the world within me
Author: Ella

Chapter 106

How does one forgive
When itís so unnatural
The hurting lasts so long
This score I want to settle

How does one forgive
I want them to be sorry
For everything they did
To cause me sadness and worry

How does one forgive
They ought to come here first
Bow down apologise
And listen to me curse

How does one forgive
They deserve only punishment
For what theyíve done to me
I build and hold this resentment

How does one forgive
I want to know Iím right
I canít admit itís my fault
And feel remorse in your sight

How does one forgive
I shouldnít take the blame
I never did the wrong
I never stood in shame

How does one forgive
They deserve what I am saying
I donít care if Iím torn and broken
I must be the one winning

How does one forgive
A part of my heart was stolen
Betrayal cuts so deeply
Those searing words were spoken

How does one forgive
The pain seems too much to bear
But I cannot just let go
Itís really too unfair

But forgiveness is unfair
Grace is undeserved
Unmerited and free
Deep and unreserved

How does one forgive
Look towards God and find
The many times you failed
God still says ďyou are mineĒ

What chances we do not deserve
What choices we never had to make
What forgiveness we were given
What grace that wasnít ours to take

Grace is freely given
Unnatural in every human sense
Forgiveness will hurt
For there is no recompense

It is not reciprocal
Either they lose or you
And you lose when you forgive
But that is freedom so true

Forgiveness is when you bear the pain
Youíd rather inflict on the other
And finally the burden is lifted
And handed over to your Father

Grace goes against everything
We ever think could exist
And sadly sometimes how hard
We try to resist


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