Ladykiller (A Maroon 5 Fanfiction) ~Completed!~
Author: Pin3apple

Chapter 28
Chapter 28

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I might've been crazy about forgiving someone who had cheated on me, but there are only so many things a person can be really mad about. I'm still mad at Adam and Lucy in a way, and I don't know if I'll ever let it go or move on. I know that if I mention it to Adam, the pain will be visible in his eyes. With Lucy, she understands. I don't have to ask her if she would or not, because I already know she does. Lucy barely forgives people as much as it is, and when she does, it's only because they usually had something valuable in return. Then all her revengous hopes, just seem to... disappear.

And clutching Adam's hand, with a perfected rose in my hand just seems to say everything. I'm a hopeless romantic with no life at all that I'm just so willing in desperation, to take a guy who's cheated on me. If I told my mother what has happened since I got here, she'll be asking why I forgave him. That no woman deserves this kind of nonsense.

Already seeing the image in my head, curled up on the couch, next to my mom's arms that were enveloping me in her warmth. She holding her head high in superior, drinking her latte out of her favorite mug. We would be sitting in silence next to the fireplace in the winter. All alone in silence. So quiet I'd be able to hear the sounds of her breathing and the way the beatings of her heart seemed to go with it.

And it repeats...

Until finally, when I say, "I love him. And he loves me. And that seems all it took for you to forgive dad and what he did."

I never liked talking about it, and neither did mom. But if this conversation ever came up, which I know it will, I'd be forced to give a defense to Adam. But I had nothing besides the fact that my dad had a secret of his own, that my mom forgave him from.

My dad cheated on my mom during the engagement. It broke my mom's heart when she found out. She told me she wept for days and certain 'nightmares' that she did not want to talk about came back. Usually before I was born, these 'nightmares' would come often. Mom tells me that dad helped her through it. During nights, she'd thrash around her bed, and dad would cuddle with her all night. I thought it was sweet. But once my mom left, the 'nightmares' began again. Eventually my mom forgave him after he serenated her. That was sweet too, although I don't think it's enough to win a woman back. But I guess like in my situation, mom was too in love to let it go. Sometimes I wonder with time, we'd be able to heal. But if it's true, I wouldn't be here. I wouldn't had been born.

Yet, when my mom tells me this, I am bewildered in anger. I rush to my room, slam the door and don't come out. After a whole day in there, by evening, I'm about to come out and give up when my dad comes in. I immediately change my mind without saying a word of my thoughts and say instead, "Get out!" My dad is taken aback with my anger that day. Three years ago, near an upcoming christmas. My dad had no idea what to do. I never had an anger really that strong until that day. He tried giving me a comforting talk, telling me even if I was mad, everything would be alright and all that... I although, had found a way somehow to block it that day. I was so mad, I never gave him a chance. It took me a year to get over it. And for some reason, when I think about it, the anger comes back to me.

Smelling blood from a cut that I had gotten during the time made me stop thinking about it. When it grew to a scab, I plucked from it more. Eventually it bleed alot, leaving our neighbor to heal it since we're too far from a nurse's office. A hospital gave us the authority to do so. ...I guessed that helped.

I shouldn't be thinking of what my parents think. Nor my friend John. Angela or Mrs. Hall. Lucy either. I was just glad overall that Adam had actually forgave me. ...I think. I'm still not exactly clear on that. I wasn't the brightest at math.

"I promise I won't hurt you again," Adam says again as we're off the stage now. Crowds were gathering near the stage like regular students, taking pictures of themselves, and discussing how the show went. Other than being with Adam again, this day was horrifying. My mind couldn't erase the fact that I ran away from all students and the show, demonstrating how idiotic models cry in tears or humiliate themselves. I was dreading the fact that anyone would hate me more now. Because of my lies. My idiotic rampage. The suspense with all the popular girl drama. Lucy is who I have in mind. I wonder if she feels bad for me. Candice does probably. ...Or at least I hope.

"Everyone hates me," I mutter under my breath, looking away from Adam's gaze. I could tell he was still holding his gaze on me, but I hold my will, trying to stay strong. I always believed in those sappy romances where someone gazed into someone's eyes, believing love did exist. That's why all I wanted to do at this moment was to wrap my weak arms around his muscular neck, and just accept his apology, and get on with our lives. The truth was, underneath all the sappy romance movies was just the 'muah muah's.'

The muah muah's were something me and an old friend in the city described as love with actual problems. Not like problems in movies like mine, but real-life situations. It was unbelievable how true it was. We named it muah muah because that's the sound what annoying couples make when they kiss.

"No they don't," Adam says. I could feel his eyebrows furrowing. "Why would you think that?" I tried to hold my anger back as I thought about why. The funny looks people were giving me. The pointing and smiles followed by smirks and laughter. The host laughing only once I fainted. Even Adam saw what the host did! Wasn't it obvious? I was a joke! Why couldn't Adam see that?

"Isn't it obvious?" I asked, trying to explain. Adam shook his head defeatedly.

I tried not letting my anger show even though it probably did. "I ran off stage crying, Adam. I'm weak! I heard the host say that they shouldn't had let me on. You heard it yourself! Please don't act like you don't know..." I wander off. Adam seems distracted to what I say, playing with my hair the whole time. But I take it to surprise when he listened.

"How would you think parents would feel if they found out a student fainted? It's nothing Anna, he's just worried about his reputation now. That's why he was trying to decide if he should've let me sang another song or not. And just because you run off doesn't mean you're weak," He hesitates, pulling his heels up and then down slowly, "...Maybe it does. But you proved yourself to be brave as soon as you stepped back into the auditorium," He smiles, probably hoping to end this conversation.

"Ok..." I say, considering this. "But what about those looks on people's faces? The laughter? The smirking?"

Adam smiles once again, "It's no big deal. Everyone will forget it in a week."

A week? That would take forever! I was barely able to stand the looks now or when people were getting suspicious between a break up with me and Adam. How was I supposed to stand a week? Even with the protection and safety of Adam near me, I couldn't take it.

"And remember that we'll be gone the next two weeks for winter break." I smile as I remember this. My brain must not be good. Was I blonde? Adam smiles when he sees me start to relax. I perplex my gaze back on him like nothing had happened. Staring into his deep hazeled eyes, I knew he was mine.

Adam releases my hands with uncertainity, like he knows I'll get worried. He points to the side where Devon and Steven are. Candice's previous and present boyfriends. I have a feeling she'll have a long lines of guys for her. Not that she'll be a slut or anything, but a girl who can get guys easily. That could be a good thing. But I wouldn't try to lead them on too much, I thought with a grin to myself.

I nodded with acceptance, acceptance to let him go and talk to them. If they were girls, I would've instructed him to stay here. I learned my lesson once. Never again will I let my man out of sights.

I turned with a smile to see the sparkling now blue lights in front of me as the crowd lights dim, making everyone settle down into silence. I could now only hear laughing and baby cries. I furrow my eyebrows. Who would have a baby here? I focus back on the stage, waiting for what happens next.

From the other side of backstage, the host enters wearing something different. A new tux that has bright blue outlines instead of green. His tie, which was white and black striped, seemed to whisper something else. Unlike any other guy I've seen before. He looked dashing, yet, weirdly looking to the thoughts of a girl. His shoes have an outline of blue too. It looks hideous, but it was new. ...Different. Something I've never seen before. He smiles to the crowd and I'm hearing giggling from his appearance already. I stand strong, trying not to let out my laughs or even muffle them. I wanted to be the 'mature one' in the end. That way if he brings it up, I can rat it to his face. I smiled at my thoughts again.

"Ladies' and gentlemen, thank you for your patience. I had some struggles with my wardrobe. The beautiful suit I prepared," He pauses, waiting for the audience's laughter. But they don't. That's what I love about the city. You don't expect what's coming to you.

He looks down at the suit, frowning at the blue. "Someone painted it blue. If anyone knows who, please inform me. I've been planning this outfit for a while." He says, shaking his head in dismay. Some of the audience laughs this time, not bothering to muffle it. Even if someone did know who it was, they would never tell. If you do a mistake, whether yes or no, we still got your back. High school has your back. Or at least my friends did...

"Anyways," He continues, eyeing the audience for their disapproved behavior, "There are winners for these kinds of showcases," He tries to smile at this, but every bit of the audience knows it's fake, and they show nothing back.

Ignoring this, he continues, "Thanks for everyone who has signed up, and apologies to those who couldn't perform. You're for guaranteed at the spring showcase! Now for the awards..." Finally the crowd awakes. They have sprinted up, most of them cheering already and some whistles as well. And I hear Adam's name in it too, and it doesn't surprise me.

"Third place," Says the host, interrupting the crowd's shouts, "Goes to Eve Summerhorne!" A girl behind me runs past, saying nice job to me as she enters the stage. I smile and manage a thanks before she leaves. I watch her run to the stage. She wears a pink silk skirt with small sparkles. Although you can tell it's not real silk and can be easily ripped. On top she has a white blouse with black buttons running down like a uniform. It looks serious but yet free, something downtown farms would have as uniforms for their schools. She looked pretty in her mascara and I swear the host is drooling over her.

He manages a nod and a smile when she's in full view. "Congratulations," He says as he hands her a golden trophy with her name printed on it and a big 3rd place sign. I smiled in happiness for her as she smiled to the host and the crowd. "Thank you Victor," She says, which I assume is the host's name. He smiles in return, watching her butt as she walks back to me. As Victor turns away to face the crowd, Eve whispers in my ear.

"He makes it obvious."

With a smirk to that as an agreement, I watch her smile and walk away. She looked a year older than me, and just thinking how she talked to me when I was younger, telling me good job, made me feel a bit more braver of what happened tonight. I knew for sure I was not going to get first place. Why would I, I thought to myself as the host introduces second place. Some guy who enters from the other side of backstage. To be honest, I didn't really care. I was focusing on Victor now.

He was young too. In college probably. He was most likely hired by the judges or principal. He might've been hired years before. Either way, there was no way he'll be here by spring. By latest, he'll be fired by the end of the night. If he isn't, it would be a miracle. Fainting on stage. A performer running to the halls and crying, not bothering to stop it. Flirting with a performer... All signs of good-bye. And by his face, he knew it too. The guilt in his eyes were clearly visible. But he was handsome. In a young guy sort of way. He was adorable I have to admit. I don't know why Eve turned him down. Regret was shown in her eyes whenever she spoke to him.

"Thanks Brad," Victor says, waving off the second place winner, "And now-first place, goes to..."

There seemed to be a long silence that went through the auditorium. The air was quiet and was holding still. Everyone was waiting for the next few words like it depended on their lives. Like the name was everything. Holding their breaths.

"Adam Levine and Anna Web!"

There were some cheers in the crowd immediately. Probably under Adam's effect. His touch. Most people were silent though. Was it shock? Or were they just weirded out because the girl who ran out crying had won the battle. ...If this was a battle. But the judges were smiling proudly and genuine, like they just broke a world record. Obviously, my winning had something to do with them rather than the crowd who were supposed to vote. Some must've voted for Adam, while most voted for that other dude. I would've been happier for the dude. Obviously half of these people didn't vote for Adam but only because he's famous. I didn't know whose side I'd be on if I were one of them.

Adam lifted me off the ground from where I stood, pulling me into a daze. He twirled me about, causing my head to feel achey and dizzy. Pulling myself together as he stood me back on ground, I realized we were on stage, next to Victor. It somehow seemed to pull the crowd together though. They rose as they cheered, seeming to go up and down almost in waves. It made me smile as I start to think, me. A freshman winning the battle. It was amazing but by the next five minutes, it'll be over. It was for a moment when I thought if Adam used me to excite this crowd. I start to drain the thought out as I think:

What would be his benefit?
To cause more fighting between us? Drama?

"Congratulations," Victor says, holding a supressed smile as he hands us the big golden trophy. It had thick handles, a sparkling appearance, and a smooth touch. For all I knew, it smelled like honey, and spelled me and Adam's names at the top. A twirling 1rst place sign was golden on it, and it made me want to jump in excitement, knowing that we won. But as I tried holding it back to look superior, I just gave the crowd my biggest smile. And since Adam looked at me, under my hypnotic spell instead of me under his, I knew it was dashing. For at least I hoped.

To my right was Adam and Victor. Looking into Adam's eyes I knew I made the right decision. I just didn't know how to break it to John. All I knew was that without John's friendship, I feel like I won't survive. But I need Adam's warmth and comfort. Watching Victor nod, I assume we can just go now. As I'm prepared to step away though, Adam grabs my hand putting our arms up spontaineously, like we formed a team. It almost seems like Victor is smiling with a tear in his eyes from how touched he is, but under these lights, I can't be sure. I just know that once our arms were raised, cheers were made. And my previous thoughts came rolling back to me.

What if he cheats on you again? What if he's using you for... what? What could he be using me for?

Pushing the thought aside, I focused back on the crowd. Their phones were up in the air, creating light for the dark side of the auditorium. I could see Lucy and Candice in the front doing it as well. Happiness torns through me watching all these kids and peers follow others, pretty much shouting my name for emphasis. Emphasis! Was that what Adam could be using me for?

I wanted to be sure. I couldn't just say he was doing something. All he had to do was deny it, and most people would agree. Acknowledge his prescence and admire his honesty. He could put me under room arrest, or actual arrest. Worst. Is it a crime to say a celebrity did something bad when really it's not true? Looking back at Adam, I wonder if this could prove what I'm thinking. He catches my eye and smiles. His dimples show, and it's special because they don't often. And when they do, I'm taken aback and I smile. I never looked in his eyes so deeply before... Well, I kind of have. But this time they're a deeper hazel, and I prefix my gaze on him to be sure. But as I look closer, my view switches to the background. Backstage.

Right on the side, near the curtains is John standing there. He doesn't look mad or angry, but there's no happiness in it either. It's disappointment. Of course I know it's because of the way I'm looking at Adam. I sense jealousy already in John and I know that if I don't stop it now, it won't get fixed. Yet, before I stop myself, I lunge myself towards him, already in his gaze.

Either it's because I'm nervous, or running out of the stage too fast, but once I'm under John's sight, I stumble. He grabs my arms strongly, standing me up back in position and chuckles a bit.

"Anna," He says handsomely, "I had no idea you were this clumsy." I was very clumsy at the farm. But here it was worst. I think it's all that drama with John that started it, and now Adam because I get clumsy alot under stress. I chuckle myself, "I guess I am."

I watch John still smile under the beaming lights from the stage. We're not that far away, and I could feel Adam's gaze creep on us. But John was already holding my hand like a creep. But Adam was proving himself to be a creep as well. I smile too but by then John's face had grown serious. He releases my hand and asks me, "What are you here for?"

He knew already what I wanted. I wanted the certainity to know that he'll always be with me, and that he'll always forgive me for any mistakes that I had done or will do. I wanted him to be my best friend. I wanted to watch our daily romance and action movies, and hang out at school here or the farm. To me he was welcomed both places now.

"You," I say ever-so simply.

His eyes look at me like fish dead in the water. He's not holding on to anything anymore. It's like the same for him. If he loses me, he loses himself. That's how I feel as well. But since he is so angry, he looks at me sharply or deadly. If looks could kill...

He nodded his head towards Adam, "You got him."

"Yes." I say, "But you're my best friend! You're the one I desperately need in the end!"

It's true. I feel like when John was my best friend, just my best friend, I felt like I could've accomplished anything. From getting revenge back again on Angela to Lucy. If he was my best friend, I will try. I will try to make him happy. I will try not to be as clumsy. But the list will go on, until I can repay him back for every sin I did to him. I better add today on the list.

He looks at me for about a moment or two. A sincere and thoughtful look on his face. He was determined for a moment when he finally looks back at me.

"That's it. That's all you want to say...?"

I swallowed, not knowing what to do now. It was like John wanted me to think. He wanted me to be confused entirely right now. He wanted me to feel guilty. It's what he does when he's mad. And I hate it. Where is the John who I fell in love with?

"We will never be that couple that you wanna see, John. I'm with Adam now. And you're my best friend,"

"So you're saying you just wanna be friends now?" There was no accusation in his voice. No sounds of being hurt. Annoyed or anything I could see. If he was mad, he was good at not showing it.

"Yes." I stated clearly. It was clear that I choosed Adam now.

John looked from me to Adam, obviously trying to decide if Adam really loved me. His eyes focused and he perplexed once he found his answer. Yes. So maybe Adam wasn't using me. "Fine," He states, his voice a little harsh yet sounding like he had given up. That was fine, but I hoped he still wanted to be my friend. If there was something wrong between us, I don't think I'd be able to function.

"John!" I say, watching him turn back to me. His face was full of annoyance. It looked childish and it was stupid how he was acting. I couldn't help it though, if anyway, I make it worst. I still couldn't believe the fact that he had almost scuttle away from me. It would've killed me to see him run. Anything that took us apart... would be dreadful.

"We'll always be friends," I said, hoping it was a strong statement. I could already feel myself going weak. My limbs were breaking down, and I felt kind of sick. If my voice was more hoarse, I would feel tears in my eyes already. Although I felt my voice getting hoarse so it would be no surprise if John's face softens. I hope to get a hug. A kiss. Something that would strike me the thought that he had decided to stay my friend. I wanted to fall into his arms and just lay in them in what seemed to be like forever. His strong arms weren't that far away, and I wish I could just wrap them around me and envelope his warmth. It was a usual thing back in the farm whenever we watched movies or hung out. So seeing him right now, refusing to do it in his mind is killing me. I wanted us to be friends again. If he left me like this, I would stay on to the memories of this day. Dreading them until I die.

"I know," He breathes out, breaking into a smile. And just like that, I know he is my best friend again. His gaze on me looks genuine, but also petrified. He was still in love. Yet, I knew with time, he would have to get over it. He smiles again, refixing his gaze on me. A friendly look he always had when we were just friends. "You look happy."

It was a statement. He hasn't told me this since we were just friends. ...Not even friends. He told me that statement when we first met. He told me it in the same solemn, genuinely way he could. Just like the first time, it was strong and dashing. And just remembering it, brought a strong smile and good feeling of warmth in my heart. I looked into his blue eyes, the same ones I met many years ago. He was still my best friend. He will always be. The way I wanted it.

I break down my will to hold strong, falling into his arms. I give him the biggest hug I could, like this was the last time we would hug. Feeling his lips on mine, they had no effect this time. Yet it's soft like always. Even when we kissed in his car. Same feeling. Yet it had nothing. No fireworks. Melting. Warmth. Nothing. He staggers back, feeling it too. His face is expressionless. None-of-the-less, he still looks smitten every look he gives me.

After about his fifth look at me, he finally says, "I should get going to my plane... I kind of just assumed you would pick him," He nods his head at Adam again, and I'm sensing jealousy. I smiled at his attitude. He was so cute angry.

"I can tell," I say, my eyes on Adam. He's still standing by Victor, giving waves to the crowd and bright smiles. He turns to look at me, and when he sees me, I swear I catch him blushing. He smiles the smile when we first met. I couldn't help but blush myself.

I turn back to John, his eyes solemnly are staring at me. He was going to miss me. I will miss him too. "I'll be at the farm this break."

"Really?" John asked, his face brightening at this.

"Oh yeah," I say, "I need to see my parents again."

He nodded understandingly. I knew that wasn't the answer he wanted though. He wanted me back at the farm for him. He didn't care about my parents. They barely knew we were together. He looks smittenly at me one last time. His face then grows serious like we were friends again. I knew at that exact moment, he'll probably never look at me the same way again. I frowned at that.

He starts to walk away, but I need to say one more thing. I grab his arm forcefully, ceasing him to a stop. I scuttle closer to him, my eyes catching his. I mouth the words 'I'll miss you' to him, but I don't think he understands. I say one last thing.

"I still remember next year that you need two presents,"

He grins at that, looking up to breathe for a moment, like he couldn't catch his breath with me around. It made my heart flip. "You better remember." He states, "There's no way I'm letting you forget a present!"

I laughed at that. His smile appears again, and I wrap my arms again in a strong hold around his neck. But this time I don't let go. I want him to stay. I will miss him. He's my best friend. And as much as it hurts me, or our friendship, he needs to get over me. He needs space. He needs another girl in his life. At first I thought of Candice for a moment, but I quickly erase the thought.

John pushes me off him, wearing a large smile. I smiled back at him. He waves again, obviously for the last time. And as he walks away, I know everything we'll be fine between us.

I feel someone's arms around me at that moment. The scent of his coconut shampoo near my face. I scrunched my face, smelling the beautiful boy hugging me. Adam. It was like those tumblr boys, and how I imagined them to smell. I haven't blogged myself in a while. He leans his head in my ear and whispers, "Finally. He leaves my girl alone."

This makes me smile and laugh to myself. Here John was five seconds ago, jealous of Adam. Now Adam's worried about John. A few weeks I wanted Adam to be jealous. But now I know all it will cause is drama. And I still have the same thoughts for that like five months ago. I don't like drama.

I turn to face Adam, looking at the true eyes I met at my first day here, on a elevator. He solemnly smiles and whispers in my ear, "I forgive you."

I assume it was for lying to him about where I was from. But I was just glad he was apologizing as well for cheating on me. I forgave him already so now he's telling me about my lie. We're even, I realize.

And just like that, I say, "We're even."

Adam grabs my face and I feel his kiss on me. Just like that!


Hey everyone!!! I know this whole book sounded weird in some ways. I know you all can probably imitate it as well. Yes it's cheesy, lol, but I love it!! And I love how everyone is reading it, voting for it, and everything!

I'm almost up to 4,000 reads, and I just want to say thank you! Thank you for joining me on this book! Once it ends, I'm gonna be editing but once that's done, I'm going to continue one of my other books. I got alot planned:)

There's two chapters left only, and that's it :(

The video on this chapter is a song from the last chapter. After that big showcase, there's only going to be one last song in the end. And you'll just have to see what it is! :D


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