Life Through Different Eyes.
Author: Maximilion Mars

Chapter 4
A Hard Landing.

   As I my jet plummeted to the earth I felt as if I was being rescued by someone who wasn’t there with me but I could feel it. When I woke up I was in a bed in the infirmary and Dante was sitting there next to me. “what happened?” I asked Dante. “Well you got hit through the center and well man you fell off the sky and hit the ground pretty hard.” I was shocked and could not believe what had happened. “Where’s Susan?” I asked. “She’s in the body shop getting some work she went down and hit pretty hard man.”. My Jet hit hard, I know it did since it was a very rough terrain where I landed. Dante showed me some picture’s of the wreck and then I asked “Dante how am I here? Wasn’t I done for? Like, I mean who rescued me?” Dante looked up and with a short lived smile and said. “Well man there was a marine group doing some recon where you fell and they saw your jet go down so they went to investigate. They pulled you out of your jet and contacted the Aircraft Carrier ; We sent a quick extraction team and now were somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.

   I couldn’t believe I was alive. My jet got wrecked really bad , the only thing that survived was the cockpit and the right wing. “Dante what happened to the rest of the division? Are they ok?” Dante’s voice sounded little and he said “Andromeda went down man , he died on impact. The worst part is you have to go and tell his wife he died. You know he asked it to be you and only you.” I was sad to remember the fact that I had to make face for his death. As some of you know , telling a person they’re husband died while serving his country , even though it seems patriotic it is also tragic. I had a quick recovery since it was all just a few muscles shocked and a bunch of scratches since I kinda may have skid on the hard rocky terrain for a few feet. In time the Air Force acknowledged Andromeda last request and they told me to give face for his death to his wife and kids.

   I was dreading it ever since I got on the plane. It was one of the first few times where my mind was completely silent , you know sometimes your inside voice speaks to you? Well not even that. Complete silence. The plane landed in Pittsburgh and I not even 20 minutes out of the plane I was already on my way to the closest hotel room I could find. After finding a cheap hotel I started practicing on how to say it , to use the correct words and perfect tone of voice since it was a very heart breaking news. The day turned to night and I tried to sleep to calm down before I went on to do what I was sent to. I wasn’t feeling right in myself just the idea of breaking a woman’s heart was never a piece of cake to me.

   In the early morning I got dressed and prepared to leave. I called a cab and headed over to Andromeda’s house. It was a nice house and filled with trees and nice flowers. I walked on the driveway to the door to ring the bell , but before I rang it I just thought to myself do this right, do this for Andromeda. I rang the doorbell and this little girl came out who looked just a bit over 4 years old. She stared at me and said “Who are you?” in a very calm voice and I told her in a nice tone of voice “ Hello, my name is Jay. Is your mom home?”. She turned around and ran to her mom to tell her and she came running back and as she saw me she started to cry and slowly said “no… He cant be dead… HE CANT BE!” she screamed. I was rendered speechless and I regained my mental control and started telling her about how her husband died… She was destroyed I could see it in her face the emotion of how she went from sad to enraged to numb in a matter of minutes. She said that It was good that I came since her husband asked me to do it. Yet I had this eerie feeling that he was looking over me as to check if I was doing a good job.

   I left the house feeling a bit relieved since his wife was a bit calm for I thought that I was gonna have to leave her with a scrambled brain and thoughts. I got on the plane back to Nebraska since my tour was done and had the option to go back home until the 105th was activated again. I got home and the first person to greet me was my mom , she cried her eyes out when she saw me all banged and scratched up. “they’re only flesh wounds mom , I’m ok , I’m alive and well , and clearly I’m here with you… so smile and be happy that I’m home!” I said , trying to make her smile or laugh to take the sad moment away. “I’m happy that you’re home son , and I get sad , I’m supposed to get sad! You’re my son and you got hurt… nonetheless you are here now so go inside cause I made you’re favorite dinner.” She said with a huge smile on her face. I rushed inside and saw my dad , gave him a big old hug and he asked me “did you tell your mother that you got shot down?” he asked in a very serious tone. “no dad I didn’t that would’ve drove mom crazy if she knew, you haven’t told her anything right? She still believes that I had an “accident” in the Aircraft carrier kitchen?” I said. “nope I haven’t and will not tell her , its our little secret bud.” Dad said in a joking voice. Dad was always the kinda guy who would know the worst things I could do and he kept it between us , which made me trust him more then anyone else.

   Mom called us in for dinner since we took long in our “secret” conversation. “wow mom this smells better then ever!” I said as I inhaled the wonderful smell of my mom’s cooking. “well honey you know its only a mother’s love who can make this smell and taste so good.” She said. We sat down , we ate , we laughed at old memories that seem to never die , I was completely happy and glad to be home. After dinner I went outside with my dad , he was smoking some old musky smelling Tobacco in his English Men pipe. “so how was this tour son?” as he lit up his pipe. “It was a pretty hard tour ill tell you , lost one of my men , got shot down and worst of all had to tell the guys wife he died cause he asked me it before he…” “he got hit pretty hard didn’t he?” Dad asked. “Yeah… he fell down pretty quick too, it felt as if he had given up without even trying , but he was shot up pretty bad.” I said. Dad looked worried but he understood , “it must be pretty hard to lose a fellow companion like that… but you have to look at this way , he’s resting now , he did good for his country and his family and now he gets to rest and wait for his family to one day accompany him wherever he is.” See the thing with my dad is he always tried his best to cheer me up and he had such a way with words that just let me be calm and normal as if nothing had happened. “I know dad but it seemed to un-human of him to just give up… in boot camp that is the first thing we have to learn, never , no matter what circumstances we face never to give up , if we give up , we give up our right to be as free as the jets we fly. Yet I understand why he let go… Its pretty tense and hard to live knowing that , hey maybe one day im gonna get shot out of the sky and blow up the disintegrate into nothing… At least I always try to come back in one piece I like having all my body parts together.” I said to lighten the mood between me and my dad. Dad was silent for a few minutes , then he stood up , gave me a big hug and said “Son no matter what happens , never give up, always look for the way to come back here and tell about your life and son , I’m am so grateful that you didn’t give up… that’s the reason you’re here in front of me.” Dad said with tears in his eyes. “I love ya son and I know you love us so tomorrow lets sit here and talk again yes? Cause right now my back is killing me and my left side keeps acting up so I better go upstairs and sleep.” “Goodnight dad , I’m gonna go sleep too.”




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