the world within me
Author: Ella

Chapter 99
Consider the love of God

There is a song Iíd love to sing
Of highest praise and greatness
And for the longest time I think
I never knew His loveliness

If I do not stand in awe
And pure adoration
To be so perplexed by His love
And know it through this salvation

If I do not find it hard to unravel
The mystery of such impossible love
Then perhaps I never knew
The friend yet king from above

If my heart does not wonder
How such great love could be true
And think itís by my merit
And everything I do

If when I ponder the love of God
And it doesnít move me to praise
Then perhaps I havenít seen
The beauty of His face

What greater love could there be
And how fortunate I am to know
That God is perfect and mighty
Yet He could still love me so

When I feel like singing a song to Him
And cannot find the tune
And when I couldnít understand
A God that is triune

So long ago the words would flow
So freely and so real
Looking back I canít imagine
All the things I could feel

Now I let them flow again
Just write what I want to say
And surely itís been so long
Since the words could flow this way

Godís love is impossible
But every time I think that
Impossible makes it amazing
And it makes sense where I was led

Where else can I find satisfaction
So many things I want
When I realise that the world
Was the thing that I should shun

To want God is what I desire
To want God is what I pray
To trust Him and to believe
He is the only way

None else can satisfy
The longing in my soul
The emptiness I feel
The hardness and the cold

To know the love is difficult
To experience and to embrace
And I need nothing but a deep need
To know His love and grace


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