The Only Exeption
Author: Hannah Rumson

Chapter 6

Two weeks ago I met a girl when I was at a party. She was one of my god brotherís friends, so it was not as awkward as it could have been. Before meeting her, I met another one of his friends who were also my age. She was very confident and loud should I say. To get to the point, she was one of those popular girls who can only think about themselves and not care about the people around them unless she thinks that they are the same status as them. But anyway, when my god brother Zac told me we were meeting the girl next door to where the party was, I thought Oh god. Her name is Cassidy When I first saw her I knew we would get along. And I was right. She was down to earth and a hell of a lot like me. We could have been sisters separated at birth. As well as looking similar we liked the same stuff. The same taste in music, books, films and so on. We also do the same subjects at school. We spent the whole night hanging out, and I had never and so much fun and laughs in my life. It was hilarious. We had agreed that even though we were born in 1998/99 we still classed as 90s kids. Zac was born in 2001 so you can probably imagine us joking around about his age, which we did quite a lot of the night. She had also introduced me to Marshmallow Fluff. I now own a tub of it and will always be stocked up on it! We also spent some time sat talking in her green house...random but who cares! It got so weird. At around 1:30am we were dancing to Call Me Maybe and I Had The Time Of My Life which was the only time I will ever be seen dancing to them again! I think we got on so well also because of the fact I was 110% me. Sometimes I feel as though I am acting as someone else, a different person when I am with my friends. I defiantly think that if she didnít live 3 hours away then we would have been really good friends, Maybe even best friends. But we will never find out. And I admit, I miss her.


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