Married to the man that I hated
Author: keshnia

Chapter 1
My unique marriage




NOTE TO READERS:I had already posted this story some months ago but then I deleted it and again started to write it.This story is inspired by the show Madhubala.I adore that show.Hope you enjoy it and please comment.And I know a lot of you love romance but I must warn that there would not be any romance at the beginning.The story begins with a hate track and then it will change to love.


I’d heard that marriage are made in heaven.But here in this cruel world,marriage was made by a tyrant ruler.My situation was like a butterfly who has been captured in a palace.A butterfly who has been ordered not to flutter her wings again.I was confined in the palace of this tyrant devil who was cruel,heartless and pityless.

Never in my wildest dreams I’d thought that I would be in such a situation, that I would be faced with such a  dilemma that I’d to live with the person that I hated the most.
Life is not fair. I had heard many people saying it and had witnessed many examples. But maybe it’s now that I was understanding the true meaning of that quote.

Today is the end of my happy life, today is the day when I’ll be sacrificing everything for my family. Yet I could not bring myself  to regret the decision. I was sure of the path I’d to take though I did not want to take it. It was for the people who counted the most for me in this world. It was very little to what they did for me.I loved them too much and I can even go to the pit of hell for the people that I loved.Then this deal was nothing in comparision.I was strong and I know that I woud survive though I was very well aware that living with the man that I hated the most will be next to impossible.It will be worse than death and hell.But for my family,I even accept this torturous and slow death.

I looked at my family for the last time.Goodbye my happy life, mom, dad, Bonnie,my beautiful house and my world. I would miss everything that I was leaving behind.I would miss my best friend Jacob who was not here anymore.He was in Australia since a month for his engineering studies.I did not tell anyone anything.Even my family did not know what I was going to do or become in the next twenty hours.Mrs Alicia Aaron Wright.Ughh…I already hated the name. It’s no doubt that tomorrow I was going to be in all news and TV channels.I hated this.
But I had to accept my fate, I cannot fight against it now. From now on ,the reigns of my life were in the hands of Aaron Wright.I left a letter on the table for my parents and left with tears in my eyes.






 Chapter 1
15 February 2012.Supposedly this day should have been very special and the most important event in a girl’s life. She weaves dreams to go into a new world,with new people and to receive the world’s happiness. I was the exception.For me,everything was the opposite.My name is Alicia Hall  and I had just agreed to  marry the most evil man in existence.

I was standing in the court wearing an old jeans and a T-shirt in front of my future husband. He had a wicked smile on his face and was happy. Today he was going to get what he wanted.Today he was going to make me his official wife.
This was not my dreams.I wanted to get married to a man who I would love more than my life and probably at an age of thirty instead of twenty one.I’d always dreamt of getting married in a church wearing a beautiful white dress with laces and veils. It’s not that my wishes have not been fulfilled but have rather been crushed by the deal made by Aaron Wright.

Right! Aaron Wright was my future husband. How ironical this wedding was? He hated me the most in the world and would even want to kill me right now. The look in his eyes could not be deceived,it seemed to say what I was thinking. There was a fire in them, a fire for revenge. A fire that would burn me and my happiness. But I would be the only one to burn atleast. Thankfully my family had a roof again over their head and food to eat. Or else five days ago, all our hopes had died.

Aaron has saved us despite the fact that he was the one who had destroyed my happy family.
My life was perfect nearly a  month ago.I had a small but satisfying job and a family who was very proud of me.I’ve never wanted more from life.I was the only earner in the house but even with the low income,we were extremely happy.My father was a retired clerk and my mother was a housewife.Due to lack of money I’d to discontinue my education but I was happy that my little sister would not face the same problem.I was financing her education this time,I would not let her end in a small job like me.She deserved much better.

That was one of the reasons that I’d accepted the deal,a deal full of life miseries and torture maybe.



My only mistake was that I’d discovered the fraud that he did with the company I was working with. It was a call of duty and I exposed him in front of everyone and the matter reached to the media who made a lot of speculations about his reputation due to which he was put in jail for five days.His bail had been rejected despite his efforts and large sum of money.

He was finished but then his manager took the blame on him and claimed that Aaron was not at fault and he did everything.

I never believed that but the lawyer of Aaron somehow proved that he was innocent. He was released and the media sent a word of apology. His business again bloomed and his clients again started to trust him.

Just one week after he was released,I was sacked from my job and my house was autioned. Those were the worst days for my family. We stayed on the road for fifteen days managing with the little money that we had. All my savings were gone,snatched. It did not take me long to guess that it was the work of Aaron Wright.

I went to his office to tell him to spare us and to stop his game. But he spoke bad about my parents and I slapped him.One mistake,one slap and I have to regret it for the rest of my life.
His eyes had burned with the same fire for revenge and immediately told his secretary Paul to prepare a deal for me.

I had stood in front him, not understanding his act. He then proposed a deal to me-to marry him and he would return everything that he took from my family.Enraged,I told him clearly that I would rather die than be his wife. He laughed and said that I would come around.

He was right.I searched for many jobs everyday but as soon as the owners heard my name,they threw me out.Obviously Aaron had done some specific setting for me.After all,he was one of the most rich and powerful businessmen in California.

 So I’d to accept the deal for my family. I will not let them suffer for my mistake. Never. After watching them shivering in cold for fifteen days,I would do anything to return their lost peace.After all,I was the one who had messed with Aaron Wright.So it would be me alone who woud have to pay for the penalty.

So here I was with Aaron Wright.
It was strange how money could be so powerful. Just two days after we made the deal and applied for the license for marriage,the clerk of the court approved it. I did not need to think about the amount of bribe that was involved in it.

Shattered,I watched as he signed the marriage document and pushed it towards me. I closed my eyes for a brief second, remembering my family.They did not even know what I was doing but I was glad that they already got the house back. Maybe they had even get my letter by now but did not know where to find me.

“Sign it quickly.”,Aaron ordered.

 I looked at him and saw a devil.Half of the world was crazy about him but I hated him to the core.Anyone can fall for Aaron easily as he had the strikingly good looks that any prince should have with the grey eyes and six feet height.

 It would be breaking news if the media knows that a girl hated the Aaron Wright.Even when the whole mess about the fraud was put to light,my name was not taken at all.Aaron had ensure of that so that he can avenge  his enemy himself.

I signed the document and one tear fell on the paper. The marriage commissioner looked at me in surprise but then smiled. He thought that it was the tears of happiness. Aaron was still smiling widely. How I knew that it was just the beginning? There was a lot of tortures that were waiting for me in the near future. I was sure that he must have planned a lot of things for me. His smile said it all. Since the last one month,I’d known him and his character very well.Rude,egoistic,snobbish,arrogant,heartless,very shrewd and intelligent and lonely(that’s what I would call someone who had no family).No one can do anything once he decides against it.He was overly obsessed with the things that he wanted.I was the perfect example.He is the guilty pleasure for millions of girls out there who drool over him even after knowing that he was going to get married.He was the one and only charming  and hot man on earth for girls.His popularity,good looks or status had absolutely no effects on me.For me he was the devil in the name of husband.


 I wonder if he intends to lock me up or beat me.Because if that was the case,I would not be able to do anything except to let him have his will.I had agreed to this deal,so there was no choice now.

“Can you wait outside?I want to make few promises to my wife.”,Aaron told the marriage commissioner.I watched as he smiled at me and went outside.

“Mrs Alicia Aaron Wright,I promise to make your life hell for the next forty years.”,he threatened.Standing like a rag doll like stance,I looked at him expressionless.I already knew what he wanted form me.Pure revenge.

“I promise to insult you,not support you ever and make you regret for the days you put in jail and for slapping me.I promise that you will be my puppet and my punching bag on whom I can vent my anger anytime and my sole entertainment.”

I gasped but still did not cry.I am going to save that for later.
“Is that enough promise or you want your handsome husband to make some more?”,he asked me.

I did not answer and he grinned. “This is going to be fun.”


After the marriage was conducted,he took me to his house.

His house was very spacious like it had been described for months in the newspapers and magazines.But I did not have time or the will to inspect it.I just kept my eyes on the floor. He held my hand hard as we both walked in the house. It hurt but I did not say anything. It was done intentionally to hurt me. How I knew how much he hated to touch me right now?I also despised his touch. Now my life was not mine. It had been bought by Aaron.I was in a total state of shock and daze as he dragged me forward.

I realised that I was not walking.If Aaron would not have held my hand,maybe I would have collapsed right there.It must be the pain which was making me feel numb.I could not even feel my feet.

“It’s celebration time.”,he shouted with joy and I felt the urge to cover my ears or at least remove his dirty hands from me. “Noah,bring the champagne.”


A servant quickly brought a bottle of champagne and Aaron smirked.

“Open this.”,he said to me.I still looked down and did not reply.He sighed heavily.

“Fine.You are right by the way.If you open this,your lovely hands will be dirty by alcohol.”

Finally he opened it himself and threw some of the champagne in front of me.I could only stare.
“It’s a welcome for you sweetheart.” ,he said and drank from the bottle and then forced the bottle in my mouth.I struggled with my one hand but some champagne got into my mouth.I coughed badly and tears fell from my eyes.How can someone be so cruel?

He looked satisfied that at least I drank some and dragged me forward.
“Come wife, I’ll introduce you to everyone.”
Wife? But I could not think at that time.I was brain dead.But I wondered if he had trouble calling me by my name? He looked at me for a second and appraised my expression and whatever he saw on my face made him happy. Maybe it was despair, sadness, helplessness and pain.
“From today I’ll call you wife. Do you know why?”, he said.

I did not say anything but stood there, feeling numb with the pain.
“That’s not polite wife.The whole world would die to have a glimpse of me and you are refusing to look at me.Look at me.”
I had no intention of doing it but he held my chin hard and forced me to look at him.The tears stood out in my eyes.

 He again smiled. “The word wife will remind you that I’ve bought you and now you have to live the rest of your life as the wife of the person you hate the most. Isn’t that exciting?”
I just stared because my lips was frozen.I was in shock.Today I have died.I was the puppet of Aaron Wright now.

He called everyone in the house to the doorstep and they looked down. They were all servants of the house. There were nine in total and they wore the same black clothes. It was a uniform. No one looked at me or Aaron. They all kept their eyes on the floor.Probably they feared him,not to mention that they did not have reasons not to.

He lifted his finger to pinpoint at the servant that he was introducing, “Sam, Eddy,Noah,William,Sofia,Eva,Anna,Sarah,Bella and this is….”
He introduced me, “my new servant uh.”
He pretended to forget my name and then called, “Paul,what’s her name?”

 Paul was the personal secretary of Aaron and stayed with him in the same house.

“It’s Alicia Hall Sir.”,Paul replied.
Aaron nodded,thoughtful,“Oh yeah,but not Alicia Hall anymore. This is Alicia Aaron Wright. Mrs Aaron Wright.”

As he said my new name, it sent another wave of pain through me. I swallowed and tried not to cry. I’ve chosen this. I’ve to live through it. I’ve to find a way through this nightmare, if there was one.Stop complaining Alicia.It was your choice and now you have to live with him.

 Still keeping his eyes on me,he addressed to the servants.He never wandered his eyes from my face.“From today,you are all given a holiday of some days. Go home and enjoy.”

The servants were shocked. Obviously they must be thinking about the remaining days of the month. If Aaron give them a holiday,then they will not be paid and they would not be able to run their houses. The confusion and questions were very clear on their faces.
“You will receive your full salary by the end of the month. But don’t come to Aaron mansion. I’ll tell you when you can resume work. You may all go now.”
“But boss,if they all go,who will do the house chores?”,Paul asked.
Aaron eyes flickered to me and I understood. “She will do everything.”
Paul nodded with a smile.

The servants all went but threw me at least one glance before leaving. Some sympathised with me while some were expressionless.
“So before starting,let me show you your room wife.”

This was the part that I was dreading since days.Was I going to stay in his room?Supposely today was our first night.How would he treat me?His presence caused me so much pain;then what will happen when he touch me?I again realized that I was shaking and Aaron looked happy to see me like that.

He made me walk some distance and brought me to a room though my feet were not allowing me.I just wanted to sit and cry but the pain had made me so numb that sometimes I feel that the voice of Aaron was far away, just a murmur in the distance.

He opened the door and I glanced at the room. It was big and dirty. It looked like a store room.So we were not going to stay together.I prefer to stay in such a place than in his neat bedroom.

There was just a bed,a table,a chair and some candles which have been lit.When I looked closer,I noticed that there was no light and no tube installed. The only light that shone the room came from the five candles that have been lit and were about to melt completely. It seemed that it’s been a while since they were lit.
“Paul,I am disappointed.”,Aaron declared.
Paul waited to hear the reason.

“I told you that this room should be very dirty. What is this? It’s so clean. I am sure her house must be dirtier than this. Bad job Paul.”
I blinked my eyes in shock. This room was the dirtiest place that I’ve ever seen and yet Aaron was complaining. Get used to it Alicia.Stop thinking.

“I am sorry Sir.”,Paul apologized.
Aaron nodded and turned his head to me. “This is your room wife.”
He paused to see my expression and grinned.
“Paul,tell her all the work that she has to do from tomorrow.”,he ordered and looked at me. “Have a bad night and bad dreams.”
He left me with Paul.

I was so relieved that I would not have to share his room. That would have been big torture. I sighed and Paul started to explain me about my work. After waking up at five I’d to clean the entire house,wash the dishes and prepare breakfast for Aaron and Paul. There was a chart in the kitchen and I’d to follow it. In addition I’d to bring the supplements of Aaron and water into the gym at seven o’clock. He would have his breakfast at 8.30 and will leave for office at 9.I found it strange that he did not tell me to do the laundry. Maybe there was someone specific to handle his clothes.
Clothes. That struck a chord to me. I did not bring anything here,not even my clothes because Aaron told me not to. But what was I going to wear?

I still had some money with me and with that hope it would be enough to buy a few clothes. I could survive.

Nothing surprises me anymore.So when Paul told me that I’d to go to office with Aaron,it was expected.After all,he promised to make my life hell every second. Maybe it was another way to insult me. An insult in public. What would be better than that for him? He was dying to take revenge from me

When night came,I refused to sleep but instead cleaned the room,my room so that I can breathe. I was already shivering and on top the air conditioner was on.It was very cold. After searvhing for the remote in vain,I gave up. It was nowhere. The AC had already been regulated to a certain temperature.There was not even a blanket.

I sat in one corner and wrapped my hands around my knees and cried. Seconds,minutes and hours ticked by but I never stopped crying.All my pain and agony were evident in my tears.I could not digest the fact that I was married to that devil but was satisfied that I took a decision for the betterment of my family.I knew that my life won’t be a bed of roses post marriage because revenge was all that Aaron wants.And I had no choice but to accept everything that he says.Still sobbing,I remembered how Aaron had proposed me the deal.

He had said that ‘When love and hate cross all limits,it becomes more than madness.I don’t love you definitely but I want you in my life.I want you near me all the time.I want to see you as mine only.My wife and only mine.My toy shielded from the outside world and accessible only by me.’
Now he got me or rather it can be said that he bought me in exchange of my family’s lifelong happiness.







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