Married to the man that I hated
Author: keshnia

Chapter 8


 Chapter 8

I passed the rest of the day with Esme and Aaron did not return. I thought that he went to office but when I called him, he did not pick it up.I so wanted to tell him to return and rest.After trying a few more times on his mobile,I called at the office and was informed that Aaron and Paul did not go to work that day.

I concluded that maybe they were meeting a client outside.
After having a sound sleep,I felt better and the painkillers worked.Esme was angry that Aaron was so careless but I did not say anything.I knew him so well.
At six p.m,I did my dressing and put a cream on my legs .Esme did not let me do anything but ordered Eva to take me to the hall and ensure that I did not move. Almost all day,I stayed there watching the T.V,sometimes the news,sometimes sports and sometimes music.Nothing held any interest to me.

Rose,Jack and Carl talked to me about the accident,asking all types of questions.I only left out the part where Aaron carried me in the forests and in the house.They were not here then.Only Esme and Paul were present and I knew that Paul must have told her everything.


When I came into the dining room,Aaron was sitting in his usual seat for dinner.I wondered when he came back but did not say anything.Before eating,I gave him some medicines.I was sure that he had not taken any during the day.So careless he was about his health.
Everyone looked at me shocked when I took his file from him and put it on a chair.I handed him his medicines and said sarcastically, “It won’t take much of your time if you take care of yourself a bit.”

“I can take care of myself.”,he said rudely but took the medicines.Rose looked at us with a disgusted look and I watched with horror.What the hell?Why was she giving us such an expression? But she quickly adjusted it and focused on her full plate.Others simply smiled at me.

 I ate thoughtfully until Jack called my name.
“You are not eating anything.”,he accused.It was strange how much I’ve become habituated to my new family members except Rose of course.She does not talk to me uch.But I’ve formed a bond with the others,even Paul.I loved them like my own family.
I looked at my full plate and said, “I am sorry.I guess I was lost in some memories.”

He smiled, “Which memories?”
I smiled back and lied, “About my parents and sister.”
Aaron did not say anything but was studying the file that I’d put on the chair some while ago.He no longer stopped me from talking to his family anymore.I clearly remembered once that he had threatened me of serious consequences if I ever talked to any of his family members.He did not seem to mind today.

“You never told us.”,Carl said.Only Esme and Aaron knew about them.I talked a bit more to them except Rose who was quiet during my whole chatter.I told them what I’d once told Esme and they asked me more questions and my tone was growing more forlorn with each word.I missed them so much.Aaron looked at me with painful eyes for a second and again shifted his attention to his files.
 “You talk about them like they are your god.”,Jack said.
“That’s right.I worship the soil they walk on.”,I said,afraid that I might stop crying any moment.
Carl and Esme stopped smiling and looked at Aaron.And I felt guilty immediately for saying that.I was about to apologise when Aaron got up from the table and headed to his room.
“I am sorry.”,I told everyone.
“For what?”,Esme asked with a questioning tone.
“For hurting you and dad.”
“It’s not your fault dear.We have long lost hope that he will ever accept us back.But just take care of him.”,Carl said.
Both Esme and Carl think in the same line.Adorable.


When I came into the bedroom,Aaron was still working on his laptop.I looked at the bed and stared at it for some seconds.
It was not the same bed.Aaron had replaced his bed with a new oversized one,large enough for 5 people to fit easily.

On the middle many pillows rested as to make a barrier.
I looked at Aaron questioningly.When did he change it?And what was the reason to change it?Was he thinking that we would both sleep on the same bed?

Realization hit me.Of course I was right.That’s why he had put a barrier.
“We can both sleep on the bed now.”,he announced.
“I can adjust on the sofa.”,I said,not really wanting to share the same bed with him.Sharing a room was different but sleeping on the same bed was over the top.
“Wife we are both hurt.So we can both adjust on the bed.It is huge.”
I frowned and said, “I am fine.So the bed is all yours.”
He stood up and an evil smile played on his lips. “Basically I don’t like to repeat my dialogues but you are forcing me.If you sleep on the sofa,I am going to lift you up and bring you on the bed.It’s your leg that is hurt.So the choice is yours.”
I was about to argue more when he interrupted, “And you know that I am not just threatening you.I can do it.”

I glared at him.That’s so not fair.I looked around,weighing my options.I had to admit.They were not good.So maybe I should listen to him after all.

“Fine.Good night.”,I said.
After changing into a pair of white trousers and blue t-shirt,I went on the bed.I lifted my quilt and closed my eyes.Then I remembered Aaron.He was still working.
“Did you take your medicines?”,I asked in an attempt to bother him.How can he be in peace after ruining mine?
“Stop irritating me.And can I ask since when did you become nurse from wife?”,he said.
“Take it.It’s on the table.”,I simply replied.

“Fine.”,he said,trying to end the conversation.
I tried to sleep unsuccessfully because the light was still on.I got up from the bed and Aaron glanced at me.
“Do you need anything?”
“No.I can’t sleep.Can I help?”,I offered.
He shook his head. “Try to sleep.”But he then realized that maybe it was the light that was preventing me from sleeping. “I’ll go into the study room.”
“It’s not necessary.”,I stated. “You should also sleep.”
He did not sleep well since yesterday and he must be very tired for sure.

He took a deep breath and said, “I’ve to complete this file by tomorrow.”
Without thinking,I took his laptop,saved the project and shut it.If he was stubborn,I was not less.

“Your attitudes are getting worse day by day.”,he commented.
“It’s not attitude.It means taking care of someone who is too busy to take care of himself.”

“And I told you that I don’t need more favors.”
“It’s not a favor.I always take care of people around me.”
He did not argue more but went to sleep.


Aaron POV
I was surprised at myself.What am I doing? Why am I listening to her?I’ve to bother her,not take care of her.But I knew that I had softened towards her because of last night.It felt devine when Alicia had put her head on my shoulder.There was so much trust in that gesture,trust for the person who had ruined her life. Alicia cannot hurt people,even if it meant the person whom she hated to her core.But I could not explain the feelings that were arising in me.Alicia was my obsession.I cared if she was fine or not.I cared if someone spoke bad about her and I recalled the words of Rose.Why did I defend her that day?But I was grateful that she had put the idea of bringing Alicia in my room the previous day.I am sure that she must have understood why I smiled at her.

Alicia POV

I was the first one to wake up.It was a habit now.I stretched my arms as usual and then I touched something,someone. I looked beside me and my hand was touching the hair of Aaron.
“Wife,that’s my hair.Don’t rip it off.I can’t afford new one.”,Aaron said sleepily,his eyes still closed.

I retreated it back immediately.I had forgotten that I was not in my room anymore.Then I noticed that he had his hand on my belly. I pushed that immediately to his side but he did not wake up. Despite the huge bed and the pillows, we had both turned to each other’s side. I sighed and opened the cupboard. I almost forgot that my clothes must not be in it.

I went to my wardrobe but my clothes were not there. I returned back into Aaron’s room,my room now.

 “Your clothes are all in my wardrobe.”,Aaron said from the bed,understanding my confusion.
His bedroom was a mystery,so big and full of small rooms.In it,there was a total of three small rooms.I did not know what contained in the third room and I did not ask.

I simply went into his wardrobe and looked for my clothes.His clothes were on the left side of the room and mine were on the right one.I took a pair of jeans and a Channel t-shirt.But I then wondered if Aaron would take me to office today.Before taking the clothes,I asked, “Are we going to office today?”

“No.”,he called back.
“Is Aaron Wright taking a holiday?”,I teased.All the anger from yesterday had disappeared and I was not one to keep holding to things.If I even cross checked my thoughts and my heart,I am sure that somewhere I’d already forgiven Aaron for all those pain and insults.It was so me though sometimes I do feel angry and irritated at myself.But I was like this.I cannot keep anything for too long in my heart.It hurt me if I did. As long as he was going to be nice,I would play along.
“Someone important will meet me today.”
Important?It must be a client. “Who?”

“You know wife,I cannot shout well because there is something stuck in my throat.I’ll tell you when you come here.”
He coughed.Worried,I immediately ran to him and offered him a glass of water. “Drink this and I’ll call a doctor.”
Aaron looked stunned to see me caring so much.I dialled the number and he snatched it back.I looked at him in confusion.
“I am fine now.”
I understood. “Bad joke Aaron.”
“I did not think you would come running.”
I  grimaced and went into the bathroom.I took a bath first and then Aaron did.He wore a pair of jeans and a t-shirt like me.Only the color of the t-shirt differ.His was a blue while mine was white.
“Who?”,I asked as soon as he came out of the bathroom.

“Who who?”,he asked,combing his hair.

“Who are we meeting?”,I clarified.
“Oh.The police commissioner.”

Police commissioner?But then I remembered about the accident.I had been thinking about it since yesterday.The brakes and steering were failed.It could not be a coincidence and besides,all the cars of Aaron were specially handled by one of the best mechanic in Los Angeles.

“Are you going to talk about the accident?”,I asked,wanting to know more details.

He looked me for a moment. “I did not know that you knew.”

 “I guessed Aaron.The accident could not happen because our bad luck.”,I teased.
“Besides all your cars are serviced well.”
He nodded and launched into the whole story. “Paul and I went to Roger’s yesterday.”  Roger was the garage where Aaron gives his car for servicing. “He said that he does not know anything about it and the car had no problems when he delivered it to me.I knew that he was speaking the truth.He never gave me a chance to complain before.Someone else had tampered with the car obviously and that’s what we have to find out.”

That’s why he was not at home the previous day,I concluded.But then I remembered that the commissioner was not in town because I had seen that news on the T.V the previous day.

“But he was not in town.”,I said.
“How do you know?”He sounded surprised.
“The news!”
“I made him come here and cancel the project that he had.”

Wow.If he had so much influence that the commissioner had to leave his project for him, how much influence he must have got on the law?Then why was he in jail for five  days?Why was his bail rejected? He was still combing his hair when I asked, “Can I ask you something?”

“Woh.Since when do you need my permission to ask me something?”
I ignored that. “Can I?”,I pressed.

“Go ahead.”,he said curious now.
“If you have so much influence on the law,then why did your bail get rejected?”
The question obviously took him off guard and his expression became pained as he remembered his days in jail.But he was not looking at me like he hated me or wanted to kill me.At that moment I realized that Esme was right.He no longer hated me as much as he used to.Or else this question should have made him angry and hostile.Instead he looked just pained and surprised.
“I had an issue with a judge some months ago and coincidentally,my application for bail had to be approved by him only.He took his revenge and rejected my bail.”
I bit my lips. Knowing him,that judge must be jobless now.Aaron must have tackled him after he got out.

‘What happened to that judge?”,I asked.
He smiled at me. “What do you think must have happened?”
Of course.I knew that I was right. “You got him sacked.”

He nodded.

He was still looking at me with a smile and I changed the subject. “Take your medicines.”
He stopped smiling. “Dude can’t you forget about the medicines for a minute?What should I call you?My chemical wife!”
“Responsible and dutiful.”,I replied but did not say the word ‘wife’.
“Your only responsibility is to take care of my office work and your duty is to just be my wife and fight with me,not anything else.I prefer the wild cat,the one who keep fighting and arguing with me,not the one to be behind my back with medicines.”
He made a funny face when he said medicines and for the first time in weeks,I chuckled.

He looked at me amazed and I stopped laughing.I again became serious and said, “Take your medicines.”

He continued to comb his hair and I also took my brush and combed mine.After tying my long hair in a pony tail as usual,I put the cream that the doctor gave. I did not wear make up but just applied a lip gloss.When I saw Aaron appraising me in the mirror,I raised my eyebrows to him.
“Does your leg hurt a lot?”,he asked.
I considered it. “The pain is fading.I’ll be fine in some days.Is it paining for you?”
I knew that he had suffered more injuries than me and thankfully today he was able to do his dressing.The pain must have subsided if he managed to do it by himself.
“I am fine.”,he simply said.He was not used to anyone’s sympathy and care.


We ate breakfast in silence.Ana had brought it into our room.
Aaron handed me a phone.It was a
Nokia Lumia 920,one of the latest phone on the market and he told me that I can call whoever I wanted.That definitely was a surprise.I wanted a phone since long.

“Even my family?”

He nodded .Yesterday Aaron was sad when I mentioned my family on the dinning table and I knew that this phone was related to it.He knew that I missed them and so despite he had forbidden me to talk to them earlier,he gave me a phone to call them.I almost wanted to hug him for that but I did not.

“When is he coming here?”,I asked,changing the subject once again.I did not want to talk about my family again.What if he snatched the phone back and changed his mind?He had a lot of mood swings,and so I refused to take any chance.
Aaron was putting his sneakers on and I did the same.We were still in our room and he knew that I was talking about the commissioner.
“He is not coming here.We are going to meet him at a restaurant.But if you want,you can stay here.”

“No,I am coming with you. Did you speak to him?Did he find any clue about the attack?”,I asked.

He shook his head. “Paul talked to him and I decided to meet him personally.”

 On the way,we met Rose and she asked me, “I went to meet you in your room but you were not there.”
Before I could reply,Aaron said. “My wife has shifted into her husband’s room.Any problem sister-in-law?”
Rose was shocked and Aaron smirked. “No.I just brought tea for her.”

“My wife won’t have anything made by your hand.So you can get lost now.”
I stayed silent but I was angry that Aaron talked to Rose like this. But I did not miss the fact that Aaron said ‘my wife.’ Earlier he would say ‘my servant’ and now he has accepted me as his wife.I was shocked by this fact and stared at Aaron.But before,I could say anything,he  took my hand and left.I continued to stare at him while he drove and he snapped, “What?”

“Why are you doing this?”,I asked.It was very shocking.Nowadays I tend to think that there are two Aaron Wrights.One who had married me and was rude,arrogant,heartless but one who was so nice that without caring about his injuries,he carried me and took care of me. It was not digestable at all.I needed answers.

He tried to break me with his monstrous ways but I did not break,instead I roared back and fought.His tricks were not having any effect on me and maybe he decided to take another route to break me.There is a saying that “Fire cannot cut fire”.Similarly he could not break me his way and maybe he opeted for another way,a route that would break my love,my trust which is the biggest set back and  trauma any human can possibly suffer.

 All of a sudden,my surprise turned to fear.What if it was true?Did I really know Aaron Wright as much as I thought that I actually knew him?

My wild imagination continued as I kept thinking,more possible thoughts and doubts planting into my mind.So maybe he knew that nothing was going to have an effect on me anymore.And so why not start a game of care or love?It would be a master stroke.The girl who did not break by attacking her mind would break by attacking her heart.A master plan.What if it was true?Does he seriously think that he can make me fall in love with him and then break my heart?That would be the perfect revenge.Because as much as I thought about his softening towards me,I could not believe it.How can a man who hated me changed overnight? Unless he hid some other meanings under his sleeves.There was a time when he had promised to write my destiny,the only thought on his mind was to take revenge on the girl who put him behind bars abd slapped him.He was so driven by anger and hatred that he thought the best punishment for me was him forcefully writing me destiny in the form or marriage.After I rebelled,he did not insult me at all once or hurt me.Insteda he took care of me.Was it because he already knew that only love can break me.Because after all,I was a very soft hearted person.My heart melts quickly on seeing someone pain and he knew that very well.



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