The Only Exeption
Author: Hannah Rumson

Chapter 1

That is what my fortune teller told me. She wrote it down on a card and told me to always remember it. Apparently, I am a special type of Human. One who spends most of their time above the clouds and thinks about everything. Who has conversations with them self inside their head to get expert advice. And most of all has a strong, creative imagination. Now and then I think thatís why I am still getting nightmares at the age of 14. It sums me up perfectly. I am sorry, let me introduce myself. My name is Veronica Blake. I am the kind of girl who sits at the back of the class with her head down getting on with the work- I have to try hard to get anywhere; unlike my little brother Chase. He is Mr. Perfect- an all round genius: smart, sporty, funny and so on. Anyway, I am not popular (unlike my brother) but I do have some amazing friends who I could not do anything without. Most of them I met when I moved back to England from Portugal.

Anyway, I visited that fortune teller when I was 10 in a little town in Spain on our family holiday. She read me like a book and everything she could see in me was true. Now this did scare me! Because she found me so interesting, she gave the reading for free and I was surprised at this as she charged everyone else who went to see her at the door. But it was not until I grew older that I could understand what she was saying and how true it all was. Iím not a big fan of fortune tellers, but she was good. We went back last year and I saw her again. She had remembered me. She asked me lots of questions and we spent around 30- 35 minutes talking. And I told her how her theory was wrong. But neither the less, she declined that her theory was wrong. She said the same thing as before and that I will always have a chosen one. Now I am even older I can say that she is right.


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