She Changed My Life
Author: SpooningLiam69

Chapter 4
Chapter 4

Olivia woke up, happy as can be. She noticed Stacy wasn't with her. Her stomach grumbled, wanting food. "Hey Stace! I'm going to get food, okay?" she yelled, getting out of her bed and walking out of her room. She heard a faint "okay" come from the end of the hallway. Little did she know how her friend felt.

Olivia walked downstairs, sprinting to the kitchen. She looked into the big refrigerator to find some eggs she could cook up. She found an old frying pan hanging from the ceiling. She took it down and quickly washed it.

She began cracking the eggs, one by one, making a total of 6 thinking Stacy would eat a few.

She heard them sizzle, as they slowly cooked. She walked to go get some cheese to put in, and some red peppers, too. Once she was down, she got down two plates and put a small portion on each plate.

"Stacy, come down here!" she yelled, setting the plates down on the table. "I made breakfast."

She heard little pitter patter of feet shuffling down the hallway upstairs. Slowly the footsteps came down the stairs. Then into the kitchen, revealing Stacy. She looked like she had been crying.

"Stacy.." Olivia whispered, running towards her.

She looked like a mess. Her hair was coming out of her bun, and she had mascara running down her face.

Olivia didn't say anything. She just stood there. Then she suddenly hugged her.

"Thanks Oli." Stacy whispered into her ear.

She let go.

"Do you want any eggs? I made some. With peppers. I know you like them!" Olivia said smiling.

"I don't know." Stacy hesitated.

"C'mon, Stace, you gotta eat something."

"No I don't. I can go weeks without eating. I just need water."

With that, Stacy walked into the living room and curled up on the couch. Olivia got her plate and fork and walked behind her, sitting down beside her. Stacy put on the TV.

Olivia knew that if she asked what she meant Stacy wouldn't want to talk about it. So Olivia just shrugged and started scarfing down her eggs.


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