A Girl Named Her
Author: Braylee B

Chapter 36

She hates this. She cares so much about this girl.. But that girl is letting her ex hurt her. She saw the change in her as she told her about her ex. About how much shit that girl put her through. Yet, there she is. At the girl's apartment... "Talking about things.." What is there to talk about... They aren't together anymore.. She's with her. That girl doesn't.... shouldn't matter... But she can see the way she gets to her. She changes. She just wants to take care of her. She wants her to know that girl can't hurt her as long as she is around. But she doesn't seem to care....


I just wanna make her see that I love her..... I really, truly do. I don't want to see her hurt. But that girl hurts her. She's at her apartment and she seems distant. The other day, when she told me about her, how this girl put her through so much shit, that her parent's hate her and don't want her around (which is a big deal since her parents are super chill and don't do that kind of stuff) she got a completely different attitude. Her body language changed. She was quieter than normal. This girl isn't good. And I told her that I wanted to hurt this girl since she's hurting my love... And she told me she would never talk to me again if I laid a hand on her... That made me feel like she cares more about that girl than she does about me.. I get that she dated her for like 3 years, but this girl has done nothing but hurt her. So why does she still care... I know she does...

I just feel so hurt right now... My heart is beating fast, and my chest really hurts.. I wanna cry.. I wanted her to come over and kiss me goodnight so I can make up for whatever happened in that apartment.... But she doesn't want me right now...

I don't know how to feel or what to do..


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