Married to the man that I hated
Author: keshnia

Chapter 3
If you mess with my mother,I'll rebel

Chapter 3

Everyday was the same for me.It was a difficult routine to follow but with time,I became used to it.Everyday he would made me do some other work than my usual ones.On the second day,he made me run errants thrice for him and I’d to walk to the construction site in the burning sun just to ask the workers about the progress of the work.Like this work could not be done on the phone!

Everyday he would come up with different plans for me and I could do anything except accept his orders.God!How was I going to survive?But I was strong and I knew that I could do it.Fine.If he wanted to do this with me for the rest of my life,I had no objections.We had made a deal and I would respect that.

I still worked a lot in office and completed old files.But I was working at such a speed that all the files were over and Aaron muttered, “Good.You managed to finish the files of last years’ in just five days.”
He stared at me when I did not give him a surprise look.

He finally said, “You knew!” It was not a question.“When?”

“From the first day.”,I replied curtly.

He looked surprised by this realization and commented, “You don’t look angry.”

I rolled my eyes. “Should I?”
“You don’t have the right to be angry.”,he said,his smile returning.


Now and then,he would yell at me and I was surprised that I was not afraid of him like others. He would tell me to cover him with the umbrella and I would follow him like a little puppy. He would throw his coffee occasionally on the table and would order me to clean it in front of his staff.He knew how to hurt someone deeply. But the staff was very good to me and sometimes I would speak to them about trivial things.But Paul kept his distance from me,surely he must be hesitant to talk to me in fear of Aaron.The latter may have thousands of flaws but I could not deny that he was the best businessman that I’ve ever worked with. He was very professional when it comes to work.Once he deliberately did not bring an important file to office and ordered me to give the presentation.My luck was favoring me a lot because though he did not give me this project to study,I’d heard and watched him and Paul discuss all the strategies in his cabin.So I relied on my memory and gave  a good presentation.He was shocked and for the first time,I felt like I’d defeated him.He looked like someone had punched him in his face and his misery gave me immense happiness.Something I never thought was possible. He was searching every possible way to break me but I was determined not to break.That was a promise to myself.Now that I knew him,I was well aware that he would do anything to break me.But I would not let him succeed in his evil plans.He wanted to see me depressed and lose myself and my peace.I agree that I’d already lost myself and my peace.He succeeded in that matter.But I would not lose my mind ever.I won’t be depressed even if he tortured me to death.I will bear all his insults and see who accept defeat first.Me or him?

Almost all nights, I would wake up from the loud banging of the door and when I would come outside,I would see Paul helping Aaron to get to his room.He was drunk.I decided to ignore this habit of his and stayed in my room.But then there were nights when he would force me to make drinks for him and would break the empty bottles into pieces.Initially,it scared the hell out of me.There was a constant fear that keeps gnawing me that he would misbehave with me after being drunk.But he never did.After breaking the bottles and hurting himself with the pieces,he would simply go to his room with Paul and would order me to sleep.But I started to notice one thing about him.Whenever he was drunk,he would become sad and I kept wondering how can a monster feel sadness.

Occasionally he would go to golf clubs and he would make me run and bring the ball.There were days when he would play football with people to whom he never talked. I assumed that he must love football because he shows a different passion for it.He would go for swimming,playing tennis,squash and as a small puppy,I’d to follow him everywhere. I would be there to give him his water and towel.The media never got to me or Aaron again.It looked like he did some special arrangement about them.Knowing him,he must have threatened them with their jobs.That was the only thing that he knew.Exerting his powers and money on others.

The people who saw me doing all these work started to talk and once I heard them.
“I think he does not love her.Look,how he makes her serve him,like he brought a slave,not a wife.”,one boy said.
“He is so cruel.That poor girl must be tired after running so much.Yet he does not give her any rest.”,the other boy added.

When they saw me they became silent and looked embarrassed.But I simply smiled at them.

My routine was so hard that I started to fall ill.My face had become pale and there were deep dark circles under my eyes.Though I was slim I lost weight.I  started to look like a zombie.

Aaron noticed my state one day at breakfast when I could not even hold the spoon properly and he called the doctor.I  did not understand his concern.He knew the problem,then why was a doctor needed?I was eating bad food for some time and sleeping in cold everyday.Of course I would be ill.But he looked worried when the doctor examined me.What was I thinking?Can Aaron ever feel anything for anyone ever?Bloody heartless person.
When the doctor left,Aaron gave me my medicines but I just stared at him.
“I know that you must have a lot of questions on your mind.But I don’t want you to use your illness as an excuse to avoid your work.And besides,it’s only me who has the rights on you,your breath and everything.So of course I would be annoyed if something else is bothering my personal property like this illness.The importance that you have got today is simply because I don’t anything to affect Aaron’s property.Don’t let this get to your head.”,he grinned.

I grimaced. Of course.That shows why he called the doctor.
I refused to take the medicines from his hand but he forced them into my mouth and I’d no choice but to take them.He let me rest for a whole day and when I felt fine,he informed me that we had to go to the godown.

I had no sense of time.I was just like a robot since I got married to him.I would only obey him but sometimes would even answer him.So when he gave me good food,I realized that maybe seven days were over.Today,I’d good food and as he had said,this food was hard to eat now.The burnt food was stopped since his quota of seven days were over and the AC was regulated to a low temperature and a blanket was given to me also.Thankfully there was light in my room.I sighed heavily with relief.I could almost cried.He gave me a lot of food and as I was hungry I ate them all.

One week was over but sometimes I still cried at night for not being able to talk to my family.They were not allowed to meet me because Aaron had forbidden them to.As for Jacob,I did not hear anything from him since my wedding.I wondered if he even heard the news but would be glad if he did not.I missed him terribly everyday but then I stopped crying.What use?

It was Friday and Aaron usually checked his goods in the godown this particular day.When I reached there,I  saw someone familiar.She was standing amist all those machines looking nervous.My mother Caroline moved to me quickly and looked very worried.I wondered how I looked since Caroline stared at me for a long time.But I felt well now.The medicines had worked wonders.

“I was worried dear.You look ill.What happened?You look so thin.Oh my god.”,she asked.

“I am fine mom.Don’t worry about me.”I assured her.”How is everyone at home?”

“They miss you a lot dear.”

“I know mom.I miss you too.Tell Dad and Bonnie that I love them a lot.”

But then a realization hit me.Aaron had forbidden them from meeting me.Then how is she here and there was no one to stop her?

At every sites of Aaron’s construction,there was very tight security.I immediately grew suspicious as I thought about it.
“Mom,how are you here?”,I asked,worried.

Before she could answer,Aaron came behind me and said, “I called her here wife.You did not meet them for so long.I suppose one small meeting is good for your health.”

I stared blankly at him,with my mouth open.It did not make sense.Did I heard it right?No,no.I must be mistaken.

Aaron smiled crookedly at me. “Don’t get any misunderstanding wife.You are coping with your situation so well.That hurts me.So I called mother-in-law to work here.”

I froze in my place,looking at him with wide eyes.Was he seriously asking her that?I also cursed myself mentally.How the hell did I thought that he felt guilty for what he did?Aaron Wright can never change.Stop hoping.

“What?”,I gasped.He won’t miss a chance to hurt me more.He knew that my family meant a lot to me. “Mom please go.”, I pleaded.

Aaron shook his head, “What’s the hurry mother-in-law?You just came.Why don’t give us a demo how to operate some machines.I am sure everyone would appreciate it.Isn’t it Paul?”

Paul looked at both Caroline and me with sympathy.He nodded reluctantly.
“Mom,go.”,I  pressed.

Caroline turned to go but Aaron stopped her.He made her sit on a chair and it hurt me to see that. “What are you doing?”,I yelled,losing my calm.
“Hush.”,Aaron said to me.“So mother-in-law,what type of work do you know?”

He waited patiently while Caroline did not answer.I swallowed,afraid.
“Nothing.That is very disappointing.”,he said quietly.

I said a bit louder than usual, “That’s enough Aaron.”
He looked surprised and content with my loud voice, “So the weakness is your family.”,he concluded. “That’s good.”

For the first time since I got married to him,I stared deeply into his eyes.They were grey like mine but his stare was cold and inhuman.
“Let her go.Your enmity is with me.”
“Yes,the enemy is you but there is no fun in just torturing you anymore.Just a week  and you are already happily compromising with your situation.Not good.”,he said in a disappointing grin.

I looked away from his eyes in anger and turned to Caroline. “Please go mom.”
She stood up and Aaron called, “Mother-in-law,people come here and go when Aaron wants it.So stay till you are ordered to get out.”

Caroline looked at him with a frightened expression.
“Let her go Aaron.”,I threatened.
He ignored me and said to Paul, “Where are the new machines?”

“Right here boss.”
He led Caroline to a big machine and I followed. “This is a new machine mother-in-law.I am sure that you must know how to operate them.Of course,you might not have seen them before because this costs a lot of money.But I am sure you can give me a sample how to start it.Go ahead.I am waiting.”

Caroline looked at him in shock but just stood there.All the workers stared.
“What happened?Can’t you even do this much for your son-in-law.I thought that son-in-law must be kept like god and you can’t do a simple thing for your god.”,he complained.

I was getting more angry but Aaron was enjoying himself.He threw me a glance and smiled.

”I’ll do it.”,I announced,wanting for my mother to escape from there quickly.Aaron again pretended not to hear me.

He smiled crookedly, “There is something on the machine.Maybe it’s called dirt.”

I looked at the machine and he was right.A lot of dust rested on it.Strange!The machines were new,right?So how come they had so much dust on it?

I sighed as I realized that Aaron must have done it.

“Clean it with your clothes.”,he ordered my mother.

I stared with wide eyes.
“That’s enough.”,I shouted.He did not pay me attention and my mother lifted her long blouse to clean it. “No!”

Aaron held my hand hard and I could not move ahead to stop Caroline.The tears welled in my eyes as I watched her clean it with teary eyes.I broke down in that moment,the pain devouring me.I felt like my heart was shattered into pieces.How can someone be so cruel and heartless?Doesn’t people mean a thing to him?

“Is it hurting you too much wife?”,he asked with a grin.I did not reply but looked at Caroline helplessly and apologizing mentally.I’ve proved to be such a bad daughter.I am so sorry mom,I could not protect you but I promised to avenge your insult.
“Okay,that’s enough experiment for today.You may go home mother-in-law but please collect your money first.Paul,give her 5000 dollars.She worked very hard today.”,he grinned.

“Wait.”,he said changing his mind.I still stared afraid.Why won’t he leave my  mother alone?I was already doing what he wanted.I was his slave but not my mother.
He released my hand and pushed me to Caroline.My mother was shocked at the manner Aaron pushed me and I landed on her feet.
“You did not give her blessing mother-in-law.Very bad.What would people think?The daughter got married and the mother did not even bless her.And look at the luck of your daughter.The great Aaron Wright married her,the god of the business world.So the blessings should be triple.After all,you have got such a unique son-in-law.Only lucky ones get that.Bless her mother-in-law.”

A hand rested on my head and I closed my eyes for a second to apologise to mother but it grew heavier with each second and I knew that it was Aaron who was pressing my head hard so that I could not get up until Caroline gave me the blessing.

“Okay.Maybe you want me to bless her first.At least I can do this for you.Bless you my wife and hope that your married life continue on the sad note where it started.Be unhappy forever and continue to be miserable.”

He removed his head and I looked up to my mother.She was sobbing and was looking at me with helpless and desperate eyes.So much could be seen in her eyes.The tears rolled down my cheeks as she touched my head.It was heaven.I am so sorry mom.If possible,please forgive me.

“Who is going to say the dialogues mother-in-law?You can’t bless her just like that.Fine.I’ll say them for you.I  won’t say that I hope that your husband lives till hundred years old. Those are rusty and 1800’s dialogues.We are in 2012 and the blessings should be sophisticated.After all,you are blessing Mrs Aaron Wright.That’s something  very special.So let’s say that I hope your husband touch success like he always did and people bow to him like my daughter is bowing.Have a long married life.”

My mother removed her hand and Aaron pulled me up by my hand.I looked at Caroline who was still sobbing and I stood there like a statue,the pain again eating me.Will it ever stop?Can someone die every moment?Looking into her eyes,I knew that she was also apologizing to me mentally.I just shook my head at her and more tears welled my eyes.Forgive me mom.
“You may go now.”,Aaron announced.
Caroline went as quickly as she could and I just sat there feeling uneasy and unhappy.Aaron raised my chin with his hand and forced me to look at him.He could see the pain in my face and his expression changed to something else.Guilt,sadness or pain?Stop it Alicia.He was a monster.How can you be blind?He must be happy to see you like this.
He did not smile but said, “It pains,doesn’t it?I also felt the same when you put me in jail and slapped me.Now go and do something useful.”

 My anger flared up.I would fight back now.I would not let this insult go like this. “No”,I said determined,wiping my tears.


He was taken aback.”What?”
“It looks like you need an audiologist.”,I said his words. “I said that I won’t do the work.”
“Why?”,he demanded. He sounded amused.
“Because enough is enough.”
“What is enough?”,he asked with a grin.

“I was obeying you because of my family.I did everything that you told me and yet did not complain.You gave me stale food,made me sleep in cold and overburdened me with work.I did not say anything,but not anymore.Did you hear?Not anymore.”

He looked at me patiently.

 “Your enmity is with me.Then what was the need to bring my mother into it? Today,you crossed all limits.I hate you Mr Aaron Wright.I’d told you that you  can insult me as much as you like but I won’t accept if you do anything to my parents.”
He raised his chin, “So you are going to rebel now?”
“Think what you want to think.But now my life won’t be in your hands anymore.You so wanted to bring me home as your wife,aren’t you?Now,wait and watch how I teach you the meaning of a wife.From now on,I am ready to become your wife.You want to play.Fine.I’ll play your own game but with my rules.I’ll play your game the way I want.No,Mr Aaron,you won’t write my destiny anymore.”




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