the world within me
Author: Ella

Chapter 108

I miss those days of long ago
of times that passed and things i know
the many wonders yet to be seen
i miss those days that have been

i miss those days of running free
laughing till my heart’s content
a field of green surrounded by grey
a happiness of the child that won’t relent

i miss those days we laughed together
those days i made things go wrong
and though consequences i felt
those days are a memory in my song

i missed those days years ago
i remember those painful tears
but i recall the hugs of comfort
they live on throughout these years

i miss the day we bid farewell
and upon the board you wrote
our memories would keep a loving place
our recollection abode

i miss the days we were preparing
for that unforgettable competition
and never in my wildest dreams
that my dream could come to fruition

how thrilled i was to find out
we would get to work in that building
when years i’ve passed it by
and i was only wishing

i miss those days of literature
a pound of flesh to give
the fun we all had acting
characters that never once lived

i miss the days we shared markers
and filled the books with colour
the times we fought for fun
life could have just got duller

i miss the days i wrote stories
the days we thought we’d be spies
and dreamed up fantasies
we would never compare to lies

i miss those days at the playground
though old we were like children
running in the breeze
such freedom of innocence

i miss those days we baked
most cakes came out undone
the days we played in the neighbourhood
i remember all the fun

i miss those days of old
though bad memories are aplenty
but as a new chapter unfolds
i will cherish every memory


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