Married to the man that I hated
Author: keshnia

Chapter 9


Chapter 9

No.No.No.I might be wrong.Maybe I was thinking too hard?He had a rough childhood and so that turned him to be the man that he is today.He projected himself as a heartless person but he was not.Yeah,I guess that I am doubting him in vain.Literally I think I am going crazy for thinking all those nonsense.

“What?”,he asked,keeping his eyes on the road.

I knew that he was well aware about the subject but maybe he wanted to hear it from my mouth.
“Why are you being nice to me Aaron?”

He fowned. “I already told you the reasons.”
I shook my head. “No.That’s not the reasons.There is something else and I want to know.”
“There is no other truth or confession wife.You saved me and I saved you and now,I own you nothing.That’s all.”

I looked at him,trying to read him for the first time ever.His past had made me softened towards him and now looking at his face,I knew that he was lying.There were definitey some other reasons and I would find out that soon.I promise.I just hope that it was not a game.

We met the commissioner at the Croc restaurant,a very small and unpopular one.I knew perfectly why Aaron had chosen this place.Journalists would have spotted him at any big ones.Here,he had no danger of being seen except the one person who was sitting here beside them.He was the owner.His restaurant did not run.But he did recognised Aaron and said that he was blessed that such a big businessman has come there.Aaron did not say anything but started to talk to the commissioner.I  laughed to myself as I considered his popularity.He was more famous than a successful filmstar.They both looked at me as if I was crazy and Aaron suggested that I should get some fresh air.

“Don’t worry Mr Michalson,my wife sometimes get madness fit.She will be okay in some time.Why don’t you get some fresh air wife?”,Aaron said politely.

After arguing with him for minutes,he let me stay and told me to keep quiet.

“What did you find out Mr Michalson?”Aaron asked.

“I’ve put my best team on the job but no clue has been obtained.”
“No clue.”,Aaron repeated with utter disappointment.
“We searched around the vicinity of S Western Avenue Link Road.The car was blasted and everything was burned. The brakes and sterring were failed as you told us.”
Aaron nodded. “It was definitely an attack Mr Wright.I am sure of it and Paul told me that you will receive some tapes of the party that you attended that night.Hope we can get more clue from that.”

That caught my attention more. “Which tapes?”

“The tapes of the party.I suspect that the attacker must have been keeping an eye on me.When we left from home,the car was in perfect condition.It must have happened in the parking.The person must have messed with the car there itself.But I had hoped that the guards must have seen the person or the camera in the parking must have recorded everything..But an incident happened that night.A small fire had ignited in the washroom.It was all well planned.The guards left from the parking and the cameras in the parking lot were broken.By the time the guards came back and the security informed the manager,he had already escaped obviously after doing his work.When I asked the accused the manager that he should have told the guests about this incident,he apologized. So we can only rely on the tapes of the party even though I doubted that the attacker must have left any clue.He was well prepared.”

We talked for a few more minutes and finally shook hands.The commissioner promised to try his level best to find the culprit and we both thanked him.

Aaron and I walked till the parking together. But then I remembered that the restaurant of Croc did not run and so I decided to buy something from there.At least it will be a good deed.

“Can you go to the parking alone?I need to buy something first.”

He nodded. “Fine.I’ll wait for you.”
I looked at him with an odd expression.Aaron Wright was going to wait for me?I was appalled. “You will wait?”
He smiled the type of smile that would usually made girls dizzy.I just stared.
 “I was just joking.Aaron Wright makes people wait but does not wait for them.”
“Of course.”,I muttered.

After buying a pepperoni pizza from the restaurant,I walked towards the parking and smiled,remembering the happiness of the old man when I ordered the pizza.I looked around and Aaron was waiting for me.I was about to smile again when I noticed a man talking on the phone,glancing between me and Aaron.He had a strange and serious look on his face.Deadly look.I stared at him for some time  and wondered why I was having an odd feeling about him.Qucikly I walked to Aaron,afraid but then allowed myself another glance at the man. He still had that serious look on his face and was also walking towards Aaron with his hands in his pockets.He had something  there and I realized with horror that it was a knife and  this man was going to hurt Aaron.At the same time he removed the knife and was still walking towards Aaron.He did not turn to look at me and I dropped the pizza and was running with full speed once again to save Aaron.I did not care that my leg was hurt.All that I knew was that I had to save him.Both their backs were to me and I ran until the man actually cut an arm.My arm.It was a slight cut.

I had jumped in front of Aaron and the latter looked shocked when I shouted.It all happened really fast.Just one second passed since he had hurt me and he quickly thrusted the knife into the right shoulder of Aaron.I shouted and pushed the attacker to prevent him from hurting him more.The man was on the verge to make his escape when Aaron grabbed the collar of his shirt and held him there with force.A strange pain shot through my heart.The pain of loss.What if something had happened to Aaron?And I wondered why I was so pained by that thought?



Aaron POV

I looked at her anxiously and asked, “Are you okay?”

She did not answer but asked instead, “Are you okay?”
I was stunned that even at such a crucial time,she was worried about me.This touched my heart and I looked at her with concern.I nodded and the police commissioner was already at the site.
I was not okay at all.The knife had been thrusted deep into my shoulder and it pained a lot.
Panicked,Alicia said immediately, “Someone get a doctor please.”
The commissioner held the criminal and I was still trying to hold my balance.Alicia quickly rushed to my side and supported my weight. I put my arm around her shoulder,relieved that she was not hurt much.This was the second time that she was saving me.But enough is enough.I needed to do something.She was not safe like this.
“He will be here in some seconds.”,the commissioner said.

Alicia was not worried about her cut at all.She simply looked at me all the time and I was looking at her cut.It did not look serious but it must be paining,I realised.

“Your arm?”,I said.
“It’s fine.I am not hurt much.”
Within one minute,a doctor from the vicinity came and the police was there.Everyone gathered around us and the attacker did not even try to escape,like he knew that he would get caught and he was not worried or afraid.He looked calm.Alicia urged the doctor to look after me first and he informed that he would have to take us to his clinic to treat us well.I honestly tried to walk and removed my right arm from Alicia’s shoulder.But she did not leave me.She held that arm right there and I did not want to argue this time.

I had to put bandages around my left shoulder and plaster on my entire arm and was not allowed to exert any movement with that arm.After treating both of us,the doctor accepted his fees and Alicia decided to drive.
I was having difficulty to put the seat belt on with only one hand.She saw my effort and put the seat belt on me.Each touch of hers sent current through me and I kept looking at her.She closed her eyes for a second like there was some strange pain going through her.She raised her eyes and we stared into each other’s eyes and could see through each other’s soul.Alicia was deeply affected by this incident but she tried to hide her tears.I almost felt the urge to touch her and comfort her but I did not do it.With what right could I do that?I was the one who made her go through hell at a time.And I was shocked that Alicia was saving the life of the man who snatched everything from her.I read her eyes in the single moment she stared at me.Concern,care,attachment were all there.Only hatred had vanished.The one emotion that had bound us together in this relationship was not there anymore.New emotions had replaced it.Concern,care and love had replaced the hatred.

“Will you stop trying to save me everytime?”,I said when she was driving.
Alicia did not say anything as if she knew that this was coming. She knew me enough to know that I would not like another favor.

“I can protect myself.I don’t need you.”,I continued when she did not reply.
She did not say anything but just focused on the road.
“I am asking you something.Answer me.Why did you save me?”
Alicia stopped the car in front of the house and looked at me. “Because if you were in my place and someone was going to hurt me,you would have done the same.”
I just stared at her.Yes,I would.How can she know me so well?.Even though I had married her to get revenge,I knew that she was my wife and to protect her is my duty.I would have died for her.We continued to look at each other until we heard Paul.
He came running to us. “Boss,the commissioner called and said that you were attacked.How are you?”
My eyes flickered from Alicia to him. “I am fine Paul.The attacker has been caught.”
“Come boss.”,he said,helping me now.
I pushed him gently. “I am fine now.”
Alicia just watched us and we all entered the house.When everyone saw me like that,they freaked out and ran to me.Esme and Carl were the most worried but I ignored them and went to my room.Alicia simply followed me to see if I needed anything and Paul stayed behind to narrate the story to them.




Alicia POV

It was after numerous days that I did some meditation.It was hard at first but I forced myself to keep the bad things away from my head.It could have been minutes or hours but I did not open my eyes.I remained in the same crossed leg position for a while.I was trying very hard to keep the tears away from my eyes.

Only a hand on my shoulder made me open them.

Aaron was looking at me with a worried expression.I took a deep breath and got up.
“Are you okay?”,he asked delicately.At that moment,I could believe what Esme had said about the concern of Aaron.He could be arrogant,rude and had lots of ego,still we were related.We were living together for a while and we definitely cared a lot about each other.
 “I am fine.Are you okay?”

 He nodded.I glanced at the clock.2 hours.Wow.I’d meditated 2 hours.Where did the time fly?
“I need to talk to you.”,Aaron said after a while.I expected him to talk about the attacker but he just took his phone and called
someone.Just when he hanged up,eight persons all dressed in black coats and sunglasses stood in a line at the base of our room.

“ Bodyguards.”,he said.
I jerked my head backward.So many!

“Eight Aaron?”,I asked questioningly. Eight bodyguards were too much for him.

“I don’t want to take any risks anymore.Paul already talked to them but if you want to give them some instructions,you can.”

“Me?”,I asked dubiously.Since when does Aaron tell me to make a decision?

“Of course.”,he replied seeing me surprised. “You did not think that all these bodyguards are just for me.”
I did not know what to think. “I-”

“Wife,four will stay with you all the time except when you are at home.”
“But I don’t need protection.It’s not my life that is in danger.”

I looked at the bodyguards.They were all business like,very still and staring straight.
“I know but as I said,I don’t want to take any risks.No argument.”
I did not listen. “But why eight?Most of the time,we are together.”
From his expression.I knew that he considered this point.But something else was cooking in his mind.I just did not know what it was.

“No.It’s perfect like this.”
“Fine.I don’t have any instructions to give them.”,I said calmly.

Just then Paul entered with some tapes.Paul and Aaron checked everything and he ordered me to go and get some rest.As usual,I refused and he let me stay. When our dance was shown, we both looked intently at the screen.Anyone who would look at us would say that we were a very comfortable couple.But we both knew the truth then.


I watched how I had pushed him and then ran in his arms.We both did not say anything.
At last we found nothing suspicious about the guests.No clue was found and Aaron gave Paul instructions to return the tapes.We can only rely on the fact that the attacker was caught and that they will soon find out about his boss.

At dinner time,we ate thoughtfully.I knew that he was worried but he tried not to show it.

“Wife,you can go to your house tomorrow if you want.”,Aaron said that night in our bedroom.

I stared at him,so shocked by what he said.I thought that I would never again meet my parents.So that’s what he had been when he hired eight bodyguards.Now I was more sure that he was not faking it.
“What brought this goodness?”
“It’s a favor on you in return what you did for me today.”
“Thank you but I can’t go tomorrow.”,I said.
Aaron was surprised. “Why? I thought that you would jump with happiness to hear that you can meet them.”
Definitely this was one news that I waited for so long.Nothing would make me more happy than meeting my family.But I had responsibilities now and one thing that mattered more than my happiness was the safety of my husband.
“I’ve to take care of you.”
“I can take care of myself.”,Aaron said a bit angry.

I was used to that.He was a self made man.He was not used to anyone taking care of him.
“I know but still I don’t want to leave you for a minute.”
Aaron eyes softened. “Your wish.But I am warning you that later I might change my mind about you meeting your parents.”
I smiled.As much as I knew Aaron now,I was aware that he can do that definitely but would not do it.He wanted me to go tomorrow itself. “I think I can live with that.”

Aaron looked me thoughtful and then went to bed.I helped him and he lied down,looking at me.I covered him with the quilt and went to my side of the bed.

Ever since I had a sneak peak into his past,I was very well aware that he sufferes more than he shows.He was not an animal as I had thought.It was a mask that he had put on himself to hide the real Aaron.This knowledge combined with the softening of Aaron’s attitude towards me have instilled me with the courage and confidence to boldly test Aaron to the limits.I knew that whatever I do now will not be contradicted by Aaron.So I had to make everything alright in this family.I had to make the old Aaron return and give him back to his family who loved him so much and is still awaiting for his return impatiently. But I did not know where to start.I needed some more time to understand Aaron and his pain.Then I will be able to do something for Esme.

I had doubts and queries about my new found feelings for the man I was supposed to hate because he had messed up my entire life.It sure was strange but it was something that I felt for the first time and it was special.I remembered that I had once told my friends that love develops when someone fall in love with the weaknesses of the other person,not strengths or his bank balance.I was surely pondering over my own words and about my new feelings for him.

Aaron was softening towards me and had it not been that night in the forests,our relationship would have not taken a new turn.That night was the turning point in our  life and also my changed feelings towards him.Today we share a different quotient and

Aaron fell asleep quite easily but I did not want to sleep.More,I could not sleep.I  was restless.I turned towards Aaron and looked at him for minutes.I could not understand why I was not seeing the man whom I hated.Beneath the arrogant,rude businessman,the 12 years old Aaron was hidden and I was determined to bring him back.We had formed a special bond now and that would never break. I did not know how long I looked at him but I kept staring.

I recalled all the past memories of Aaron and I.Our first meeting which was at an art exhibition,the deal,the marriage,the hatred,the work that I did,the way that Aaron had insulted me at various occasions but that did not bring tears to my eyes.When I remembered the way Aaron was nearly killed in front of me,I could not help but tried not to cry.All those memories were fresh in my mind.The way the attacker had assaulted him,the way he had thrusted that knife deep into his shoulder and the way Aaron had cried and could not hold his balance,the moment I  felt that I had lost him forever.
I never thought that something can trouble me so much but I was in deep pain.Even though I had hated Aaron or he did all those bad things to me,I would never want him to be hurt.

As I looked at Aaron,I began to feel all those memories again and tried not to cry.But I could not hold all the pain inside me.I was trying to suppress the cries and the pain but as much as I tried,I was not succeeding.
The first time I had saved him was purely out of humanity but this time,it was the fear of loss.I knew that Aaron was not the man that he projected himself to be.I had seen the soft,caring and kind part of him and this has had an effect on me.But now,it was different.I would not want to lose him ever or even see him hurt.

Being witness to his pain and gaining insight into the tormented little boy inside him,it was apparent that I had formed an emotional bond with the 12 years old Aaron who was forced to prematurely grow up due to his parents and don the beastlike personality of Aaron. And with the guilt of his grandma’s accident gnawing away any remnants of humanity in him that he may have left or so he thinks.More so,the repeated attempts upon Aaron’s life,his gradual softening towards me and my own overwhelming feelings for the new Aaron I knew accompanied by the emotional trauma,stress and relief having my husband back home safe and sound have definitely taken their toll on me.
As a result,I cried more closing my eyes and putting a hand on my mouth,trying hard not to make noises of any sort which will disturb him,but still unable to contain the tears and pain all to myself.


Aaron POV

I did not know what was it. A dream or reality but I could hear someone crying.I knew the sound well.It was Alicia.My eyes snapped open and I looked at her beside me.She was crying and I was disturbed.Seeing her in tears was as painful as getting pierced by 1000 daggers.This is what I wanted since Alicia had slapped me.This is what I  intended to do for the rest of my life.This is the reason for which I married her-to make her cry.But right now,I could not feel any happiness.Not even disturbance.It was a different feeling.I was pained by her tears.It was as if someone has tore my heart to pieces.I knew the reason behind them.I had felt the pain in her in the car,the silent treatment that she gave me and the way she was trying not to cry in front of me.I knew everything well.But yet here,I could not believe how much her tears bothered me.I loved her.I loved her so much,unconditionally. She was the only one with whom I can laugh,smile,talk easily and even pour my feelings out.The only one who matters the most to me now.


I was touched to the core by the fact that for the first time,someone was actually shedding tears of sympathy and compassion for me and me only.Since childhood,I had been lonely but I do not feel like that anymore. In Alicia,I have found a friend(something that I never had) with whom I can be myself.I no longer felt the need to hide my true self from the one person who counted the most for me now.There was a void in me but Alicia was filling it with her love and concern.

 Alicia still had her eyes closed and I raised my left hand to touch her.I so wanted to be there for her,to let her know that I cared.But before I could touch her,Alicia opened her eyes.I put my hand down and she looked at me shocked.She did not want to get caught while crying but as she looked at me,her eyes softened and more tears fell. We stared at each other silently and Alicia turned to the other side.I looked at her back,waiting for her to turn again.But she did not.Frustrated,I got up from the bed,terribly pained by her sufferings.
Her tears were tearing my heart.I gave her the tissue paper and said, “I was twelve years old when my grandma died.Since that day I never cried because I knew that it was useless.Granny used to say that if you are in pain,just remember the happy moments of your life.”

She also got up and looked at me.It was the first time that I was pouring my feelings to her with my will.The confession in the forest was a mistake that I did.But now,I wanted to share my feelings and pain with her because I knew that she makes that pain decrease.
“When she…she died,everything was over for me.Everyday I was in pain and I tried to do what she told me but it never worked.The pain and guilt did not leave me.Her champ had died. ”
That’s why I kept that code for my office door.I loved that name.

She was more close to me now and murmured, “It was not your fault Aaron.You are not guilty.The accident was destined to happen and it happened.”
I shook my head, “Even if you tell me this one thousand times,I won’t accept it.I know the truth.”

Alicia looked at me with pain.
“I just want to tell you that you should not cry.Granny had said that crying helps nothing.She was right.Just don’t cry.I like you better when you fight and argue.And you asked me why I am being nice to you.It’s just because you are not fake like everyone else.You are honest,true and frank.You don’t say something and have something else in mind.You used to wonder why I get so angry when you saved me.It’s because I don’t want anyone else to die because of me.One death is already on my head.So don’t make me feel more guilty. ”

She looked surprised when I said ‘I like you better…’ but did not comment. “Aaron please,it was not your fault and I saved you because it’s my nature.You have to get out of this.”

“I can’t Alicia.”
“You think you are the only one in pain? Then look at me.”
I was not surprised that Alicia was in pain.I gave her all that pain.I closed my eyes as guilt and shame washed over me.
Still keeping my eyes closed,I murmured.“I know that I treated you badly and you must be in-”
“I am not in pain because of that.”

I opened my eyes surprised.“Then what is bothering you?”,I asked softly.
“My parents wanted to kill me after I was born.”
My eyes widened. “Billy and Caroline?”
“No.My real parents wanted to kill me.”

I looked at her shocked and with this, a new realization came. Alicia did all those sacrifices for her adopted parents then.The deal,the marriage,the torture,the hell that she undergone were for them.She accepted to live through all that for her adopted parents?
“Who?”,I asked.
“I don’t know their names but they had thrown me into the dustbin and was about to put a knife into me when Billy passed there.On seeing him,they ran away and Billy took me home.I never knew my real parents but I cannot think of two better persons than Caroline and Billy.I love them.”
I now realised the big sacrifice that Alicia actually did.
“You are a very good daughter.”,I murmured.I meant it.Why was she so good?
She simply looked at me and I wiped her tears.We looked at each other for a while.She was so beautiful.I touched her face and she closed her eyes.It felt so good.She loved me.I knew it.

When I removed my hand,she said, “Come,you should sleep.The doctor said that you need rest.”
“And you should also sleep.You don’t really need to keep an eye on me.I am fine and tomorrow,I’ll tell Paul to bring a nurse.”
“That won’t be necessary.I can take care of you.”
I did not argue more because I knew that it was useless.She was stubborn about it.
She again covered me and we still gazed into the eyes of each other till we fell asleep.

Alicia POV

The following morning,I cooked light food for Aaron.Esme and Carl were very worried and repeatedly asked me about the health of Aaron.I had a hard time to assure them that Aaron was fine and I would take care of him.
When I came into the bedroom,Aaron was trying to open his laptop.Again work!He was really impossible.

“What are you doing?”,I said as soon as I entered the room.
“I think this is called ‘trying to open the laptop.’ Well I think so.”

“Thanks for the sarcasm.I thought that you were trying to break the laptop.Besides you don’t have to work for a while.”
“I have many projects pending and I’ve to do them.”
“I’ve an idea.Paul and I will do them for you.”
Aaron was about to interrupt when I said, “Wait.Let me finish.Paul will go to office occasionally to check on things and we can work at home.I will show you every deal offers before fixing anything.”

He pondered for a moment and finally said, “That’s okay.”
“Take your breakfast.”
I put it on the table and went to make the bed.

He looked at the food for some time and frowned.He was not used to that type of food but I had cooked it because he was ill.Finally he decided to take it.Looking at him,it was obvious that he was having trouble with the food and he threw a lot on him.He was not being able to hold the spoon properly with the left hand.
I sat near him on the sofa.
“Give it.”,I said,reaching for the tray.
“I can eat.”
I watched him again with wide eyes but he was having no success with it.
I snatched the tray and said, “All the time,ego and arrogance.”
Aaron looked at me amazed, “ Nice compliment but I am sitting right here.”
I ignored him. “Open your mouth.”
“No.I can eat.”
I thought about the way I can make him eat the breakfast by my hand.
“Aaron,what’s on your mouth?”,I asked,feigning the right emotions.
Aaron opened his mouth and touched his lips,falling for my trick. “What?”
“It’s on the left.”
He opened his mouth a bit more.
Just then,I twirled the spoon around and put the food in his mouth.
He frowned at me but then ate the food.
“Actually there is nothing.”

Aaron shook his head but did not argue more.He let me fed him.

The whole day,I helped Aaron in almost every task.I helped him to change his clothes and fed him lunch.I gave him his medicines and remained with him all the time and completed his office work.Of course,before I could help him,he argued with me.It was the same usual bickerings and arguments but finally he accepted my words.He was not able to wear his clothes by himself and when he called the male servants and Paul,no one came. I had instructed them before hand and so he had no choice but to accept my help.Again,I did not consider it as my victory.I was just happy that Aaron was letting me do all those tasks.

Aaron was in deep pain but he acted perfectly fine.
He made me watch a comedy movie that day and he smiled when I laughed.I knew the reason behind it.He did not want to see me crying again and was trying every possible way to keep me happy. In the afternoon,he even made my family come and excused himself and gave us privacy.I was very grateful to him but as always,he did not let me thank him.Now,how can I not fall in love with him.I already loved him so much.
My family glared at him and Bonnie did not even talk to him.

Paul was very satisfied to see his boss happy after such a long time and he said  that the sole reason was me.He respected me a lot now and accepted me as his sister-in-law.
One day he gave me a cheque of five lakhs and said, “Tell boss to sign them.I’ve to send them to the orphanages today.”
I blinked. “Orphanges?”
Paul smiled. “Oh yeah.I forgot that you must not know about it sister-in-law.Boss sends a cheque of five lakhs to different orphanages each month.”
“Really?He never told me.”

“That’s my boss.He would never tell anyone if he did something good but-”
I interrupted. “But he would advertise if he did something bad.”
Paul nodded. “It’s Mr Aaron Wright.”
“What does he do more?”,I asked curiously.
“He donates his and your used clothes to poor people every week.”
“What? That’s why he told me to put them in a box.I thought he must be throwing them.That’s really nice of him.”
I had grown more respect for Aaron now.The image of devil that I had of Aaron had disappeared long ago but now I was respecting him more and more.
“But you know,all these things never really gave him the happiness that he wanted.It’s you who keep him happy.”
I looked at Paul stunned.It was the first time that he was really having such a long and intense conversation with me.
“I’ve to apologise to you sister-in-law?”,he admitted.
“For what?”

“For all the bad things that I did to you.I know that I should not have supported boss.But I saw him suffering for the days that you put him in jail and for slapping him.I thought he was right in bothering you.But now I know that it was totally wrong.”
“It’s okay Paul.I understand and I forgive you for everything.I never held you responsible.”
Paul smiled at me. “Thank you sister-in-law.I am really glad that my boss found a wife like you.Even if he had searched,he would not have found one like you.You make him so much happy.He owns his life to you.Thank you so much for everything.”
“It’s okay Paul.”,I repeated,embarrassed with so much praises.

Aaron POV
Days passed and there was no more attack on me or Alicia.The bodyguards were all professional. The first week was worse for Alicia.They followed her everywhere and she felt that her privacy was being intimidated,the little privacy that she had when she went to  her house.They would stand outside but would keep an eye on her. She really considered it rude and improper but she also knew that they were simply doing the job that was assigned to them.So she became habituated to their presence slowly.

The family members and the servants were stunned to see her scolding me and I was not even telling her anything anymore.Even her scoldings were cute and heaven.Esme,Carl and Jack were very happy to see me like that and even encouraged her to be with me.As if,they cared!Hypocrites.

As for my relationship with Alicia,it improved a lot.I  loved her more than anything and everyday it keeps increasing.Maybe there would a day when my heart would explode with so much love.I don’t know how can I love her so much but I did.I would do anything for her smile.


The clients and media started to question about my absence in the office soon after the attack.Alicia had strictly told me that I should not go to office till I was healed.But thanks to Paul,everything was settled.He told the media that I was on a holiday and the clients talked to me via skype.

The attacker was questioned in jail but he did not say anything.Soon after,we heard that he committed suicide.Both Alicia and I were shocked but also knew that the attack would continue sooner or later.It was a matter of time.The police found other clues like the phone of the attacker which he had thrown on the site of the incident.The phone was in good state and the memory card was checked to see if there was any important data stored in it.Unfortunately this hope had been short lived.The card had nothing in it and the police concluded that the attacker had done some proper planning.
I would not have cared if someone had attacked me some months ago.I had no reason to live then.I was working so that I could keep myself busy and escape from the pain.But now,I felt a duty to take care of myself for Alicia.I cared too much for that girl.The police suggested to close the case as no clues were found again.But we insisted to keep searching. Sometimes I had a doubt on Billy as he had threatened to kill me.But I knew that this doubt was baseless.Billy was a very non-violent person.He had only threatened me in anger and any father would do that if they saw their daughter in trouble.
I was still reluctant to let her feed me sometimes but she always managed to do it with her smartness.
I made Paul brought her favorite food.But she refused knowing that I was having light food and that I hated that type of food.So to keep my heart and to convince  me to eat it,she would eat the same food with me.I would not let her but she always get her way with me.It’s me who had become her slave now and I loved that.
I already knew everything about Alicia before the marriage.My obsession with her had made me keep all the details about her.I also knew about Jacob and had already told Paul to find out about him so that I can make Alicia meet him. Alicia would be pleased to see his best friend.But I was surprised when Paul told me that Jacob had arrived in Los Angeles just two days after our marriage.I wondered why Jacob had not met Alicia yet.As far as I’d heard from sources,I knew that Jacob and Alicia had a special relationship.They loved each other a lot.But I  tried not to dwell much on that matter.Jacob could be busy maybe.



Alicia POV

I walked on the road with my four bodyguards till my car and saw someone familiar smiling widely at me.I had gone to the Heritage hotel to meet a client and on my way out I met him.

I smiled back and my happiness knew no bounds.What was he doing here?
“Jacob.”,I said,hugging him. “Oh my god,how are you?”
“Oh cut it out.Why are you being so formal?Come on,use the bad language that you used to.”
I looked at the bodyguards. “Can you please excuse us?”
The bodyguards went to stand a bit far so that I could chat with Jacob in private but their eyes wandered everywhere to look for dangers.

I laughed and said, “How are you asshole?”
“That’s better.I am fine.How’ve you been?”

 “I am fine Jacob and I am married.”
He looked shocked. “Really?Who is the lucky guy?”

“His name is Aaron Wright.”
“Oh,the businessman Aaron Wright?”
I nodded.
“So when are you introducing him to me?”
I looked at him scared.Aaron was definitely gentle with me but I knew that he was still the same Aaron.He can insult Jacob and I did not want that.

Jacob watched her expressions carefully.It was torn in pain and confusion.Now,he was certain that Aaron was still giving Alicia a lot of trouble.Alicia had confirmed it.

Just then,I got a call from Aaron.I glanced at Jacob who was looking at me and then took the call.
“Hello.”,I said.
“Where are you?”
I knew that Aaron would not like me to meet my friends.He had objected strongly when I wanted to meet myparents.It’s now that Aaron was allowing me.But I knew that if I told him the truth,he will tell me to return home and not to meet anyone.So I felt the urge to lie.

“I am at my parents’ home.”
Jacob looked at me in surprise
“Just go to office before returning home.There is the Desai’s files in my cabin.Bring it.Paul is at the construction site or else I would have sent him.”

“The blue files?”,I asked.
“Yeah.That’s the one.Don’t forget.”

“I won’t.”
I hung the call and Jacob looked at me.
“Why did you lie?”

“Aaron maybe would not want me to meet my friends.”,I confessed.
Jacob nodded but did not say anything.
“Why do you have bodyguards anyway?”,Jacob asked.
We both went to a small and private restaurant and talked a lot.I did not tell him much about Aaron and he did not ask.I only mentioned about the attacks on his life and how Aaron had arranged bodyguards for us..All this time,I laughed a lot and Jacob told me that he has just returned from Australia.I also told him that no clue was found and the attacker commited suicide..
We passed the entire afternoon together and finally I told him a  good bye.
“Love you sis.”,he said hugging me.
“Love you too bro.”

He watched me till I got in my car and drove off.


I returned home with the files in my hand.It was already 7.30 p.m.
Rose met me on the entrance and she was holding some photos in her hands.
She looked at me with a wicked smile. “I did not know innocent Alicia hides so many things.I thought you were a nice girl but you turned out to be the hiding one.”

I looked at her surprised. “What’s wrong with you sister-in-law?What do you mean by that?”
Rose smiled. “You will find out the meaning soon.”

I decided to ignore her and walked till the hall.Everyone had some photos in their hands.They looked at me as I approached but no one smile as they usually did.This frightened me.What happened?Why is everyone looking at me like this?

“Mom,Dad,what happened?Is anything wrong?”
At the same time,Aaron and Paul came and Rose said, “Now,it’s the time of the husband.”
Aaron ignored her and only looked at me.
“Just a minute Aaron.Why don’t you have a look at the deeds of your wife?”

He put the photographs in the hands of Aaron and he and Paul stared at them.
Afraid,I  took the photographs from his hands and gasped.

Someone had clicked many photos of Jacon and me.And I knew that it was Rose.The way she had clicked them definitely would make anyone suspicious about my character.
There were numerous photos of us.I was laughing with Jacob.I was hugging him and we were looking into the eyes of each other and looked very happy.

I was frozen.I could not believe that Rose had clicked our photos and made my family members doubt my character.I knew that I was about to lose the trust of everyone,especially Esme and Aaron.

“If you all will turn the photo,I’ve wriiten the date and time on the back. Today’s date and from three to seven o’clock.They were together for so long.She must even have sent the bodyguards away.It’s good that I was passing there and saw them.Or else she would have kept all of us in the dark.”

I glanced at Aaron and was about to talk when I remembered that I had lied to Aaron that I was meeting my family members.And now,he had proof of my lie.Why would he believe me?It was out of question.

But still,I had to try. “Aaron,it’s not like you see.”
Aaron lifted a finger. “Enough wife.You don’t need to say another word more.”
I froze in my place and realised that Aaron was not believing me.What would I do now?The tears rolled down my cheeks and Rose smiled.


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