the world within me
Author: Ella

Chapter 97
The worst emotion

What is the most powerful feeling
An emotion of utmost intensity
So thick and suffocating
The unbreakable density

Perhaps fear would drive us crazy
It turns people to war and death
But more so whatís behind it
That merits itsí own wreath

Perhaps happiness could be so great
But negativity fulfils the atmosphere
And when elation tries to marry all
It hurts and it sears

Perhaps anger surfaces the fighting spirit
The soul to be more than furious
And taking action it drives us up the wall
But more so something notorious

Perhaps bitterness deep inside
Like a thorny vine many would say
Or the darkest chocolate melting
But still thereís something underway

Perhaps regret would be a feeling
That would never come to pass
It only looks behind itself
It is but a shadow that something else casts

What is this soul wrenching feeling
It tangles almost all reason
More than the fear of failing
A coldness of the winter season

Itís less numbing than we think
It fuels our deepest desire
It motivates our greatest fear
Like anger it burns as fire

But oft itís described as heavy
A burden, condensed and weighted
No flood of tears could cure it
And excuse would be to claim itís fated

Itís a dullness of the noonday sky
The dimness of bright daylight
The twilight of a new dawn
The ebony of pure white

It is described by melancholy
Shaped by deep affection
Subtle yet so ingrained
A fiery, faithful passion

The simplest emotion to spell
A word so often misused
Pervasive yet weíre evasive
To feel for what we abuse

I feel so very confused
I feel so very mad
I feel so very happy
But only so since Iím always sad


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