Married to the man that I hated
Author: keshnia

Chapter 2
Can someone be so unlucky?





Chapter 2
Only the light streaming through the only one window made me realize that it was morning. I did not sleep but kept crying. Now it was time to see his face again and to do all those work.For me, it was good in a way that I’d so much work to do. That would keep my mind busy and prevent me from thinking about Aaron. I just went into the washroom which was in the store room and washed my face.A brush,towel,toothpaste,perfumes,deodorant and a new pair of clothes were there. It was a pair of white faded jeans and a blue T-shirt. I took the note that was on the jeans.
‘Wear this wife.’
I quickly tore the paper in anger and bathed.

When I stepped out of my room,I noticed the house was in a mess. There were papers and dry leaves on the floor.It was the work of Aaron to bother me. Yesterday the house was very clean except my room.Definitely he wants me to be tired before going to office.I was used to housechores but my house was small.And so there was nothing much to do.As this thought crossed my mind,I remembered my family again.

I missed them.They must have already got the letter and I knew that maybe I was never going to meet them again.I struggled to get a grip on myself.If I keep thinking,then the pain will increase with each moment.

 I quickly shifted my thought to the cleaning of the house.No one was in sight in this palace.It was completely silent.

The kitchen was the dirtiest.So I started from there. I did everything on time and moved very quickly. After putting his supplements and water in the gym,I wandered everywhere trying to remember the places. There was a kitchen,twelve bedrooms and one specific had written ‘no entry on the door’. It must be the bedroom of Aaron. He would not want me to infect his room with my touch.

In each bedroom,there was a washroom. Other rooms included his huge hall,study room,gym and library. It stunned me to see how huge his library was. Though I adored reading books,I was not enthusiastic to see them.I don’t think that I like anything anymore.I’d lost interest in everything.Even in living.

I simply cleaned everywhere and descended to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.I still had one hour left.I looked at the chart.For breakfast, an egg-white omelet with shredded chicken,one apple and orange juice were needed. Both Paul and Aaron ate the same food.I quickly prepared them though the chicken took some time to be cooked.I arranged two plates on the tray and then headed to the dining room.Aaron had succeeded in his plan.I was tired doing all those work.

When I reached the dining room,Aaron was already seatedat the table. I glanced at the clock.Eight o’clock.There was still thirty minutes for hi
s breakfast time and yet he was already at the table,maybe to bother me. I tried not to pay attention to that. I don’t think that my heart could contain so much hatred for someone.

My work was done. Only that mattered right now.
After putting the tray on the table, he commented, “It’s early.I need the breakfast at 8.30 sharp.”

“Okay.”,I said and took the tray again in my hand and headed to the kitchen. He came behind me.

“What are you doing?”,he demanded angry.
“I am taking it back to the kitchen. You will get your breakfast at 8.30 sharp.”

I again turned to go but he stopped me, “Put it on the table and cover it.”
I did as he told me and waited for more orders.
He folded the newspaper that he was holding and put it on the table.
“Come my slave.”,he said and it pained my ears.I did not object to the word ‘slave’ but to this voice.His voice was a torture.

I followed him obediently till another room. This one was very clean and scented.It was not exactly a room but a wardrobe for girls.
“These are for you.”,he informed.

There were hundreds of clothes on several racks and just below them many shoes and sandals rested.

I frowned.That was the implications for telling me not to bring any clothes. “I don’t want it.”
“It’s not up to you to want it or not. The daughter of Mr Hall can wear these filthy jeans but not my wife. I know that you are classless but now,you are my wife. So dress well wife.And you will wear only the clothes that I bring for you because you are mine.No one else has a right on you anymore,not even your former family.Got that wife?”
His wife!It sent another wave of pain through me. How I hated that word?
“Go and change into one of these clothes.”,he ordered and I nodded,helplessly. He went and I just looked at the clothes for five minutes.There was a name written on each rack. The first one was ‘Home’. They were the clothes to wear at home. The rest were ‘party’, ’office.’, ‘restaurants.’
I took the first clothes on the rack which was written ‘office’. It was a mini skirt with a white blouse.

When I finished,I again went to the dining room.Aaron was reading the newspaper.
I sat down and waited. My thoughts started to wander and I end up again thinking about my family. How were they? How did they cope with my departure?Were they looking for me?
The news from the T.V pulled me from my train of thoughts but I did not look at it.I just looked at my fists on the table and again started to think.

But then one news about Aaron distracted me and the TV was loud enough for the
neighbors to hear. Aaron had turned up the volume deliberately to bother me.The woman on the TV smiled and brought on the breaking news.
‘Mr Aaron Wright,27 years old and one of the most successful young businessman has got married to Alicia,21 years old yesterday.The wedding was a very private affair and involved only close people. Mr Paul,the secretary of Mr Aaron informed us that the couple are very happy with each other and that the wedding was done in a haste.We are still trying to get a photo of Alicia but Mr Paul said that it would be difficult.But we wish the couple a happy married life.’

I frowned. ‘the couple are very happy.’ What a joke?But it was strange that my photos did not come on TV.I looked at Aaron and he was again staring at me like yesterday.It all clicked together then.Obviously my photos would not be on any channel.Aaron had specifically told me that I was his and was only accessible by him and would be shielded from the outside world.So I should not have been surprised.

The news reporter talked about other news and I was glad to stop hearing about Aaron.Till then it was already 8.30.Paul also came at the dining table and they both started to eat together.

Aaron looked at me and asked, “Where is your breakfast?”

My breakfast.I now remembered that I did not prepare anything for me.How could I remember?I was so occupied.

“I did not anything prepare for me.”,I said. “Besides I am not hungry.”
Aaron sighed and Paul continued to eat.

“That’s good because your breakfast is here with me.”He took a packet from his bag and handed it to me.

“Eat.”,he ordered.
I stared for some seconds and then frowned. “What?”
“It looks like you need an audiologist.Eat.”

“I don’t want it.”,I declared.
“Then I’ve to force it into your mouth.”

I glared at him.
“Glaring at me won’t fill your stomach.Eat it.”

I took the packet unwillingly and started to tear it slowly.

Aaron smirked at me.

I gasped as soon as I saw the food.It was four dry sandwiches and some burnt vegetables. Considering that they did not resemble anything that I’ve ever eaten,I could not make out what were these vegetables.
I frowned at the food and Aaron informed, “You will eat this type of food for seven days.”

I  stared with shock as he smiled at me.I’ve never seen such horrible food before.Paul did not say anything but kept eating his foodMaybe he was afraid of Aaron or simply did not care what he was doing to me.His expression was normal,so I assumed that it must please him as well to see me suffer.

“I’ll feed my bride.”,Aaron said.Taking the food was one thing and eating from his hand was another thing.I won’t be able to bear it.
He held my jaw and forced me to open my mouth.He put a piece of the sandwich in it and it hurt so much.It was tasteless.I choked with tears and tried to force it down my throat.Seeing my state,he smiled.The satisfaction was clear on his face.

“Good.First bite is always from the husband and now you can eat the rest.”

Slowly,I put the food in my mouth.How can someone eat such a food?

“Well,how is it?Amazing,right?”,he asked with an edge of hatred to his voice.”
Despite the horrible taste,I managed to say. “What is this?Jail food or cave food? In jail,you get good food,not this. And didn’t you bribe someone to bring you good food?”,I asked sarcastically,my eyes flickering to Paul.He looked unconcerned.

Aaron looked angry that finally I spoke.“You don’t need to know about that.It’s my job to ask questions,not yours.”

I glowered at him and again frowned at the food.

Seven days.Would I survive till then?
He continued, “I am returning you everything with interest.When you will get good food after seven days,then I will see how it goes down your throat.Trust me,you will get used to this bad food.”

  I did not have an appetite and now I’d to eat this food.Somehow,I forced them into my mouth and choked a lot.With every one bite that I took,my eyes stung with tears and I wiped them.This life was going to be hard.Aaron watched without mercy all this time,analyzing my every reaction.He seemed very happy when I finished the food and again choked.

He poured some juice in the long glass and gave it to me.
I was about to refuse but I knew that it was pointless.I drank it in one go. At least this was not tasteless.It felt good as the cool liquid passed down my throat.It seemed like the food was still stuck there.

“Okay.Marriage,nuptial night,your welcome,breakfast by wife…everything is done.And what now?”

He thought for a second while I looked down,the horrible taste still on my tongne.
He gave me his wicked smile. “And now,marriage gift.Come on wife,you have cooked such a nice breakfast.You deserve it.”
I felt so numb and broken.Sometimes I just feel like I was going to fall.All my energy was drained.The  immense pain was devoring me little by little.

I watched with helpless eyes as he put his hand in his pocket and removed a chain.It was a necklace stuffed with diamond.He lifted it so that I could see it properly.
“You wedding gift-this necklace from your husband which will be a noose around your neck.”
I swallowed but did not say anything.He got up and approached me.
He looked at me with anger.I blinked and look down.He pushed my long hair to one side and tied the necklace on my neck,touching me.I closed my eyes in disgust,tears threatening to come out again.

“Welcome to hell wife.Now you,your life,your soul is mine only”,he said,closing his eyes. “Mine forever.”

I wiped the tears quickly and he again took his seat.
I glanced around and then saw two familiar figures near the door.It shocked me. “Mom,Dad.”,I said,standing up.

Aaron and Paul looked at them and I rushed to them.
“Mom,Dad.What are you doing here?”,I asked frantic. “Is everything all right at home?”

“How dare you do this Alicia?Did you think your father was so useless that he could not feed you?”,Billy accused.
I shook my head in pain. “I never had this intention Dad.I never wanted to hurt you.I am so sorry.I am helpless.I did it because I love you and can’t watch you suffer.”

Billy was angry but before he could reply,Aaron got up from his seat and said in a loud voice, “Mother-in-law and father-in-law,what an unpleasant surprise?Guess the breakfast is over or else I would have you ask you.But I am forgetting that you are the parents of my new servant.So you won’t be getting any food here.It’s better that you go to a temple or an orphanage.Beggers usually get free food there.”

My father Billy looked at him with murderous eyes.My mother Caroline just stared with helpless eyes.
“Please go from here.I’ll visit you soon.”,I said in a sad voice.
“No,you won’t.”,Aaron said.

“Is that your favorite word?You already said it twice.I mean that you won’t visit them and they won’t visit you.From now on,no more meetings.”
The three of us fought back tears and Billy said, “Bastard,I am going to kill you.You won’t stay with this beast for one more second Alicia.”

Aaron raised his eyebrow. “It’s a deal Mr Hall.”

“Go to hell with you and your deal.I am taking my daughter from here.You can take all your money that you have given us.We would prefer to stay on the road than seeing our daughter suffer so much.”
“Dad,calm down.”,I said.
He looked at me and his look softened.
“Guards.Guards.”,Aaron shouted.
“Please go now.I love you.”,I urged.

The guards appeared and Aaron shouted at them. “Will you let anyone enter?Just throw them out and I don’t want to see them wander around here.If they do,you can say goodbye to your jobs.”

The guards held my parents’ arm and started to drag them when I shouted, “Stop it.They are going.”
“I won’t let you stay here Alicia.I will do something.You will get out soon.”,Billy shouted.
They went away and I turned to look at Aaron. “Mr Aaron Wright,you don’t have the rights to insult my parents.They have not done anything to you.”
“You don’t need to tell me what I’ve to do or not.Come wife.We are going to office.”

I pressed my lips in anger but then said, “You listen to me.”
The crease appeared between his eyes as he glared at me.Obviously he did not want expect me to talk like that and or anyone talking to him in this tone.
“You want to insult me or torture me to death,do it.I’ll bear everything without complains.But any humiliation and bad words for my family won’t be acceptable by me.”

“Hmm…my new servant is defensive today.Yesterday you looked like a statue,not speaking or reacting.I was about to ask you your favorite corner in the house so that I could put you there.People would pay to watch you.Your market value would increase.”

Bastard. “You think that it’s a joke?”,I asked bitterly.
“I don’t know about that but I am enjoying myself too much.”
“I wonder why am I even talking to you about respecting others.I forgot that all that you know is bargaining and showcasing arrogance.You are an animal and will remain one.”
Aaron smiled. “It looks like you recognized me well.”
“Very well.”
I did not want to argue with him more and left with him for office.

When we reached the office,many journalists had flooded the entrance.They looked tired and bored.They must have been waiting since long and I knew the reason.They must want an interview of Aaron or me.

The guards were just looking at them and one was taking on the phone.As soon as the press saw the car,they ran towards it and started to make noise.I could not make out their questions because they were talking at the same time. Aaron pulled me in his arms and made me hide my face in his coat.I struggled with him but he was strong and handled me with just one hand.The perfume from him was so pure and good.How the hell can a devil like him smelled so good?

I could not see anything but I heard him opening the window at his side and ordered the security to open the gate. People came closer when the car was almost stopped and it seemed that they were clicking photos.Aaron again lifted the window and the gate opened. He let go of me and I pushed him immediately with an angry expression.He smiled at me and I locked my teeth.He was so annoying.We  got inside and then looked behind. The journalists were still there and Aaron ordered the guards to get rid of them in ten minutes.However one particular girl was not listening to the guards. She was shouting the name of Aaron.She reminded me of the teenage girl who shouted their name of their favorite star in excitement.She shook her head and pushed the two guards and ran toward us.She was obviously a fan of Aaron considering the way she was looking at him and calling his name.

“Sir,I am so glad to finally meet you.I’ve come all the way from Kern to Los Angeles to meet you.”
She kept talking but Aaron was not paying her attention.At last she said, “Can I please have an autograph and a photo?”

Aaron was not surprised but kept reading the one paper that he was holding.The girl waited for some seconds and finally Aaron looked at her.

 “Sure sweetheart.”,he said,giving her his killer smile.The way he said ‘sweetheart’ sounded so sexy. How can girls not fall for him when he shows his charming side?Now I understood the reasons girls are so crazy about him.But I was glad that no even his charms had an effect on me.

He signed his name on her back and the girl kept staring at him.She looked like she was about to faint.
I touched her shoulder worried. “Are you okay?”

I don’t think she noticed me but somehow my voice reached her ears. “Who wants to be okay after Aaron sir himself touched me?”

Aaron smiled at her and she kept staring at him with her mouth agape.Hope she does not faint.
“Bye.”,Aaron said all charming.

“Sir,a photo please.”,she said when she realized that Aaron was leaving.
He turned back and said, “Definitely.”
They posed for a photo while I looked down.It hurt to see him happy.

The girl still stood there despite Aaron had told her to go.Finally he had to order the guards and they dragged her out.

“I wondered if I gave you the biggest punishment or the biggest reward by marrying you? So many girls are crazy about me and maybe you were a fan too.”,he said with arrogance.
I gave him a disgusting look.“I hate you Mr Aaron Wright.”
He smiled, “That’s better.”

The building was very tall with 7 floors high.It was a cream color. This has also been shown in the newspapers for months.

Once we were inside,everyone stood up out of respect and fear for Aaron and said a polite good morning to him only.

They did not notice me. Aaron just nodded to their greetings and then held my waist hard and forced me to look at him.His hand was hard like iron.
“You are hurting me.”,I said quietly.

A hint of a smile appeared on his face. “That’s why I am holding you wife.”
He turned to look at the employers, “Let me introduce you Mrs Aaron Wright.”
The employers did not notice anything wrong and said a good morning to me.Others told me to have a good day and welcomed me with a smile.
Paul was already here and Aaron nodded at him.

“There is a lot of things that are going to change from now on.So if you see something unusual,better that this matter stays here.Or else the one who spreads the news…well they are going to face the consequences.I am sure each and everyone of you loves their jobs,salary and family.And I don’t want anyone to click her photo.Is that understood?”
All the employers looked down and said, “Yes Sir.”

I knew that Aaron was definitely going to make me suffer more here.Did I expect something else?


Aaron led me into his cabin,still holding my waist.I felt sick with his touch.I would  gladly eat that stale food forever instead of having him touch me.
On his door,his name was written in bold and capital letters.It was an automatic door,auto locked with a code.He quickly put the code which seemed like ‘champ.’
What a strange code?

The door opened and he led me inside.It was very cool as the AC was on but apparently regulated to an appropriate temperature,unlike in my room.
He seemed to understand as I looked at the AC.

“So how did you sleep yesterday?”,he asked deliberately.
“Fine.”,I muttered and he smiled.
I took my eyes off the AC and glanced at his cabin.It was huge with red tiles.There was a table in the center,neither small nor large.It was the one that offices usually have.There were five telephones,some files and a laptop on it.On the left side of the room, a black leather sofa rested and a painting of Picasso was hung just above his chair.I stood there,breathing slowly and waiting for his orders.
He gave me some files and told me to complete them.I sat down on the sofa silently and started my work.
I analysed every files quickly and there was a lot of errors in all the projects.If I’d no experience with working with these types of projects,I would not have known it.He had given me old files,projects that were useless and which he did not intend to complete.Another way keep my mind busy atleast.

There was complete silence until someone knocked at the door.It was an employer.
“Come in.”,Aaron replied without looking at the person.I again shifted my attention to the files.
“Sir,these files?,he hesitated.Aaron took the files and read them for some minutes but then stood up in fury.
“What’s this?Where are the reports for today?”,he demanded.

The employer swallowed and looked down.”Sir,I am going to do it right now.”
“Why now?What were you doing all this time?”,he asked angrily but then his expression changed, “Oh,so you thought that boss got married and maybe he will not come to office today.”
The expression of the employer seemed to say the same thing.
Aaron shouted at him for some more minutes. I tried not to pay attention to him but it did pained me to see how he treated his employers.Finally he sent him to his cabin and told him to come with the reports at a specific time.The man nodded,afraid and stumbled his way out of the cabin.But before leaving,he threw me one glance and his expression seemed to say, ‘How can you live with such a man?’

Don’t ask,I replied mentally.I took a deep breath and continued with my work. Paul then entered the cabin and addressed to me “Mam, boss told you to prepare coffee for him.”

Aaron looked at me and raised his chin up in arrogance and signalled me to go.He thought that he was god.I hated him so much.

Paul led me in the kitchen and I prepared two cups of coffee for both Paul and Aaron. He always takes it black without sugar Of course a bitter person would always drink bitter things.

The rest of the day went like this. I’d to prepare coffee every two hours for them and had to complete my work at the same time.My lunch also arrived in the same packet.It seemed that Aaron was paying the jailer for the food.They came directly from the jail and also were made specially for me as such food was not made anymore in jail.

I had to call for a meeting in the conference room and I thanked my stars that I’d experience with these things or else he would have shouted at me or insulted me.I was sure that he must be searching for an opportunity and I was determined not to give him one.In the afternoon,he made Paul brought cakes for his staff and made me carry each packet to their desk.All the employers looked shocked when I served them and Aaron looked happy.

By the end of the day,I was so exhausted that I thought that I would fall down.In addition,the deprivation of sleep added to my tiredness.I kept fighting to keep my eyes open all the time.I was not allowed to a coffee,so it was more hard for me to keep my eyes open and concentrate on work.

Everyone started to leave at six o’clock except Paul,Aaron and me.

I just sat on the sofa and completed the last file.
Aaron was taking to some delegates on the phone and told them that the deal would be finalized today itself.Wonder how long would we stay here?

In just one day,I understood a lot of things about Aaron and his way of living.He was a king whether at home or in office and everyone else was his slave.The way he ordered everyone around and does every work to perfection made all the people feel inferior to him.And he has a certain style of talking.He knew how to talk softly with clients and how and when to shout at his employers..

Paul was on his laptop and at the end they were discussing about the new project.A large amount of money was invested and they were confident of the profit.I put the last completed file on the table and Aaron and Paul got up.It was already seven o’clock.
“Let’s go wife.”,he said.
Paul and I followed him and got in the car.

Aaron made me drive this time and I had a hard time focusing on the road.I could not be blamed if I had an accident but thankfully we all reached home safely.
There were five people waiting for Aaron in the hall.He shook hands with them and then introduced me as his wife.The people beamed at me and I smiled reluctantly.Aaron seemed to be enjoying himself.
“You are very beautiful Mrs Aaron Wright.”,one client said to me with a sweet smile.Normally when someone would say this to me,I would be flattered.But today was different.From the previous day,everything was different.I had no will or energy to smile and thus I simply mouthed a ‘thank you ‘ to him.Aaron was simply looking at me again with a wicked smile.
“Wife,these are my important clients.We are going to discuss a deal.You have one hour.Prepare some food for them.”

I glared at him.I was very tired.All I wanted was to sleep and get some rest.But apparently Aaron had other plans for me.

Finally I got my rest at 10 o’clock at night when the three of us had finished dinner.Of course,it was not really dinner for me,considering the stale food that I was eating.After dinner,Aaron checked the files that I completed and did not comment anything.So I assumed that I must have a done a good job even with old files.

Finally,I went to sleep and despite the cold,I curled into a ball and fell into unconsciousness.



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