Married to the man that I hated
Author: keshnia

Chapter 10
New dawn

Chapter 10
Rose took advantage of this fact and started to instigate everyone against me
. “God knows since how many days she is having an illicit relationship with this man? She kept all of us in the dark and especially Aaron.She deserves to be thrown out.”

All the family members just stared at me with shock but were not ready to accept it.I could see it in their eyes.Rose held my hands and shook me. “Why do you think Aaron will believe you?All the proof is right here in front of his eyes.Today you will be out.You have shown your class-”
I struggled and Aaron shouted, “Enough Rose.”
Everyone looked at him and I just stared helplessly.
“Leave her hand Rose.”,he snarled.
Rose did as he said and I looked at him with pleading eyes.


“When I told Alicia enough,I meant that she does not need to give me any explanation.I know my wife well and I know what she is capable of.I trust her completely.No one needs to tell me that especially you.She can go anywhere and meets anyone she wants.”

He put his hand around my shoulder as a gesture of protection and wiped my tears.I smiled slightly.Thank you so much Aaron.But I was definitely surprised that Aaron believed me despite I had lied to him and the photos in front of his eyes.Paul smiled.

Aaron POV

I would not want to talk to Rose as I hated her but she had made Alicia cried and that made me very angry.How dared she talk against her and hold her that way?If I could,I would have kill her.

 “No one talks to my wife the way you did Rose.Now apologise to her.”

Rose was taken aback. “What?You want me to apologise to her? No way.”

“You do it or I throw you out.The choice is yours.Choose quick.I need to have dinner with my wife.”
Rose fumed and looked at Jack.He could not say anything because he knew that Rose was guilty.Esme nodded at her and very reluctantly Rose said, “I am sorry.”

Alicia nodded but I being Aaron Wright knew how to hurt the ego of Rose more. “I did not hear you.Say it louder.”
Alicia looked at me and said, “It’s okay Aaron.I forgive her.”
I shook my head. “But I don’t.Say it louder.”

Rose glared at me and I stared back coldly.
 “I am sorry.”,she said louder.
I still did not let the matter go. “To whom are you aplogising?To me,to Alicia or to yourself for all the evils you have done till now?Apologise well.”

Rose pressed her lips together in fury. “I am sorry Alicia for speaking against you.Please forgive me.”

But before Alicia could reply,I said, “You don’t need to forgive her wife.It’s totally your choice.”
“I forgive her Aaron.”
 I shook my head.It was so much Alicia.She will forgive everyone who will hurt her,including me.

I looked at Rose and warned, “Next time,if she sheds one tear because of you,I will throw you out and no one will be able to save you.I mean it Rose.Do it again and I’ll drag you out myself.And if you like to click photos so much,tell your husband to open a studio for you.But don’t you dare interfere into the life of my wife or else the consequences won’t be good.”

No one said anything and I took Alicia to the bedroom. When we reached there,she asked, “Do you really trust me Aaron?”
Her fear was justifiable.She had lied to me before but I was sure that she must reasons to.How can she ever think that my trust in her will decrease?
I nodded. “Yes,I do Alicia.I trust you completely.”

“But I lied to you today.”,she argued.
“I know but you must have a reason for doing it.”,I said calmly.

Alicia blinked in shock.Maybe she was wondering if I was the same man who wanted her destroyed?
 “Won’t you ask about it?”,she insisted.
“Well wife,you can tell me if you want.”
“I lied because I knew that you would not like me to meet my friends.”

I frowned. “Why do you think so?”But I already knew the answer.I had forbidden her to meet her parents before.
“No,I won’t refuse you anything anymore.You can meet all your friends.”
“You really do trust me Aaron?”,she again asked dubiously.Maybe she tended to think that I only defended her against Rose because I hated her.
“I trust you completely Alicia and I won’t doubt you ever because I know you.You have good cultures and I know that you are not capable of doing anything like that.Do you believe me now?”
She gave me a half smile and hugged me.Our first hug.Being so close to her felt good and I hugged her back with my one hand.
 “Thank you.”

“It’s okay.”, I said.
She retreated and looked at me.We were so close and we stared at each other for some seconds.

In an attempt to make her laugh,I said, “Wife,I was thinking if people put tax on crying, then you will sell our house in some months itself.I would have to fight a lot to keep our house.”

Alicia laughed and I joined her.The most significant sound in my world now.

Alicia POV

“Come,let’s have dinner.”,he said.
“You did not ask me about the guy who was with me?”
“You can tell me if you want.”.he smiled.
“You already know his name.”
“Jacob”,he guessed easily.
“Yep.He just came from Australia.”
But I did not understand his expression.He was calculating something.
“What are you thinking?”,I asked.
He looked at me again and then composed his expression.
“About dinner actually.I am starving.Come on,let’s eat.You must be hungry.”

Aaron’s plaster was not removed yet and so I still had to feed him.For the past one month,I has been taking care of Aaron.But he was desperate to get back to office.He hated sitting at home,doing nothing but just talking to clients on skype.
Rose had watched me feeding him with a disgusted expression everytime and it had strengthened my doubts that Rose liked Aaron.Earlier I was not bothered by that but now,I get a bit worried.I cared a lot for Aaron and that’s why it hurt me to see someone very interested in my husband.But I knew that Aaron hated Rose,so I did not bother myself much about it.I was not the possessive type of wife.As Aaron trusted me,I also had full faith in my husband.I knew that he does not even look at any other woman.We have encountered so many of his fans recently and Aaron did not even glance at them.But there are times when the girls would insist and Aaron would sign their backs with his names.I would feel a pang of jealousy but would not say anything.

The plaster of Aaron would be removed the next day and he would start going to office.Aaron missed his office a lot and was very happy to get back to work.He was a complete workaholic.But I still insisted that he should rest for some more days which he refused and we again had an argument.But after five minutes,we were smiling and finally I told him that he can go but as usual,I was going to accompany him.Aaron accepted .

I knew that he was perfectly fine and Paul was with him.But still,I was worried about him.It was a habit of mine and Aaron even teased me that I would grow prematurely old before my time.

I had been cooking since days and even today,I cooked before meeting Jacob.But it’s only Aaron and me who would eat the food that I cooked.Aaron would not let others touch it and would not even let me eat the food made by Rose and Esme.I was only allowed to taste the food made by the cooks,the food that I cooked and the meals that Aaron usually made Paul buy for me.

When Aaron went to sleep,I kept looking at him.When he sleeps,he looks so peaceful,almost young like a child,so innocent.All the pain,anger,irritation,saracasm disappear.

I was sure that I fell asleep but a voice made me look at Aaron.He was shaking his head in unconsciousness and I got up immediately and touched his forehead.
“Aaron?”,I said anxious. “What happened?”
But there was no answer.He kept shaking his head and cried, “No.”

 I put my hands on his cheeks. “Aaron?”
I was confused on hearing his cries and did not know what to do.I wanted to put him at ease,calm him and tell him that everything was alright and that’s when I heard him talk again.
“I am sorry.”,he said,his eyes still closed.

I froze and stared at him.My heart melted on hearing and seeing what the man who lay in front of me was dealing with.What happened to him all of a sudden?
“I am sorry grandma.I know it was my fault.You died because of me.I am so sorry.”

He was having a nighmare!
Tears welled into my eyes and I knew what was happening. Aaron feels guilty for her death and he had said that alcohol kept him away from these memories.But now he no longer drank it and so the nightmares were haunting him again.I had witnessed him having nightmares at night but he had never spoken in his sleep.Ocassionally,he would take sleeping pills but there were days when he would sleep really well.Today was not that day.
Since childhood, he has been trying to cope with the death of his grandmother but he could not.He still feels guilty for everything and keeps asking for forgiveness.
I contined to look at him and knew how to calm him, “Champ.”
It was the name that his grandma always called him and as expected,Aaron responded when he heard that name.
“Yes.”,he said and his expression changed and turned to desperation.
“It was not your fault Champ.You are not guilty.”
“I am not…guilty?”,he asked dubiously,grabbing my hand hard. It hurt but I did not care this time.
Aaron was surprised but I saw a tinge of satisfaction on his face that the person he loves the most told him that he was not guilty.And maybe this was the first time that someone had told him the words that he would want to hear from his grandmother.
I shook my head with pain. “You are not guilty Champ.”

“Then why did you leave me?”,he asked,the tears flowing from his eyes.I was seeing him like this for the first time and I was not only shocked that Aaron hid so much pain within him but also sad that he was going through so much.

“Aaron,calm down.Everything will be fine.”

Aaron frowned and opened his eyes slowly.He saw me touching his cheeks and assuring him.I looked at him with teary eyes and then panicked on seeing him fully awake.Aaron was unpredictable and I knew that he would not like me or anyone comforting him.

But Aaron surprised me by hugging me tightly.

I did not say anything but hugged him back.I felt that it was necessary to console him.After some minutes,I murmured, “It was not your fault Aaron.It never was.”

Aaron blinked and maybe realised that he was actually hugging me and that all those comforting words were told by me.
He retreated back but did not leave me.He looked at me and then touched my face.
“Alicia.”,he said sadly.

I pressed his hand on my cheek. “Yes Aaron.I am here with you.”
He gave me a half smile and said, “I love you.”


Time froze for me as he uttered these words.What did he just said?Wait!Did he really said that?
I could hear nothing except his words which rang in my ears.
I love you.I love you.I love you.I had waited to hear these magical words for so long.And now when Aaron had finally confessed,I could not believe my ears. Was it a dream?Because if that was the case,then it was very beautiful and I did not want to wake up ever.And did he seriously say it at this time when he was just having a nighmare?But he was Aaron Wright.Always expect the unexpected from him!So it should not have come as a surprise to me except that it did.
We just stared at each other for seconds and I realized that I was crying because he just kissed the tears.He was waiting for me to say something.After some minutes, I murmured, “You love me?”

He kissed my tears again. “Yes.I love you.But I don’t love you because you saved me or took care of me. I love you because you are the only one capable of understanding me,of knowing what I am in reality,of arguing with me,scolding me and so fearless that you can look at me in the eyes and tell me my mistakes without caring about the consequences.You amuse me,you don’t listen to me and sometimes you irritate me but it’s only you who does that.If I am stubborn,you are more.If I am crazy,then you are not less.But still,I love you like crazy.You are my love,my life and my obsession. And I don’t want to pretend or hide it anymore.The truth is that I love you so much that these tears….”He wiped them. ”….tear my heart now.No pain in the world can equal to that.”

I continued to stare because I still did not know if it was a dream or reality.A dream confession.Something that I’ve never imagined. I touched Aaron’s lips and assured myself that it was not a dream.Yes,it was all real.He really told me that he loved me.

Earlier everyday with him would be torture and now a day without him would be torture.Not even a day.I would not survive that long.Just a second without him would be near to impossible.

I knew he was again waiting for me to say something but he was very patient and waited.Finally,when I convinced myself that it was not a dream, I murmured, “I….” My voice was breaking. “ I love you too.More than my life.More than anyone and anything else.”


His eyes softened more and he pulled me close,closing the little gap between us.
“Thank you.”,he said. “For being with me.If you were not here,I would probably go mad.Don’t leave me ever.”

‘Never.”,I promised. “Never.
He smiled and hugged me tightly like he was afraid to let me go even for a second.

“Alicia,I own you an apology.”,he said,guiltily.I knew what was he talking about but I forgave him long ago.
He put a finger on my lips. “Let me apologise.It won’t decrease the guilt but I need to apologise.It’s vital for me.
I am very very very sorry Alicia for all that I did to you.You never deserved all that and I am sorry to put you through all that.But I promise you that I won’t hurt you again.I know that it won’t be enough to atone for that sin.”
I started to shake my head because I could not speak.
“No let me finish.”,he insisted and I waited. “I cannot take those bitter and painful memories back but I can ensure that you will stay happy for the rest of your life.I won’t make you cry ever.I promise.”

“You are forgiven long ago Aaron.But if it makes you happy,I say it.I forgive you and trust me,there is no pain anymore.”
He started to shake his head and I pressed my hands against his cheeks.

“Listen to me.There is no pain Aaron.You have made it go with your Aaron balm.You gave more happiness than sadness and I already forgot about the sad moments.”I was speaking the truth.

He looked in my eyes to see if I really forgave him.And what he saw did not make him happy but satisfied maybe.He smiled slightly and took my face in his hands.I realized what he was about to do and I closed my eyes,living in the beauty of the moment.
His lips brushed against mine softly and my heart fluttered widly in my chest.I twisted my hand in his hair,pulling him more close.I can’t afford to let him go ever.With each second,his mouth became more urgent and I kept pulling him to me,our bodies pressing against each other.

He broke the kiss breathlessly and we both stopped to catch our breath.I opened my eyes and he was looking at me.
He smiled and then knelt in front of me,bowing his head.I watched in utter amazement as he took my hand and kissed it. “Well lawfully we are already married but I know that you never wanted a marriage like that.And I sincerely apologise for that.”
Again with the apology!But I did not say anything because I did not want to ruin the moment.I knew what was he doing.
“I even don’t have a special ring right now but I promise to get you one soon.”

He took a deep breath and said in the softest voice that he ever talked. “Mrs Alicia Aaron Wright,I promise to love you till my last breath and keep you happy.I won’t betray you ever and I won’t even look at someone else.I just want you and your companionship.Will you please do me the extraordinary honour of marrying me?”

My eyes welled with tears and Aaron raised his head to look at me.As he saw my tears,his expression became torn between happiness,pain and amusement.

I simply looked at him though the tears blinded me a little.“Yes.I will marry you.”
He smiled at me and kissed my hand again.
“Thank you so much love.”
He got up and again kissed me.Then he scooped me in his arms and put me on the bed gently.I looked at him anxiously as he removed the pillows on the bed and put them on the sofa. He lied on the bed next to me and I looked at him.
He smiled at me. “I know what you are thinking love but it’s not like that at all.We will go forward with our relationship only when we are married traditionally.But till then,I don’t want to stay away from you.”

I nodded and snuggled closer to him,but still afraid that I might hurt his shoulder.

“Can I ask you something?”
I was so close to him that I could feel his breath on my hair.He was just playing with my hair with his fingers.
“Hmm.”,he said,now pressing his lips to my hair.
“When did you realize that you love me?”,I asked curiously.

He hesitated before answering.But I waited patiently.
“I was attracted to you the first time I saw you at the art exhibition.But it was nothing more then.I forgot about you soon.Then you put that case on me and sent me to jail.”,his voice grow more forlorn as he spoke.
I looked at him and touched his face. “It’s okay.You don’t need to talk about it.”

I know that he feels guilty about it.
He shook his head slightly. “I want to tell you.”,he insisted and I again pulled myself closer to him. “After the day you got hurt while saving me,I was shocked that you saved me.But I know that you have a golden heart and would have done it for anyone.The same day you rebelled and I loved that about you.No one ever behaved like that with me and I think that’s when I started to fall for you.I bought so many expensive things for you.But you did not care.You threw them like trash and it amazed me tremendously.I guess I already started to like you then.”
We both smiled at the memories and I was amazed at myself that nothing hurts anymore.Every bad memories were gone and replaced with new good ones which were filled with happiness.

“Is there something else that you needed to ask?”,he said softly.
Almost all night we talked about trivial things.About his school,his several trophies which he obtained for sports and best businessman of the year,his grandmother and many more.He knew everything about me and so he rarely asked me anything. Finally after some hours of talking,we fell asleep in each other’s arm.

In the morning,everything was changed.Everything had become more beautiful.I woke Aaron earlier as the doctor would be here in some minutes.He looked at me and smiled.“Good morning.”
“Good morning.”,I said,kissing his forehead.
“Is the doctor already here?”,he asked.
“No.But he will be here in some minutes.”

He got up and headed to the bathroom.

After some minutes,Paul and the doctor entered the room after knocking and the family members except Jack followed.Maybe he went to work early morning. When Aaron saw his family,he sighed and said, “Some people are so insolent that they don’t understand even when they have been told to stay out of my room.But what to do?It’s a democratic world.Everyone has the right to give a demo of their insolence.Why am I getting irked?”
No one said anything but the family members understood.Aaron was still himself.He did not change for anyone except me.He was still the rude,arrogant man but not stone hearted.He had just softened for me but I knew that I promised myself that I would make him forgive his family and I would make good on that promise soon.

I looked anxiously at him as the doctor was about to remove the plaster but then Aaron said, “Did you eat?”
I was waiting for him to take his plaster so that we could eat together.But before I replied,he undertood and called Sam.

“Bring one large bowl of fruit salad,a big glass of orange juice, some sliced chilli and a bowl of porridge right now.”
“Yes sir.”
“Aaron.”,I disapproved. “That’s too much for me..I can take it myself.”
“Hush.”,he said and Sam entered after some minutes and gave it to me.
“Eat.”,he ordered and I drank some jucie.Rose watched in anger but tried not to show it.

“Wife,I want that breakfast over before the doctor removes the plaster.Okay?”,Aaron commanded  I nodded.Overcaring Aaron now.

Everyone waited patiently for 15 minutes and by then,the doctor had removed the plaster of Aaron and he moved his hand slowly.He was perfectly fine.I put the plate aside and looked at Aaron.
“How are you feeling?”,I asked.”
“I am fine.”
“Is it paining?”
The doctor looked at me oddly as if I was stealing his lines.
“Not really.”
I sighed with relief.

Everyone went to their rooms after the doctor left and Esme and Carl were happy that Aaron was perfectly fine now.
I remembered how Rose was looking at us and decided that it was time to know everything about Aaron.I must know why was she so irritated with me?
“Aaron,why does Rose give me those looks all the time?”

Once again my question took him off guard but he looked like he wanted to tell me everything. “She was my former girlfriend.”
I was not as shocked as he had expected me to be.I had doubts but now Aaron had confirmed them.
“What happened then?”
He hesitated but then decided to tell me everything.
“Come”,he said,taking me to the third room in the bedroom.It was the first time that Aaron was letting someone into that room and I was curious to see what was inside and as Aaron switched on the light,I gasped.
Severals beautiful paintings were arranged neatly in the room.There were the painting of his parents,lanes,his mansion,his building and many others.I could not believe my eyes.All the paintings were very beautiful.I knew that Aaron was an artist as Esme had told me once but was not aware that he was so good.I took a moment to recall his portrait on the wall and now knew that Aaron must have painted it.

Aaron led me to a corner and a big bag rested on the floor.He opened it and There was many paintings of Rose.
“I painted these when I was in love with her.”

 I just kept quiet and listened.
“I had already lost my everything.My parents,my grandmother were gone away from me.I was twenty years old then.I met her in the company where I worked.She was a clerk there.We would speak everyday and slowly.I fell in love with her.But some months later,I saw her with Jack.She was right though.I was penniless.Jack was a very successful architect.She chose money over me.But now as I wonder,I don’t really think it was love.I knew her reality.I knew how selfish she was but yet I wanted to be with her.It’s maybe because she was the first friend that I ever had.”

I kept listening though I felt sad for Aaron.
“Then I decided to work so hard that I would surpass Jack.I was furious and for years I worked like a robot.I lied and I cheated and I’d no regrets.No one was clever enough to discover my plans.”

He turned to me and grabbed my shoulder gently.There was no hatred in that gesture but only care now.
“But then you came.You ruined my plans and sent me to jail.I was furious then and I wanted to avenge you.I almost succeeded in it but you again destroyed my obsession to finish you.”
I looked at him with wide eyes and he continued, “I started to care for you .But I am thankful that you sent me to jail.Or else how would I have married you?And now I have you for all lifetimes. ”

I smiled at him.
“I love you Aaron.”
“Not more than me.I love you more.”
“No.I love you more.”
“You can’t measure a bucket of water with the entire sea.”
Seriously?A bucket of water!
“You will lose this argument wife.No one can do anything more than Aaron Wright.”,he seemed to be teasing now.

“You are wrong.”,I argued. “The wife of Aaron Wright can do more than Aaron Wright.”
He was about to say something else when I put a finger on his lips.
“No more arguments.Or else I will be angry.”,I teased.

He smiled and hugged me tightly. “Hmm…I seriously can’t afford that now.”
We laughed together and then  he called Eddy and told him to burn the bag that contained Rose’s paintings.When I asked,he said that there was no pain now.And he did not want anything of hers remaining here anymore.

Almost everyday was the same.We still went to office but the atmosphere was different now.Aaron and I could not live without each other and so most of the time we were together holding hands,whether it was preparing a project,talking to clients,having our food or even at nights.We just could not stay away.

All nights,we slept in each other’s arms though we did nothing that a married couple should do.Aaron stopped working at nights and we always manage to complete the work in office.We just wanted to keep the nights for us only now.And he again made good on his promise.Just one day after he proposed me,he gave me a ring stuffed with diamond.Of course I loved it.His taste was very classy and unique.

Today we both went shopping and decided to roam a bit.
“Wife,you can choose anything you want from these.”,he said,pointing to the hundreds of sandals in front of me.I sighed.
“Do you realize that I have almost a full room of sandals and shoes?”,I argued.
He frowned. “Is it?”

I glared at him but then laughed.I could not even be angry with him for a second.Just then someone was waving his hand at me.Jacob.

An automatic smile stretched on my face as I saw him.
The eight bodyguards followed us but kept a safe distance from us and people stared as always.

Aaron and Jacob both looked at each other for some seconds and I frowned.What was wrong with these two?

“Hey guys.”,I said,breaking the ice. “Jacob,meet Aaron.And Aaron,meet Jacob,my best friend.”

Both smiled at me and Aaron said “Nice to meet you finally Jacob.”
“The pleasure is all mine.”
Jacob was glancing between me and Aaron repeatedly until I raised my eyebrows to him.He relaxed his stare and Aaron said, “Come,join us Jacob.We were just going for lunch.”
“Sure.”,he said,pulling himself from whatever thoughts were flowing in his mind.

After ten minutes,we were all in  “Royal taste” and had ordered fried rice.But it’s only me who was eating.
Jacob and Aaron seemed to be taking each others’ test for reasons that I could not seem to understand.
“So Jacob,what do you do?”,Aaron said politely,keeping his eyes on him.
“I am following an enginerring course but I am on holiday right now.”,he answered a bit coldly.And I wondered about the reasons.What the hell is happening?Doesn’t he like Aaron?But he does not even know him.


He then turned to me. “You know Alicia,I just met Ethan.”
I was surprised. “Ethan Wale?Isn’t  he the same guy whom you beated up in high school?”

He nodded with a smile.I guessed so.
“What did he tell you?”,I asked curiously.
“He simply told me a ‘hi.’ ”,he laughed.


“I think he still fears you and maybe was afraid that you might beat him again.”,I replied with a grin.
“Why did you beat him?’,Aaron asked,joining the conversation.
“He was messing with Alicia.”

“He held my hand and was trying to make me dance with him.Jacob broke his nose.”
“Served him right.”,Aaron said.
Both Jacob and I nodded.
“You are very protective of her.”,Aaron noticed.
“Yes.I can’t bear anyone hurting her.”,Jacob said with a serious expression.I was seeing what he was seeing.No one in school dared to tease me.Jacob was always there to protect me.

“So what did the guy do?Complained you to the principal or talked to his parents?”,Aaron asked curiously.
Jacob and I looked at each other.

“As far as I remember,he just asked us what was our relation with each other and I said that-”

Aaron interrupted me, “You said that he is your best friend.”,he guessed.
Jacob shook his head. “No,she said that I was his brother and I told them not to even look at her.”
“Brother?”,Aaron’s voice came louder than usual.
“Yeah.”,I said. “Jacob and I knew each other since we were five.We practically grew up together.”

“Oh.”,he said,understanding brightened his face and went into a pensive mood.
I did not ask him anything but then Aaron smiled at me and I gave a grin in return.But I could not understand the expression of Jacob..He looked confused and surprised.
“What happened?”,I asked.

He again glanced between me and Aaron and finally replied. “You look so much comfortable together.”

I stared at him.What kind of a question was that?
He noticed my stare and corrected himself. “I mean that you look so much in love.”
He did not seem to mean what he was saying.What was wrong with him?
Aaron took my hands and looked at Jacob. “Yes,we love each other a lot.Any doubts Jacob?”,he smiled.
Jacob blinked. “No.I am sure.”Again,he did not mean it.

“Are you okay?”,I asked worried.Why was he behaving like this?He was usually very fun and talkative.Today he seemed different.
“Ya,I am fine.Why?”,he asked surprised.

“You are behaving differently.”,I confessed.
“Am I?”,he asked dubiously and I nodded.
“I guess it’s just fatigue.”

Aaron was looking at me with a loving expression and when I turned to him,he said, “Wife.I told the jeweler that you will buy something from her.Why don’t you go and select something nice for you?”

I looked at him irritated. “No,I have enough.”

He smiled,amused by my irritation as he always is. “This will be the last one.I won’t tell you to buy more.I promise.”

As long as he promise,then I was game. “Okay then.Last one.”,I warned.
“Last one.”,he promised.
I smiled at both of them before leaving and said “See you guys in a few.”
Maybe Aaron wanted to talk to Jacob alone.Let them know each other.After all,one was the love of my life and the other was my best friend,my brother.

Aaron POV
I glanced at the bodyguards who were at a distance and then put my fists on the table.That’s it.
I looked at Jacob who  was already staring at me and said, “Okay.Here is the thing Jacob.I want you to stop all those attacks on me.”



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