Life Through Different Eyes.
Author: Maximilion Mars

Chapter 3
The Mission.

I remember my last mission with Dante and the boys. It was a cold night where we got briefed on what the mission was. We thought it was a simple bomb run , no big deal. Dante said something about the mission , "I dont know Jay , this mission it feels weird man , like no doubt something isn't right. But then again its a gut feeling and I haven't eaten anything but a biscuit." Dante said in a joking matter. "Well Dante fill up your tank cause tomorrow we have a big day , its our last mission of this tour!" I said in hopes of motivating everyone to do a good job. Dante laughed and went to his bunk and I ate a bowl of soup then went to bed.

We were scheduled to leave at 4 a.m. to get the engines nice and hot. Dante woke me up at 3:30 a.m. and I was pretty pissed since I din't get enough sleep but felt a bit rested. We woke up the rest of the division and they weren't to happy either but they felt rested and ready to go. We ate breakfast to go on a full tank of fuel , if your pilot is unfocused your aircraft cannot execute will perfect ability. We finished out breakfast pretty quick and in time to change into our suits and moved out to the harsh cold dawn weather of 54 degrees but hey , it was our job to protect our beloved country. While Dante was putting on his suit he was doing his ritual , which consisted of  kneeling before a picture of his wife with a rosary and prayed for his and everyone's safe return home. It was a pretty sacred ritual for Dante and we left him at peace to it , he was after all praying for our safe return to our carrier. We moved quick as our alarms were blaring off which meant the 105th was activated to move , Dante and I moved quick and mounted our jets and started the sound off "Sound off begin ladies!" Screamed Dante , "Starhoop" , "Here and ready" , "Nostradamus" , "Alive and heating" , "Spearlow" , "Breathing" , "Condor" , "Revving up" , "Cobra" , "Systems heating" , "Eagle" , " Merica" , "ok then , Centaurus" , "Hooaah" , "Comet" , "Charging!" , "Andromeda" , "Starting engines" , "Hydra" , "Bingo!" , "Susan!" , "Thats me!" , "And Im Omega , alright boy's lets fly."

On our pre-heating fly out , we were pretty focused and well ajusted to the formation of the run we had to do. "Good flying boys." Said Dante in a very pleased tone. "We doing good today guys , lets keep it up!" I said , "Hooaaah" all the other guys responded. I don't know why everytime anyone say's that sounds of word I get hyped up and ready for anything , its really weird. We stayed flying in and out of formations around the carrier for more then an hour and a half and we felt ready to go , but the problem was that the bomb run was in the afternoon so we would heat up our engines so they could be ready for later. "Well boys we did great , lets head back to the carrier." Dante said. We landed quick and were on our feet moving to the mess hall to eat since we hadn't eaten anything in a long while. See we ate a lot since there were times where we would just sit by the edge of the carrier hoping for an alarm to go off , or an emergency scramble but it rarely happened. So we turned to eating to "kill" the boredom , We did exercise though , and a lot. Dante and I had a little chat before we went on the mission. "Jay if for some reason I get shot down or blown up , tell Hailey I died honorably , I dont want her to know what really happens..." , "Damn it Dante don't say that you'll comeback alive , you're not white man , us white people get spotted better and shot down way quicker!" Dante laughed pretty hard and then we went back to a serious tone of conversation. " Dante if I get shot down , promise me you'll tell my family , but break it to them soft , mom can get pretty sad and dad , well dad will try to help mom more then anything so please be gentle , you know just in case." Dante looked at me and smiled , "You'll come back alive white boy. Don't worry!" , "But Dante , seriously , just in case." , "Yeah Jay don't worry I know what you mean." We shaked on it and headed over to our planes. Dante had a break to do his ritual and I waited for him in the stalls. "God , if your up there , um hi. Im gonna need help today to comeback alive and well. Its gonna be hard since its very inside enemy lines and going in will be easy , but coming out will be a challenge. Please God , let my boys come back home safe." , "Well that's a first." Dante said. "Dante you cant sneak up on a man having a conversation with his maker! its just not right." We both laughed and started moving towards our Jets.

"Alright boys , it's show time. Lets do this clean and quick , let's go!" , "HOOAAH!!!" All our jets roared with anticipation and we were off. "Susan move forward in the line up and lead the division this first 20 minutes of flight and then let Omega do the rest. Centaurus you have the clear to check the sides for enemy jets our artillery. Copy?" Top Tower was sending us all types of maneuveres and they were the main controls for our runs and missions. "Hooaah tower we copy and will deploy as told." We moved into formation quick and Dante was by my right handside , Centaurus was on my left , and the rest on our backs. "Alright division , increase speed to 90%" , "Increasing speed to 90%" , "Speed set over." We were trying to make the mission as quick as possible. "Alright Susan move back and let Omega lead for the rest of the mission." , "Copy that control." Dante moved forward and quickly into position we moved behind him following his movements. "Alright division you'll be reaching the bomb run site in approximately in 10 minutes , get in BR formation 12." BR meant Bomb Run and formation 12 was this formation where we were in a semi straight line but had two jets on our sides to catch what we left off. "Alright boy's lets hit this and run." , "hooaah" We hit the site pretty hard , and we had to hit it 3 times then back to the carrier. On our last cycle Centaurus screamed over the radio "ENEMY ARTILLERY!!!" We moved around them since they weren't guided , we moved out quick and clean. "Well division I expect you back in 45 minutes , Over and out." , "yes control , ETA will be of 45 minutes." or so we thought. "Susan , spot the right side do you see anything?" Centaurus asked. "If im not wrong those look like jets?" , "Jets?" Dante asked. "Yes jets , did the enemy have any type of jets?" I said. "Control is there any other type of escort for us on this mission?" , "No Susan , there is no outside support , check who is following the division , if enemy , you know what to do, keep us posted , over." , "Will do control."

These jets were black with red stripes and looked really menacing. "Dante I think we're in for a dogfight." , "Damn it Jay I think we are, Boys lets circle back and if we are fired on fire back with out concent." We turned back only to receive enemy fire and were obligated to engage in a dog fight. "Jay check your 12 then move quickly over me" , "Got it Dante!" , I took down the enemy jets with barely any effort. Dante circled back and moved quickly to take out 2 enemies at once. "Jay look out you have 2 hot on your tail!" I moved quick and evaded fire then Dante picked them off for me. "Guys Cobra and Eagle have been hit , they went straight to the carrier , dont be hero's move back as soon as you find space to move away!" said Nostradamus. "Copy that Nostradamus , check your  6 o clock and move forward quick you have a big target on you being so far away." We were engaged in that dogfight for atleast a solid 2 hours. We were all running out of fuel and had to be quick on how to finish the job and get back to the carrier for support. In a quick haze I saw that Andromeda was smoking of its wings , I contacted Andromeda and asked "Andromeda , are you there , do you copy? your wings are smoking do you need assistance?" , "Susan thanks but im not gonna make , please I ask you , tell my wife I died for my country , thats all I can ask , Goodbye 105th I love you all." Those were the last words I heard from Andromeda as he started to plummet to the big valley underneath us. "Andromeda , please dont stop , come on man , you have a wife and she wont be happy to see my face at her door! , Adromeda , pull up please , please pull up you can get back to the carrier!" The radio from Andromeda went dead. "ANDROMEDA PLEASE ANSWER , DONT QUIT NOW , PLEASE PULL UP!!" My efforts were in vain , Andromeda hit the valley and exploded to pieces... We were all amazed and angry. We started taking enemy jets down like swatting flies. In my need for taking down the enemy jet who killed Andromeda I lost sight of my surroundings. I shot down the enemy jet but was shot on the right wing , because I lost my focus.  "JAY LOOK OUT!" , Dante screamed but it was too late , My right wing got blown to bits and I was knocked out by the hit. I could hear Dante's voice echoing in my head saying "Jay do you copy , Jay answer me man! JAY!" I couldn't speak , I was completely lost , since I hit my head pretty hard and couldn't make any words come out of my mouth. I felt how my plane fell from the sky and I passed out. The last things I remember hearing were Dante's voice calling out to me and the air racing through the jet while I fell off the sky...


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