She Changed My Life
Author: SpooningLiam69

Chapter 7
Chapter 7

"Stacy. Stacy wake up."

Stacy slowly fluttered her eyes open to reveal Carlos and Olivia staring down at her.

Where am I? Stacy thought.

"I think she's waking up." Carlos said with a smile.

"Please be okay Stace. Please be okay" Olivia whispered to herself, crossing her fingers.

"What happened?" Stacy said, sitting up and holding her head.

"Stacy you're okay!" Olivia said and tightly hugged her.

Olivia explained everything that happened in the past hour, and Stacy seemed confused.

"That, that really happened?" Stacey said, still a bit confused.

She looked around the room, taking in everything that happened and looking where she was. She was in her bedroom. She looked slowly down at her wrists. Blood stained. Covered in band-aids.

"Who did this?" she questioned.

"I did." Olivia said.


"I think I'll leave you two alone. Take it easy Stace." Carlos said, slowly closing the door behind him.

"I thought I was helping. I'm sorry. Why didn't you tell me about this?" Olivia whispered calmly, scooting her way to sit right next to her friend.

"I didn't want anyone to find out. It's a secret of mine." Stacy shed a small tear and quickly wiped it off of her face.

Olivia hugged her.

"Olivia!" Stacy's mom yelled, "your mom wants you home for dinner tonight!"

"Okay Mrs. Faye!" she yelled back. She grabbed her things off the couch and got up off the couch.

"Bye Stace. See you in about an hour."

She waved goodbye as she walked out of the door to her car.

"Stacy, I would like you to have dinner with us tonight. You, your father, your brother and I are going to talk."

Stacy looked around the room. "Okay." she whispered.

"Like now." Her mom left the room to go into the kitchen and finish dinner.

Stacy slowly followed her mother.

"Set the table, darling."

"Kay mom."

Stacy grabbed the cups, plates, silverware and napkins off the counter and set four of each at different sides of the table.

Stacy would be sitting in between her mom and her dad, and across from her brother.

She sat down as did the rest of her family.

"Thank your mother for this delicious chicken, stuffing and potatoes children." her dad howled.

"Thanks mom, for the delicious food you made to save our lives." they said in unison.

Stacy grabbed a tiny piece of chicken and started cutting it slowly.

"Stacy, we have to talk." her mom said softly.

Carlos looked across the table and mouthed "I'm sorry."

'We uh, we know what happened." her mom said, shedding a small tear.


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