She Changed My Life
Author: SpooningLiam69

Chapter 5
Chapter 5

A week had past and Stacy's parents should be coming home soon. Her brother came home yesterday. He was very loud and obnoxious.

Stacy was going insane. She couldn't talk to Olivia about this, but she hasn't cut the whole time she was there. Her scars were beginning to slightly fade, and she hadn't touched the blade once.

And they said it couldn't be done. Stacy thought, smiling a bit while staring at her reflection in the bathroom mirror. I had gone this long without cutting, I am so shocked. The voices had told me otherwise, but I shot them down and just didn't listen for once. They're always right. Now it's my turn to be right.

She pulled down her oversized band tee and walked out of the door. She started walking, but she got stopped by a hand grabbing the doorframe.

"What were you doing in there, Stacy?" Carlos said, smirking.

"Nothing. What are you talking about?" Stacy hesitated, trying to escape from her brother. He gripped her shoulders so she couldn't move.

"I know what you're doing to yourself. I'm not stupid."

"Carlos, not now!" Stacy sprinted down the hallway, making her way into her room. Closing the door, locking it fastly. She had noticed she had just woken up Olivia.

"Stacy? What's up?" she said in her sleepy morning voice, which Stacy found funnily adorable.

"It's Carlos." Stacy went towards her. "He knows, Oli. Everything."

Olivia sat up and hugged Stacy. Stacy kept shaking, and breathing heavily.

Stacy's parents had just returned home, and school was right around the corner for Carlos. He had failed algebra in high school, so he's taking it in community college.

Stacy woke up, slowly sitting up. She got out of her bed and went to her mirror and started brushing her hair. "I see you Olivia." she said, looking down under her bed from the mirror.

"Damn you!" Olivia said, getting up from under the bed with a smile. "I thought I was in a tricky spot."

They both smiled and laughed for a minute then Stacy continued brushing her hair.

Olivia stood next to her and moved Stacy's hair from her right shoulder.

"You know you're beautiful, right?" Olivia said, leaving a kiss on Stacy's shoulder.

Stacy stopped brushing her hair and just kind of stood there.

"Uhh, Oli? What are you doing?" Stacy said, turning her head towards her friend.

"What do you mean, Stace?" she said, kissing her neck.

"I mean what I said. What are you doing?" her voice sounded a bit more stern.

No. Stacy thought. No. I don't want this to happen. What if she knows?

What if I shouldn't be doing this? Olivia thought. She probably doesn't even feel the same, anyway.

Olivia put her finger up to Stacy's mouth. "Shhh."

Olivia slowly leaned in closer towards Stacy.

Leaning in to kiss her.

Their lips were centimeters away.



Olivia leaned in all the way and slowly kissed Stacy.

Once Olivia opened her eyes she saw Stacy, looking madder than ever.

"What the hell Olivia! I'm not a fucking lesbian!" Stacy yelled.

She then turned and ran out of her bedroom, quickly into the bathroom.


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