Ladykiller (A Maroon 5 Fanfiction) ~Completed!~
Author: Pin3apple

Chapter 30


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I feel my eyes blink once, and I take in the sudden stillness around me. The air is quiet and the only thing I can hear is a vacuum out in the hallway.

It has been a while since I've slept in. Ever since I came to Cortine's, I've been using the alarm on my phone. The same annoying ring every morning. It never seemed to end. Although today I could finally give it a rest.

Today I was going home. Back to the farm. I was relieved and excited but also disappointed. I was going to miss everything. From the horrible meals here to the empty library in the mornings at dawn.

I looked at the empty bed next to me with perfected folded sheets on top. It was well made, the sheets overlapping the edges and the blanket folded in front of the pillows. The pillows were stacked on top neatly against the headboard. Lucy left early about three days ago, and pretty much she left me to clean the apartment, including her bed. I wonder if she's still mad how I got Adam in the end. Candice just left last night with Steven and probably just got to their destination for the week. I'll see them next week, I thought with a sigh.

I didn't know what I would've done without Candice's help. She helped so much putting the weird contractions away and cleaning the pranks off the windows and floor. She managed to set up a bed so nicely, I might as well put her on a list for a household maid. I was glad we were still friends and that we'd see each other soon. I think her and Steven are doing well.

I get up from my bed, the sun hitting me hard even though the sunshine was barely able to be seen. The thick dark drapes shadowed most of the entire room and I turn to look at it.

My feet drop to the end of the bed and touch the hard carpet. My eyes fixed at the bathroom door, and with a long sigh, I get up and walk towards it.

Mostly everything I have to bring on my one week trip is packed. I can finally show how much I'm using the present mom gave me. And just the thought that Cortine's was my home now, and I could leave most of everything else here, it made me feel glad. But then I would remember how I'm pretty much packing Adam to the farm. Yet, he won't go back to Cortine's until spring. I was going to miss him.

I toss my clothes into the hamper and strip out of my top. I quickly turn the long handle, and jump into the warm water. I felt it drench on my cold bare body as I listened to the depressing songs from my MP3 on speakers. Usually I wouldn't put my Ipod on speakers, scared that someone would hear. But no one was at Cortine's anymore. I swear, me and Adam are the only ones here still.

After a long period of time, I finally get out of the shower. I turn the water off, open the curtains and step out. And as my hair drips onto the floor, I look at my flawless face in the mirror. No acne, bumps, or dry skin. My mom says I have the softest cheeks.

I get a new top on, and struggle as I tried putting on some new jeans from Hollister. They were tight.

Once it was on, I opened my bathroom door, welcoming me into the room that I was going to miss for a week. It was only a week though. I don't know why I was complaining so much.

Feeling stupid for putting in my brush in the suitcase when I needed it, I grabbed it from the suitcase, bringing it with me to the bathroom. I could feel the temperature increase as I came in, and the thirst that already lingered in my tongue, grew stronger.

I dug through the tangles in my hair, getting most in the bottom. One was really big and it spread out far. Wincing, I quickly spray some untangler from the thin bottle mom had packed me, and went through my hair one more time.

It was perfect. Adam came as soon I was ready. He stood there in my walkway looking as handsome as ever. His hair was slicked back into perfection, and I could feel a blush rolling onto my cheeks, just knowing he'd done this all for me.

There he was, holding a small bouquet of deadman red roses from the deadman store. The street Cortine's is on is called Deadman, so everything around here is called deadman. I wonder why they never named the school that. He wore a gray long sleeved shirt with black jeans, wearing the same groofy grin as when we first met.

He met my gaze and smiled, like knowing exactly what I was thinking. His eyes sparkled like diamonds as they glared into mine. My heart started pounding as he smiled sweetly into me. He opened up his arms, wrapping them around me. His embrace was warm, and kind.

"You ready?" He smiled at me looking around my empty dorm.

It was spotless. Candice and I did a wonderful job at cleaning it. I was still mad at Ruby for leaving that whole mess. She left me to clean it. She even sended me a text! It was Candice's help that did it. If she didn't come over, I think I would've just finished cleaning it now. But still, after winter break, when Ruby's back I'm going to make sure she understands my pain. Maybe I should leave a mess for her.

I nodded, grabbing my suitcase near the foot of Ruby's bed. Even if I was going to be gone only for a week, I think I'll miss this place. And just two weeks ago I wanted to leave so bad because I lost all my friends for a while. That was my worst month here. But other than that, I love this school and can't wait to come back for the winter.

I stepped behind Adam, following him out of the dorm, as he held the door open for me. So sweet, I think. I roll my suitcase down the hall behind me as Adam continues carrying his duffel bag. I wish he and me could just hangout for the whole break, and come back to Cortine's as an official couple. Sadly, another tour of his isn't so far away. But he promised his first concert would be at the farm. This way, not only could I meet his uncle for real, but I'd be able to hangout with Adam for a couple days in my break. We'd be skyping until I see him again in Cortine's this spring.

The hallway was silent. Most students and staff of Cortine's already left. The only noise you could hear between me and Adam were his heavy footsteps, like if you were in an airport. Or the wheels of my suitcase, rolling down the hallway. I watched Adam as he pressed the elevator button. It glowed for a quick second, and just like a candle, it quickly emitted.

We stepped into the elevator and a new silence came over us. Complete silence, really.

It was Adam the one who broke it. "The first bus to the farm is at one."

I nodded simply. It was a thirty minute drive to the bus station. There was no way we'd be able to make a flight. Or me, afford one. "That should work,"

The door elevators opened then, letting me and Adam out. The exit signs of the building was all around me. Exiting those doors, gave me the comfort knowing that pretty soon, I'd be at home, with my horse and my parents. I hope they like Adam so I can be encouraged to go back to Cortine's.

The cold air bit my cheeks as I stepped out of the building. I took a deep breath, acknowledging the prescence of my new surroundings. It was like my first time here at Cortine's. It had the same cool air that blew my hair, and took my breath away. It could've just been Adam too.

I felt the cold air disappear around me as I felt Adam's fingers intwine with mine. The heat I felt, was pressing onto my cheeks, making me blush. I still couldn't get over the fact that how when this year started, I wanted to know who Adam was. Adam is the most selfish, cheater, and conceded person that I know. But I still love him. And yeah that sounds cheesy, but it is so true.

A taxi pulled up on the sidewalk, in front of me and Adam. He smiled at me as he opened the door. "Ladies first," He winked.

I smirked as I stepped into the taxi. It had warm cushion seats and a large window that seemed bigger than other cars or taxis. It must be a little bit more expensive. But I enjoy the ride anyways.

The taxi drives out of view from Cortine's, and I whisper to it a goodbye. The same way of how I did it at home. I'll be home soon, I say to myself.


I could see it now. It seemed like only two inches from my grasp. I could already smell the sweet scent of auburn the candle that my mother bought, had left. I felt like Mrs. Hall was already waiting for me, and that I could just show off the fact that me, Anna Well is dating Adam Levine. It was all right in front of me.

The green patch of grass in front of my house seemed brighter than I remembered. Compared to this, last time it was so dark and gloomy. I imagined the wet soil so soft and smooth, the same soil that my horse, Diamond would used to get me wet by, when she would fall during training.

Diamond was a beauty. Her small, cute little hoofs were pitch black like midnight. Her skin looked old and wrinkly across the wind, but when you would touch it, it would be as smooth as her silky blonde hair, never leaving a tangle. The eyes of hers would always tell me what she was feeling. The feelings I could see were always genuine, never weak.

Training Diamond was hard. I remember early mornings waking up, rushing down to eat breakfast and heading out to the barn an exact hour before school. I wanted to be those girls in the movies who trained their horses every day. The horses would fall at first, but in the end they would win a huge race, and they would be #1. Obviously, that never happened, and look where I am now...

Now I am Adam Levine's girlfriend. And I left Diamond behind. I hope she's doing fine.

These old moments when I think about my lovely childhood, and those days when I would race John across the feilds of my farm, I wonder if what I did was right. Leaving my family behind, to achieve of what-seemed-to-be an unrealistic goal. Sure, Adam made it. But what if I didn't? What if I failed like my horse dream? I wonder if it was ok leaving John behind, or leaving us as friends. I hope I did the right thing, and everything will be alright.

'That's the best thing about life,' I remember dad saying once. 'It always gives you a second chance.'

My head was spinning now. Whenever I thought of some caring, heart-full quote, my mind went absolutely blank. I didn't know what to think. Dad probably just told me that when I was upset about something stupid. It's probably not true, and all in my head.

The car stopped on a sudden note, and I breathed through the silence of the car. I didn't know why I was so nervous at this time. I visited and saw my parents all the time. Maybe it was just because this time it was with Adam, but I shouldn't be that nervous. They'll love him. I just have to make sure no one mentions Lucy.

I felt a hand on mine, bringing warmth on my skin. I looked up at a set of beautiful hazeled-green eyes, and felt myself relax as a shiver ran up my spine.

"You look beautiful," He says. His eyes look genuine to what he says, but their sparkling still like Diamonds' eyes. His eyes looked genuine to mine, like Diamond...

"Thanks," I smile. I think I might've blushed, but I don't try to hide it anymore. Besides, Adam thinks it's adorable.

The door on my side opens, and I turn feeling the cold December air in the car. The driver helps me out of the car and I shiver more than ten times, as I walk to the trunk. Adam gets out of the other side, and I feel his footsteps and breathing as he follows right behind me. The driver gets our suitcases out perfectly like he was carrying candy, and gives us the bags with not a single scratch. He made sure he didn't bump it against anywhere. Not even the car edges, which I always tumble my bags on.

"Is this it?" The driver asks, making sure we wasn't forgetting anything. I could hear his Filipino accent right at the tip of his tongue. His skin was a golden, tanned brown, and he wore a regular T-shirt with his country's flag right on it. I made sure not to comment or even think about his accent. I knew how I felt when people asked me about mine.

"Yeah," I say, getting to the end of the conversation, "Thank you." I just wanted this to be done with.

"Wow!" He exclaims with a bright smile. I could already see Adam smirking because of the accent, and never ever, did I want so badly, to slap his face like a baby's butt.

"You are the first couple to not make fun of my accent!" He says again with a different smile this time, saying accent with emphasis. I think he's not that happy now because Adam made a face. I told Adam how I felt when people made fun of my accent. Did he not think of other people? People have feelings. Animals do, everyone does.

"Your welcome," I say, just wanting to pull Adam away.

"Anna?" I hear a voice ask from behind. I turn, forcing my suitcase to do the same.

"Mom!" I exclaim. I leave Adams' side and run to her like a little girl. She pulls me into her embrace, and I breathe into her lilac perfume. My face was being squashed by the ruffles of her bright pink blouse, but it didn't matter. I was with the person I missed the most.

"Butterfinger!" My dad jokes.

Butterfinger has been a usual nickname for me. It all started once I told my dad that my favorite candy was the butterfinger. I also loved butter, so I had butter on my finger all the time! Basically, like my dad puts it, it was the perfect nickname for me.

"Daddy," I say giggling already like an idiot as he pulls me into a bear hug. Most dads would probably be cool in front of their daughter's boyfriend, and would just give the child a handshake. But I wouldn't blame anyone right now. I've been dying to get a hug from them as well.

I felt relaxed and warm in my dad's embrace, leaning on his dark chiffon shirt, that I almost forgot Adam standing behind me. Eventually when I let go of dad, mom gives me this weird look. It wasn't her usual look, the one that told me, 'Not now. I'm doing something else.' It was a weird smile or nod thing she did with her head towards Adam, like acknowledging his prescence. I turn to look at him, back at my parents, and smiled.

"Mommy... Daddy," I say, making sure it sounded sweet and innocent.

There was a pause between us as we stood in the cold, December night.

"This is my boyfriend, Adam." I say, nodding my head towards him. He smiles and waves at my parents, and they smile back. Good start, I think.

"Boyfriend?" Dad asks harshly. But his voice becomes softer in a humor way as he says, "You're not old enough to date yet."

"I'm a junior," I retort.

"Still." Dad calmly smiles. I smile back showing how proud I was that for the first time, my dad didn't give a big lecture to my boyfriend. Being the protective father, he was, he always gave each of my boyfriends the same lecture.

"Well what are we doing out in the freezing cold?" My mother questions, trying to succeed at a joke.

"Come on," She says, "Get inside!"

I follow dad into the house, knowing Adam was right behind me. It felt weird knowing that I was the guest at my own house because usually I'm the host. But so far, I was worried for nothing. Adam was being a complete gentleman. My mother wasn't being the abnoxious, strict 'business woman' she usually was, and my dad actually wasn't being lazy. I feel like I haven't seen him walk in years until today. I was going to warn Adam about this, but now I'm glad I didn't.

We step into the house and I take off my jacket, laying it on the bench like I still lived here. I may be a guest tonight, but not ever again.

My mom gives me her professional look and I already could hear her say, 'Where's your manner's? Your boyfriend is here!'

I look away, feeling Adam's hand tap my shoulder, and he asks, "Where should I put my coat?"

So professional, I think as I point to the closet. I lean in towards my mom and quickly whisper, "This is still my home, ya' know?"

"You're still a guest." My mom states, annoyance clear in her tone. She's back...

My dad puts his arm kindly around Adam, and leads him into the kitchen like they are best friends already. I could hear their voices as I watched them, while taking off my shoes.

"I made roast beef. I hope you like that." I heard my dad say, opening the cabinet which I remembered held the plates. He turns around and is already putting them down on the table, like the cook he was.

"Sounds good, sir," Adam says awkwardly as he continues standing off to the side.

I watch mom rush into the kitchen as well, offering dad help. She pretty much kicks Adam out of the kitchen, telling me to show him the guest room. I nod obeyingly and grab a few of his bags.

Our house was one floor, and a basement. Our basement was really small, and I remember as a child, I would beg mom and dad to use it as my bedroom, but they would always make me use the other room. We made this room into a guest room. I still don't understand to this day why they could've just switched them.

"Thanks," Adam says with gratitude as I set the suitcase down. We both stand up straight, and I wait, watching him look around the basement floor with curiosity.

"I love your house," He compliments, looking at the photos of me in the back.

I grabbed a photo from his hands. It was a picture of me wearing a cowboy hat and large pink boots. I looked really young. Five? My blue eyes were scanning the area and I believed this was when I first moved to the city. I lived in California before this, and this was when I moved to Boston. I remember it being such a change of scenery.

"This was when I first moved to Boston," I tell Adam. He looks at me with curiosity, waiting for more of the story.

"These were my favorite shoes when I was little... And my mom would used to argue with me, telling me the coat would match. She made me put it on," I smirk, watching Adam smile from the corner of my eye.

"You do look cute," Adam said, making my cheeks burn. I beamed at his comment, making Adam blush himself.

"I never knew boys could blush..." I smirked.

"Shut up," I hear him mutter.

We both laugh, and Adam's hand grabs mine, leading me to the stairs. We went back up out of the basement to the kitchen. My mother was already lecturing dad on how to cook. He doesn't cook often, so I could only imagine on how this was going.

We stood off to the side, just watching the whole thing. My mother was yelling at my dad for being too lazy to learn how to cook often. I could tell Adam found this amusing. I heard him chuckle once or twice and mutter, "Do they do this often?" I nod or just shake my head weirdly. The only thing I could focus my eyes on was a stack of white envelopes. My letters.

Every letter from me and when I was at Cortine's was probably stacked at that specific corner. The letter on top looked like it was recently opened. I was guessing that each letter was opened, in that case. I remember writing those letters, and sometimes they would take me hours to write. I was proud though because my parents told me writing came in handy. To be honest, I never did like to write. My family did, so maybe they wanted to keep it as a memory. I didn't think they'd read the whole thing. ...Maybe a paragraph or so, but that was all. But not only did they read all of the letters, they kept each one.

I should write a story about this... I could go back and read the letters as a source of information.

"You should go get Anna and him now..." My mom says, not bothering to remember Adam's name.

My dad turns and his eyes widen, probably realizing we heard their whole entire conversation. My mom turns at the moment too, to see what the fuss was. She looks at us, and slowly turns around, hoping not to be in the conversation.

"It's fine Adam, my parents do this all the time." I say with a smirk as I lead him to the dining table.

My mother turns from the oven and gives me the cold stare. I could hear her say, "Don't say that to him!" The thing was, he would've figured it out eventually.

"Roast beef is served!" My dad states proudly, holding it out for me and Adam to see. Mom stands next to him looking unamused, and for some reason it made me want to laugh.

"It won't taste good..." My mom retorts.

"Not in front of the guest!" My dad shouts at my mom.

"Who cares?" She asks, sending me a wink.

Overall the night went really well. Dad told us his horrible jokes that he got off the internet. The jokes were always cheesy. They never made us laugh, but we would always say together in harmony, "Ohhh!"

"What did the tree say to the wind?" He would ask, watching us both shrug.

"Leaf me alone!" He cracks up.

Me and Adam would just both smirk, continuing our meals.

By the time I'm finished with my meal, Adam is caught in a conversation with my dad. It was politics. I knew it was going to be long. They were argueing on how president Obama shouldn't have gotten elected again. Honestly, I don't care much for politics.

"Anna," My mom urges me towards her. She stood by the sink, waiting for me to bring my dish towards her. She always liked doing the dishes when guests came. She told me personally once because this way, she wouldn't have to talk to the guest. She had guests over from her work once or twice, so I'd understand. Mom got on my nerves really easily so if I thought of her employees or bosses, I wouldn't even be able to stay in one room with them.

I grab my plate from the table, and push the chair in, following mother into the kitchen. She grabs my plate, dropping it neatly in the sink. It looked like she didn't even care.

"What's his name? Adam?" She asks, slowly starting to smile.

"Yeah," I smile too, fighting off a blush.

"I think he's a nice boy. Better than John actually," She smirks, "A real catch."

I smile again. I didn't feel a blush, I was just glad that my family actually liked a boyfriend of mine. Adam is the first one they actually took an interest to meet.

"Want me to help you with the dishes?"

"Nah, I don't feel like talking," She smirks, pushing me back to my dad and Adam where politics were being mentioned.

Adam meets my eyes immediately and I nod. We were getting out of here.

He stands up, and shakes my father's hand. "If it is okay with you sir, may I take Anna for a walk?"

My dad looks startled that he had asked it so buisness-like. The way he was talking to him reminded me of my mother and how she acts so mature sometimes. My father looks pleased in a way too, but his face lets go of the serious when he bursts out in laughter.

"Of course Adam. Just never talk to me that way again. ...That was just too- too much!" He staggers as he continues to laugh.

"Okay," Adam says unsurely looking at me confusingly. He was starting to understand me. My family was weird.

"Come on," I say in a rush, pretty much pushing us out of the house. The screen door slams behind me as I start to run, holding Adam's hand. Adam seemed pretty lost on where we were going, but I knew this place by heart.

I lead him across our family's porch, passing the tree I used to hang plastic eggs on during easter, past the pots of flowers that always break right after my mom had worked on them, and the rocking chair my grandpa always liked to sit on. It reminded me of those cute porches that families on television had when the characters went up to a lake or cabin.

The cold air gets heavy as so does my breath. Already tired, I reach the field finally hanging on my knees. I was worried because we weren't even halfway to our destination.

I wanted to get there quickly before Midnight. I didn't want it to be late.

"Where are we going?" Adam whines.

"Across the field," I smirked looking out into the empty space.

He follows my gaze into the smoke of clouds up ahead. It looked like gas but it was just the smoke from the chimney. I noticed houses around here used their fireplaces more often. In the city, I don't recall really ever using a fireplace.

I could hear him breathe, and saw a cloud of smoke. We were both tired. I hope this wasn't a bad idea...

"You're trying to visit my uncle..." He breathes out tiredly, starting to relax.

"I thought it would be nice. Besides, it's been a while since I saw Mr. Hallow myself..." I wander off, trying to grab his hand.

He accepted, holding my hand tightly back as if it was helping him regain his strength. He lifted me onto his back. His strong arms were gripped onto me, holding me as tight as a backpack. He runs and I hold onto his shoulders that literally feel like grapefruits.

The smoke in the air disappears peacefully, like it was all in my mind. The moon was visible in the clear night sky, and each little star held a part of my childhood that reminded me of this place. The last star that seemed to look the brightest represented my performance at the Halloween dance before I went to Cortine's.

In front of us, was a small wooden-like house. It stood in the middle of an eerie field full of crops and corn. Its' burgundy red color was bright as it stood like bricks on the side. The rest of the house was pure wood, and genuinely looked like a cabin. The roof was clean, and not a single scratch seemed to be near. It was almost like it was rebuilt.

Adam dropped me carefully from his back. Careful not to let me get hurt, he even offers his hand to help me. But I reject. I slide off onto my feet again and Adam is shocked not to see me hurt with the move I just made.

I shrug, and let the moment slide. I was used to this kind of pain. I fell off Diamond so many times.

I walk up the porch steps in front of Mr. Hallow's house. Tree branches hung low near the railings like here it was an infectious disease. It was wrapped briskly around the door handle. I could hear Adam's unsteady breath behind me. Was he nervous too? How was I supposed to tell Mr. Hallow I was dating his nephew? Him and my family have been good friends ever since I was a toddler. Now Mr. Hallow seemed too old to even have a cup of tea!

My cold finger presses on the doorbell, and I stagger back as I see a spiderweb next to it. I wince, letting my fear creep onto me. I could feel the goosebumps all over my arms already. Shivers ran down my spine, like a cold wind chill. I could hear the echoe of the ringing bell inside. Whoever was inside this cabin, I knew that they heard us.

I was considering of looking through the window. I knew it was rude, especially since I should've been making a good impression, but the thing was, was that I am an very impatient person. I honestly can't help it, but think this was taking longer than expected. I felt myself go up and down one second at a time with my heels. It's what I did to calm myself down from jumping up and down. which I always did for some reason when impatient.

I felt Adam hold on to my hand. He seemed to be tugging at it. I couldn't blame him. We waited for what seemed to be like forever. Possibly Mr. Hallow wasn't here tonight. It was strangely odd, because he should've known Adam would be here. Adam then brought up the idea of him being at the costume shop. But I knew the shop was only open in the Fall. I shrugged anyways. I might as well try the shop. It couldn't hurt.

But in a perfect moment, I feel his hand wrap around mine. I smiled at the sudden feeling of his warmth. Making me feel safe, and bubbly inside. These were moments I never cared if I was sweaty or nervous. I would let myself blush, and would not be in a rush. It was one of thosesweet moments you'd only find in movies.

That's when I heard a small grunt. I looked up, brushing a lock of hair behind my hair. Running up the steps again, without thinking, I open the door immediately.

It was surprising, even to me. I never knew that my feelings could turn inside out between seconds. It was like a cry for help inside of me. How could I be so rude? Impolite? But overall my horrible action, I was right. In front of me, stood Mr. Hallow with a small towel wrapped around his almost bald head.

His confused yet shocked expression, makes me ask myself questions that I knew would knock me down. Although I knew I deserved it. My last action was incredibly rude. It was my excitement that took over, and now I knew it would be harder to get Mr. Hallow's acceptance.

It was Mr. Hallow who broke the silence.

"Sorry I took so long," He tries explaining, "I just got out of the shower."

I couldn't focus my senses on Mr. Hallow. I just felt like half of me just shiut down. What I just did was rude.

"It's fine," Adam says, trying to continue the conversation so we could forget what just happened. "I believe you invited us for tea?" He asks.

"Oh, yes! I knew your girlfriend Anna for quite a while now... Well, her family. Seven years? ...Well, something like that. Adam, she is a very special girl."

Did I just hear Mr. Hallow say that I was special? I smiled genuinely. I knew my family and him were close, but I had no idea he thought I was good. Have we really even properly met? I met Mr. Hallow at the Christmas Eve banquet, but I hung out with Angela the whole time. It was when I first moved here, before Angela announced me and John childish. Based on my last action, I thought Mr. Hallow would hate me, but I guess nothing really had changed. I knew I was smiling crazy now because I felt over-appreciated, which could only mean one thing... I blushed. Why did I blush so often? Whatever, Adam thinks it's cute, which in fact makes me smile more.

"We don't have much time Adam to have tea. Your concert is in an hour." Mr. Hallow reminds him.

"Concert? I thought that your concert was later this week? Didn't you promise we'd hang out before you left?" I asked, turning to Adam.

Adam looked at me with uncertaintiy, concern, and sorrow, and all of the above. After the concert, immediately, Adam would have to leave for his tour. He wouldn't be back at Cortine's until early spring. It was a short tour compared to others, but to me it seemed way too long. I didn't want him to leave yet, to make this all simple. And from the expression on his face, neither did he. But I knew what he wanted. This was his dream. And it would be mine too.

"I'm sorry," He barely whispers. His face is a genuine look of sorrow. And I couldn't help but just melt. His eyes were like those hurt dogs in depressing commercials. But at least they were adorable, like Adam.

"It's fine," I say, a smile rushing up to my cheeks. I reach my thumb to touch his pale dimple. I don't see it often, but when I do, I always wonder if I can feel it. And I can't. But I can feel his warm embrace. And yes that sounds weird, but as you can see, me or Adam are not what you would call 'normal.'

"You two are adorable," Mr. Hallow remarks watching our loving faces that were adoring one-another.

I could feel a blush already on my cheeks from Adam, so it only grows brighter from Mr. Hallow's remark. And I could see Adam's teasingly grin.

"Thanks," I quickly say, hiding my exploding blush.

Yet, nothing else matters to me at the moment. All I care for are the butterflies in my stomach. I could feel Adam's stare on me. And it has been on me since he had said 'sorry.' I had always wondered if he'd lay at night, just thinking about me. The way he looked now... I would always remember it. The way I looked... Would he remember that? Does he think of me at night, like I do with him?

"Let's get going," Mr. Hallow says, breaking our gazes apart, and the intensity of the moment.

"Wouldn't want to be late..." Adam quickly agrees, giving me a quick wink as he gets up to follow Mr. Hallow.

And at that lonely moment, all I could do was smile like an idiot. Our memories were like airplanes. They can fly away, and break apart, but they will always come back, and be so peaceful at night. When Adam smiles at me, it's like the moon is glowing. And when his dimples show, it's like every few years. A leap year. And through all of this daydreaming, I can only smile, laugh, and blush. Just knowing it was real made my grin even bigger.

"Anna?" Adam asks.

I turn, laying my arm on the head of the couch. Adam looks impatient as he stands there waiting for my expression. None-of-the-less, he smiles, showing his dimples clearly.

"You're coming, right?"

I smile, hoping I had sudden dimples. "I wouldn't miss it in the world."


There's a large crowd in the area. The last time I've been here in the town's center was during the Halloween party. The day where I was accepted to the 'school of my dreams'. There was really no other way of putting it.

This crowd was bigger than the crowd from the party, of course. And there were many people I recognized across the field from my old school. I quickly wave to Courtney, whom I don't think sees me because she never waves back. Even though I think we did meet eyes, but I can't be so sure. I thought we were friends? Wow, that stung...

The crowd's loud, cheery environment hurts my ears as I try to find a place to stand where I could clearly see the stage. I hated stand-up concerts. But if this was the last time I'd be seeing Adam, I'd make the best of it.

"Hey everybody!" Yells the same host as the halloween party. I haven't seen him in a while. He looked about the same, but still good I mean.

The crowd cheers again, like answering his hey. Although no one is saying hey. They rather scream instead.

"Get ready to tune in to Adam Levine in Maroon 5! His tour starts today with our home-town!"

The crowd cheers again, and I can't help but cheer a bit myself.

Finally Adam steps on stage. He knows exactly where I am, and he looks straight at me. It's all I ever wanted. A guy to be as crazy for me as much as I was for him. I didn't think Adam was my type at first. I mean, who would've thought a big star like him, and boring me would work?

"Hey everyone," Adam greets with a generous smile like we were dainty little spiders who needed some attention. "This is another tour of mine," He smiles like a sweetheart, "I hope you enjoy some of our new songs. Most are dedicated to Anna. I met her in Cortine's, and we had our ups and downs, but I think I'm in love with her. I hope she's in love with me too, and we'll be together forever."

You could hear some of the crowd scream. I wonder if some people wished they were me. Someone around here even put a bright light on me, making everyone look around to see who the spotlight was on. I knew I was blushing, but at this moment I was the girl who everyone here wanted to be. The girl a superstar would fall in love with.

"Anna, come up here please."

All eyes went immediately to me as I took my first step. Every sound seemed blocked in my head right now. Every face or smile was blurry. Each figure was dark, and all I could see was my own shadow. The only one I could see, and the only one I wanted to see was Adam, and he was standing now right in front of me.

The music starts pretty fast, and so does Adam's singing. It was one of my favorite songs too.

'Never Gonna Leave This Bed.'

"You push me," He sings, coming closer to me.

"I don't have the strength to

Resist or control you

So take me down," He sings, stopping right beside me.

"take me down." He says, grabbing my hand, and pulling me furthermore on stage.

"You hurt me."

He looks at me, "But do I deserve this?

You make me so nervous...

Calm me down, calm me down!"

"Wake you up

In the middle of the night to say

I will never walk away again

I'm never gonna leave this bed."

"So come here

And never leave this place." He sings, pulling me closer to his chest.

"Perfection of your face," He sings, locking a strand of hair behind my ear.

"Slows me down, slows me down!"

"So fall down," He instructs me.

I stay still not knowing what to do. Was he really going to push me down?

"I need you to trust me" He says, pushing my head down a little bit. I finally obey, falling to his feet.

"Go easy, don't rush me

Help me out, why don't you help me out?" He asks me, pulling me back to my feet.

"Wake you up

In the middle of the night to say

I will never walk away again

I'm never gonna leave this bed"

"So you say go, it isn't workin'

And I say no, it isn't perfect

So I stay instead,

I'm never gonna leave this bed!" He insists, probably thinking about our fight, and how he never wanted to let me go. The sillliest thing was that I was thinking about the exact same thing.

And that's when everything flashed before me. Adam and John's fight, our first kiss by the railroad, meeting him in the elevator, rope swinging with him near the waterfall, and singing with him on that stage. Just like this.

"Take it, take it all, take all that I have

I'd give it all away just to get you back

And fake it, fake it, I'll take what I can get

Knocking so loud, can you hear me yet?" Adam asks. And I wanted to reply 'yes' so badly. I did hear him.

"Try to stay awake, but you can't forget," I sing.

"Wake you up

In the middle of the night to say

I will never walk away again

I'm never gonna leave this bed," I sing looking purposely into his eyes. I knew this songwas his, and the lyrics were his feelings, and it shouldn't be my feelings.. ....But it was.

"You say go, it isn't workin'" Adam sings, and immediately I dash in.

"And I say no, it isn't perfect,"

"So I stay instead,

I'm never gonna leave this bed!" We both sang.

"Take it, take it all, take all that I have

Take it, take it all, take all that I have

Take it, take it all, take all that I have

Take it, take it all, take all that I have

Take it, take it all, take all that I have

Take it, take it all, take all that I have

Take it, take it all, take all that I have." We end breathlessly.

I knew the crowd was cheering. I knew my parents and his uncle were proud as they stood before the stage, watching our performance, and how much I learned at Cortine's. I loved the fact that my parents had saved every letter, and every memory. I couldn't wait to see Candice again, and Ruby I don't really seem to mind anymore. I could hear the bass of each instrument, and how it lead Adam through the song. But what moved me from this song, was the message it gave me, and the memories it sang to me. I had hope for me and Adam. He was the only one I could hear, feel, and see. He was the only one I could touch. I was the only one he could touch. It was like protecting a gem from other mines. I didn't want any mines to touch him, otherwise known as girls. He may be a superstar....

But I'm his ladykiller.

Pin3apple- Hey everyone!! Okay, so sorry for how long this took. I had no idea it would've taken 5-6 months to do one chapter and a cover contest. I joined this Little Mermaid play at school, and that might been what distracted me. Sorry for those of you who read this weekly and waited so long fur this. This weekend I just wanted to get it over with. I hope the end is not too sloppy. Tell me if it is, I'm, sure I can fix it all. Thanks for your patience everyone. Thanks for the new fans, and gracias for helping me through every chapter. I hoped you enjoyed my first fan-fiction.


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