She Changed My Life
Author: SpooningLiam69

Chapter 6
Chapter 6

Stacy slammed the bathroom door shut and slid her way down the door.

"Why me?" she pleaded, letting tears escape her eyes."Why is this happening. I don't want anyone to know anything about me anymore."

She released more tears while scrummaging through the bathroom drawers.

"Finally." She had found what she had been looking for.

Olivia was standing there, silently.

"What did I do wrong?" she whispered to herself. "I thought she would feel the same way."

She fell back onto her friends bed, looking up at the plain white ceiling and watching the ceiling fan slowly turn around in circles.

Again and again, she just sat there, watching the fan turn.

"Why am I so stupid?" she whispered.

Stacy sat down on the cold, hard ground, right next to her pink mat by the sink. She grabbed what she had been looking for and stood up.

She looked up at her reflection in the mirror, feeling her lips.

And I liked it, she thought, that's what's so wrong about it.

Olivia kept staring at the ceiling fan. Thinking about everything.

"Why am I so fucked up? I'm just so fucked up." she whispered to herself.

Carlos then walked into the room to find Olivia lying there, talking to herself, staring, crying.

"Olivia, what"s wrong?" he yelled, and quickly ran towards her.

"Carlos I can't tell you."

Carlos tried to move Olivia to where she could sit up, but she wouldn't budge.

"Look at you. You're a bitch." Stacy said to her reflection in the mirror. "You're worthless. You deserve to die. No wonder I'm your own best friend." Obviously her depressed self had come out again.

Stacy picked up her razor, the object she had grabbed from her secret hidden hiding space. She slowly dug it deep into her skin, not regretting a thing.

"Olivia was just kidding you. She really hates you. She doesn't want an ugly bitch like you."

She dug it into her skin again.

"She would like to see you like this, wouldn't she."

She kept digging it into her wrist, deeper and deeper.

"Olivia, tell me what is going on!" Carlos pleaded.

"I don't think your sister is okay! Go run off into the bathroom and check on her before something happens! I'm worried."

She turned herself over on the bed, to wear she could see nothing but Stacy's blue bed sheets.

"Olivia, tell me what is going on!" Carlos shouted once again. Olivia lifted her head so she could see his.

"Go fucking check on her Carlos!" she screamed, turning her head back onto the bed.

"Okay okay.." Carlos said, running out of the bedroom down to the end of the hallway.

He ran up to the bathroom door, turning the knob. "It won't open." he whispered. "Stacy! Stacy I'm going to get you out of there okay!"

"It'd be best if you stayed away." Stacy faintly whispered.

Carlos grabbed the key and unlocked the door, opening it up quickly.

"Stacy!" he yelled going up towards her. He grabbed her and wouldn't let go. She dropped her razor from her bloody hands, and slowly took a deep breath.


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