She Changed My Life
Author: SpooningLiam69

Chapter 10
Chapter 10

It's been two months today since she passed, Stacy wrote down. I miss her so much. I don't know what to do. Olivia's mom passed away last week, and my brother still hasn't returned.

"Stacy, time to leave!" Stacy's mom shouted from down the hallway.

"I don't want to go to that stupid thing." Stacy said under her breath. "I miss you, Oli. I know you're here with me. I can feel your presence."

Stacy walked down the stairs to be greeted by her Yorkshire Terrier Bella.

"Hi Bella." Stacy said, bending down to pet her. She gently picked her up and walked through the living room.

"Mom, do I have to go? I really don't want to. It doesn't do help me like you think it does." Stacy sat down on the couch with Bella and stroked her back. Bella turned around to face Stacy and started licking her face.

Stacy giggled. "Bella!"

"Stacy, you have to go." her mom grabbed her purse and car keys. "Come on, let's go."

Stacy slowly sat in her seat, just thinking this was going to not be a fun time.

I wish Olivia was here, so then when I got dragged to these kind of things she'd be here with me and we would make fun of everything. Stacy thought to herself. After she died, everyone has given me weird looks. Except for today, since we're like 3 towns away. No one here knew Olivia. Which was a shame. She was a beautiful girl. My beautiful girl. My best friend. My other half. Until that car came.. And that tree was planted there...

Stacy felt a vibration in her pocket and slowly took out her phone. Finding that she had gotten a text from her brother.

Carlos: Stacy, im coming home tonight. Dont tell mom and dad. Its a surprise! x

"Who are you texting, dear?" her mom questioned, leaning over her shoulder.

"Just tweeting that you're dragging me here again."

Stacy: Carlos! I cant wait to see you. Its been so long. Cant wait!!! Im excited! xxx :)

"You will enjoy it. You used to when you were a little girl anyway." Her mom turned her head towards the stage as the lights dimmed down and music began to play, followed by women in white tutus walking towards the center of the stage.

"Is this-" Stacy began.

"It is." her mom said, smiling.

Stacy leaned back in her chair and began to show a faint smile.

"See, it wasn't that bad." Stacy's mom said as she turned her key.

"Yes, mom, I know."

"Did you at least enjoy it?" Her mom began to open up their big wooden door.

"Yes, mom. Why did you take me to see Swan Lake, may I ask?" Stacy bent down and grabbed Bella.

"Well, you enjoyed it when you were younger. Thought you would like to relive some of your childhood memories."

"Thanks mom." Stacy said, as she trotted up the stairs.

"Where are you going with Bella?" Stacy's mom questioned, walking through the living room into the kitchen.

"My room." Stacy yelled back.

"Dinner's in an hour!"

"Yum. Hope it's something good tonight, Bella. Don't you?" Stacy said to Bella as she closed her bedroom door.

She laid back on her bed and as Bella pounced up there with her.

"Bella, how does suicide sound to you? Sounds good to me."


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