Life Through Different Eyes.
Author: Maximilion Mars

Chapter 1
The Humble Beginnings.

This story is not a sad story but more of a reminder that sometimes you forget what you have or you don't appreciate all that you have in front of you. This is my story of how a small guy like me made big things with my own life. My name is Jared Peterson, but my friends call me Jay. I lived in Omaha , Nebraska , attended Miller Oak High school and was the president of the math club , leader In the a/v club and partner with the class president on his chess team.

Miller Oak high was the typical high school. You'd have your jocks , your nerds , your preppy yet slutty cheerleaders and then you would have people like me. I never really fit in the normal social circles at my high school but I got by. As in all high school years , I had the most hugest crush on a girl who would never even show a tiny percentage of interest in me since I did not have any of the qualities that were in her 'boyfriend material list.' I swear that list was the apocalypse for guys. No one had much of a chance with her and no one did. By that time I was always home , even though being home I would always have my two best friends to count on always. Jerry Spencer or as we called him spencer and Andrew Vega or Av for short. We were a couple of solid dudes , we did everything from hiking to skating heck we even made our own instruments out of cardboard , but please you must already know that to make an instrument with normal materials Is hard well imagine a bunch of 16 year olds trying to build a cello from cardboard and pieces of string. Biblically impossible , but we tried. Ah damn I drifted off again. Back to my huge crush , her name was Jennifer Lowell , she was beautiful I mean she was the bee's knees. Every guy wanted a chance with her but she never let em. She was a hard nut to crack and well I didnt have a chance , for now...

Finally I graduated from Miller Oak high and freedom was high over my head. Ny graduation gift was a car a nice 1970 Camaro SS. Killer wheels to say the least. The day of my graduation Spence , Av and me decided to have a small roadtrip to the next town for some burgers cause we already have had burgers at Omaha and we wanted to diversify our eating options. On the long drive there Spence asked us what were our plans after high school. Av answered with "well I'm thinking about computer science since I already know my way around a computer if you know what I mean buddy" while he said that he had a stupid grin on his face but spence's face was even more hilarious. He turned to me and asked the same and I said "well spence I think I might join the airforce then study communications" Spencer's face was as if I told him I was gonna drive this car off a cliff or something. "THE AIRFORCE!?" He screamed and I said "well yeah spence I really want to be a pilot in the airforce not only to fly kickass planes but to travel man! Its been years since I left Nebraska and there's a world out there to see!" I replied. We stayed quiet for a few minutes and Av said "yo Jay I'm with you man all the way." Feeling more reassured of my plans I told the guys this "guys lets make a promise. After we are all settled down with our own jobs we come back here and have a burger and catch up. Deal?" Spencer and Av with half a mouthful said "yeah man we should."

Later that day at the graduation , I saw my good friend Daniela Roman she was very pretty as well but I did not really like her as much since I have known her since I was 2. "Daniela! We made it!" I said while hugging her. "Oh god , yes I know! I'm so happy right now!" She replied most ecstatic then ever. I saw Jennifer taking pictures and I went up to her and said "he-hey Jennifer umm congrats haha we made it yay!" I felt stupid but at least was breaking the ice. Her face changed from her million dollar smile to the get out of my face loser , face. "Um yeah we did but why are you here? Do I know you?" She replied."I don't think you do but I think this is the furthest ill ever talk to you I guess. " I said with a small voice. "Oh don't worry weirdo we all have to look up to someone once in a while , oh I'm gonna leave more photo opps over there." She said. That bitch! I was just trying to have a normal conversation but no I guess I'm not good enough to be in a conversation with you. Well whatever was my last thought on that and kept walking around. The graduation lasted 4 hours but it felt as if they were voting on the election of a new pope since those normally take about forever. With the graduation done I packed my bags and my mom drived me to the airport were I said my goodbyes and got on the plane to boot camp. On the way to the plane I said to myself "things are gonna change man. Things are gonna change."


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