Life Through Different Eyes.
Author: Maximilion Mars

Chapter 7
The War./ The Horsemen of the 106th.

The Horsemen of the 106th

Back at the Ac Captain Cesar scolded us for our “reckless actions” yet congratulated us on acquiring the enemy base and gave us all extra food and a couple of beers which is not something you should have when in active service but we earned it.

The other companies had arrived right when the base was mowed down and they settled in rather quickly. I’ve never seen 500,000 troops move and command a place so quick, since mostly all the wars or missions I’ve have are all quick go in and out missions nothing like a full on start of war. It’s amazing how much motivation and determination was on wining this war.

I stood outside the Ac looking at the last remaining troops who either parachuted in or came in through the beach on some amphibious vehicles. “We are a marvel aren’t we sir?” Jon said as he limped over to my side. “Whoa bud you shouldn’t be out of sick bay, you really need your rest; you hit it pretty good today. We are all proud of what you and your brother did, if it weren’t for that we would probably still be trying to take over that base.” I said with a smile on my face. “Well sir I was only doing my job. But you didn’t answer my question.” Jon said. “Well I think we are a marvel, but what exactly are you referring to corporal?” I asked. “Us, humans, we come and appropriate of what isn’t ours in the name of justice. While there the ones who are the real owner are killed, their homes destroyed, their family members killed for not complying to help the freedom party. We really are a marvel.” Jon said as he turned and limped his way back to sick bay. That was the only time in my years of service a low ranking officer left me without a response. “We are all but free Jon. We are all but free.”

The next morning I woke up and as I was doing my bed I was told I had a call waiting. I moved quickly through the corridors of the Ac and got to the central nerve system of the Ac. “Hello?” I said. “Well hello, hello lover” Said this person, whose voice I’ve definitely I’ve heard before. “Who is this?” I asked. “Wow a few weeks away and you forget the voice of your ex-ranking officer.” The voice said. “Dante” I screamed! “Yes bucko it’s me Dante, and man I have some very interesting news!” Dante said. “Well sir let me hear this interesting news you speak off.” I said jokingly. “I’m now if you can say the chief of the 105th” Dante said. My face lit up in happiness since Dante had been fighting the rights to represent the 105th as its utmost leader and he finally has it. “Well sir may I be the first to congratulate you on this amazing achievement.” I said. “Well look here Mr. Jay got all fancy on me now, and Hailey beat you to it. Jay the reason I’m calling is to tell you that I’m basically gonna be in an office directing the 105th’s movements and the mission control will be from the mainland.” Dante said in a serious tone. “Well Dante I feel safer already.” I said. “That’s good to know bucko, listen; you’re going to be joined by the 106th a conjunction I’ve worked out with the 106th’s leader. His name is Jacob McAllister but he’s called Zeus in his Squad; I leave it to you to meet the rest of the Olympus squad.” Dante said as he continued to talk about his family and we chatted quickly since the 106th were to bunk with us too.

The 106th was a close group, led by the captain Jake “Zeus” McAllister next in line we had Christopher “Neptune” Walters followed by Damien “Poseidon” Mathews next to him we had Max “Apollo” Stark then by him was Peter “Ares” Willard and in final line John “Hera” Alexander, all of them were best known as “The 106th Horsemen of Olympus” They were feared, respected, envied and sometimes hated. The horsemen flattened an entire city in less than 10 minutes. Flat to the ground; they were indeed ruthless killing machines, or so we thought.

The 106th came in with their jets and each jet had the names spray painted on the sides and they really weren’t what we expected. We expected some snobby squad and they weren’t, they were the opposite. The 106th was feared and respected for their field work and how strictly they operated, yet they were fun loving guys all of them. They were really calm and I haven’t felt so comfortable with any other conjunction we’ve ever made other than with the 106th. We were careful though, we didn’t want to have a clash of heads with these guys. As friendly as they were as dangerous, but of course we were on the same side. The captain of the 106th, Jacob, was an Irish man and how did we know? Easy, his accent and the way he could drink forever. The second ranking officer Christopher was a very calm fellow, not big on emotions but big on fun. The third officer in the line Damien was very much fun, he told the best jokes and always was smiling. Officer in 4th line was Max, Max was the skilled one, he sat quietly laughing at all the jokes that Max would tell and always chipped in to help in any situation. Fifth line man was Peter and Peter was very serious but fun when needed to. He had this whole work is work and pleasure has its own time thing going on. Last but not least John , the silent one, he barely spoke anything he just stared and I’ve been told he is extremely shy but I believe if he wanted to he could snap me in half with two fingers.

It was very weird how the 106th acted but weirder was the story behind the creation of the 106th. The 106th started at the 2nd world war. Consisted of 12 men and they called themselves the heroes of Olympus; that is why each member was given a surname followed by an Olympian. The first line-up of the 106th airborne battalion was nearly destroyed at the ends of the 2nd world war. Only 6 survived and it has been tradition that from now on only 6 members would be allowed into the 106th and if a member died they would have to evaluate the candidates themselves and cast the surname according to personality and how the person is. I thought the 105th was family but the 106th was something else. You could notice the bond each of the men in this squad was stronger than anything else; it was like if they knew each other even before they were born.

Couple of weeks passed and we were relocated onto the base we had seized. It had an airport close so we could place our jets there with no problem so the Ac could go back and get more troops. It was day 57 of war and Dante called me again, this time he told me a bit of how things were globally since we barely had signals of any news stations that spoke English. The world was uniting against Abramovich. Slowly but surely, Abramovich moved into Japan and had nearly half of Japan controlled until the French airborne made a small conjunction with the U.S. Air Force and plowed down some of Abramovich’s control points. Abramovich’s troops retreated from Japan and were focused on getting every little edge of Russia. The U.S. had a meeting with the U.N. and decided that a full support of every nation not under Abramovich’s influence would be appreciated; and so it was on, the world against Abramovich was official; even though we moved before it being official but no one thought of it as a bad thing.

Day 68 came in and we had already run a few drills with the 106th. Watching them fly in formation was an amazing thing, the way the swiftly carried through the air like nothing; missing each other by only feet and still their formation was tight as a drum. I had to say I admired them more than anything. We also were being admired by the 106th cause of our unity and cleanliness of how we stuck on formations, the 106th said not many other squads had the same control and execution of movement as we did. “You guys move like a team” Jacob said as he drank the final bits of his beer.

The next day we were woken up in a daze and ordered to scramble out to help a neighboring base with a distress call. Since the Moon brothers weren’t in condition to fly yet I joined the 106th in the mission. The distress call came from Captain Willows that was stationed at Sunghai base. They were being peppered by artillery and had waves of enemy troops come at them. Sunghai base was captured 5 days before we ran the drills and it was already about to be overrun. The 106th mounted incredibly fast and they were already in formation on the airstrip. “Alright Olympians what is our motto?” screamed Captain Jacob. “Nos unum sumus, Fortes sumus, equites sumus” all said unanimously. Which meant “We are one, we are valiant, we are the horsemen.” And as soon as the tower gave them clearance they were off.

Since Lieutenant was back on the Ac back to the U.S. I was made head of the 105th and I was scared but if Dante did it, I sure as hell could do it. “Alright men are we ready?” I asked and all of my 4 members said yes and with that we were off behind Olympus squad, or we were trying to catch up. On our way there the 106th had moved so quick through enemy fire it was like seeing them dance to the London Philharmonic playing Piano Concerto No. 21 in C major. Just how they flew through enemy fire and any obstacle that tried to divide or take them down. It was amazingly disastrous yet beautiful; how they controlled those jets in such an astounding way it was more than admirable the hard work and dedication these guys must’ve given. When we reached the enemy stronghold the 106th was already heading home on a job well done. What we saw next was more than terrifying. The 106th left the enemy stronghold in flames, no one was saved, “Sir we should head back.” Said one of my team mates; all I did was give the signal to head back. I was speechless as how quick they got to the stronghold and just rained down on them with no mercy, even if they were about to give up and retreat they would still die in the hands of the 106th. They were the definition of ruthless and destruction itself, but they made it look good.

When I landed back to the base I went to have a small chat with Jacob. “Zeus , what the hell was that, no offense but dear God that was amazingly destructive yet beautiful, now I get why you guys are the most feared and respected out of the whole Air Force divisions.” I said all ecstatic. “Well mate all we did was what we’re paid to do. Go in, bring hell, leave in flames and come back in one piece mate.” Jacob said all rallied up. After we finished the small talk I went to the Moon brothers and told them all about the mission and their faces weren’t what I expected. “What’s wrong? They did their job and well that’s what we all do.” I said. “We know but see the reason we aren’t exactly happy with the 106th is that they kill and destroy everything, they leave nothing, no mercy whatsoever.” Jon said with a grim look on his face. “What Jon said, they don’t care if there are families or children that have nothing to do with the war, they just burn everything up.” David said as he looked out the window of our bunk room. They were right, in that whole moment I did not see any survivors and there was a small town next to it but it was engulfed in flames, maybe these guys were loose cannons; maybe they were just trained to destroy anything that moved.

I decided to go ahead and sit the whole 106th for a team meeting but only the 106th was invited. They got there on time and I started talking to them. “Well first off let me say congrats on a well done mission” I said. They all just nodded in agreement. “Ok then. The real reason I got you guys here is that I need to know more of the 106th and how you guys operate.” I said. The room went quiet, complete silence. “Well what do you want know?” Jacob asked. “Well sir I’d like to know why you guys burned the village close by the enemy stronghold.” I asked. They stared at me just as if I had insulted them. “Why did we burn a small little village, a small little enemy village, that’s what you’re asking right?” Damien said. “That is my exact question.” I said. “Well it’s simple; if you are on enemy territory by all means you must be allied with our enemy.” Max said. “But there could’ve been and probably were children inside that village!” I said. I could feel my voice rising in anger towards the 106th. “Whoa, calm down there buddy you’re gonna end up in the infirmary.” Jacob said. “See at the 106 the old ones teach you that no matter what age the enemy is, they are still the enemy; no exceptions.” Jacobs said as he stood from his chair. “It’s still not fair. Do any of you have kids? How would you feel if the enemy dropped a bomb on top of your child’s head?” I asked, but I slowly calmed down. “I once heard something that said, Give a man a reason to go to hell and fight for his country and he will fight, tooth and nail only do it to get back to his reason.” I said as I walked out of the room. The whole 106th stood silent as I left.

We spent a whole week in the base, locked up after our little meeting and all we would do was just exercise to maintain our condition. Since the war was going on a very brutal way, to ease our minds we were allowed one call back home every two weeks. For us to make the call, we would have to go to the small coms room where the phones were. I was walking to the coms room and just looking around the base until I reached the door of the coms room. As I headed inside Christopher from the 106th ran through the door and pushed me off to the side a bit, it was very noticeable he was in a hurry but I didn’t pay any mind to that. I sat down in the small phone room. The coms room was big, they had computers and all types of cables and wired and any little thing we would need, in a technological way. The “Tech area” covered much of the coms room, except for a little room way in the back; that’s where the phones were kept. It was good since you were a bit isolated from the rest of the coms room and it felt private.

As I was talking to mom she explained to me that dad was not feeling so well and that he had a lot of pain in his back, and even with the pain he would still every night sit outside and look around, just like we used to do when I was back home. Those words made my job all worth it, to know that I stand to protect my family and all those who I hold close to my heart, was only the best of honors. As I was getting done with my call Jacobs stormed in through the front door, he was nervous and he grabbed the first phone he found which was too rows in front of me. All I could hear him say was, “Is she ok? Please let me talk to her Tess, I’ll calm her down, I always do.” He said in an anxious voice. “Hey sweetheart, how are you? Why are you crying? No, no honey I’ll be back soon” He said. I was puzzled as to who was he talking to so just to find out I stayed listening to him talk, I’ve never seen Jacob act and talk like he was talking at that moment.

“Honey calm down, you must be tired. Want me to sing you to sleep baby? Alright I will.” Jacob said. What I heard next was not expected, he was singing to that mysterious person his song went like so:


Grab your pillow tight,

It’s gonna be alright.

Dad will sing tonight,

Goodnight my dear, goodnight,

Baby please don’t cry.

Close your little eyes.

Daddy’s there tonight,

Goodnight my love,

Good… night…


“Is she asleep Tess?” he asked. “Good, Give baby Sophia a kiss goodnight from me please? Tess… I love you don’t ever forget that yes? I love you.” Jacob said.

I stood up as he was hanging the phone and I could see tears in the desk. I stopped before he could see me and walked slowly to him. “Oh it’s you, good.” Jacob said. “Well I guess it is me, are you ok captain?” I asked. “Not quite.” Jacob said. “Sorry for my intrusion but can I ask who were you talking to.” I asked. “My wife, Teresa, I call her Tess.” He said. “And who was I singing to? My 2 year old daughter Sophia, I have pictures of them, here take a look.” Jacob said as he handed me a picture of his wife and daughter. “They’re very beautiful. I said. “Yup, they’re something else I tell ya.” Jacob said as he cleaned the tears of his face. “You know, what you said at our little meeting really got to me.” Jacob said as he punched my arm. “Well sir I think I should say I’m sorry.” I said. “No, it’s alright; it got to me in a good way.” Jacob said. “It made me think on a few things I have to change in the 106th.” Jacob said. “Change things in the 106th? Sir I don’t think you can do that.” I said as I sat in the chair next to Jacob. “Oh but I can. See when you’re the leader of the 106th the changes you make are under your own personal opinion and thought of the matter that should change.” Jacob said, he turned to the side and looked through the window. “You what number of tour this is for me? It’s my 9th tour. 9 times I’ve been through hell and back just to protect them, they’re the best part of me. Sophia, oh she’s the light in my eyes. I’d kill anyone who would dare cause harm to them.” Jacob said; tears ran down his face as he explained. “Remember what you said? The whole, give a man a reason to go to hell and fight for his country and he will fight, tooth and nail only do it to get back to his reason. Well my reason is them Jay, My reason is them.” Jacob said as he cleaned the tears away from his eyes. “I do it for them, I do it so my little girl can grow up without any fears, and I do it so my wife can sleep better at night. Those two women mean the world to me; and I won’t let anyone take their freedom away from them.” Jacobs said.

Jacob Stood up and gave me a hug and said “Thank you Jay, thanks for making me understand what I didn’t want to understand. This is our war, not theirs.” Jacob said.

That same day, when all the 106th was in the mess hall eating away their lunch, Jacob stood in front of them and told them, “Listen up 106. From now on we do not target anywhere that could have innocent lives, it’s our war, not theirs. Thanks to someone who opened my eyes to this matter, whoever feels that my decision is wrong can get on the next plane back to HQ and let them sort you out; If not, continue with your meals and tomorrow be at the strip at three in the morning, we start our new training tomorrow.” As soon as he finished talking that he sat down to eat again, the members of the 106th stood up and saluted him and in unanimous order said, “Sir that is the best way to be Sir.” They all smiled and ended the salute. The 106th after that day never attacked a village, only if the enemies hid in the villages they would call in for marines to extract the enemies and secure the civilians.

The 106th was still feared and respected since they held their reputation, but also were known to be the most tactically prepared squad in the whole Air Force. After my little meeting they all were as tight as a drum, Of course my Squad was tight as a drum and it felt like a big family.

In the next week Dante called me to have a routine inspection of the squads, the two squads were there and Dante had to talk to each and every one in the squad. After Dante was done we spoke. “Jay I don’t know what you’re doing over there but keep doing it. The Squads moral is high and their positivity is of the roof.” Dante said. “Well I’m doing the best I can to keep this pack of crazy men under control; it’s hard, but doable.” I said in joking tone of voice.

“How’s the war going in the front lines Dante? I heard Switzerland got ran over by Abramovich’s forces late this month.” I said. “Well Abramovich is moving and he’s moving fast. I think he can feel the pressure now. The President called a meeting at the U.N. today to negotiate how the allied countries could help to make the outcome of the war a more positive one.” Dante said. “All I know is that Abramovich told the last reaming troops in Italy but I have to admit that was a dumb move, he got flushed out of there quick.” I said. “Well the worst part of Abramovich is that he is an influential person and people want to fight for him.” Dante said. “That makes ending the war more difficult.” I said. After that Dante and I spoke about things back home and it felt good; it felt like I was getting bits and pieces of home through a landline.

The next month the war calmed down in a matter of attacks and everything was running smoothly. The 106th were training more than usual and so was I with the 105th. We were the best Squad in the branch and were being solicited for various missions and bomb runs. Things felt normal. As the war progressed Abramovich took the north and south east of China and was moving along the coastline to try and take as much territory as he could.

It was May 17th 2015 when Abramovich sent a video to the Spanish Prime Minister telling him that his parliament, government and country were in danger of leaded missile attacks. Abramovich sent the same video to France, Japan, Australia, Greenland and Iceland. It was weird enough his selection of sending the video to but word ran fast to the U.S. president and he had a reunion with the presidents and or prime ministers of each country Abramovich stated.

In time we learned that Abramovich was bluffing. We were stilled located in the south of Africa as we slowly built bases around the areas we had captured along with the cavalry that had arrived. We needed more of the cavalry but it was usually divided to help the other countries that were marked as clear war zones. The following: China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, and the most of Indonesia. Slowly Abramovich was being overrun. Abramovich’s next move would leave the whole world in shock, even for us that we have seen some pretty gruesome things. Abramovich shocked the world with what he did next…  


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