How To Love
Author: Gabrielle Young

Chapter 0
Prologue: My chef d’oeuvre of Ramifications

Prologue: My chef d’oeuvre of Ramifications

“It takes two to make an accident.” –F. Scott Fitzgerald

October 12, 2014

I consider F. Scott Fitzgerald an extremely intelligent man. I adore his work and am always drawn in by his poetic, romantic language, written so eloquently. However, I’ve come to find that I don’t believe that it takes two people to make an accident. I believe that everyone makes choices, and that choices have consequences. The word “consequences” often has a negative connotation. Consequences aren’t bad, they’re just results. Whether a consequence or an outcome is deemed an accident, a blessing, a curse, a surprise, a delight, well that determination belongs to the individual. What one might consider an accident, perhaps a mistake even, another might call a surprise, and over time, a blessing.

For example, some might say that the fact that I cheated on one of my girlfriends was an accident, a mistake and that it’s not only my fault, but also the fault of the girl I had the love affair with. In my opinion, though, I disagree. I chose to cheat, which was my choice, which ended in the result of the end of my relationship. That was my own choice and my own effect. The girl I cheated with had her own choice, to engage in the affair with me, knowing I was in a relationship and had her own outcome, whatever that may be. I don’t blame her for my “accident” or “mistake.” I take responsibility for it. Not to correct Mr. Fitzgerald, but… Correction: It takes one to make an accident.

I’ve made more than one choice in my life that has resulted negatively. If you continue to read, you’ll hear about some of them. When you conclude this story, you may look back and think: Wow, what an idiot. Yes, I’ve made some unintelligent choices and they’ve resulted in a mess. I’ve made a few minor choices that have resulted in indifferent conclusions. And… I have made a minute number of choices that the outcomes have changed my life forever.


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