Demons alike
Author: Wolfeygrrl

Chapter 1
Chapter 1.

Screams could be heard coming from all directions. Laughter filled the yards as each student busied themselves with their daily activities. Teachers yelled at the top of their lungs, trying to calm the high school students and shape them into civilized young adults. But, one child just sat there, ignoring the world and staring up at the skies. Just sat there, ignored by all that were around as they didn’t make a sound. The child didn’t smile, nor frown. Their face was neutral, showing no emotion.

A basketball hit the blonde over the head. “Hey freak!” one of the older kids screamed. The child finally moved, slowly turning her head to look at the boy. “Yeah, you! The ball?” he sighed, gesturing to the ball at the girl’s feet. The girl looked down, still showing no emotion. Staring at the ball for a moment before she slowly bent and picked it up, tossing it to the boy. “Freak,” he muttered, turning back to his peers. The girl turned, looking back up at the sky, only to cringe at a piercing whine. Sighing, this child stood, picking up the black backpack and straightening her clothes before heading towards her first class.

She could feel the stares, boring into the back of her neck. She knew she was different, both in taste and thought. She was teased often, mainly because of the clothes she wore, the long black dresses and large black boots. But it never bothered her. Something else was different, but what? She couldn’t even answer that question herself, no matter how much she tried. Shaking her head, the girl walked into the dim classroom, sinking into her seat in the far corner yet again. Her blue eyes stared out at the empty playgrounds beyond the glass.

“Lola…” the teacher said, marking a tick to each name replied to. “Nevin,” he called, his eyes scanning the mass of students in front of him. “Nevin On’Anu,” he growled, walking over to the girl. The blonde blinked, turning her head slowly to face the towering teacher.

“Here, Mr Blaze,” she whispered, her curls framing her face.

“Pay attention, Miss On’Anu.” the teacher huffed, turning on his heel and continuing with the role. Nevin smiled slightly and turned, looking out the window again, a quiet tune escaping through her lips. She watched as the birds sang, flying from tree to half dead tree. That was one of the many problems of Rochedale High, it was polluted and grey. There was no colour as all the trees were both dead or dying, the buildings were all painted in the same, boring grey and the classrooms were all filled with the same, white and brown patterned floors with grey walls and cracked ceilings.

Nevin cringed for the second time that day, the piercing bell signalling the five minute change over between classes. Sighing, the girl gathered her belongings and stuffed them into her school bag, standing slowly as she waited for the others to leave the classroom. Like always, three girls waited for their little friend to join them.

“Always the last one,” one tittered, the tallest. Another shook her head, her brown hair swaying side to side.

“Now now, Hillary, we don’t want to upset her,” she said, “She might run off crying again.”

“Excuse me,” Nevin whispered, walking past them, but Hillary put her hand out, placing it on the girl’s shoulder.

“Where are you going, Nevey?” she asked, “Come ditch with us!” Nevin shook her head, remembering what had happened last time.

“Oh, please?” the second girl asked, her brown eyes big and insistent.

“No,” Nevin replied, brushing the hand away. She started walking away again, but the third girl finally stepped forwards, blocking her exit. The leader of the crew, Lana stared her down, her blue eyes piercing. Nevin shivered, a smile breaking out across Lana’s features,

“Oh Nevey,” she sighed, shaking her head. Her voice was soft, yet stern, like a mother coaxing a child to do the right thing. Nevin didn’t like it, “What should we do with you?” her smile widened. “Hillary, Justine, do you mind?” her voice had turned cold. Upon hearing their names, the two girls grinned, running around the classroom to close each window, draw all blinds and lock every door.

Nevin gulped, taking a few steps away, only to back into the other’s waiting hands. She shut her eyes, gritting her teeth as Lana lit up a cigarette. “You know, Nevey, you’ve become a big trouble for us,” Lana growled, moving closer, “You’re a rat, and rats need to be extinguished.”

“Exterminated,” Justine corrected.

“Shut up,” Lana snapped, making the other girl shrink back, but tighten her grip on the small blonde. “Now, where was I?”

“Please don’t hurt me,” Nevin whispered. The girls just laughed, and she could hear Lana moving closer, she could feel her breath on her face. Nevin scrunched up her nose, Lana’s breath stunk like the cigarette she was holding.

She shook her head, breaking away from the other girls. “Leave me alone!” she cried out, her voice loud enough to echo around the room. She fell to her knees, shaking. She felt strange, almost sick. Sighing, she glanced up at the three girls, who were frozen, staring at her, eyes wide with fear, “What?” Nevin demanded, though, a dizzy spell fell over her and she had to close her eyes, positive she was about to puke.

The others just stared, not moving, and possibly not breathing. Nevin gulped, looking at them again and Lana fainted, falling hard to the floor. Hillary still didn’t move, but Justine took a deep breath, digging into her pocket and pulling out a small mirror. Shakily, she opened it, almost dropping the fragile thing. Nevin moved back against a table as Justine moved towards her, holding out the mirror for her to see.

Nevin froze; the reflection was not her, or was it? Same hair style and colour, same skin tone, but the eyes. Her eyes were red, blood red. Nevin shook her head, ‘I must be dreaming,’ she told herself; though she knew she was lying.

“Nevin,” Justine whispered, her voice shaking, making the girl jump. She blinked and looked at the other girl, frowning. Justine was pale; she looked as if she had seen a ghost. Another bang sounded as Hillary hit the floor, out cold, just like Lana.

“What’s happening?” Nevin asked, her voice barely audible, but Justine just shrugged, though did not take her eyes off the table behind her. Nevin felt dizzy again and she leant forwards, wrapping her arms around her chest, a blanket falling over her should. Shaking slightly, she glanced up at Justine, though the girl had scrambled back to the others, trying to wake them.

Nevin sighed, and went to brush the blanket away. She froze, though; her hand coming into contact with leather, blankets weren’t leather. She slowly peered over her shoulder, gulping when she saw large, bat like wings. They were black with slight tinges of red streaked across them. She closed her eyes and rolled her shoulders, feeling the wings move with them.

Her eyes snapped open, Lana had woken. Nevin stood shakily and stretched out her wings painfully. She looked ahead, her eyes set on Lana’s blue ones. Lana stood slowly, reaching into her back pocket and pulling out something, though Nevin couldn’t tell what. Lana started forwards, moving slowly and bringing her hand up, showing the small blade that she held.

Nevin gulped and took a step back into the wall as Lana lunged forwards. The blonde shook her head and duck, cringing when she heard Lana crash through the window, the sound of shattering glass waking Hillary.

Sighing softly, Nevin slowly stood up straight, looking around.  She shook her head again, turning quickly and jumping out of the window, listening as the piercing school bell filled the air. Nevin just ignored it, running across the large oval, her heart pumping against her rib cage. She didn’t stop there, though, and jumped over the short wired fence.

She ran across the empty street, her mind racing, where would she go? What would she do? Certainly her parents wouldn’t want her back home, not like this. Panting, Nevin stopped in the middle of a park, looking around. Not many people went to the park anymore. Just the old and weary, but luckily, no one was in sight.

Shaking, Nevin dropped to the ground, her breaths coming out in loud rasps. Tears began to spill onto her cheeks as she could no longer hold them back. “What? What is happening?” she cried out, asking no one and expecting no answer. Her words echoed back to her and she just cried harder, holding her sides as she rocked back and forth on her knees.


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