Married to the man that I hated
Author: keshnia

Chapter 7
I was determined to know his past



 Chapter 7

I was half asleep when I felt Aaron carrying me again but this time inside the house.I did not protest .I was too tired and was not sure if I could walk without causing myself pain.
The voice of Esme revived me a bit and she asked us where were we and said that she was very worried. “What happened to both of you? Paul get a doctor.”,she said horrified though Aaron ignored her.

 I opened my eyes and looked at her. “We are fine mom.We are just tired.”

As usual,Aaron pretended that she was invisible and walked past her without letting me talk to her. Rose looked at us angry.Aaron gave her a huge smile and Rose was shocked.Since I came here,it’s the first time that I saw him smiling at her.

 Esme and Rose followed us till Aaron shut the door behind him.

I kept my eyes open.
“Keep me down.”I said.
He did not agree but kept walking till a room and put me on the bed slowly.As far as I know,it was not mine.

 “Check her.”, he said to the doctor near me.Paul had already called a doctor at home while we were in the car.He checked my pulse,heart and cleaned the wounds on my right leg and put medicines on them.By then I was fully awake.

 “Doctor,please check boss also.”,Paul said.
Aaron shook his head and said, “I can take care of myself.”
After putting a bandage on my leg,Paul went to escort him outside.Aaron was sitting on the wide chair and wore a sleeveless t-shirt. I was looking at him carefully.His muscular chest stood out well when he wore sleeveless t-shirt.

I adjusted my body and sat on the edge of the bed and looked around.It was not my room.It was a room that I’d never entered and obviously it was Aaron’s bedroom.In the one week that he had made me do all house chores,I knew every corner of the house except this room.There was a board outside which had written ‘no entry’.
But now I was in his room.


It was as huge as his hall,bigger than any other room and there was his big sized photo everywhere on the wall,at least some fifteen.
He did not pay me attention as I looked at him.He was trying to clean the wound on his shoulder but was not succeeding.I got up and dragged a chair slowly to him.My feet hurt.He looked at me surprised.

“What are you doing?”,he asked but I did not answer.I took the first aid box from the table.It was a sense of déjà vu.At that time I had saved him and he had applied the medicine on my hand.This time,it was vice versa.

“You don’t need to do it.”,he argued,taking the first aid box from my hand.
I snatched it back and muttered, “Shut up and let me clean it.”
He straightened up and a look of pain shot across his face. “Should I remind you that no one talks to Aaron Wright like that?”
I opened the box and took the saline. “That’s why you are like this.If someone had used this tone with you earlier,then you would not be so stubborn and arrogant about cleaning your wounds.”
To my surprise he smiled.But then he said, “I can do it wife.I don’t need your help.”
I did not answer him but applied the saline to the wound on his shoulder.He should have taken his shirt off because it would have been easy to clean them.
Hesitantly I said, “You…should take your shirt off.It will make it easier to treat the injuries.”
“Give me the saline.I can do it.”

He took it from me and started to apply it,again with no success.My anger flared up.How can someone be so childish and full of ego?
This time I did not hesitate.I snapped, “Stop acting like a child.Remove your shirt and give this back to me.”

He sighed and took the shirt off.As much as I tried not to pay attention to his body,I could not help noticing his muscular chest.

 I continued with the cleaning and all this time,he kept his eyes shut.I was glad that he was not watching my expression.But I could feel the fast beating of his heart whenever I touched his chest.Finally I put butterfly closure strips on the injuries.

He opened his eyes and I put the used materials in a paper bag.Holding it in my hand, I opened his cupboard.He looked at me with a serious expression.There was no clothes in it.It was full of files.
“My wardrobe is there.”He pointed at the right.
Everything was unique about him.So how can his wardrobe be less?It  was luxurious,full and very big.Hundreds of shawls,shoes,clothes,ties were arranged very neatly in order.
I simply took a red t-shirt and gave it to him and took the dirty and tore one.I thought that he was going to argue with me about the t-shirt but he just put it on and relaxed in his chair.I’d to throw the shirt,the paper bag and wash my hands.

I started to walk but then was confused.Where to go?The door was nowhere in sight.Then I noticed the big painting behind the bed.It was his portrait and was very huge.It occupied the whole space on the wall.
I looked at my right and then left,not sure where to go first to be able to find the door.
“You don’t need to go.”,Aaron said,looking at me from the chair he was sitting.
“I need to get to my room.”,I said.
“This is your room.”,he simply said.
I glared at him and looked at his head.That part was perfectly fine.Had he suffered any internal injury?
“This is not my room!”,I argued.
“Now,it’s yours.You are going to stay here from this second.”,he announced.
I stared at him,shocked.Was he sharing his room with me?Why?

“But I am fine in my room.”,I assured him.
“Look wife,I am already mad.Just get some sleep and I am sure Es…Esme would like it a lot if you stay here.”
I frowned as I considered his point.He was right though.Esme would be happy and I never miss an opportunity to make her happy.

I did not say anything for some seconds and he misinterpreted my silence. “Fine.You want to go.Go but it’s your leg that is hurt,not mine.You will go and I will carry you back.You will go again and I will drag you again.One,five or ten times.After some time,it’s you who will accept defeat.After all,it’s not my leg which is hurt.”,he said with a smile.

I grimaced.I’d already accepted his point.He did not need to threaten me. “Where will I sleep?”,I said eyeing the sofa.It was small but I could manage. “Besides,we can’t sleep on the same bed.”

He gave me an amused expression. “I never thought that a girl would ask me this.But you can sleep on the bed
.I can’t believe that you flatly asked me this question.”


I blinked.Yeah,because you are so popular Aaron Wright,I said in my mind.

“Where is the door?”,I asked.
He looked mad now.He thought I still wanted to leave.But before he said anything,I clarified, “I am going to get my stuff.”
His expression relaxed. “Ana will bring it later on.Keep that shirt in the paper bag and throw it in the dustbin here.And sleep a bit but before that,eat.”

At the same time,there was a knock at the door.
“Come in.”,Aaron said loudly.
Ana entered his room from the right.So the door was there.She was holding a full tray of food and juice.
“Sir.”,she said,looking at Aaron.
“Put it on the bed.”
She did as he said and took the small dustbin to dump the bag.
“I need to bath.”,I said.
He nodded and led me to his bathroom which was on the left in his room.There were so many products in it. But I did not pay attention to them.Aaron let me bath and came back in the room.

“Mam.”,someone said,knocking at the door of the bathroom.I recognized the voice as Eva.
“Yes Eva.”,I said.
“Your clothes are with me.”.she said and I remembered that I did not take any clothes to wear after bathing.It must be Aaron who told her to bring them for me.I smiled,touched by his act.He was really being a gentleman.If he wished,he could have given me the clothes himself.But he did not.He knew that I would be uncomfortable taking it from his hand.

I opened the door and took it. “Thank you Eva.”
She gave me a huge smile.I did not consider Eva as a servant.In fact,I did not consider any one as servant here.But Eva was special.She was my one friend in this house apart from Esme.

 After some minutes,I watched in big surprise as he poured a glass of juice and gave it to me and then offered a bowl of Weetabix cereals.Again my favorite cereal.He really does know everything about me.
The food felt good in my stomach.He also ate with me and pressed a button on the telephone beside the bed.
Ana entered after one minute and took the tray away.
“Why are you being good to me?”I asked.I was afraid that I might fall in love with him if he continued to be so lovey dovey with me.He had to stop it.

 “Aaron does not keep favors. You saved me and I took care of you.End of story.”

I nodded in approval,grateful that he saw it this way.

Aaron’s injuries looked worse than me.He was in pain obviously but was trying not to show it.
“Aaron,you can sleep on the bed.”,I finally said after a long moment of silence.

He shot me a surprise look. “Why?”
“Your injuries are worse than me.”,I said softly,afraid that he was going to get angry.
The surprise look turned to anger as I expected. “You don’t need to worry about me.”
This was so him.But I wanted to apologize for what I said to him since the past days.Maybe now I can understand why he does not like to talk to Esme. The pain must be eating him from inside.Yet he pretends to look calm everyday.
I said sadly,“Aaron I-”
He read my expression and processed my tone.“Stop wife.The moment in the forest was just a weak one.It won’t happen again.Just pretend that it never happened.I don’t need your pity.” That’s not true,I was not pitying him.

I tried again.“I am not pitying you.I just wanted to-”
“Enough wife.Get some sleep.I think you hit pretty hard on your head.”
“At least can I thank you?”,I asked doubtfully.Or he had a problem with it also?
“For what?”,he asked innocently.
“For saving me.” He frowned.So he does not even like people thanking him
“It’s not necessary.”,he grumbled.
“For me,it is.Thank you very much for saving me.”,I said grateful.

“Sleep now wife.”,he ordered.

Aaron covered me and left to see Paul.

It must have a while since I slept and no one ever waked me up.I opened my eyes slowly and looked around.I felt fine and relaxed.I stretched my arms and blinked sleepily and walked to the bathroom.When I came back,someone was knocking at the door.

“Come in.”

Ana entered and held a tray of food for me.I looked at the clock.12.50 p.m.
“Sir told me to give you this when you wake up.”
I frowned.Aaron was caring about me more than he should.I did not want to admit it but I no longer hate him.I cared for him.
“How did you know that I woke up?”,I demanded.
Aaron Sir told me to wait outside the door until you wake up and when you do,I should bring food for you.”
I stared in shock.Ana was waiting for so long?

“Thank you Ana but take it back.I am not hungry.”,I said and she turned to go.
 “Wait.”,I called.
“Yes mam.”
“Did Aaron eat?”

“No mam.Both Aaron sir and Paul sir went out since a while.”

“Thank you.”

 Where did he go?He was unwell and yet he had to leave.I was sure he must be in office.He can’t forget his work for even a minute.Typical Aaron.I sighed and went to help Esme in the kitchen.She was cooking and it smelled good.
On seeing me,she approached. “Alicia,you should be in your room.” She looked at my legs worried.
“Mom,I am fine and I need to move around for the blood circulation.Then I’ll heal quickly.”

She shook her head, “Nothing doing.You will take full rest today and then tomorrow you can walk.”

Rose went out of the kitchen.I did not forget my questions and if I did not ask them now,they would bother me more.

“Mom,I need to something.”,I said.
“Before that,come with me.I need to give you something.

I nodded and followed her.


“This will look very nice on you.”,Esme said.
I was with Esme in her room and since one hour we have been talking and she has been showing me a lot of clothes and jewelleries.

After refusing her polite request to accept all the clothes and jewelleries,I finally took the one white blouse which would fit with any jeans.It was hard to refuse my sweet mother-in-law when she pleaded me.Though it was just a few days since we got to know each other,we were very comfortable.It was impossible not to love her.She was the sweetest person I’ve ever met.

We talked a lot about clothes and my childhood but at the end,I decided to ask the questions which were still stuck in my head.I  hope that she does not get hurt.

After much hesitation,I spoke out. “You are all so nice.Then why Aaron does not talk to you and others?”

The only family member that Aaron had ever talked to was his sister-in-law Rose.But that was not even talks. He had just insulted her. And I knew that I was being silly but I was suspicious that Rose was interested in Aaron. The way Rose looked at him and talked to him definitely hides other meanings in them.But Rose looked happy with her husband.I wondered if it was just a farce or was I thinking too hard?

The smile of Esme faded and I quickly said, “Yesterday Aaron told me that you were not like this years ago.But it’s okay mom.You don’t need to tell me if it hurts you.”
“No.”,she insisted. “You have every right to know.You are the wife of Aaron.You deserve to know.”
I waited patiently till she begun with the story.
“Actually it’s me and Carl who could not take care of him.”,she said guiltily.
“I can’t believe that.You are so nice mom.”

“Now!”, she said sadly. “But not twenty eight years ago.We never paid attention to him.We had a vast business and like every rich people,Carl and I just enjoyed ourselves at parties and leaving Aaron with servants but we would keep all tabs about him.That was our duty at least.But then everything was finished.Our business were ruined some years later and we all had to live in a small house.We rarely talked to Aaron but when everything was over,Carl and I just had him.We still did not talk to him because we were depressed.His father started to work as a clerk and I had to become a housewife.But when both Carl and I would try to talk to him,he pretended that we were invisible and would run away from us.We had lost him.”

“But Jack is elder than Aaron.”,I asked curiously.Then why was she not talking about Jack also?

She nodded, “I’ll get to that part later dear.”
I suppressed my curiosity and listened.
She continued with the story. “Aaron was already twenty years old then.He did not talk to us at all.He just took a job in some firm and everyone was praising his business abilities.Then he just decided to raise his own business and here he is today.”
 It was hard not to be sorry for Aaron.He had a rough childhood and maybe that’s why he was like a robot today.

“You think that he is stone hearted and I don’t say that you are wrong dear.But he was not like that earlier.”

She took a deep breath, “Jack is not my real son.” She hesitated more this time but I took her hand and squeezed it gently.She continued, “My husband had an affair in the beginning of our marriage.”
She looked at my expression and though I was shocked,I kept her expression intact.

“He did not love her but adore Jack.So when the woman died,we adopted Jack though he was already an adult then.He came to live with us.I’d already lost one son.I did not want to lose this one too.Aaron is more angry because of this.I thought that his wounds will be healed but he never-”
She cried, unable to continue.I hugged and comforted her, “It’s okay mom.Everything will be fine.”

I comforted her for some minutes and then she reatreated from me “Is that all that you wanted to ask me dear?”

I again hesitated.I did not want to hurt her more.
“Don’t worry about me.You can ask me anything.”

I bit my lips and finally said, “He also told me about his grandma and that she died because of him.”
She shook her head. “That’s his misunderstanding.He considers my mother-in-law Marie his everything.She had taken care of him since he was a baby.And I know that it was she who made my son happy.Aaron only used to seek affection from her because supposedly we were too busy to even talk to him.It happened at the age of twelve.A car was going to crush Aaron but she got in the way and saved him.She died on the spot and Aaron considers himself responsible.”
Esme cried and I looked at her with shock. “But he was not guilty.”,I argued.Why the hell does he think he was guilty?It was clear that it was not his fault.
“Yes,he was not but Aaron was not ready to hear anyone.He shut himself in his own world and slowly started to drift away from people.He would talk to no one but would just paint and study.As he grew up,he started to change.He became ruthless,rude and mannerless.He did not know to respect others.”

I did not know what to say to that.I kept quiet and just hugged Esme.
“I had hopes Alicia but not now.He has gone too far from us.” She then looked at me with a half smile.
“But I am surprised that he told you about his childhood.This is something that he himself runs away.He never tells anyone.It means that he trust you maybe.”

I looked at her in amazement.Maybe she was right.That’s why he is so nice and warm with me now.But I did not argue more about it with her.The look of hope on her face softened me.

“Just promise that you will take care of her dear.You are the only one who he has allowed in his life after so many years of living alone.”
I just nodded.Now that I knew about his past,I was not going to rest in peace.It was true that I did not like him much but there was a soft side to Aaron and I was getting drawn to him slowly.The way he had taken care of me in the forests and had carried me so that I would not get hurt registered into my head. Can he really be so nice?And what was the reasons behind it?


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