some weird side effects coming out of the country. Some of the rumors I've heard cover everything from Ebola to something that will turn people into zombies. If you ask me, I think it's a little overhyped. It was probably mustard gas or something. Deadly? Yes. Turn people into zombies? No. Call me cynical, but I think that's all from the zombie obsession going on across the globe.

I'm thinking that it may not be a bad idea to invest in a generator. I would not want to have to deal with a mad mommy if the power goes out because of something stupid and we don't have anything to keep at least a light on and the fridge cold. I can hear it now: “How dare you not think of that. I'd been thinking of that! Shouldn't we be on the same page!....” Yada Yada Yada!


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