Married to the man that I hated
Author: keshnia

Chapter 4
The new Alicia


Chapter 4

Aaron POV

 I did not say anything but stared at her like I was watching the World cup.I was  no longer angry or surprised.I was totally impressed with her.No one had ever talked to me like that and challenged me openly.She was so brave for challenging Aaron Wright in front of so many people.
Paul looked troubled and all the workers were watching with intent concentration until he shouted at them and they returned back to do their respective work.


I continued to look at her for some seconds and then smiled.I was amazed by this new Alicia and remembered that if someone hurts the tigress,she will not sit around but will roar at her enemy.Similarly I could see the same fire,anger,hatred and determination in the eyes of Alicia. She had accepted my marriage proposal in return of her family’s safety and happiness.Since then,I have been dominating her,insulting her to my heart content.I had been trying to break her down by insulting her parents because she had dared to slap me and oppose the great Aaron Wright.But now,I knew that Alicia was not ready to give me what I wanted.She would fight till the end.Earlier she was like a statue,oblivious to all the insane antics of mine as she was trying to cope with her fate.Only the mention of her family would flicker life into her or else she would ignore everything going around.I knew this well and so I made Caroline come here so that I could hurt Alicia more and remove any good impressions that she must had of me when I called the doctor.I almost felt pity for her at that time but I could not feel this way.She was my enemy.But I never expected that she would start to fight back but also could not deny that I would like to see this side of hers.

 “This will be so much fun.”,I murmured. “Frankly speaking,earlier the game was very boring.You know,there is no fun in a competition until there is an equal opponent who is as mighty as you.But now since you have decided to fight back,then it will be an amazing game.But I am telling it for your betterment.Don’t challenge Aaron Wright.You will regret.”

“I’ve never regretted anything Mr Aaron.”
My jaw flexed.She was talking about sending me to jail and slapping me.”If you get a lamp and rubbed it,then a genie will come out of it and will say ‘what orders do you have for me my master.’ And you will say that ‘I want Aaron Wright to regret what he did with me,my mother and my family’.”
I laughed loudly and Alicia was still looking at me with the same fire in her eyes. “But as soon as that genie will hear my name,he will again go into the lamp.Disappear.Your hands will peeled off while rubbing but he won’t come out.”

“I don’t need a genie to make you bow Aaron.I am enough for that.”
Really?She does have guts.Lots of them.

“We will see about that.”,I challenged.

“All the best wife.”
She said with the same arrogance, “Same to you hubby.”
“But I have to warn you that you are playing with fire.You will die.”
Alicia laughed bitterly,the tears welled in her eyes. “How many times will you kill me?I already died the day I got married to you.How many times will you burn ash?”
The pain was evident in her voice.

I only stared at her coldly and she left from the godown without asking for my permission.She really has decided to rebel after all.


Alicia POV

I walked on the road and did not know where to go. It must have been minutes. I so wanted to go my mother’s place but was ashamed.

I walked slowly on the road and crying at the same time.My head and heart was exploding with so much pain.Was it possible to be so hurt?I felt like my heart was shrinking slowly and though I tried,I could not stop the tears.I yelled in pain,everything inside me was aching and bursting.How can it be possible to feel so much pain?Still sobbing,I pressed my head hard to stop it from exploding.Stop,please stop.I can’t bear it.The pain was bewildering.

Just then,I could hear someone shouting my name.I wiped my tears and turned back lifelessly.I was spent today.All my energy was drained.

Paul was  running towards me. “Mam,boss told you to return to the godown right now.”

“I won’t come.”,I said confident.

“Mam,please.If you don’t come,he will fire me from the job.”
I blinked.I would not want that to happen.But I did not want to go back and so I muttered grimly, “I will miss you Paul.Goodbye.”

I walked again and Paul caught up with me, “Mam,I am not joking.Boss will really fire me if I don’t bring you with me.He told me himself.”

“I am sorry Paul but I can’t help you.”

Paul went away after trying a few more times and I started to feel sad for him.How come I’ve become the cause of everyone’s problems?So many people seem to suffer because of me now.Would I ever forgive myself for everything?I turned to go back,realizing that I would not want Paul to lose his job because of me.I would not want anyone to suffer because of me anymore except Aaron.He will definitely pay back everything.But the truth was that I could not hurt anyone.I would definitely try but I knew that I would not succeed.Aaron would do anything to satisfy his ego and to insult me, he was a heartless monster.But I could not do the same.I knew that even though Aaron would insult me to the limits,I would not be able to hurt him the same way.I was angry because I was well aware that I had a heart which was weak unlike Aaron.Hurting people is so not me,even if it was my enemy.I did not fear challenges or bets but I would never gamble with the lives and feelings of others even though it meant Aaron’s life.I’ve never tried intentionally to hurt someone.But I so wanted to hurt him the same way he did to my mother. Every individual had a weakness like mine was my family.Surely Aaron must have one and that would be my weapon against him.I just needed to find it.Fame,name,money,success,fans,respect…he had everything.But what was the one thing that he did not have? I racked my brains for some unusual thing that I might have noticed since the last one week.Family and love!That was one thing that he did not have.He was lonely.But how can that act as a weapon against a heartless person?Maybe he was happy to have no one.Who knows?

I reached the godown after some time and Aaron was talking to Paul.He did not see me.
“Your determination letter will be ready till tomorrow.Collect it at my office.”
Paul panicked.“Sir,I told her that you need her here.I tried a lot.”

“Apparently you did not try enough.”,Aaron complained.“So you are fired.You can go home now.”

Paul stared at him with wide mouth and I decided to interfere., “No,don’t fire him please.I am here.”
Aaron looked at her with surprise and Paul seemed relieved and thankful.

“He tried his best to bring me’s my fault.Please don’t fire him.”

Aaron considered it for some seconds and nodded, “She saved you Paul.Go and complete your work.”
Paul smiled at me but did not say anything.I looked at Aaron with hatred.God,I hate him so much.I hate him the way no one ever must have hated his enemy.

Aaron was appalled. “I thought that the game would be fun.But you are already showing signs of failure.Disappointing for the wife of Aaron Wright.You should know that till you have a heart in your chest,you will not be able to fight against me.For that you have to become stone hearted like me and stopped feeling pity for everyone.”

“Mr Aaron Wright,you can’t blackmail me like this.We promised a fair game.So why are you bringing everyone in it?”
“Wife,you want to become like me.So you must stop feeling sorry for everyone.”
“I am sorry Mr Aaron but apparently you are wrong.”,I said bitterly.
“Am I?”,Aaron challenged.

“No one would want to become an animal like you.”
To my surprise he smiled and gave me some files. “Go and complete them.”

I went to sit in a corner and studied the files.This time,it was recent projects.So finally,he did trust me with his projects.Or maybe it was because we had just promised each other a fair game.

All my attention was shifted to my work but I was glad that someone did not get hurt because of me. Aaron was explaining something to the workers and then they all went to work.He stood in the middle of the room with a file in his hand.His concentration betrayed no hint of doubt.

But my gaze lingered on something over him.It was a broken projector.I looked more intently and the projector seemed that it can fall down any second and land on the head of Aaron.I realized with horror that I was right.This projector can hurt him.I would have shouted but he would not have heard me with the loud noise of all the machines.
Without second thoughts,I dropped the files and ran as fast as I could.He looked at me,frozen,definitely not understanding my act.
I slammed against him and he held my waist trying to hold me right there.But I slammed against him so hard that the force put both of us on the ground.Aaron was about to shout at me but just then,the projector fell on my hand and I let out an utter of cry.
“Ouch.”My hand!

My left hand was stuck under the projector.I was on Aaron and his anger disappeared and turned to shock as he looked at me,definitely wondering why I saved him.



Aaron POV

I was touched for a moment by her act.It has been only fifteen minutes since I insulted her mother,and yet she saved me.If she wanted,she could have her revenge right here and right now.That projector would have done me so much harm if it had landed on my head.I would be in a clinic for days or months and no one would be here to bother Alicia and she could have lived peacefully for days.

But she did not do that.She saved me even if I was her worst enemy and the man who had destroyed her.I  stared at her in surprise as her eyes locked with me.There was so much to read in those beautiful grey eyes.I knew that she did not regret what she did.Her eyes seemed to hold only the question if I was okay.

 Alicia was not sorry to do it.Maybe she would have done it for anyone,I concluded.

She tried to pull her hand but it hurt a lot maybe.With every effort that she made,she groaned more in pain.
At the same time,some people were trying to help me and I yelled, “Help her,not me.”

Paul lifted the projector off her hand and she got up. I just stared at her hand and then shouted, “Someone is hurt here. Then why a doctor is not called?”
Paul nodded and called the doctor. “Are you okay boss?”

“I am fine. She is not. Go and take care of her.”

Paul made her sit in a chair and a worker went to take the first aid box. He tried to clean her wound but he was hurting her a lot. She winced when he cleaned it.
I stared at her with shock.I still could not understand why she saved me.I noticed that she was wincing in pain and  snatched the first aid box from the hand of the worker and took her hand slowly. She hesitated and pulled her hand back. “It’s okay Aaron.I can do it.”

I gave her an irritated look and she again retreated her hand.So,she can bear the dirty hand of a worker who was hurting her but not my help?She is definitely something.
 “Give me your hand and shut up.”
I took it and started to clean it.I was being very careful for not hurting her.

What an irony?,I thought.I was the one who gave her the pain and I was the one who was applying balm to her wounds.I wonder what she must been thinking right now.I looked at her and she was looking back with a surprised expressin.She must be wondering about my sudden caring nature.But I’d no time to remove any good impression that she must have of me.She was hurt right now and her injury must be taken care of.I put the medicines slowly and was about to put a bandage when the doctor entered.Alicia was relieved.I got up from the chair and the doctor took my seat.Now she would not have to bear my touch anymore.I am sure that she tolerated it as much as she could.
“Who cleaned the wound?”,the doctor asked eyeing the medicine on her hand.
Paul replied, “Boss did it.”
The doctor looked at me and smiled, “You did a good job young man.If it was not cleaned immediately,there would have been an infection and then-”

I interrupted,looking at Alicia, “Then I would have to cut her hand.”
She glared at me but the doctor laughed while the others were silent.

The doctor bandaged her hand and gave her prescriptions.She took it with her other hand and tried unsuccessfully to put it into her bag.I saw her effort and took it from her and put it in the bag.I handed her the bag and she took it with anger.

My face hardened and I turned to look at everyone.
“Who the hell placed that broken projector upstairs?”
All the workers looked at each other,panicked.
 “I am asking you something dammit.”
I looked at the faces of everyone and sighed, “So no one is going to talk.”

I nodded. “Fine.Then everyone is fired.From tomorrow,no one has to come.Paul,take some new staff.”
Alicia gave me a disgusted look

Everyone gasped with shock and more fear could be seen in their eyes.
Finally,a worker came ahead and looked down.He was an elderly man,about 50 years old.””

And without wasting another second,Paul slapped him.Alicia rose from her seat,shocked.The man looked ashamed. “How dare you?Can’t you be responsible?Boss could have be hurt so much you idiot.”

“Paul.”,I said.Paul controlled his anger.

 I asked, “Do you want to say something?”

The worker hesitated,”Sir…I threw all broken projectors but… I don’t how this one was… left behind.It was….d…a…rk.”He stammered a lot on the last word.

“Oh,so it was dark.Then you need to get your eyes treated.Go to an optometrist first.”
“I am sorry Sir,it won’t….happen again.”

“Yes,you are right.It won’t happen again because you are fired.”

“Sir,I am sorry.Please don’t fire me.How-“
I did not hear him and took the hands of Alicia and went outside.She needed rest.After some efforts she removed her hand. “Why did you have to sack him for that simple mistake?”

My eyebrows shot up in shock. “Simple mistake?So,someone had to die for that simple mistake to turn into a crime.”
She persisted, “The projector fell on me,not on you.And I am fine.The matter is over.How will that man support his family now?”

“He should have thought about that before.”,I muttered.Why does she care about others so much?Can’t she be like me?Then there would be fun in the game.
“No one is perfect Aaron.And this has happened for the first time,right?”

I did not answer.This had happened for the first and last time.Alicia took my silence as a confirmation.
“I am sure he learned his lesson.He regrets it terribly.I saw it in his eyes.Please don’t fire him.”

“I’ve already fired him.And no one tells me what to do.Do you understand?”

She just glared at me.
 “Did you take a decision to save everyone’s job today?If that is the case,then tell me.I’ll put an advertisement in the newspaper that you are saving every person whose boss fired them.You can go and plead their owners then.”,I said.

 “ You are right.Why am I even having this argument with you?It’s not like you are goin to take that poor man back.”

Finally she understood.Good.  “You are smart.It’s good that you understood it really quickly.
“I forgot that I was talking to a soulless monster who don’t know the pain of others.”,she snapped.

“That’s enough wife.You are crossing your limits.”
Her eyes have the same fire that she had a while ago when she had challenged me.

She pursed her lips, “So Mr Wright can cross all the limits that he wants and I can’t even state the truth.”

My eyes burned with anger and hatred now. “Maybe you are forgetting that you are the servant of the house,not my wife.”
“A marriage is a marriage.”
She does know how to fight.“Oh,really? Now shut up and get in the car.”

“I would prefer to walk than coming with you in the same car.I have problems to breathe in the same air as you.”

She started to walk but I caught her hand, “Stop your drama and get in the car.It’s going to rain.” And her hand was injured too.
As soon as I said the words,it started to rain.I got in my car and pressed the horn. “Get in the car.”,I ordered.

She did not listen to me but started to walk again.I rode across her slowly. “Okay,as you wish.Walk,crawl or jump but do come home safe and today itself.See you soon my favorite enemy.”


Alicia POV

He drove away and I stood on the road for some time.The images of today’s scene came into my mind and I wept again.If I could,I would have sat down on the road and cried for hours.But I just walked and remembered my mother.

It seemed like the journey would never end but eventually I reached at my mother’s place.Caroline was happy to see me though I could meet her eyes.I was ashamed.I knew that Aaron had forbidden me to meet them but I’d to apologize. My father and sister were not at homeCaroline told me that they went to the shopping centre to buy school stuff for Bonnie.

For two hours,we sat down and talked a lot.I apologized a lot and Caroline told me countless times that it was not my fault.I knew better.But I promised her that it won’t happen again and that I was going to fight against Aaron.Caroline agreed with me and said that my fate was in my hand,not in Aaron’s.

Caroline asked about my hand and I told her the truth.She told me that she was very proud of her.
Caroline cried. “I am sorry Alicia.We could not do anything for you.Please forgive me. We could not give you the happiness that you deserved.”

I grew more sad and hugged her.“Don’t say that mom.This family is the best thing that ever happened to me.And if I’ve to die for you all,I will do it.It will be very little to what dad and you did for me years ago.I love you.”
Caroline looked at me. “It was not a favor what we did for you.It was our duty.I can proudly say that you are my daughter.I love you too princess.Billy will take you out.He recently went to the police station but as soon as the police heard the name of Aron,they refused to help him.But don’t worry,we will keep trying.”

I shook my head. “No mom,tell him not to do anything.Aaron won’t be able to hurt me now.It’s my turn now.Tell dad not to worry about me.I will be fine from now on.”

After some time I reached home and I got completely drenched on the way.I went straight into the bathroom and changed into fresh clothes.Fortunately I did not fall ill but my hand hurt a bit.When I started combing my wet long hair,I noticed Aaron in the doorway.

There were two servants with him.So finally he decided to bring them.Then I remembered that a week was over and maybe some tortures would not be repeated hopefully.

I did not remember their names and I smiled at them and said, “Welcome back.”
They both looked shocked as I talked to them.Perhaps they expected me to be bossy like Aaron.I need to remove this misunderstanding.
Aaron looked at me, “You got drenched.”
I did not say anything.Talking to him was so irritating,annoying and boring.
He took the towel on my bed and started to dry my hair.
“You will get ill.”
Angry,I pushed him and he stared at me. “Why do you care?”

“Of course I should care.I’ve bought you and you are mine completely.So when you are ill,I would be worried that my toy is suffering.”

I ground my teeth together.Aaron and his obsession.I am sick of him.

Aaron took the tray from the hand of one servant.Then I noticed that the servant held a tray with medicines and water.My medicines.

“Take it.These are before dinner.”

He handed me the medicines and I refused to take it.
“Stop acting like you care.I can take it myself.”,I snapped.
His expression changed as if he did not realized that he was being caring.
“It seems that you like me forcing medicines in your mouth.”,he threatened.

He smiled and I took the medicines angrily from his hands.

The one servant left after I took the medicine.The other one had a big box in his hand.It looked very heavy and Aaron ordered him to put it on my bed.The servant staggered and was about to drop it when both Aaron and I jumped forward to help him.We put the box on the bed and I frowned.What is he giving me now?

“These are make up items.You wanted to play the role of my wife,didn’t you? “
I stared,not really sure how make up items could be related to my  role of his wife.
He continued, “The wife of Aaron Wright should dress well.”

I disagreed. “I don’t want them.” I knew that I had a bad dressing sense before we got married but  that does not give him any reasons to comment on it.All the clothes that he had given me were of the latest fashion.Despite being a busy buisinessman,Aaron had good taste in clothes.

He was relatively calm. “I am not here to hear your nonsense.Put the box in its place.Tata,bye bye.”

“Sure,sure.”,I murmured sarcastically.Wait.It was going into its right place.

He stared with amusement as I lifted the heavy box and shot from my room.It was very heavy and my hand hurt.He composed his expression and then smiled.
“Where are you going?”,he asked,still calm.
Wonder why he is not angry yet?
“Putting it in its right place.”,I muttered.
“Stop.”,he ordered and I did.
“What?”,I asked irritated.

“Look at them first.”,he said.
I thought for a  second.This will irritate him more.I checked the items quickly.There were imported shampoos,creams and make up items that I’ve never seen before.

I shook my head bored.He scrutinized my expression while I checked the itemsHe did not much happy.That made me smile.

I again shut the box and carried it till outside.I staggered a bit on the way and he snickered, “Do you need any help wife?”


Aaron POV

She is amazing.Any girl would die for these thing and she was throwing them like garbage. But then I remembered that she had never been interested in all these luxurious things.She had given absolutely no positive response when I had brought her into my big spacious house and had clearly refused all the clothes that I had bought for her.Any girl would be feel herself blessed if she was my wife. But this girl had no interest in me,my popularity and my money.I don’t know if it was possible to love a quality about your enemy but I adore that part about her more than I should probably.This girl amazed me like no other woman.She was my equal match and I loved that.Finally there was someone who can challedged Aaron Wright and she was my wife. I never wanted a crying,whining and succumbing wife but instead never thought to get married or love someone again after that worst experience.But that slap had made me so furious that all other senses had been impaired.I forgot my promise to remain a bachelor and to ever let anyone enter into my life.
But I was glad that I made that decision.If I had ever thought that I was eligible for matrimony,Alicia would be the type of wife that I would like to get.She was the daring,challenging,arguing,fighting and brave type.A wife who I can hate and also listen to her witty comments directed at me.But I do hate the reality check sometimes.

“No thanks.”
She hugged the box tightly so that it does not fall again.She managed to dump it in the dustbin despite her injured hand.What a woman? I stood near her,my back pressed against the wall and I crossed my arms. Seeing the huge grin on my face,she got annoyed and was probably wondering what could remove that smile of mine.

“Nothing.”,I said and she looked stunned. “Nothing can hamper my smile wife.So stop thinking about it.”
She frowned again. “Are you a mind reader now?”

“It was written on your face.”

 “What a waste?”,she said deliberately but my expression did not change.I was enjoying this scene.Can someone be so much fun?

“You got a temper.”,I concluded. “This is more fun than I’ve ever imagined.”

She stared,wondering the reason behind my calmness.

“Well wife,you have two options.”,I  said,all sarcasm and humor gone now. “Either you pick the box up or you pick the box up.”,I said winking at her.

She stared and thought for a moment.Folding her arms, she mimicked the way I was standing.
“So you won’t do it.”
She asked irritated, “Why do you ask when you know?”

“Okay wife,maybe I’ve to involve you family again.I am sure Bonnie would be at home right now and she would love these items.She can pick the box up.”,I threatened.Just mention her family once and see the color draining from her face.I grinned again.

“Look Aaron,you promised that you won’t involve any one.”
“Yes I did.But you broke promises yourself.”
“When?”,she demanded.

“Today when you went to see your mother.”,I said watching her face.

Her expression changed and turn into a grim one. “How did you know?
“It’s just a guess.You came home late and the only place that you would want to go is to your parents.”
“It won’t happen again.”

“Too late.Besides I am not complaining.”,I said innocently. “You broke my rules and I am going to break yours.That’s fair enough.”
“Fine.I’ll pick it up.”,she said,accepting defeat.

She picked the box from the dustbin and wrinkled her nose.I smiled.No one challenges Aaron Wright and wins. She started to walk till her room and I grabbed her shoulder because her hands were occupied.

“Throw it back into the dustbin.”,I said.
She looked at me confused But she did not argue and carefully put it back in the dustbin.
“Do you have multiple personality disorder?”,she demanded.
“I just wanted to see if you obey me wife.Besides I know that your weakness is your family.Too bad that your mother did not take the money.It would have been very useful to her.”


Alicia POV

I felt the urge to throw the same box at him.“That’s enough Aaron.”,I said,my anger flaring up. “What’s your problem with my mom?”

“No problem but I enjoy to see you hurt like this.Look at your expressions.Your face is torn in pain.”

I tried composing my expressions but did not succeed much.I’ve never hurt anyone on purpose but I wanted to hurt him also.
So I said, “Would you like it if I insult your mother,father,sister or brother?”

To my intense surprise,his expression did not change.He did not care?

I tried again, “You live alone in this house because you don’t have anyone.Everyone left you …”His jaw hardened and he glared at her.So finally I’d hit the right point. “….and all that is left is you,your fake arrogance,these white walls and your money.You did not insult my mother because you wanted to do it.It’s because you have no one and you like how everyone is crushed under your power.”
In the one week that I’ve lived with him,I saw much of his life.He took me everywhere he went and he had no friends,no family and no one to talk to.He was just like a robot,working and shouting at people.

“Enough.”,he shouted.
“Why is it enough?”,I challenged. “You can’t hear the truth.You keep wandering in this house like a  ghost.You managed to build a house,the Aaron Mansion but it’s not a home.A home is made up of family and you are all alone.”

He glowered at me and for a second,I thought that he would raise his hand on me.But he just kicked the small glass table to the wall and it broke into pieces.I looked at the pieces,bewildered by his behavior.He never lost control of his anger like that.

Four pairs of legs stood near the broken table and I looked up.Four strangers dressed very richly and neatly stared at me with wide eyes and Aaron snarled


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