Ladykiller (A Maroon 5 Fanfiction) ~Completed!~
Author: Pin3apple

Chapter 29
Chapter 29

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Hey everyone!!! So sorry I haven't written anything in a while. I hope to have Ladykiller done officially by the weekend. Next chapter after this will be the last. :( I guess if you want a sequel, you can say, but I would have no idea what it would be... lol.

Once this chapter is posted, I'll be changing the cover to the next person's. I can't keep it on forever.

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"So..." Adam begins as we're walking back to my dorm. I press harder onto his hand, holding it tightly. I wasn't letting go this time. Even if I do have new suspicions.

"I got this opportunity..."

My heart stopped. Something was happening. Adam was trying to tell me some big news. I didn't handle those well. The last big news was John coming to Cortine's and look how that turned out... I couldn't put my finger on it, but I already knew that something bad was happening and it was not good. The way Adam was speaking to me... could not be good. I struggled as I tried to think what could be going on.

"Anna, please don't freak out." He says like he could already sense I was panicking. But that was when my suspicions came floating back. What was it? This opportunity? To see another girl, possibly better than me?

"Who is it?" I quickly asked, tempted to find out.

He shakes his head immediately, a ridiculous look on his face like he had no intention of bringing me back to those thoughts.

"Oh," I quickly say, stepping back with my reaction towards this.

"I got offered a tour with my band," He says, putting up his hands to calm me down.

I let out a reassuring sigh, glad he wasn't interested in another girl. I remembered telling John the exact same thing, "I got this opportunity..." It ruined our relationship after all, because John never supported me about it. If this was important, like Cortine's was to me, I should let him follow his dreams. John may have never done that for me, but why ruin it for Adam? Why ruin our relationship?

"That's cool!" I exclaim, "You should go,"

Adam turns to me with a new expression on his face I never seen. It was between excitement and confusion. I didn't know what to believe... The truth was I didn't want him to go. Our relationship just got started, and now he leaves...? Why couldn't he serenated me after the tour? But if this was his dream, I should let him chase it. You know what they say, "If you love someone: Set them free. If they come back: They were yours. If they don't: Then they never were."

"Really?" His face brightens. I smile at the excitement. It reminded me of the cool behavior on the elevator when we first met, it reminded me of his excitement on our first date with the rope swing. It even reminded me of John's face when I said we could go to the halloween party. Everything of my past, went up to this.

"Yes," I say sheepishly, smiling akwardly.

I never thought I would see Adam like this. He had this crazy smile on his face like he had been planning something. For a while at least. It was the same smile my dad had when we used to go to Jad's.

Jad's Pizza is what thay call it. Warm kitchens, and sweet smells of roses or spices. Families from the farm would gather there usually after celebrations or holidays. It was one of the only restaurants at the farm. As a child, me and dad used to go there so often, eventually the waiters memorized what we ordered. They would greet us, bringing us to our small table that we thought never looked a day old. They would give us my Dr. Pepper, and my dad his glass of margarita. He would get two a time sometimes and would drink it all. We would talk to a waiter for a few minutes as well, and would order the fire pizza. Really it was just pepperoni pizza. But that place was all fancy, so everything had a special name. They'd put extra spice in it too just for us. The way we liked it.

"Who says we have to say goodbye?" Adams asks.

I had my hand on the door handle close to opening it. Listening to Adam's words, I paused. Of course we would have to say goodbye. He's leaving on a tour, and I'm staying behind. I could feel his breath on my neck, and as I searched for the right words to say, I wanted to say no, but I actually wanted to go with him. ...If that was what he suggested.

"You can come with me!" Adam says. He sounds breathless at the moment, but that's not what I was worried about.

The thing was, I promised my parents specifically I would do good in school. I kept that promise but what about the promise of visiting them? I had to visit them, and as much as I wanted to go on tour with Adam, I also had to finish school. Mother was a teacher for a few years, and if she finds out I'm deciding to be a high school dropout, she'd kill me or threat to disown me. She's so sophisticated and my dad's the complete opposite! I still get confused on why their married. Me and Adam were so alike, except for the fact that he was a dork.

I let go of the doorknob, trying to steady my eyes and how I was already getting dizzy. Why do I get dizzy when I'm nervous so much? I turned to look at Adam, and grabbed onto his hand. He was not leaving me, nor I.

"I promised my parents I'd visit." I could see the tears welling in his eyes, and I held my will to hold him in my arms. I felt terrible, but yet what could I do? I couldn't go with Adam because I made a promise to my parents I needed to keep. I promised myself when I came to Cortine's. Besides, I'm barely going to be able to see them now probably.

He sniffed as he stiffened, trying to breathe. He nodded as if he understood, and already I could feel the akwardness between us. I wanted him to stay with me, but like the saying, I think it's best for me to have a break.

He backed away as he continued to walk, making me feel like a weak stray dog in this case. I was just standing here with nothing else to do but go inside the dom and cry. Here Adam was leaving me again. For what? Another girl?

That's when a voice fires back to my ears. "We're still meeting up tomorrow morning to leave right? I need to drop you off to my farm but to also do something else."

I forgot that Adam's uncle lived at my farm. It meant it was pretty much his farm too. Maybe that would mean he'd visit the farm often in his tours, although I can't be sure. But after winter break, I won't be at the farm. I'd be at Cortine's still. What's the point of me thinking that?

"My first concert on the tour," He smiles, like a dog his ears suddenly perk up. I smirked at that and how it reminded me of a memory when a city dog found out someone was at the door. My heart suddenly had warmth in it too from the fact that he had choosed my farm for his first destination in a tour. People rarely choosed us as their first destination, or don't even pick a tour destination at the farm at all. If they do, we're lucky.

"And you can sing with me too," He halfheartedly says with a grin.

"Like a guest?" I ask.

"Well of course. You're my girlfriend, aren't you?" I smiled at that. Girlfriend. No one ever called me that before. Definitley not John. All we ever had were a fling. This was the first time Adam called me his girlfriend. I was a bit disappointed on how long it took, nevertheless, I was glad.

"See you tomorrow Senora Web," He says as he backs out, jotting me a quick wink. My heart melts, and I feel a shiver down my spine and I have this weird feeling in my stomach. Obsessiveness. I roll my eyes, finally managing to get my dorm room open.

I widen my eyes as I look through the terror. Clothes were scattered everywhere messily. Furniture like a few chairs were upside down. Sheets and pillows from the bed were either on the floor, or hung terribly by the drapes of the curtain. Fuzzies, the white stuff from the inside of a pillow were everywhere as well. My heart starts to sink as I look at the mess surrounding me. Where was the hanging toilet paper from this trick? Who would do this anyway? Candice? She's not even here!

Unnotified, I hear a door open and I jump, feeling a prescence next to me. "I'm sorry," She says apologetically, although I could hear the grin on her face. "I didn't think anyone else was still at Cortine's today. Most people left last night after the show," Candice says, pulling a lock of blonde hair behind her ear.

I finally start to relax as I realize it's Candice. I was disappointed on how she was leaving me tonight though with this mess. I glanced around it again still confused. "What is this?"

She finally looks to the room, away from my glance and her mouth drops open. "I'll help you fix it up before I go."

My eyebrows furrow. "It wasn't here before you went in the shower."

She shakes her head. "I thought I was alone."

I shrug. Usually I would take this as a critical remark, and demand to know who had done this. But after everything that had happened at Cortine's, this was nothing and would only cause more drama. I wasn't going to blame Candice if she did do it either. She's helping me clean up. I guess I should be happy about that.

"I swear to you, I didn't do it!" Candice repeats as we clean the dorm.

"I don't think you did." I shake my head.

In the end though, Candice leaves and it's just me and a new clean dorm. I was going to be lonely tonight.

"Bye Candice," I say as we give eachother our hugs. Her hug was tight yet sweet, giving me room to squeeze her and hope that she never lets go. After enveloping her hug, we let go, and say our final goodbyes.

"See you after break," Candice grins.

A noise breaks out of the silence, and I slump to the floor.

She's gone.

Hey everyone! How are you all? Once again, sorry how long this took! I slacked off in the end... xD

Yet, I hope it turns out good! Hold on please! There's one chapter left! And epic, or not epic, please vote! Tell me if there's anything left out. Candice just left, and Anna was offered a tour but rejects it. If you were Anna, what would you have done? I probably would've toured, but done school on the road. :D

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