Life Through Different Eyes.
Author: Maximilion Mars

Chapter 8
The War./ The 3 Front Plays.

Chapter 8

The 3 front plays

June 17th, 2015, was the date where Abramovich addressed the world announcing his plan for the ruling of the NWFR. The name of this plan was “The 3 front plays.” And it consisted of 3 initial things, or 3 things Abramovich thought would help him clear the war and rule all of the world completely.

“My plan is simple. Since all the high political figures have been ignoring my warnings I shall take action. The first front play is called, “off with the head.” And it shall be the most gruesome idea I could have ever thought of. So prepare.” Abramovich said in his T.V. transmission. It was clear this guy means business but not everyone will bat an eye to a crazy war bringer. The media had been covering up real good every time Abramovich destroyed or made havoc amongst the neutral people.

Things were slowly burning up in the media’s faces since Abramovich was creating so much hype of war that it was nearly impossible to keep the major population calm. Evacuations were made in big cities so the people of such cities would be safe. On June 23rd, 2015, Abramovich made a special appearance on T.V. again but this time it was a whole different set. Abramovich was seated in a big leather chair with the highest ranking men of his army to his sides. His men were dressed completely black, yet Abramovich was in all white. “Fellow Spaniards… I once sent a video explaining to your Prime Minister that he and his own were in danger. Instead of acting for a defense plan, he laughed at my threat. Today I sit here and I feel more Spaniard than ever.” As Abramovich finished his sentence the camera shifted towards four people tied up and blindfolded. “Dear Spanish people, say hello to your Prime Minister and his family.” Abramovich smiled as he pointed at the four tied persons. “People of Spain, don’t bother looking for me in Spain, Your Prime Minister and I are in a safe location so no one can interrupt play time.”

Abramovich proceeded to take the blindfolds of the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister of Spain looked terrified, as if he knew what was coming. Abramovich approached a table from which he grabbed a scalpel and moved in closer to the Prime Minister. “This is what happens when you ignore the power of a country, this is your punishment. Open your eyes Minister, you’ll want to see this, and everyone who is home watching in the comfort of your own homes… Enjoy.” Abramovich proceeded to the next person tied up and slowly cut pieces of the persons face, this person was the Prime Minister’s wife. After he mutilated her in front of the Minister’s face he let his men take care of the body and the next two, his children were next. He removed the blindfold of each and said “I want you both to watch what the punishment of ignorance is.” Abramovich pulled out a machete and proceeded to tear limb after limb of the two boys. After he made the Prime Minister watch how he slowly killed and massacred his family, the minister begged to be spared. “See how this works? You kill the family and he only shed tears, he knows he’s about to die and he begs, why did you not beg for the life of your family?” Abramovich said. “No matter, I shall personally enjoy tearing your eyes out.” As Abramovich finished what he was saying he moved in to the Prime Minister’s face and slowly with the scalpel tore the skin from his eyes, sliced into his eyes and proceeded to engrave his initials into the Minister’s forehead. “As you have seen, I mean business, I am not to be ignored, I shall claim this world and ruler under my command.” Abramovich said. Abramovich moved back into his chair, his white clothes were bathed in blood. He sat and looked at the camera and said “To all who ignored me, here’s a little present.” He smiled and pulled a small remote control and pressed the button on it.

As Abramovich pressed the button bombs were going off all over the world. In Spain the government buildings collapsed, in France the streets were destroyed and the president’s residence was leveled to the ground; In Japan all the harbors were demolished, In Australia the Sydney Opera House went down quicker than anything ever seen before, Greenland and Iceland were being bombed and millions of lives were lost in this gruesome process. “And this is only my first play. Till next time Comrades.” With that Abramovich Signed off and we were on full alert DEFCON had been raised to level three and we were on patrols every four hours, not only was the U.S. threatened, this threat was issued to the whole world. Abramovich spoke once more that night and said “ I will unmask this country, who makes their people sleep and feed them lies only so they can run a country to their bidding, not anymore will I let this country ride mighty and tall, soon you too shall fall, freedom is never free.”

The next few weeks were literally hell on earth. Governments collapsing, people dying left and right, riots against the war were sprouting up everywhere. My last orders were to move north into Spain and meet up with the cavalry there since we had this territory controlled completely. All the airborne infantry was to move to Spain and meet up, as in there was gonna be a global convention of all the military forces we had left. In a way I felt numb to all this. I had sent a letter over to my parents a few days before Abramovich’s show, yet no answer from them. I could’ve figured it was the current world status that mail was slow and only used for emergencies only.

The day of the big move was here; we marched quickly to our jets and were off in a moment’s notice. Up in the air we kept it strictly tactical, we were all pretty tense, hence the world status. We arrived at the joint airstrip where we were greeted by officers of different parts of the world. We were assigned a cabin close to the HQ and were left to rest. The next day we had a small meeting with all the airborne military we had left. The list went as so, each man named on this list in the commanding officer of each countries Airborne infantry:

Brigadier Milo Siege, Commander of the French Airborne 207th Battalion

Lieutenant Charles Martin, Commander of the South African Airborne Squad

Captain Dennis Briggs, Commander of the UK Airborne Infantry

Capitan Rodrigo Valdez, Commander of the Spain 57th Airborne

Captain Zero Noyusake, Commander of the Japanese 85th Airborne Battalion.


All the men were the best of the best, only one missing was our commander of the 105th, 107th squad. My eyes widened when I read the name in the paper of our new commander

Lieutenant Dante Rivers, Commander as of now to the following air squads: 105th



I was completely shocked to know that Dante had signed up again after his paternity leave. A week passed by, the 105 and 107 squad huddled in our cabin, there was a knock on the door, as this person opened the door I heard a voice much too familiar as it said “Well Rise and shine bitches, I hope you can all say glad to have you back.” As he walked into the door I saw his face and by my surprise it was the devil himself, Dante.

Dante was respected by many of the US air infantry. As he was a natural born leader and not to leave out he was an amazing pilot. I greeted Dante with a handshake to a quick hug and told him “Glad you’re back man.” As Dante replied “Glad to be back, dude.” I introduced him to the rest of the new guys as he already was well acquainted with the 106.

The next few days we ran drills with all of the airborne troops. The next day we were called for a global conference where the world leader would decide what our next move would be. They sent us to hanger 14 to wait until the global meeting would begin. We had a General assigned to us who would control all the troops and was elected by the World Alliance way before we had a chance to know. His name was Brigadier General Walter Raven, Walter had a mean look in his eyes, ruthless stare, yet when he addressed us he did it in the calmest way I have ever seen.

“Gentlemen we are in a war which the enemy does not care about losing troops or lands of control, we are in a war of complete and utter dominance. We must be quick and deadly in every mission we are assigned. No matter what, we must not let this man cross the line again. As most of you have seen the president of Spain had the nastiest way to go down below, yet he did not flinch. We must be more aggressive and precise. With every bomb we drop, every enemy we eliminate, we must not let our flight be cut by no one. Now for other serious business; you all will be with your commanding officer at all times, he will receive orders from us at HQ and he will make the safest and deadliest way to get the mission done, no one will go against what the commanding officer has to say. The different nations will wear the patch of their nation in their chest. Each country will be separate for some time until we can create covert squads with the best members of each squad. Gentlemen may I remind you we are at war, not a picnic. We are the best the airborne has to offer, so let’s make it count.” With those last words we moved into each cabin awaiting orders for missions or bomb runs we might need to do.

Back at the cabin I had a small talk with Dante as to how things were back home, he said things were stable but anything can happen.

“So you’re telling me that if Abramovich pulls another stunt the whole US would be in chaos?” I said. “No that’s not what I said Jay, look now more than ever we must stand more united than ever before, there’s no telling what this madman will do next, we just have to pray no one we love gets hurt.” Dante said as he sat down across from me, with a grim look on his face he said “There might be hope left to take this man down, we just can’t let him do the other two plays he has stored.” Dante’s eyes were filling with tears as he said “I won’t let Abramovich take away from me all that I have ever loved. He’s just a man… a man whose only purpose is to set the world on fire and laugh as it burns.” Dante looked away to wipe the tears of his eyes. “We won’t let him Dante; I too have things to look forward to when I get home.” I said.


The morning rolled in and I was up and early to exercise. The day had a weird feeling to it, as if something terrible had happened. I remembered something my dad would say it was “Whenever you feel something bad is gonna happen write down the day and if eventually something happens you’ll know it started that day.” As crazy as it sounds I did it. The day was June 13th, 2015.

On the next couple of week the US squad was sent to do some bomb runs in jungles were strongholds were found, we were helping the joint ground troops gain access to small areas of which they could camp out and keep an eye out for enemy troops.

The mail hadn’t come in weeks, and frankly I was worried. I would see my squad mates getting letters and packages yet I received nothing at all. To my confusion I tried to get ahold of a landline to call home. There was this small coms room that had four landlines to call to wherever you wanted. I went into the coms room the next day since I had a clear schedule. I called home and no one answered, thinking the worst I called Spence and asked him to go by my parent’s house. I called Spence an hour later and he said that they weren’t home. This was getting too weird for my taste.

On the day of my last mission for the month, Dante calls me into his small office. “Sit down Jay.” Dante said. “Am I in trouble Dante?” I asked. “Well not really, I have bad news Jay.” Dante said, I feared the worst, in my head my only thought was that Abramovich had moved on to his next play. Dante reached to his desk and grabbed a letter. What Dante said next destroyed me completely. “Dear Jared Peterson,

Hi Jay, It’s mom. The reason I write you this letter is to tell you that something has happened. I don’t know which in the best way to break to it you, but the best way is to go into it. Jay your dad passed away the morning of June 13th, 2015. He had a stroke and didn’t make it to the hospital. Jay this must be a complete and destructive shock to you, but I already knew of your dad’s heart problems, we both did. We never told you, we already knew the level of stress you were in. Nonetheless I miss your father completely the house feels completely empty now that he’s gone. At least I had time to say my goodbyes. There’s another letter your dad did not let me open, he said it was for your eyes only. So I sent you it inside this letter. Jay I love you very much son, and so did your father, now do me a favor; win this war and get back home safe. Love,


“Jay here’s the letter your dad sent.” Dante said, with tears in his eyes he passed me the letter. I was mortified, I didn’t want to open the letter, and I just wanted to burn it. Yet I read it, as it said:

Dear Son.

If you’re reading this, it means I’m dead, which sucks. But in this letter I want to let you know something that you should never forget son, in the time of my heart problems, I’ve had moments to think about what’s really important, and may I say I’ve had a wonderful life. You and your mother were the best thing in my life and I valued both of you more than anything in my life, since you and your mother are my life. I devoted my love, affection, wisdom into both of you and Jay use it wisely, Son I love you and don’t ever forget that. My family will forever be the light in my eyes, even if I’m six feet underground. With me I only take the best of things, which are memories, moments and love. Jay make of your life a good one, so when you’re old as me you can die happily knowing you did something beautiful with your life. I know you must feel sad and broken since I will not be there to sit with you late at night on the porch and talk about everything, but remember you will always have me everywhere you need me son, And hey, now I can probably fly with you into your next mission.

Love forever.



I cried right then and there, not of sadness, but of happiness. My dad is resting now. I am happy he went peacefully other than by being blasted down from the sky fighting for those back home. It made my mission all the more important. I was not gonna let the death of my dad affect my ability to fly, I will use what my dad taught me to go forward in life and continue on.  “Thanks Dante." I said as I got up from the chair and wiped the tears clean off my face. “Sir I wish to extend my time of service.” I said. “Well you know what to do Jay.” Dante said, looking more confused than ever. “Yes sir.” I said and with that I was off.

I knew I would miss dad, yet I felt as he was with me now always so in a way I was never alone anymore. I called it my guardian angel dad. A bit funny to me, yet I still took the serious matter of my dad not being there anymore and I let the tears roll down as I looked at pictures of us back home.

“Dad I’ll get back home and I’ll stay outside remembering our old chats and jokes. Thanks dad for everything.” I said.


The next following days were harsh; I was doing multiple missions without rest. I would get back to base refuel and I was out on another assignment. It had to be done and they needed us to do it. Dante was exhausted and so was everyone else. We caught a time for breaks when we finished the mission we were currently assigned which was to help a group of marines in an extraction mission, giving them cover fire. I got shot up a bit but nothing I couldn’t handle. We landed and had our moments to rest. As I was falling asleep in the cabin, Abramovich moved again. Abramovich came on T.V. with a special message.

“Comrades, welcome yet again to Abramovich T.V. since my recent development and I must say, very well, very well indeed. Now, shall we move on the next phase? I once said I’d unmask those who fed lies to its country to keep them calm as they run the country quietly. Now if you all would be so kind to look at the screen now. Yes, that is exactly what you’re seeing now is the biggest cash flowing building in the world. All these are banks known around the globe. Now watch this.” Abramovich pulled a panel to his lap with many buttons. He sat down and said “Each button takes down one of the many buildings around the world. So exhibit A, Bank of America, Say goodnight. Exhibit B, Royal Bank of Scotland, I bid you adieu.”

Banks were laid flat on the ground with every button Abramovich would press.

“As you can see comrades, the world’s currency is now in a complete shutdown. Let’s see how well you can cover your tracks when there is no money to do your ugly bidding. You might be asking how I wired each bank to explode with the touch of a button. Well each country has traitors, people their own government want in the dark, those people come to me and I help them get their precious revenge. Be wary, not many will survive my next step; please I beg, surrender and let’s start a new way of life… together. Or suffer the consequences. Rome was indeed not built in a day, so let’s make the new world together, one with equal opportunity. Now the special guest of the day is no other than the President of France himself. A round of applause please!

Welcome sir, welcome. Now here’s what were gonna do, your life is in the hands of the people. If your people love you so much, they will save you; if they don’t, well it was good meeting you personally. Now let us begin, President what is the total in your personal bank account? Oh here I have it written down on this paper, 300,000 euro. Wow, is that for a whole year in office? And if I’m not wrong it has been your first year.

See comrades this man has been only one year in office and has already leached into his personal account a grand sum of three hundred thousand euro; I do believe a president’s salary is way below that. I have unmasked one of the many overpaid presidents, there are many more. May I ask how many of you go to sleep at night hungry because you have no money to buy a simple bag of bread? While this man puts the money of the people in his pockets you suffer. Answer me this, now that you know the reason of why you hunger, what are you willing to do now that you know the truth? Rebel my children, let the government feel fear of its people, and not the people feel the fear of its government. You are many and they are not. With this I take my leave. Say goodbye Mr. President.”

And with that Abramovich was off.  Not an hour had passed and riots were reported worldwide, everyone asking for money, or riches that their governments owed them. This man knew how to get to the heart of the people. The people are doing the war for him… he only needed exposure to be able to speak the masses. Mastermind as he is his plan must have a flaw and our job is to find it and make this whole show implode in his lap. Even though the world will never be the same now that he has exposed so much of what was meant to be in the dark.

This can either get worst or better; we must make sure to bring back peace to this world now. There’s not much we can do, but the little we do is a help.

“What have you done Abramovich?” Dante said. “He just made our job a whole lot worst.” I said. “Well Abramovich knows how to make it difficult. He’s making a shit sandwich and we’re the bread.” Dante Said.

Dante and I kept looking over some paperwork of the last mission, our Commanding officer Walter came in and told us “Pack up, you’re both going home, they need you over there, USA is in the brink of a civil war and they need all the military power they have. Have a safe trip home.”

I looked Dante straight in the eyes and we both knew that whatever was going on back home wasn’t good at all.

We were to arrive at JFK airport in New York then take our jets to Washington D.C. for safety runs. Even at the airports there were riots in which me and Dante got attacked and we had to use force to move into the hangar and get our jets to bust out.

Washington D.C. was not what we expected it to be.  












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