Married to the man that I hated
Author: keshnia

Chapter 6
Our new feeling for each other



Chapter 6

Alicia POV

One whole months passed since our wedding and my situation was getting better.Aaron rarely bothered me.

 It was  a Wednesday morning and Aaron had not insisted to take me to office today.He told me that it was a day off for me and I wondered why he was being nice all of a sudden.But I did not pay much attention to him.He had a lot of mood swings.I would not be surprised if he would call some minutes later and would call me to office.He did it once.He was more gentle with me now and did not insult her anymore.Sometimes I wonder if his hatred was decreasing or was he thinking of another move to break me.Because nowadays nothing of his antics make me angry or even prompt the reaction that wanted from me.That annoyed him terribly and I was glad to see him like that.Nothing bothered me anymore.Not even his insults or his way of grabbing my waist to hurt me.I was used to everything.I already had my share of pain and I started to become immune to it.




As the day progressed,I did not know what to do.After the wedding,I never sat idle and so it bothered me a lot.I was used to do all the work and so I helped the servant with the cleaning though they still hesitated to accept my help.Esme specifically ordered me to rest but I got bored and again came to the kitchen to help her.I made popcorn for Jack and Carl while they were watching a match.And I knew how much the family members got attached to me except Rose maybe.I never saw that affection that others had for me.But I did not bother myself.

Finally when I finished with everything,I went to my room  and there was a small box on my bed.It was wrapped.On top of it,a card rested.It was another gift from Aaron.He knew how to infuriate me and if I threw it,he would threaten me again with the name of my family.So better to take it.
I read the card first.It was an invitation from the Bond’s family for both Aaron and me.Mr Bond was our most recent client.Behind the card,something was written.
‘Wear this for the party.Aaron.’

I took the box and unwrapped it.A short satin black dress and a pair of high heeled black shoes were placed in it.I examined both and I would have loved the dress if Aaron had not bought it.
“I am not going.”,I murmured to myself.

“Oh really?”,Aaron said,his voice coming behind me.He was in the doorway and was staring at me.
“I won’t come.”,I stated firmly.

“It’s a business party.”,he clarified.This distracted me a bit.I never neglected my work.

Finally I murmured,“Still I won’t go.”
“I am not asking you.I am telling you to go.I think you only understand when I threaten you.”
I clicked my tongue.

“Be ready at seven sharp and don’t be late.Or else I’ll drag you to the party in your home clothes.Then don’t blame me.”

I frowned.But he did not see it.He had already left. Esme came to my room much later and tried to convince me to go.She said that she was sad that I don’t go anywhere but now I was getting a chance.I refused a few times but Esme insisted.How could I tell her that I hated his son and being with him disgust me so much?

At the end,I accepted and Esme looked very pleased.She was my one weakness in this house.I loved her as my own mother.


Aaron POV

I selected a black suit among my hundreds one and placed it on the bed.Rose entered with a glass of juice and I looked at her irritatingly.Not again.She really does not understand when someone tells her to get out.I definitely think that it’s high time that I record this line and kept it near me all the time so that she comes,I don’t have to tell her again to get out.

“There is a door outside my room which needs to be knocked before entering.”,I said rudely.
Rose smiled. “Oh come on,I don’t need permission to enter the room of my hero.”

I looked away and took my shoes from the wardrobe.Such a pain.
“Are you going somewhere?”,Rose asked curiously. “
Alexander Amosu suit and shoes by Aubercy.Hmm…that’s a good choice.Tell me hero.Are you going somewhere?”

“I am going to a party with my wife.Any problems?”,I said sarcastically.
Rose laughed. “Your wife? Do you think I don’t know why you married her?”
Of course she knew.All the family members knew and I knew that her time to talk nonsense was about to start.

“I heard someone calling you.You should go.”,I said with a mocking smile.
The smile of Rose disappeared. “I know that you still have feelings for me Aaron.Then why are you hiding them?”
“Desperate people always talk nonsense.Our relationship ended five years ago when you left struggling Aaron to marry the best architect Jack.What happened now?”
Rose blinked her eyes. “I realized that I  made a mistake.”
My voice shot up. “When? When Jack was getting few projects or when I became the owner of 50 billion dollars?” How can she be so stupid?Is she not aware that I can see right through her pretenses?

Rose shook her head. “I realized my mistake five years ago but-”
I interrupted. “But you only wanted me back four years ago when I started earning more than Jack.”

“No.It’s not like that.I still love you.”
I was fed up.“Will you get out of my room or should I drag you out myself?”
“Aaron,listen to me.Don’t you remember the day we met?”,she said in an attempt to melt my heart.
“Sure.I can never forget the day that we met though I’ll keep trying.Now get out.”,I said louder,furious now.
“No.I won’t go.”

I clenched his fists.I did not even want to touch her even if it only meant throwing her out.I hated her so much.
Rose touched my shoulder and I jerked away.How dare she touch me?Only Alicia has the right on me now.
“Stop that.I am married now.”
“Married? You both hate each other.You only married her to make me jealous.”
“That’s your dream sister-in-law.” She always become irritated when I call her by that name.
She glared at me for calling her sister-in-law. “Maybe I should tell Alicia the type of relationship that we had five years ago.”

I menaced her.“You will stay away from her.Do you understand?”
“Oh yeah!So much care for that lowly girl.”


That made me more angry.One more word about Alicia and I am definitely going to lose my calm.

“Rose.”,I  yelled. “Alicia is my wife.If you say one more word,I’ll throw you out.”
“But it’s the truth Aaron.A wife stays with her husband in the same room and Alicia is staying in the store room.Wow.Is that what you call wife?”
My jaw flexed but I did not say anything.I knew that there was some truth in the words of Rose.

“Alicia is someone whom you picked up on the road and who will soil you.”
“Enough.”,I said,losing my calm.I grabbed her by the arms and threw her out.
“Let go of me.”,Rose kept saying but I did not heed her and shut the door on her face.



Alicia POV

The dress code for the party was black and I absolutely did not want to put anything that Aaron gave me.I went to my wardrobe and searched for black clothes.How strange!There was not even one black cloth.And I could swear that yesterday I saw some black skirts.
Oh!So Aaron must have removed them after guessing my plan.He knew that I would not want to wear his gift nor can wear another color to the party.Also he knew that I would not have time to shop for another dress nor could I lend one.But then I thought of Rose.Maybe she can give me one but I felt very hesitant.And besides I am not sure she liked me much.

So I had no choice except to put the black tight dress with the sandals.The dress was perfect,one of the many that I would have loved.It was five inches above my  knees and was backless.Seeing the clothes ,it was obvious that he had ordered it from a big designer.The high heeled sandals are usually found on the ramp walk of Paris.

 Aaron can be a pain but he had good choice in clothes.His clothes were mostly fashionable.

 Eva came with two bags of make up and jewelleries for me and again a note was in it.

‘Don’t throw these.Be decent for the party.’

After reading the note,I definitely wanted to throw it  but I did not.I  was not keen on getting insulted in public.
So better to accept his words for today.
I just put a pair diamond earings with no other accessories.The necklace that Aaron had tied on my neck(as a prison chain) was removed by me the day I rebelled.I had thrown it into the dustbin in front of his eyes and he had said with a smile, “As long as you keep entertaining me,I don’t care what you do with your things.I can bring thousands like that for you.”
That made me angry.Nothing seem to hamper him anymore like me.Whatever I do had no effects on him.But he made good on his promise.He always does.Eva came with several of necklaces to me but I just put them on one side and simply took the earings.
After finishing my make up,I glanced at the clock.It was five minutes to seven.Time to go with the devil.

I descended down the stairs carefully and then heard Aaron calling me, “Wife.”
I looked at him.He was on the phone.

On hearing my noisy footsteps,he said, “ I told you that I would come at seven.Aaron does not wait-“
He stopped abruptly and was looking at me with an unreadable expression. For a moment,I thought that something had happened to him.Aaron Wright was speechless?That’s a new thing.He continued to look at me while I descended,forgetting whatever conversation he was having.

Close enough,I raised my eyebrows and he composed his expression.What’s wrong?Don’t I look decent according to him?

He continued to talk on his phone, “Yes.We are reaching in fifteen minutes.”

Aaron took the Buggati Veyron to the party.Aaron and his rules!

He usually used different cars to go to different places.For office,he would use the Mercedes and for shopping,he would take the Volvo and for going to the golf and tennis club,he would take the Aston Martin one 77.His taste was very classy.Whether it was clothes,shoes or cars,Aaron wanted the best.

Apart these places I had never gone anywhere else with him Mostly he would go alone to parties and I was very grateful that he did not take me along.Today it was different.If Esme had not pleaded me so much,I would not have gone with him.

He opened the door for me like a gentleman and I stared. “Get it.”
I blinked and realized that he waiting.Recently he was being very gentle with me and I am not able to digest this fact.Was his hatred really diminishing?Or was he fed up of bothering me?Did he feel ashamed and guilty?I thought a lot about it but then Aaron was a mystery.I would never understand him.He can have something in his mind and something else on his lips.But whenever I wanted to know about his feelings,I would simply looked into his eyes.His eyes were very expressive.They talked and few times,I thought that maybe he is softening towards me which was good or bad,I did not know.
 Once we were in the car,he gave me a smug smile after looking at my dress and sandals.He was feeling victorious that he managed to make me obey him after a long time.

“Don’t be too happy.”,I said irritated. His smile did not fade. “I am only wearing your clothes and going with you because of another reason.I am not going for you.”

His grin grew more pronounced, “But I did not say anything.”
I sighed, “Where are my clothes?”

“In a bag under your bed.”


The party was kept in the seven star hotel-‘The Beverly Hilton’.At the entrance,the guards did not ask us for passes and let us in as soon as they saw Aaron.

Aaron looked wary when he entered the huge hall and held my hand.The look on his face made me wonder but I did not protest.It looked like something  he hated was going to happen.Immediately,many journalists surrounded us and he sighed.

“This is never going to stop,is it?”,he murmured in a very low voice to himself.I did not think that he meant it for me to hear but I understood.He did not want to answer any questions today.He wanted to be free from the media.That shocked me.All I knew about Aaron was that he loved his status and was arrogant about it.But this time,his popularity seemed to bother him.He did not want the media around him.His facial expression said it all.

“Mr Aaron,how do you feel about getting this big project?”
“Do you feel that you will get the best businessman award this year also?”
“How is your married life going?”

Aaron took me from the crowd with an annoyed expression to meet Mr Bond.The latter was our priority right now.We’ve just got a deal of about 150 millions from him and if everything goes as planned,the deal would be very profitable.

“ Hello Mr Bond.”,Aaron said politely,a tone used only to his clients.
“Good evening Mr Aaron.Is she Mrs Wright?”
Aaron smiled. “Yes.Meet her.Mrs Alicia Aaron Wright.My life,my everything and my-”

He looked at me with a strange expression. “- and my obsession.”
Ya,good joke Aaron.My life,my everything,my whatever.The obsession part was true.I had been his obsession since I slapped him.

“Hello Mrs Wright.”,Mr Bond said.

I nodded. “Hi Mr Bond.It’s a beautiful party.”
He smiled. “I am glad that the wife of Mr Wright liked it.By the way you look very lovely.”

“Thank you Mr Bond.”

“Oh,please call me Mike.”

Aaron fought a smile and I agreed, “Sure Mike.”
“So how is the project going Mr Aaron?”,Mike asked and they both started to talk endlessly about the project.I just stood there,not paying much attention to these talks.I already knew what Aaron was telling him.

But then a group of girls came to Aaron and they both stopped talking.Some of them had their mouths opened,as if they saw their favorite movie star.They were speechless for some minutes.
From their appearances,they looked very young and was maybe about some 16-20 years old.How can so many girls die on him?Don’t they see his attitudes?

The first one who was wearing a black skirt and blouse pursed her lips, “Oh my god,you are Aaron Wright. Am I dreaming?Can I please have an autograph and a photo with you ?”
Aaron did not smile but took her writing pad and signed it and then posed for a photo with her.None of the girls seem to realise the presence of Mr Bond and I.

This made me smile. If Aaron was not in a private party and these girls had met him in public and would have requested for a photo,then they would have been disappointed.Aaron would have just walked away,without looking at them.He already did it so many times.The other girl was lucky enough to have his autograph on her back.Now as I thought about it,I feel that Aaron did it to annoy me and to make me realize his status.He was an arrogant man.

The others just stared,unable to speak at all.Aaron turned to them. “Do you all want an autograph too?”

The girls simply nodded and Aaron signed their notepads.

The first girl then requested him to dance.When Aaron refused politely,she pleaded, “Please,just one dance Sir.Only one.”

“Okay.Only one.”
The girl shouted in joy and Aaron took her hand and went to the dance floor.The others followed.

I looked at them with a smile.The girls were so happy.Aaron twirled the first girl around the floor expertly.He was a good dancer.
When he saw the others staring at him with wide eyes and open mouths,he took their hands one by one and twirled them also.Here,he did not look like the devil that I had in my mind.He looked peaceful and good.

After ten minutes,he came back and the waiter asked me if I wanted something, Aaron took two orange juice and gave one to me.
I stared at him shocked.He was not drinking liquor?
“Well,there is no milk here or else I would manage with that.”,he said sarcastically to me. I had forgotten that Aaron had stopped drinking since the day I threw all his bottles.Initially I thought it was a ploy but then he was sober all nights and this really force me to think.When I asked him,he had just said, “It’s the first time you have asked me something,how can I refuse?” And then he had given me his wicked smile.

Mr Bond went to attend other guests and I drank my juice.I wondered if I would be able to eat the food served here.I preferred my simple homemade food.

By that I remembered Esme.Wonder if she had already eaten?She had to take her medicines of blood pressure as well.I did not have a phone with me because I never felt the need to use one before.But I’d to call her.
I looked at Aaron expectant, “Can I please borrow your phone for a minute?”
“Sure wife.You can borrow if for the rest of you life.”,he teased. “Who are you calling?”
“Mom.”,I replied automatically.
“I thought I told you not to talk to her.”He raised his eyebrows.
“I am talking about Esme.”,I clarified.
“Oh”,he said serious. “Well then I don’t have the number of any leeches on my speed dials.You can’t use my phone then.”
I snapped, “How can you talk about your mother like that?”

“She is not my mother.”,he snapped back.
“Wow.You are really a monster.”
“Better than her at least.”

It was useless to talk to him. I pressed my lips. “You know what?Let it be.I’ll call at the reception.”
“Good luck.”,he said angrily.

I took the lift and descended on the ground floor.

 “Can I please make a call?”,I asked the receptionist.

“Sure mam.Can you tell me your name?”,she asked,holding the registrar to make entry for all those people who used the phone.
“Alicia Wright.”,I replied.
I took the phone and started to dial but the receptionist took it back.I stared at her,perplexed.What the hell?

“I am sorry mam but Aaron sir just called five minutes ago.He told me to forbid you to use the phone.”

Of course.What else can be expected?So that was his implications for ‘’good luck’. “Is there a public booth around?

“Yes,just some miles away but it’s better that you take someone with you.Its pretty dark in the alley.”

“Thank you.”,I said andshoved the door open.I was about to go out when a hand grabbed me from behind.It startled me.
“Ah.”,I said.
Aaron was looking at me furious, “You are so stubborn. You don’t need to go on the road. Besides, it’s pretty dangerous. Let’s go back to the party. Mr Bond is searching for you.”

After struggling to release my hand,I gave up. He was so much stronger. “But I’ve to call Esme.”
“You don’t need to.She must be fine.”,he said sourly.
“I am not checking if she is fine.I want to know if she took her medicines.”
“Stop it wife. There are other people who can take care of her. You don’t need to abide by those relationships or else you will face consequences.”

“Oh stop it Aaron. Why are you like this?Is it so hard to be good? Or you are so habituated to hurt people that you can’t stop now.”
He did not answer but dragged me again to the party. A nightmare.

Mr Bond saw us quiet and said, “Go on the dance floor people.”
“It’s okay Mr Bond.I am fine.”,I said politely.
He raised an eyebrow because I called him by his surname but did not say anything this time.

“Please. What will people say?That Aaron Wright and his wife came to my party and did not even dance.My reputation will be finished.”,he laughed.

“I don’t think Alicia can dance.She never learned.”,Aaron teased.
“Come on Mrs Wright.It is only one dance.”
“She won’t”,Aaron said in my place and I grew angry.Aaron was challenging me and he knew that this was the only way to make her agree to something.I was not going to agree to this demand but he continued to challenge me and I looked at him angrily.

“I can and I will.”

Aaron gave Mike a half smile. “Okay.”
He extended his hand towards me like a gentleman.I stared,not really wanting to dance with him.But Mike looked at us with hopeful eyes.And so I put my hand in his and went on the dance floor.

The dance was a means to take revenge from each other.He was holding me too hard and at a step of the dance,I pushed his shoulder hard.He went a bit far and then held his balance.I came running in his arms and he pressed the back of my neck.The rest of the dance went like this.We were both hurting each other.Everyone was too busy looking at our exquisite dance to notice anything and finally the song was over.I inhaled in relief.
Mr Bond came to them with a smile, “That was wonderful.You are so made for each other.”

Aaron and I shot each other sour looks.I skipped dinner as I’d intended to and Aaron did not say anything.He opened a bottle of champagne on the occasion and many people were clapping their hands.But they were shocked when neither Aaron and I drank.When Mr Bond asked him,he simply said that he is drinking milk nowadays and gave me a wicked smile.

When we left the party late at night,I was still thinking about Esme.After putting my seat belt, Aaron gave me a take away.
When I did not say anything,he pressed, “Wife, you did not eat anything. Just take it.”
“I am not hungry.”, I said still thinking about Esme.
“I need to tell you something.I…” He hesitated as if he was admitting a weakness.

I looked at him,surprised. Since when does Aaron hesitate to tell me something?
“…I made Paul check on Esme if she took her medicines and she already did a long time ago.”

 I looked at him with wide eyes and for the first time,I felt like smiling at him from the depth of my heart.This was so unlike him.He noticed my stare. “It’s the first and last time.”,he said embarrassed.
I adjusted my expression and he relaxed and gave me the take away. “Eat now.”

Better to take it! I did not want to face his wrath again.I nodded.It surprised me to see my favorite food.It was pepperoni pizza.
“How did you know that it was my favorite food?”,I asked him.Can he ever stop surprising me?
He shrugged.Obviously he did not expect this question. “I know everything about you.”
Really? “How much is everything?”,I asked curious.
Today he seemed at ease to answer me.All the anger,irritation had disappeared from his face. “Everything means everything.Your favorite food,music,authors,your academic qualifications,your dreams,your best friend Jacob though I don’t know his face.”
My mouth was agape.He really knew a lot of things. “Wow.”,I simply said and continued to eat.

We were silent on the way and I put the remaining food in a plastic bag.

 Aaron seemed thoughtful.I was about to ask when I noticed that he was driving off limits and very fast.
“Slow down.”,I shouted.
“Wife,there is a small problem.”,he said perfectly relaxed.

“Slow down first.”,I insisted with panic.
“I can’t.”,he murmured.
But before he could explain more,I snapped, “What do you mean you can’t?We are going to crash.”

“Exactly.The brakes are failed.”,he informed.
Panic overtook me.

“Don’t worry.We will be fine.”,he assured me.

I stared at him blankly.Don’t panic.Sure sure.We were going to crash any moment and he was telling me to relax.

I held tight to the seat and Aaron turned the steering in an attempt to stop it by the trees.He looked panicked now.The steering was not moving.I realised that it was failed also and we were going down.The car shook a lot and finally it crashed against a tree.The next thing I know is that Aaron was calling my name and I closed my eyes.

Aaron POV
I shook her shoulders worried. “Alicia.Alicia.”
She did not wake up and I realised that her legs were hurt.I wrinkled my nose and could smell petrol.I panicked as I realised that the car can catch fire any moment. Quickly,I opened the door and took Alicia out.I was hurt in my shoulders but did not had time to think about myself.I carried her and walked till I left the car to a distance and I heard a loud sound.It blasted.

I watched it in shock but then walked as far as I could until the smell of the blast could not be detected.

I placed her across a tall tree and looked at her well for the first time.Her face was like an angel descended from the sky.Her beautiful big grey eyes,her full lips,her long brown hair…everything was special about her.I touched her hair which was in a mess now and then stopped.What am I doing?This girl was making me crazy.How come I no longer hate her?In fact,I cared about her.I cared when I hurt her during the dance,when she did not eat,when she was going alone outside and even now.Literally,I think I am going mad to care about my enemy.I needed to make her suffer,not care about her.

Frustrated,I looked around and took my mobile.No network.




Alicia POV

When I opened my eyes,something hurt a lot.The pain came from my right leg.I touched it slightly.It hurt so much.

“Ow.”,I said.
“Is it hurting a lot?”
The voice startled me and I looked at the person beside me.Aaron was looking at me with a worried expression.
I scanned the place.There were trees everywhere.We were in a forest and I was leaning towards a tree. Aaron must have taken me out of the car while I was not conscious.
I asked the most important question first. “Are you okay?”
He nodded with a frown.He seemed to have suffer minor bruises on his shoulder only as his coat was torn at that part.
“Where is the car? Where are we?”,I asked.
 “I don’t know exactly but it’s some kilometers from Los Angeles.Maybe it’s somewhere near S Western Avenue.And the car has been blown to pieces.”

Blown to pieces?But I could not smell anything,neither burnt petrol nor car scraps.I gasped as I realized that Aaron must have carried me far.

I glanced at him.He was holding his phone.
“Dammit.”,he said irritated.
“No network.”,I assumed.
He nodded and then turned to look around. “We have to spend the night here.”  I was not surprised.It was dark and walking at this time was not a good idea. “Wait here. I’ll come back in a few minutes.”

No.I was afraid to be left alone.“Where are you going?”
“I’ll see if I can get some cut woods somewhere to make a fire.”

I nodded and before leaving,he smiled at me.
“By the way if you see any lion,just climb a tree.It won’t be able to reach you then.I’ve heard that there are many wild animals here and are looking for preys all the time.”,he teased and I grimaced.I was about to plead him to take me with him because I was truly afraid but I did not say anything out of ego. “Okay? Bye.”

He left and I looked around constantly,searching for dangers,though it was very dark.Some minutes passed but Aaron was not here yet.
Something abruptly was moving a bit far in the bushes.I stood up immediately despite the pain,swallowing saliva.
My hair stood up on my neck and it was not the cold that bothered me anymore,it was fear.The noise grew louder and I scanned her eyes around,searching for a tree which I will be able to climb.I mentally scolded myself for thinking that.

The noise was becoming louder and I closed my eyes in fear.I was frozen right there.Something touched my shoulder and I yelled as loud as I could.
The person shut my mouth and I opened my eyes slowly.Aaron was looking at me with an irritated expression.I pulled his hand from my mouth in anger and Aaron was embarrassed.How dare he touch me? He then started to laugh at my expression.
“You thought it was an animal,didn’t you?”
“No.”,she lied.
He did not buy it. “You are lying.Your face has gone pale and your lips are white.”
I did not say anything at that.He lifted the woods that he had thrown on the ground and arranged them to put a fire.I only stared.

He checked the pockets of his coat. There was nothing.He scanned the surroundings and went to pick two large rock.

He rubbed them together and after a few tries,a fire ignited and he lit the woods.
He glanced at me.I was already wrapping my hands around my knees.It was so cold.

“You took me out of the car.”,I said slowly.
He seemed hesitant to answer. “It was not the best option to leave you there.Not even your clothes would have survived.”
I shuddered and looked at my clothes.It was already topless and backless and now it was shredded at my waist and hips.
Aaron noticed me analyzing my clothes and he took his coat off.I looked at him afraid for a second,doubting his intentions.Then he wrapped the coat around me.It felt good against the cold but I returned it to him.
He threw it on my head and I removed it and held it in my hand, “I don’t want it.”
“Take it.You will fall ill again.”
“Since when do you care if anything happened to me?”,I snapped.
He breathed, “It was not written in the contract that I’ve to answer all your questions.”

“Take the coat and sit down.”,he added.
“I don’t need it.”
“Keep your ego aside and wear it.It’s cold.”
“Please Aaron,stop your acting.A person who does not even talk to his own mother does not need to tell me what to do.You should only do something that you are good at,drinking.It’s a pity that you don’t take alcohol anymore.”

His jaw hardened and said, “ I don’t drink because it’s a passion or because I love to.The alcohol that you assume is my passion is in fact a need,a way to keep the bad memories away for a night.I drink to forget the past,the guilt.And Esme is not what she looks like.She deserved the way I am treating her.It’s her fault.”

I listened,not really understanding what he was talking about.
“I don’t do anything without a reason.There is a reason why I do not talk to her.Since childhood,I’ve been craving for her affection and then when her business got ruined,she remembered that she had a son.Oh please,how much drama could she and her husband do more?”

Aaron seemed to have forgotten that he was talking to someone.His face was twisted in pain and he was remembering some painful and bitter memories.
He continued as if there was no one with him.“She and her husband stole my entire childhood and now she is claiming her rights on me because I am rich.She won’t succeed ever.I am unlucky.I know it.I thought that I got a family when I had my grandmother.But god could not even see that.He stole the person that I loved the most in the world.But I know that it’s my fault.She died because of me and I am guilty.I am a monster as you says.You are right.”

 Suddenly he seemed to realize that I was there.I was frozen and I could feel the shock on my face.I never knew that he hid so much pain in him.The Aaron whom I knew was rude,arrogant and enjoyed hurting others.But as I thought about it,I became conscious of that maybe he was returning his pain to everyone,to his family and me.
He looked away from my unmovable posture and gave the coat back.He was embarrassed.But I could not understand how his grandma died because of him.But he could not believe that he had just told his past to me.His expression said it all. “Wear it.”

I composed my expression and took the coat without arguing more. Finally I wrapped it around me grateful. “Thank you.”

I wrapped my hands around my knees.The coat was large and long enough to cover till my hips.My teeth were chattering due to the cold.
He went to sit in front of the fire,a bit far away from me.

I ran through the words that he had just said to me.Though I’d never thought that I would have this feeling for him but I’d to admit that she was sorry for him.Maybe what he told me is just a small part of the reality that he was hiding till now.If Esme and Carl had only cared about their business and did not give attention to Aaron,then Jack should have angry with them too.But he was not.Or did he forgive them?

Maybe there was another reason behind everything.I can not believe that Esme could be like that as Aaron had described.She is the sweetest person that I’ve ever met.But someone can change.Aaron said that she changed after losing everything.So the business that Aaron was handling was not of the family?I’ve never seen his father or brother in the office ever.
Jack has chosen another profession apart from business.He is an architect.I should ask Esme when I get back home. I won’t forget. Or else this will bother me a lot.

I glanced at Aaron. He was staring at the fire intently.I continued to look at him till he met my gaze.He did not like what he saw in my eyes.Maybe it was sympathy,sadness and curiosity. I looked down immediately and bit my lips. I am going to find out about this soon,I promise.

I leaned more comfortably across the big tree.I was very sleepy.It must be so late.I looked at the small watch in my hand. The needle shows four o’clock to ten minutes.
I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms more securely around my knees and soon drifted in unconsciousness.



Aaron POV

I just could not believe what I just did.Telling her a part about my sad past was definitely a mistake.A big one.I’d forbidden her to meet Esme so that she would not delve in my past.But I’ve done it myself.All my efforts to hide this from her were rendered to dust.And now she was going to feel sympathy for me which I did not want.It was clear in her eyes. I was worried about the new feelings that were arising in me after I told Alicia about my past.This woman had listened to me without interrupting once.

I looked at sleeping Alicia and wondered about her purpose in my life.I no longer see her as the girl who slapped me but as the girl who was so brave that she could oppose me without fear.She was my match and I liked that courage about her.

I took a deep breath and continued to look at her.The fire was dying out and she was restless.Worried,I went near her and hesitated.But Alicia though in deep sleep put her head on my shoulder and looked more peaceful.I was surprised to see her restlessness disappeared but I did not flinch a bit.I wrapped my arms around her to prevent her from falling and drifted off to sleep knowing that Alicia was sleeping peacefully after all that I’d put her through and her near death experience.

The chirping of the birds woke me up.Alicia was still sleeping and she still looked peaceful.I had a very peaceful sleep since so many years.I did not know the reason behind it but sleeping by her side,I was not restless and the nightmares did not come.

 I smiled and again looked at her.Her eyes were still closed but she was up.An automatic smile came to her lips like she was dreaming good things and made a cute face.I stared at her,so mesmerized by that small act.That was the cutest thing ever in my world.

She was about to stretch her arms when she realized that she was not sleeping alone.Her head was resting on my shoulder and I still had my hand around her.Her eyes snapped open and she raised them to glance at me and caught me staring at her.Our gaze locked together for some seconds and I forgot for a while that she was waiting for me to remove my hand.

She lifted her head from my shoulder and I removed my hand.I looked down immediately and stood up. “The fire died out and you were restless.”,I explained.
She did not say anything but stood up also.

“Will you be able to walk?”,I asked.

Alicia POV
I removed the coat and gave it back to him.It was not that cold anymore.
He shook his head, “Wear it.Your clothes are torn.”

I did not raise any objections and followed him into the forests as he tried to search the way out.My legs hurt more than I’d imagined and I was terribly weak and tired.We had already walked some kilometers and Aaron took his phone out.He was irritated.
“No network yet.”,I asked.
“No network and the battery is about to die.Damm it.”,he muttered.We continued to walk for some minutes till my feet were not allowing me.I was slowing him and I knew that he realised it too.

He turned to look at me till his eyes lingered on my injured feet.
“You should go ahead.”,I urged. “I’ll try to find the way.I know that I am slowing you down.”

That brought a flicker of anger on his face and he walked towards me and scooped me up in his arms easily.I was about to protest but he shot me a threatening and frightening look which silenced me immediately.I put my arms around his neck and he started to walk.His body heat was making me insane.This was the first time that I was so close to someone.
As he walked,I pondered if it was the same man who had told me that he would leave no stone unturned to make my life worse than hell.He did not seem to hate me right now and the way he was behaving did not indicate that he found it repulsive to touch me.

He must be weak after walking so much but he kept moving with me at the same pace as if my weight was not making any difference to him.

All this while,I kept looking at him and he was uncomfortable.Maybe he was not at  ease at the way our bodies were touching. Once in a few minutes,he would glance at me but would not smile. “Take my phone out of my pocket and try to call Paul.”

I did as he said and dialled Paul’s number.There was full network but the bad news was that the battery could die out any moment.
He picked it up on the first ring. “Boss,Where are you?”,he asked panicked and worried.
“Put it on loud speaker.”,Aaron said and I did.
“Paul listen to me carefully.”

Aaron explained Paul about our situation in a rush and told him that we were lost near the forests,probably at S Western Avenue.He did not let Paul talk much but at the end Paul informed that he is coming and before hanging,Aaron told him to bring a fresh pair of clothes for me.
“I’m still walking.No.I don’t want any clothes for me but just bring one for Alicia and-”

He stopped mid sentence and I looked at the phone.The battery had died.At least the important message had passed.Aaron continued to hold me as strongly as he could.But I could feel his hands trembling and I offered, “I can walk now.My legs don’t hurt that much.”
“It’s okay.We are about to reach anyway.”,he answered.

He was right.Finally we did reach the highway.Paul was already there with a car.Aaron did not put me down immediately but walked till the car.
Paul looked relief and surprised on seeing us.Relief because Aaron and I were fine and surprised because Aaron was holding me in his arms. “Boss,are you okay?”
“I am fine.”

“How are you mam?”,he asked turning to me.
“Everyone was so worried at home boss.Elder mam-”,Paul started to say but stopped on seeing Aaron’s hostile expression.He did not like to hear anything about Esme.
Aaron changed the topic, “Did you bring her clothes?”
Paul took out the clothes from the car and gave it to me.Aaron put me in the car and I stared at him blankly when he did not enter.

“Change your clothes.We will turn.”
It was out of question.
“No.”,I said and Aaron looked at me. “I’ll change at home.Besides we are going to reach soon.”
“I don’t want anyone to see you like that.Do you realize how much your clothes are torn?” He was right.
“But I’ve your coat.”,I argued.
“My coat is also torn.So change without another argument.Paul and I will back in five minutes.You have full privacy.”,he persisted.I was about to argue more but he had already left with Paul.I looked at the clothes and lifted all the windows up and locked the door.I quickly changed into the long skirt and shirt.My whole skin was covered.
After I was done,I unlocked the door and waited for their return.After some minutes,Aaron called, “Are you done?”

Aaron came to sit beside me at the back and Paul drove the car.Paul gave Aaron a bottle of water and he gave it to me first.Being terribly thirsty,I drank half the bottle and Aaron drank the other half.

My eyelids felt really heavy and I just wanted to sleep.I had got only about 2 hours of sleep.Aaron must have got less.

I rested my head against the seat,closing my eyes slowly in defeat.I did not want to fight against my eyelids anymore.Aaron looked at me worried but let me sleep.




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