The Only Exeption
Author: Hannah Rumson

Chapter 9

Skylar. We had met around two years ago and we clashed a bit so I did not know what she was going to be like. I met her again the other weekend when a couple of Naval families who had known each other since forever went camping together. This only meant one thing...a damn good time! My family were the last to pitch up as we lived the furthest away and my whole family jumped out and were really social...then there was me who sat in the motor home and watched everyone. This was just my natural instinct as I had not seen anyone for years. Then I saw Skylar. She was nothing as I remembered- and that was a good thing. After about 30-60 mins I finally went out and said hello to everyone. But it took a while to get myself to talk to Skylar. We are both very alike and that's why we both stayed at a distance as we are both shy etc. It took the adults to make us put up a tent together to get us talking. From there on we were fine and quickly becoming friends. We had a great time and I don't think I have had that space and time to get to know someone that well. We would just walk up and down the roads of the farm/campsite for ages just talking; occasionally taking one of the dogs or Poppy who was 1 for a walk. We also had a great night when we had to babysit Poppy for the night whilst everyone else was in another motor home and she slept the whole night so we were so relaxed. It reminded me of the night when I was with
Cassidy- I was myself and having a moment which will turn into a memory. The best thing is that she only lives like 10-20 mins away depending on how you get there. We have not seen each other since at the moment but we are having such a laugh over text and now hold lots of inside jokes and so I don't mind that much. As long as we keep talking. If only we were not that busy we might be really good friends, Maybe even best friends. But we will find out sooner or later. And I admit, I miss her.


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