She Changed My Life
Author: SpooningLiam69

Chapter 11

"A year today." Stacy's mom said, letting a tear run down her face.

"Yes, dear, I know." her father said, putting an arm around her shoulder.

They put down the pile of roses as they stared down at their daughters grave.

They carefully walked back to their car, trying not to step on any graves.

They slowly got into their car, and drove away.

"Stacy," Carlos said, taking in a deep breath, "how is it up there? Is it nice? I bet it is. Everyone must treat you well. They have to, right? Well, they should."

Carlos took in another deep breath as he sat down next to his sisters grave.

"I bet you like hanging out with Olivia again, don't you."

Carlos sat there in silence for hours, letting a fear tears leave his eyes here and there.

"Stacy," Carlos whispered, as he placed a teddy bear down by her grave, "I want you to have this. Fatso. Remember when you named him when you were three? I do."

Carlos slowly sat up and looked down at her grave.

"Goodbye, Stacy." he said, turning back in the direction of his car.

"I still miss you. Can't wait to see you again."

He walked back to his car and opened the door. He then sat in the drivers seat, resting his head down on the steering wheel.

Carlos sat there and cried, but the thing is, Stacy could see him.

She was there with him, but he didn't notice.

She slowly put her hand on his shoulder, and he instantly stopped crying.

"Stacy?" he shouted with tear-full eyes.

"Stacy." Stacy whispered back.

Stacy then walked away from the vehicle and watched as Carlos drove away.

"He really loves you." Olivia said, standing next to Stacy.

"I know." Stacy said, grabbing her hand.

Stacy and Olivia then walked away from the gravestones, and they both placed a feint smile on their face.


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