the world within me
Author: Ella

Chapter 104

what are we waiting for
i dread this emptiness
what are we looking for
this life seems purposeless

i need to fill it with excitement
and spark the interest again
fill up the hole in my heart
cover over all the pain

i see the imperfection
disappointment surges
a mix feeling of sorrow
as my seething anger rages

cold, broken and dead
in feelings so unlovel
a war breaking out within
i feel so unworthy

buried in the past
captured in regret
bound by expectations
the standards to beget

stumbling all the way
every path strewn with thorns
every single darkness
blackens out the dawns

crushing, excruciating
fearful, fretful, faint
everything falls apart
peel away like paint

tears beyond a cry
a shaking kind of wail
shrieking and hopeless
nothing left to fail

running, sprinting away
get away from it all
but is there any refuge
from all trouble that befalls

the light at the end of the tunnel
does it shine forth anymore
stuck behind the wall
clawing at the door

listen to the story
emptiness and sorrow
repeats every day
just wait for tomorrow

but sing for you have the living hope
that fights for you every war
even in every crushing moment
that shakes you to the core

breaking under the pressure
the world will never know
fill this empty longing
wherever life shall go

Godís purpose stands
according to His purpose
what must His purpose be
that God can only be God
if He is sovereign and free

to know, enjoy and praise
the glory of His name
and make this known through all the earth
greater than any other kind of fame

to see, to savour and to sing
for the glory of God's grace
yet as my mind is stretched beyond
i could only stand amazed

all my thoughts and emotions
were meant for God alone
until sin and idols came
and turned my heart to stone

how can i bear to look on
not care about everything He has said
feel lifeless and unmoved
not alive but only dead

what meaning is there to life
disappointment in humanity
when everything breaks down
then can He grant you liberty

what a great meaning life has
what a great purpose this is
there is no other life worth living
than the life He gives to glorify His


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