the world within me
Author: Ella

Chapter 110
My Father's Dance

i twirl and spin around
what wonder and delight
a childís eyes grow wider
at this the sweetest sight

and then comes the moments
as if it never were
fading, unnoticed, creeping in
and now it was for sure

the sun that shone so brightly
now i only see its rays
falling on the things i love
all of my waning days

and once i knew of greater love
a joy beyond the world
but now i know only what i see
in this darkening i spin and twirl

these doodles let me recreate
i shall draw them every day
outline each scribble with a whip of paint
to melt away dismay

laugh come and laugh with me
thereís so much to enjoy
leave behind the war
itís beginning to annoy

thereís so much out there to find
so much the world has to offer
how can i stop now
i need to fill my coffers

it holds onto my heart
so little couldnít hurt
i failed to realise
how blackened was the dirt

i spin and i twirl
the blackness covered all
and ashes filled the air
each time i hit the wall

the rays how beautiful
they lit my ebony world
but iíve forgotten the sun
i saw as a little girl

my hand slipped out of his
my steps confused themselves
the pattern changed so subtly
as i climbed the shaky shelves

to reach the open shaft
to see the sun again
but the planks gave way
and made me fall into disdain

the rays would shine so bright
how could i love this darkness
when the light has the power to lift
the cruel and cold blindness

i twirl and i spin
in temporal comfort and pain
i reach for my fatherís hand
to join the dance again


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