Life Through Different Eyes.
Author: Maximilion Mars

Chapter 2
A Man's Way.

    I arrived at Phoenix , Arizona then took another plane to north California where the boot camp was located. The boot camp was called Solstice Eve or how we called it Cold Hell. We called it Cold Hell since our DI was Satan himself and we were kinds scared of him since we dint want to be sent to a cold hell or the infirmary. well that's enough of how we thought of the boot camp. In the boot camp I met this guy who was my bunk mate called Dante Eksin. Dante was a weird guy but very friendly.

    Dante would try to keep our spirits up by making jokes since our day to day thing was wake up at four am to make our bunks in minutes and be dressed to be on our way to the training that was needed or scheduled for that day. Dante And I would use our free time to talk about how our lives were before boot camp. Dante and I had gone through Kinda the same thing in high school but well since Dante was ahead of me since he had the girl. The way he won over his girl was very Different but very good. "Listen here Jay. I had this girl I liked a lot her name is Hailey Glassman. She was a very hard girl to convince since she had been cheated on twice and wasn't very easy on letting people close. I made it clear to myself that I really wanted her and I started by just talking with her and I always tried to make her laugh. Her laugh was pretty cute and I enjoyed to make her laugh. Then we started to talk more And more each day. There were moments where we would be very comfortable with each other and it was pretty clear that she liked me as I liked her. On a clear April night I went to pick her up at her house to go out to eat and then for a walk. We went to eat at this restaurant off the corner street in the city and we had a lot of fun , after that we went to a small park that had a small lake with a stome bridge. In that small bridge I asked her to be my girlfriend And with a smile that went from ear to ear she said yes and hugged me. Time passed and I asked her to prom and we went had a blast you know as anyone else does unless you don't have a date then it'll pretty much suck. After prom was over I took her to the same park to the same bridge and told her my plans of being in the airforce and she couldn't help but cry and said in a breaking voice come back to me and that there broke my heart but I wasn't gonna leave like that. I pulled out a ring and told her that as soon as I finished boot camp I would come back to her and marry her."

    I was pretty impressed at how motivated he was on going back to his girl. A thought popped into my head about how in the old wars they would marry off the young men so they could have a reason to fight and comeback and I said to myself "give a man a reason to fight for his country and he'll go through hell and back just to see that reason again." Our time in Cold Hell was pretty hectic but the last week was almost on us. We were all very nervous and then bam! Graduation week.

    I saw my family that day and was pretty happy to see them for a while and well that graduation went on quick and well I was lucky enough to keep Dante as a partner on the airforce. Dante and me were pilots in the 105th airborne division. I saluted Dante and told him to have a good time back home. I went back to Nebraska and was not able to be there for more then five days since the 105th was activated for war. I called Dante and he was as amazed as I was. "So how was the wedding Dante?" I asked. "It was normal. I was nervous of course but it was the best moment of my life." He said. "Ahh man I wish I could've been there just to see your face go blue! But on a serious matter Dante... were activated." I said to Dante. "I know Jay. Ill meet you over at north Cal." , "sure thing Dante." I said my goodbyes and headed over to the airport where I was to depart to North California , to then be sent on a big military aiplane to florida then I could finally board the aircraft carrier that would sail over the Atlantic Ocean and into where the war was. I met Dante back at North California and we went back to Cold Hell for a small debriefing on what our mission objectives were. Dante as always making jokes and keeping the 105th's morale boosted since him and me were the captains of the division. The 105th Airborne Division consisted of 12 jets made for bomb runs or "Dogfights" Which are basically more explained in movies where planes go head to head and have to take each other out. On  the short briefing of how we were to be working on this war it was simple , you fly , you drop bombs , you come home , simple as eating a cheeseburger. Dante and I took the same plane ride to Florida where we talked of how his wedding with Hailey was and how things were gonna be over at the warzone.
"So Dante , tell me what happened when you told Hailey that you were activated?" I asked. "It was rather sad to the point of tears man, I told her hours after getting the call. I couldn't imagine the idea of  how she was gonna take the news , so I took her out to eat and when we got back home I told her. She cried her eyes out man , there was nothing I would say to make her feel better. She then said to me , Be safe, I cant lose you , not anymore. That broke my heart man , but you know what im coming back alive no matter what!" That was typical Dante , hyped up and determined to go back to his reason of fighting. I stayed quiet and agreed with him since I too wanted to come back alive. We arrived at Florida and the whole 105th division was there. all of us in a very motivated mood got on our bus and headed for the docks where our jets were waiting on us. My jet I called her Susan , no idea why , i just called her like that. Dante's plane was betty , oh how original. all the other pilots were very skilled , cause to be in the 105th you had to be a skilled pilot. We set off to the sea and crossing the Atlantic can be pretty boring , so for fun we played games , had intellectual conversations and many other things. The Commander in charge of the directions of the airborne division was Jim C. Wilhelm. He was a very skilled pilot , he fought in multiple air wars and participated in many air rades and bomb runs , so we can say he was an original badass. Before we were allowed to mount our jets and fly off to whereever any squad needed a bomb run , Jim stopped all of us and gave a small speach which was pretty motivating to say the least and moved our Division to the most motivated well oiled machine we were. Dante and i were top leaders in the division and were the ones leading bomb runs and anyother assistance where needed. Dante had this one rule , come back alive , no buts or if's you do as you are told and you will be back home safe.


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