Married to the man that I hated
Author: keshnia

Chapter 5
It's time to teach Aaron a lesson


 Chapter 5
There were two men and two women.The first man and woman were old,enough to be of my parents’ age.The second couple was young.
The younger man resembled Aaron.He had the same full lips,thin nose and height of 6 feet.Only the color of their eyes differ.Aaron had grey eyes while this man had black ones.The younger woman was beautiful and had a great figure.She could have been a model.They were looking at Aaron now and he looked furious.He just passed past me and left without a second glance at them.I looked down,embarrassed.
The older man and woman approached me and smiled.I smiled back though I’d no idea about their identities.

“Hello dear,I am Esme Wright and this is my husband Carl Wright.”,the older woman said.
I stared with wide eyes.Aaron had family?Not even once in the news or TV had it been mentioned that Aaron had a family.And I kept thinking that he did not have anyone and taunt him about it.
To the world Aaron Wright was a mystery
.He never talked about his personal life and would only discuss his plans for business.

Esme took my hand and took me inside.Everyone followed.I looked at her,amazed.

We all sat on the sofa and she introduced the rest of her family.
“This is my son Jack Wright and daughter-in-law Rose Wright.”,she pointed to the other couple.

Not wanting to be rude,I felt the need to introduce herself. “I am-”
Esme interrupted, “I know.You are Alicia,the wife of my son Aaron.”

I nodded sadly.
“Welcome to the family dear.”,Carl said.I nodded and mouthed a ‘thank you’ to him.

“I know that it must be very strange for you.”,Jack said apologetically. “When you got married,no one was here.And all of a  sudden,you get to know that Aaron has a family.For the outside world,we are invisible.Aaron doesn’t like to talk about his family.”

“But he is like that.”,Rose continued. “Don’t mind.Actually we were in Dubai.Jack is an architect and this time,he got a project in Dubai and so he decided to take the whole family on a holiday as well.It was fun.”

“Yeah Rose.”,Carl agreed.

I spent a lot of time with my new family.It was a very loving family.Since I came here,it was the only good thing that happened to me.It’s been only fifteen minutes when Carl,Jack and Rose went to unpack.Esme stayed with me and talked to me a lot.She was very sweet.It was only her that kept me talking throughout the entire afternoon.Aaron did not return.It was almost dinner time and Esme and I were in the kitchen preparing dinner.Or it could be said that only Esme  was preparing it.She would not let me even touch anything and told me that I should not work,not yet.I bit my lips at that but did not told her that I’d already started to work.

Finally she decided to make cottage cheese,steak and potatoes.She asked me a lot of questions about my career,life and family.I told her a lot of things except about the deal.I told her that I wanted to study medicines but had to discontinue her second year of studies because of lack of finance.Esme did not ask me a single question about Aaron and I assumed that she knew everything and did not want to hurt me by bringing it up.

She even saw my hand and asked me about it.I lied smoothly that I fell and it was okay now.I knew that Aaron did not like any favors on him and so if I go around and tell everyone,it will make matters worse.


At dinner time,I insisted to set the table and everyone were already at the dining table except Paul and Aaron.
“Aaron is not here yet?”,Rose asked,looking at me.I had no answer.What would I say?

Esme replied for me, “He will come late and drunk as usual.”

There was worry in her voice and she did not try to hide it.I already knew about the bad habit of Aaron and I did not care.But this was not his usual drinking time.He usually drank late at night.

But then an idea clicked into my mind.Alcohol was his best friend.Why don’t I get rid of this friend? This would be aiming two birds with one stone.First of all,Esme would be very happy if his son was not ruining his health.And then,it would infuriate Aaron more.I considered the benefits as I looked at my plate.

Jack praised the food made by Esme.Then I realized that I was not eating.As I took the first spoon,Aaron and Paul entered with some files in their hands.Both of them came to sit near me and put aside the files.

Aaron did not say anything to anyone but just looked at me.I served them and Paul started to eat.But Aaron looked at the food for some seconds and inhaled deeply. I watched in amazement as he pushed the plate toward an empty chair.There was full anager in those eyes.

Then he started to yell, “Sam…Sam.”

Esme,Carl and I stopped eating and looked at him.Esme did not look surprised but hurt while the others continued to eat unconcerned.Does it happen often?

Sam came immediately. “Yes Sir.”
Aaron clenched his fists tightly and looked at Sam with anger.
“Did you get the salary of this month?”,he demanded angrily.

I wondered where the conversation was going.Sam simply nodded and Aaron stood up, “Then why the hell you did not cook dinner today?”

“Sir,elder madam insisted.”
“I don’t care what others say.This is my house and everything works according to me.Next time,I don’t want anyone to cook food except you and Alicia.Is that clear?”

“Yes Sir.”,he stammered.
“Now go and prepare something for me fast.”,he ordered.

So Aaron did not like eating food by Esme.He does not talk to her or any member of the family,for some reasons.But he did recognised the scent of the food.This hurt Esme terribly and she was not eating.I looked at her and she tried to smile.

She continued to eat and Aaron called Misty,his other servant.
“Just give this food to the dogs.”

Esme’s eyes were welled with tears and Aaron clapped his hands to get my attention.
“Finish your meal quickly and meet me in the study room.We have to discuss a new project.”

I nodded and continued to eat.One of the thing that I have never refused  to do is office work.Aaron always get fantastic projects and it was a pleasure to work on them.I loved working.It distracted me a lot from the pain.

Aaron got up but then turned again. “There is a box in your room.”
I made a face.

He looked at me in amazement. “It’s empty.Put all your used clothes for the past days in them.”

I was about to ask the reason but he just took his files and headed to the study room.I ate,wondering about the reason.
“It’s so him Alicia.”,Esme said.My head snapped up.She was smiling at me. “He doesn’t use the same clothes twice and he is applying the same rules to you.He has some strange perceptions about style.He doesn’t like wearing the same clothes twice.”

I nodded thoughtfully.That’s why I’ve never got his clothes in laundry.For one week,I’ve just washed mine.But he does dress well.Sometimes I wondered how can he has such good choice in clothes?He does not seem to be the one to follow the latest fashion and I’ve never seen him reading a fashion magazine.Or maybe he read them when I was not around.
Once he had wore a pair of jeans and a torn fashionable t-shirt with a shawl wrapped around his neck and he does not look like a  businessman when he is dressed like that.I realized where my thoughts were going.If he was not mean,rude or heartless and the cause of my miseries,maybe I would fallen in love with him.He was hot like no other man. Ughh…What was I thinking?Maybe I lost it.He is your enemy Alicia.Don’t see him as the handsome,hot and charming person that he projects himself to be but see under that mask which lies a very ugly reality of him.


At about thirty minutes past ten, I caught sight of Aaron’s bar.I pondered as I looked at the various bottles of alcohol. I’d already decided what I should do.Then why should I wait to do a good deed? I smiled.I’d two main reasons to do it.First it was for Esme.She would be happy to see Aaron sober and the second was that she wanted to get her revenge from Aaron.Harmless revenge.Revenge for his own good.

In just a few minutes,he would be there,telling Paul to pour him a drink and he would continue till late at night.So I should do it now.I would love to see his reaction.

“Sam,William,Noah,Misty.”,she called.It was better not to involve the woman.I am sure this smell of alcohol disgust them as it did to me.

They all came and looked at me with their head bowed.

 “Noah bring a big bucket and help me please.”

His eyes narrowed when I said please.I smiled at him and he went outside.He came back in twenty seconds and I started to work on my plan.I could see in their eyes that they were afraid but I comforted them.

“Don’t worry.Nothing will happen.”,I assured them.
They helped me to open the bottles and I poured all the alcohol in the bucket.Oh my god,they smell so bad.

Aaron walked into the bar along with Paul and all the servants stopped at once.
“Paul,prepare a large for me.”,he said.But then he stopped and  looked at the servants and finally his eyes flickered to me.To irritate him,I gave him a huge grin.

His eyebrows pulled together but did not say anything.Paul looked shocked.
“Mam,this is the alcohol of Sir.”
I smiled in a mocking way and Aaron stared. “That’s why I am emptying the bottles.”

“Why are you afraid?,”I said to the four servants. “Don’t worry.No one will be punished for doing a good job and if anyone tells you anything,I’ll stand with you.Continue.”

They just stood there and looked down.No one wanted to help me anymore in fear of Aaron.He just kept staring at me until I myself grabbed the fifth bottle of Whisky.Aaron grabbed my hand and glared at me.His reaction should have frighten me but I was not scared.Maybe it was because I’ve lived with him for one week now and I knew him enough to know what to expect from him.

“Maybe, I was behaving too gentle with you.That’s why you are forgetting that you are the servant of this house,not my wife.Since morning,you are crossing your limits.”,he yelled.
All the family members rushed to see what was happening.They all looked curious except Esme who was worried.
I put the bottle on the table and looked at him in his eyes.We were close enough to feel each other’s breath.
“I don’t forget anything Aaron but maybe it’s you who is becoming forgetful.That’s why I threw all the alcohol.It affects directly the mind and forces a person to lose his memories.You have said that I am a servant but the truth is that I am your wife.You married me and so now I am fulfilling my duty of a wife.I told you that in the godown.Watch how I do my duty of your wife now.”

He just stared at me for some seconds and I continued, “So it’s my first step for fulfilling my duties. Besides alcohol ruins the liver.”

I widened my eyes in false alarm when he did not say anything. “Now please,don’t tell me that you don’t have a liver.I can accept that you don’t have a heart but it will be too much if you say that you don’t have  a liver.Won’t it be?”

“You will regret.”,he told me,looking deeply into my eyes.
“Not me.You will regret if you don’t change your habits.”

I again took the remaining bottles and poured them in the bucket.Finally the task was completed.

I smelled it and wrinkled my nose, “This smells so bad.I wonder how you drink it?Is there a specific formula for being able to swallow it?,”,I asked sarcastically and Jack stiffed a giggle.

I looked at all of them.Esme looked relieved now and Carl looked bored.Jack was smiling and Rose was amused.


Aaron snapped this time, “You don’t need to know anything.Put that down.” That what I wanted.I wanted to bother him,to see his anger.I absolutely knew that he can still make Paul buy hundreds of bottles for him after I threw everything.Yet I did not care.I just wanted to teach him a lesson.It was payback time Mr Wright.

“No.”,I  said determined. “Your memory has really become weak.I’ve just told you that I am doing my duty of a wife.Now it has really become vital to throw this stuff.Am I right mom?”

I looked at Esme and she nodded.Aaron just kept his eyes on me and I thought that I saw Paul smiling behind the back of Aaron. Maybe Paul was happy that at last someone decided to change his boss.This gave me more courage. If everyone was with me and especially Esme,I could face the wrath of Aaron happily.

I took the bucket till the kitchen because no servant came forward to help me again.Everyone followed and Aaron had a frustrated expression “So how was it husband?”

He smiled wryly and said, “Not bad.But you can try harder.”

I stared in disbelief and realised that my step did not affect him much.Where was the anger and hatred? It seemed to have evaporated in thin air.Instead he looked entertained and amused.

I pressed my lips together,controlling my anger.
“Sam,bring it.”He hesitated and I added, “Now.”

“Another bucket or another bottle?”,Aaron mocked.
“Just wait and watch.”

His lips twitched,fighting a smile and I looked away.It was too much for me.Sam came with a covered tray and everyone looked suspicious.
He was trembling when Aaron shot him a look.
“Why are you scared?Give it to me.Go.”

I took the tray and put it on the table near the sink. “So here it husband.”

Aaron’s expression abruptly changed and he pondered.
“Don’t think too much.”,I repeated what he once said to me. “So from now on,alcohol stops and…”.I uncovered the tray. “… milk starts.”

He became serious again and I could hear Jack and Rose laughing.A slight smile played on my lips.
“Well husband,you have two options.Either you drink it or you drink it.”
His eyes narrowed and he put his hand on his mouth thoughtful and his lips pulled at the corners.He was smiling?Removing his hand from his mouth,he took the glass from the tray.

“Oh,so you will drink it by yourself.Good boy.”,I  said deliberately.I knew that he had no intention to drink it.
As expected,he threw it in the sink and placed the empty glass on the table.
“Tit for tat.No one controls me wife.The sooner you understand it,the better it will be for you.”

I leaned towards him. “I am not trying to control you.I am mending your bad habits.”
“You won’t succeed wife.”
I was confident.“We’ll see.”
“You don’t know me yet wife.”
“And you don’t…know me yet husband.”

He stared at me with a half smile for some seconds and I snapped, “What?”

“Nice attitude.Keep that ego intact.It will help you a lot in future.”,he teased.

I fumed and left from the kitchen and Esme smiled at me.


The next morning,I woke up at five o’clock as usual.It was a habit now.Everyone was still sleeping and I knew that today I would not have much work.I just bathed and put all my used clothes in the box.After analysing my face in the mirror,I was glad to see that it had again become a creamy color.Or else,I’d been very ill by eating those burnt food.Now that I am getting good and healthy food,I felt better.Sometimes I tend to think that Aaron stopped giving me burnt food for two reasons.He had promised this type of food for just a week and also because of his family’s arrival maybe.


All the servants had returned and that left me nothing to do.I just wandered in the house and the servants were everywhere.I volunteered to help Sofia,Noah and Eva who were cleaning the hall.
They looked at me shocked,as the other servants had looked at me the previous day and I quickly assured them that I was not bossy like Aaron.They were uncomfortable and were trying to do every work to perfection as they feared maybe that I would tell Aaron if they did not do their work properly.I could not blame them.Aaron was very ill-tempered.

They refused me very politely but I insisted and helped them with the cleaning.Eva even started to talk to me and said that she was sorry that all this happened to me.But before I could reply her,Aaron came into the hall. Eva took her distance again and I looked at Aaron frustrated.
“Wife,you don’t need to do this work now.”

“I am just helping them.”,I replied.
He turned to the servants. “I give you money to work here,not to make her work.”

“It’s not their fault. I volunteered.”,I said quickly,afraid that he would shout at them.
“Come.”,he said to me and I followed.

The rest of the day passed slowly.I did not do any house chores but had to go to office though it was a Saturday.Breakfast passed well and it was hilarious how everyone held a newspaper in their hands except Esme and me.I usually read them in office during breaks.

That day,I deliberately took the newspaper in the office that Aaron read during breaks.

The newspaper was just beside me and he extended his hand,asking for it. I took it and started to read it though I’d already read this one.I expected him to scold or order me again but for some seconds,there was complete silence.I peeked sideways at him and he was looking at me with such a fury that it seemed that he would just take the knife on the small table and dagger me.
His reaction did scare me but I composed my expression so quickly that I doubted if he saw anything.I fought a smile and he looked more furious.
“Give me the newspaper.”,he commanded
.What else can he do except ordering me?I pretended that I heard nothing.
He tried again, “Are you deaf?Give me the newspaper.”
“Are you talking to me?’,I asked innocently.
He looked more angry now. “Give that newspaper Alicia.”


Aaron POV

When she did not give me the paper,I caught her hand hard.She cried in pain and I quickly looked at her startled,searching the reason for her pain.When I saw that I was holding her injured hand and it was bleeding,I released it immediately.Gulit and shame washed over me and I was surprised at my reaction.Why was I concern about her?After all,this is what I wanted.For her to get hurt all the time.Then why am I worrying?But the truth was that I was concerned about her this time.The bandage was soaked with blood and I quickly called Paul.
“Paul.”,I called. “Bring the first aid box quick.”
And like the first time,I cleaned the wound and put medicines though she still hesitated and pulled her hands a lot.Her behavior did not affect me and when she asked,I told her that I was used to her moods.

It surprised her definitely by looking at my concern though I tried hard to conceal it.To remove the impression,I just said that she would not be able to work if her hand would continue to bleed and so I was doing it for myself.

When we reached home,she decided to meet Esme but I held her hand tightly.
“Where do you think you are going?”,I asked.
“I need to see mom.”
I pressed my lips together. “Look wife,I don’t want you to keep any relationship with them.I don’t want even you near them.I am the one who brought you here,so I should be the only one visible to you.Is that understood?”

I had a strong reason for preventing her to talk to any family members especially Esme.I knew that as soon as Esme will find an opportunity,she will tell Alicia about my tormented past which I did not want to happen at any cost.I myself run away from that past,so how can I accept for someone else to know about it?

I had no problem if Alicia hated me for the rest of her life but would not want her to dig and delve deep into my past.And I knew this will happen exactly if I let her spend time with them.I knew how to read people and I was well aware that Alicia had a golden heart.If she gets a link about how I was fifteen years ago,she will feel sympathy for me and I did not want that at any cost.I would never involve anyone in my world again.Never.
“No.I want to meet her.”
So stubborn
. “I said no.Now come on.”
Alicia did not obey me and went to Esme’s room.That made me angry but I did not force her.I knew that I could drag her back but I wonder why I did not feel like forcing her this time.I simply went to my room.



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