Life Through Different Eyes.
Author: Maximilion Mars

Chapter 6
The War./ The Beginning.

Chapter 6

The Beginning.

I arrived to Montana and found a small house for me to live in pretty much considered to be a studio apartment, which worked for me since I was the only person living there. I had no neighbors since it was a very lone and desolate place.

I sent a letter to my mom explaining how in the last few weeks I’ve been settling in and getting comfortable in my small apartment. My mother always responds quick and sent me a quick letter hoping all was fine and asked to me to call Dante, that he had some very important news. The moment I read that I ran to the nearest shop and asked to use their phone and called Dante. “Hello?” answered Dante, “I bet you miss me don’t ya” I said. “Jay you sly bastard. How are you? Where are you? And maybe I’ve missed you.” He said ending it with a small laugh. “Well I’m in Montana, found a small apartment and have been living for a few weeks now; Mom sent me a letter saying you had some news for me?” I asked. “Well as a matter of fact I do. Jay you’re an uncle!” he said, “his name is Daniel.” He said. At that moment I stopped to pick my jaw of the floor and proceeded to congratulate him and telling him how I always thought he was going to be a great father; since he kinda was our father figure back at the 105th .

As for congratulations go I have done the farthest one to Dante, he then stopped me and said, “Jay I decided to retire and look after my little boy and I cannot leave Hailey back anymore Jay.” He said. I understood and told him how proud I was of his decision and that I would carry on being on the 105th since it was a home to me. Several weeks passed and Dante sent me a letter where he explained the new ranking officers in the 105th and the last newbie to come the new leader of the pack called Cesar DuPont was a strong man, a man of conviction and group control as to which is needed to make a team work well together, Second in command was Michael Ridge. Following his superiors way of leading, it seemed like if they were cut from the same tree and shaped into the same person only that Michael was more friendly than Cesar. The last newbie to come in was Jon Moon; he was more of a crazy fella. He didn’t exactly fit into what you would say “best qualified” but he certainly knew what he was doing.

The 10th of October I was rushed to the nearest military base and was briefed on how this new war has popped up over by the Russian front. Viktor Abramovich, leader of the new world for Russia party was making moves on to the current Russian government and overthrew it. A pretty ruthless guy; having public executions of Russia’s president and his family and all of the parliament of Russia just to make a point of how he’s growing with power. My thoughts as in why was this called to our attention were the following clip of how he had plans to take over the whole world and rule it under an iron fist or more of a cold fist if I can say.

Abramovich was serious and meant business, and so did we. As the free country we are, to seek freedom and happiness is our initial meaning of American Dream; where the possibilities are endless. I’m sure as hell that we aren’t just gonna let this mad man run around preaching of world domination and have nothing to say about it. As soon as the video was over the hundreds of us sitting aligned to each other looked forward to General Tacitus King. As to war speeches go his was a very long and extensive explaining why we must win this war and kill or lock this madman in a cage. In the last words of his speech he said “Remember for what we fight for, never lose sight of what truly matter; we must not let a deranged man take away what we fought for years and years, generation through generations we have proved to be a force to be reckoned with and we will not let one man with his one sided ideals rule the world; less rule this and other great nations. Today we rise as one to take on the enemy in sight and proclaim a victory bigger than no other; let out names be in the history books for future generations to know how we gave it our best to save and extend they’re chance to experience freedom, love , compassion and most of all feel proud to have such amazing protector, There is a glorious war to be fought and to all of you I wish a safe return home and to grasp the very life you have cause this war will not be forgotten.”

After his speech I walked over to my branch station and my name was already in the list checked with a mark for active. I called my mother and told her I was activated again and asked to her to call Dante and tell him, of which I’m pretty sure he knew I was to go to war.

I took a plane from Montana to Florida. In the plane ride over all I could think of was my mom and dad, Dante, Hailey and Daniel; All I thought of was to perform my duty for them to live a free life and to never ever give in to anything. The plane ride was quick with a bit of turbulence but nonetheless good. As I stepped of the plane I walked across the airport where a small jeep was waiting for me marked with the number 105. On the way to the aircraft carrier I promised myself to not let any of my member die, I would not bare the thought of another important life gone to the 105th as I finished my promise we got to the aircraft carrier. And there she was the big beauty who will carry me and Susan for another horrifying tour, into another war. The bright side to it all is that I have new partners in my squad which all were very happy and eager to see me. “The Wonder Survivor” That’s what they called me after my crash landing accident. I moved around and went to see Susan and my god was she beautiful. All her details filled in and she was as bright as the sun in my eyes. As I climb to get in the cockpit I hear this voice, unrecognizable as it was I looked outside and I saw this crazy looking guy and I thought this might be the newbie. “Hello my name is Jon at your service!” and yes he was the newbie indeed. “Hello Jon my name is Jay” I said. “Oh so you’re Mr. Wonder Survivor? Pleasure to meet you then.” He said. Indeed Jon was quite the character a bit weird looking but we are all a bit crazy if we’re in the 105th.

The new Commanding officer Cesar DuPont walked in and introduced himself and his subordinate Captain Michael Ridge. They were so alike at first I thought they were brother, but in fact they weren’t they were just real close friends something like me and Dante only they have known each other since they were kids.

The next day it was at least 3 in the morning and lieutenant Cesar was already sounding the alarm for a scramble and well we pretty much moved quicker then you would take to apply butter to toast. We scrambled and we flew in and out of formations since the Lieutenant was in the aircraft carrier signaling which formations to do and having the captain as squad leader was a bit refreshing. The scramble was over 3 hours later into the day and we had already moved into deep ocean by the time. I was walking around the Ac made me feel more calm about current world situations and hearing the waves beat around the body of the Ac was a bit soothing. As I’m Walking I hear this voice singing and I follow my ears till I see its Jon sitting on the edge of the Ac just looking into the ocean as if there wasn’t a war going on outside his head, he just sat there with a stupid grin on his face just staring at the sunrise. “What is your deal?” I ask. Jon looks up and says “well at this moment its watching the sun rise , sir.” Oh look at this smartass. “sir may I ask that you join me? A little chat wouldn’t hurt, Heck I believe it’ll make you feel more comfortable and at ease.” He said. “Well alright.” I say as I slowly sit next to Jon. We talked for a while and I learned a lot about this guy. His parents died when he was a teen and he went to live with his grandparents who were the ones who made me who he is today. If you think about it, its really inspiring.


The next few weeks were spent training and for us to get to know each of the new members of the 105th. We arrived to the coast of Africa in a matter of weeks. We took so long to get there since we were the first airborne battalion to leave the shores of U.S. as we reached the coast of Africa we were greeted by boats with large signs that said “Turn back now and war will not be a problem.” And well we stayed and waited for the 106th and the 120th airborne but they took too long as they we caught in bad weather.

Lieutenant Cesar rushed us into the briefing room where we were told of the first mission we would ever do as the new 105th. As the lieutenant spoke the room got tense and slowly back to life after he was done explaining. The mission was to clear a settlement so the marines could come in and make base to them move slowly into African territory that was being controlled by Abramovich’s forces. The nations or territories under Abramovich’s control were the following: Russia , Africa , Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Pakistan and half of Italy. All of these territories seized in less than 3 months. Amazing as it was we still had a war to fight to free the territories and capture Abramovich.

The lieutenant Scrambled us out into formation and we were off.

“Alright men now remember we have to sweep clean this area so the marines have a chance for a small base and make our entrance through Africa and slowly keep taking more territories back to they’re normal state.” Said the lieutenant.

“Well lets move it 105th!” Screamed Captain Ridge as we were off the Ac and into some small dogfights to take control of the land which was heavily guarded.

“Jon I need you to clear through and lay those buildings flat so the rest of the team can lay them down too , but you have to be point on this one , can I count on you Jon?” asked the lieutenant. “Very much sir” said Jon with a serious tone of voice I’d never heard before coming from him so he must definitely mean business.

I could hear Jon whispering this small prayer as his engine roared forward to the target. “Jon say that prayer out loud bud I want to hear it!” I said. “Well alright sir.” Said Jon. “Dear God, we praise you for your love and your willingness to fight for what is right. With your truth and love, prepare us for battle against the evil and suffering all around us. Lead me not into despair or anguish yet to victory and fulfillment. in nomine patris et filii spiritus sancti. Amen.” And as soon as he said “amen” he rushed through and cleared the path for us to rain down into the land and clear it from enemy troops.

We were in a fight for long while until the last remaining enemy forces retreaded and we made the call to let the marines in as we were they’re eyes in the sky watching over them.

When we reached the small airport that was secured by the marine forces we stopped to refuel and one of the marines came up to us. The DFB marine squad leader came to us “Thank you, it felt like if we had angels watching us , big giant metal angels.” He said with a smile on his face. After we refueled we hauled back to the Ac where we were received with applauses for a well executed first mission. The Lieutenant congratulated us and told us that this was only the beginning of the war and we haven’t even scratched the surface of this cake. We were at the mess hall eating and refilling our own bodies for a night rest as I found Jon. “Jon where did you learn that prayer? It very powerful man.” I said to Jon. “Well my grandad taught it to me when I was very young.” He said. “well your grandpa is an amazing man.” I said as I walked into my room. “He sure was.” Jon said.

In the next few days Jon received a letter saying his cousin David was reassigned to the 105th. He went to the lieutenant an informed him right away of the reassignment. I was walking towards my room when I saw Jon sitting down in the hall, his back pressed onto the wall, with a numb look in his face. “Jon? Are you ok? Is there something bothering you? I ask. “Crazy Dave is coming to the 105th” he said. “Oh yeah the new guy David? I think he gets flown in today.” I said. “Today?!” Jon screamed. “Well yeah David Moon…Wait he has your same last name!” I said. “well he is my older brother.” Said Jon. “So now were gonna have your brother? Sounds good.” I said. “Well he got reassigned cause he almost killed off his whole squad.” He said. “oh well that doesn’t sound to great.” I say to ease of the already growing doubt I have for Jon’s brother.

David gets flown in the Ac. Jon and me are waiting for him with the lieutenant by our side. As soon as David sees Jon he says “Jonny boy you’re looking pale, what have they been feeding you!?” David blurted out. “its not the food bro.” says Jon as David comes in for a long hug. “Well I don’t care little bro , I’ve missed you.” Says David. As the family greet is done the lieutenant addresses David “David from what I read in the reassignment report it says that you almost killed your whole squad while pulling a little stunt?” asked Lieutenant Cesar. “Well it wasn’t really a stunt it was more of a tactic maneuver that almost went wrong.” David said. “Well don’t worry Corporal Moon, here you’ll be under the orders of Captain Ridge and no stunts or Tactical maneuvers will be pulled. You got that?” Said Lieutenant Cesar to David while shaking his hand. “understood sir.” David Said. “Well good. Now Staff Sergeant Moon will instruct you to were you will sleep. Scramble training is at 2 today.” Said lieutenant Cesar as he waved us off to show him his sleeping quarters.

“so little bro , how does the 105th fly? From what I hear you guy kick ass and then roll out like hero’s.” David said. “Well we have the exceptional bunch here” Jon said as we left David in his sleeping quarters.

The next day we were woken up by the scramble alarm and this wasn’t for practice. The enemy force retaliated and were bombing the site we cleared for the marines with artillery. Lieutenant Cesar briefed us quickly on the quick mission we were to have. “Well boys I need you to clear those enemy artillery and clear them back a few miles off the area we selected for base. Make sure you push them back enough until the marines can restock and fill out the space left.”

We moved quick and fired our engines and we were off in less the 15 minutes. The fight was a long one , several missile runs were made and for David’s first flight with the 105th he was doing outstandingly well, Following orders and executing them to precise measurement.

From the back I hear the Captain ordering us into formation as it seemed the enemy had fighter jets of their own. We got mixed into a large dogfight but with no friendly casualties. The enemy jets had been wrongly equipped with bigger gas tanks made for long travels. Easy targets if you aim right. As soon as I pointed out the weak point the enemy jets were falling like meteors plummeting into the vast dessert. As soon as we ended the dogfight we went to lay down the enemy artillery and that would make us go home quicker. We were on the trail of the artillery missiles as we spot this big facility filled with gas tank and we through a small missile at it and it light up like it was the 4th of July. We went roaring through and in a quick formation took down the enemy artillery and pushed them deep into they’re own territory.

After we had finished off the mission we flew back to the small airport to refuel and as soon as I landed I went to help the marines with moving the body of those who had died cause of the artillery strikes. As I’m helping a marine move some pieces of what’s left of another marine’s body I saw him. The same guy that greeted me the Squad leader had been blown up. Half of his lower body was missing but for some miracle of a reason he was still breathing and even though he was in a world of pain I carried him to the nearest medevac there was. As I’m walking him over quickly he tells me “Sir , never forget that freedom is never free.” He said as he dozed off. I laid him on the medevac chopper and told the pilot to hurry him over to the Ac. As he flew out I couldn’t stop thinking of what he said. “Freedom is never free.” And indeed it isn’t that man paid the price of half his body blown to bit just for our nations freedom. Ironic isn’t it? Well that’s how freedom works , some die just so I can keep doing whatever my free mind wants to do.

I ran back to help the body move process and I was joined by David and Jon as they were terrified at the scene of blown buildings and pieces of human flesh smeared everywhere. “Well boys lets get these guys home.” I say as we move around the last remaining marines that still have a bit of life in them.

Our jets were refueled in 1 hour and we headed back to the airport to fly back to the Ac and we were met by a marine who had a handful of dog tags for us to take back and report to the Central.

Having at least 40 dog tags in a small pouch felt eerie. This war has only begun and its already claimed 40 lives. I landed at the Ac and quickly moved to report the dead to our Lieutenant.

“This war is gonna be a long and difficult one.” Said Jon. “I agree little bro” Said David. While I just sat there quietly thinking on all the men and women who died for others safeties. The night rolled in quick and before I knew I was already falling asleep. I have been up since 2 in the morning and its about to be 8 p.m. no wonder I’m tired.

The next following weeks were difficult ones as we couldn’t rest enough until news things would erupt and the big guns were still fighting the bad weather. We had a report come in that the big military forces were due to arrive in 2 days and we were eager to finally move in completely in this base and take back slowly what Abramovich took by force.

Our last mission until the big military guns would arrive was a very difficult one deep into enemy territory. Our mission was simple, drop missile’s in the enemies base while some squads of marines would go in and overthrow the enemy forces and to shut down communications with Abramovich’s Base of command. Simple right? Or so we thought.

The mission day had arrived and we moved forward to the airport and refueled for the long trip there while our marine friends would follow us by choppers who arrived with them but were slowly moving them out , trying to avoid the enemy to blow them up. We lined up and we were off. Jon taking point and Captain Ridge close behind telling us the formation pattern to follow through. Closing in to our objective we encountered a bit of a fog that was no big deal until we saw the enemy jets heading our way and the marines squads had already landed and were moving on foot. The Fight was on bullet flying everywhere as we skipped and missed them just by inches at a time. Jon who had the key missile to turn out the mission was our only way to turn this whole ambush back into the enemies faces. I got a bit distracted tailing an enemy jet and didn’t notice I was being tailed too. Jon saw that I was about to get shot and flew right in the middle of the bullet and David shot down the jet that was tailing me. Jon didn’t get hit but his latch door wouldn’t open. As Jon tried to open his latch door David got blindsided and was spinning out of control. “David, what’s your status?” I ask. “Well my left wing is blown to hell and I have no other options on getting back so I guess I’m diving!” he screamed. This was not an easy situation. Jon’s latch wouldn’t open and David was diving unto the earth. “Jay, me and David are gonna do something stupid.” Jon said. “How stupid?” I ask. “Very.” David said. “Don’t try to stop us now, its already in motion. Ready Dave?” asked Jon. “Ready little bro.” David answered. “let’s do this” They both said. I saw how Jon and David aimed their jets towards the enemy base. “What are you guys doing?!” I screamed. “Well Jay what good am I, if we are not all we can be and give all we are for freedom? That’s not what I signed up for chief.” David said while laughing, “little bro it’s time for the prayer” Said David. “Yes it is bro, let’s do this.” Jon Replied. “The lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” David said. “He makes me lie down in green pastures , He leads me beside quiet waters.” Jon Replied. “He restores my soul; He guides me in the paths of righteousness For His name’s sake.” Jon Said. “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for you are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.” David replied. “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You have anointed my head with oil; My cup overflows.” David said. “Surely goodness and loving kindness will follow me all the days of my life, And I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.” Jon Replied. And I could hear both of them as they chanted slowly while reaching the base “in nomeni patri et fili spiritus sancti” then they crashed into the enemy base… Enraged as I was , I shot down all the enemy jets singlehandedly and helped the marines take a hold of the base watching for anything from the sky, The 105th were Being the guardian angels of those marine squads.

“We heard you guys might need some assistance! Captain Jacob reporting in with Olympus squad 106th airborne battalion coming in”

The cavalry had arrived. The 105th and the 106th working together to take down the base was easier then expected. If only the had gotten here earlier.

Bombing away at any menace that would lift its head towards the base. I was ruthless. No mercy was shown by me at all. Knowing the fact that two brother gave their lives for freedom. Now I really knew what the marine meant. I fully and completely understood.

After there was a cease fire the 106th headed back to their own Ac and we landed down in a large street near the enemy base and we helped finish the job and taking the body count. I ran over as quick as I could and so did the whole 105th to validate that our brother’s had died and what we saw next was very impressive.

We look into the debris of what the jets left and there were no bodies and no tags. “Oy! I think you’re all looking for us!” David screamed. “How did you guys survive?!” I screamed at them. “Well sir , there’s a little thing called Eject and we did seconds before the jets touched the building.” Jon said. When I looked around them the enemy forces were all killed, these two guys took on 10 enemies on their own. Amazing. That was all I could think of.

We flew them back to the Ac quickly cause they were in need of medical attention. Jon had broken two ribs and fractured his wrist. While David on the other side only had cuts and bruises. “No guys but seriously how did you survive?” I asked them back at the infirmary. “Well Jay we have something some of you don’t.” David said. “Oh yeah and what’s that?” I said jokingly. “Faith” Jon Said. “We had enough Faith that we weren’t gonna die there cause we haven’t filled our purpose for this war Jay.” David said.

And in all maybe all we need to win this war is a little more faith.


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