Life Through Different Eyes.
Author: Maximilion Mars

Chapter 5
Life Back Home.

Life Back Home.

Life back home was a bit boring since all I did was read and try to keep in shape. Life back home was pretty normal , to what I am not ok with. Being in an Aircraft Carrier is pretty hectic since you have to go back and forth on an on again. Being back home in the calm Omaha, Nebraska was pretty much boring , since I was bored most of the time , reading and exercising was pretty much all I did.

On a regular Monday afternoon I hear my mom calling me saying “JAY SPENCE IS ON THE PHONE!” Spence? Wow haven’t talked to this guy for so long. I picked up the phone and the conversation was long and we set on a date to pick up AV and go back to the burger place.

The day came and Spence was already at my house really early and we went to pick up AV at his job. The car ride felt like if we were in high school again. AV saying dumb jokes , Spence dying from laughter , and me , well I was trying not to crash. We got to the burger place and we sat down and ordered a lot of things. “Good to see your appetites haven’t changed!” I said with a huge smile on my face. “Well we I feel I got , well not really fatter , but lets put it in a good non-offensive term , I got more “Fluffy”” Said AV. Spence was laughing too much to actually talk back , which was the norm for us.

We ate and we catched up and then we had the “bro-down” moment. “So Jay what do you plan to do now? Since you’re not activated or anything and it looks like its gonna be for a while now.” Spence Asked. “Well Spence I plan on traveling to another state probably just go and catch a bit of some time alone to my own thoughts first.” I said , while I drank slowly from my beer cup. “sounds like an awesome idea Jay , where do you plan to go?” Said AV in between chews of his burger which for some reason reminded me of how Dante used to talk with his mouth full and he would get scolded by our GI but yeah.

After all the food was done we got into my car and I drove back. On the way back it was more quieter than usual since Spence and AV fell asleep cause of being too full. I had a nice quiet drive kinda felt like if I was on my own , I was thinking all the way home , “where should I go?” and any other question I could think of.

I left AV and Spence back at they’re houses and headed home , or so I thought I was gonna do. On my way home since it was night time I decided to take it easy , to put some mellow music and enjoy the tunes and the cold Nebraskan mid-summer breeze I got home an hour after I left the guys back at they’re houses. Mom was a bit hysterical but it was normal. That night my dad was outside drinking coffee and I went outside for a chat with the old man.

“Dad” I said as he looked up at me. “hmm? , Hey son , whats going on man?” He asked with a small smile. “Nothing much just wanted to come here and talk with you for a while , but If I stay here with you promise me you won’t fall asleep like last time!” I said. “but jay… last time what you were talking about was really boring man. I get that you love the engine on your jet but you know what you should really love right now? The curves of the opposite sex , or same sex whatever you like is fine with me.” He said as he started laughing really loud. “im kidding son im just messing with ya. Now tell me what you want to say and I promise not to fall asleep.” He said holding his hand to his heart and the other hand high to the air , as if he was swearing at court. “Dad I want to move out into my own place , I need to do things for myself and I want to have a place , a foundation where I can come back to instead of here, don’t get me wrong I love you guys but I kinda want a place of my own.” I said. “well son I thought it was about time you wanted this.” He said with a big smile. “well dad im just happy I have your support.” I said as I sat down next to him. “Always son , no matter how stupid the idea is , you’ll always have my support.”

That night we stayed out and we just laughed at the memories of how I hit my head with the neighbors fence while learning to ride a bike. It was hilarious to my dad , painful for me.

The next couple of weeks I decided to go out alone and buy maps and check online where would be a good place to go. I went online and searched all the states of united states and well just randomly asked my mom for her favorite letter and she said “well dear it would have to be M.” So I searched all the states with the letter M and the one who had most of my attention was Montana.

That night over dinner I told my mom that I was moving to the outskirts of Helena , Montana. She got a little sad but smiled and said “well son I believe its time you did thing for your own sake and idea. And your dad told me about it a long time ago , so blame him for my calm reaction.” She said with a witty look on her face and my dad was just embarrassed.

A week passed by and I had all my things in my car and ready to leave. Mom gave me at least a few pounds of food and a lot of unhealthy snacks that I would enjoy on the way.

“Son if you ever need to come back here and spend some time with me and your father you let us know , you will always no matter what be accepted into our house.” Mom said with a warm smile. “Well at least ill get more food now that you’re not gonna be here!” Dad said in a joking tone. “Very funny dad , I know you’ll miss having someone to sit outside with at night to remember the old times!” I said. “Oh low blow , son , low blow.” Dad said as he hugged and playfully hit my sides. “I learned from the best dad!”I said.

After all my goodbyes and playing Tetris in my car to put everything evenly I got on my car and left. Inside my car there were these black Wayfarer glasses that used to belong to my dad. It had a note that said “ I always had these for my adventures , now you have them for yours , With Love , -Dad.” Man my dad was cool.

On the way to Montana I was thinking just on arriving there and finding a place to stay and that was pretty much the only thing on my mind. Except the road which was pretty weird looking after 4+ hours of continuous driving. I was Montana Bound.


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