Timely Twins
Author: Wolfeygrrl

Chapter 1
Timely Twins


10:30, already. Lightly stepping out of the grey car, the click of her heels could be heard echoing through the underground car park. The car door slams shut, the sound ricochets off the walls and back to ring in her silver cuffed ears. Sighing, Cassi taps the button, the car's headlights flashing once indicating it was locked, her mind wandering about the world instead of on her task tonight. One thought in particular, she wondered what her twin was doing, that annoying little brat of a brother had a job interview with her boss. The click click of heels could be heard again, the slim figure weaving through the vast expansion of pipes and cement, her head shaking the thoughts away.


Kneeling on one knee, Cassi peers over the top of a Trans am. Reaching into her purse, she slowly withdraws her weapon of choice, pulling it to her chest carefully and closing her eyes. She'd done this job for too long, way too long. That blasted guy had never extended any appreciation for her work in the office. And she remembered clearly now, how that man had walked into her small home. Her brother, watching TV from the hallway with her when they were supposed to be in bed. That man had walked right in and shot them in front of her eyes. Her and her brother had witnessed the murder of their own parents and Cassi was out to get revenge. She stands quickly and slips the pistol into a hidden pocket of her coat, continuing to walk through the car park.


The click of heels stops suddenly as the target comes into sight and Cassi once again kneels behind a hunk of metal, planning out her next move. Slowly raising her shaking hand, Cassi takes aim, sitting the pistol between the window and side-view mirror for support.  Her heart racing, Cassi placed a finger on the rusted trigger and removes the safety. Drawing a deep breath, she holds it for a second before slowly letting it out, her finger squeezing the trigger tightly.


Forced onto her back by the blast, she sits up and smiles. The target was hit, all in the matter of minutes! Cassi stood and dusted herself off, turning to leave the body. But curiosity always got the better of her, and her over-imaginative mind wondered who she had hit. A police man, maybe someone she loved? Shaking her head once more, Cassi turned and stalked over to the victim to get a better look. Not enough light. Pulling out her HTC she turned on the torch and peered down at the all too familiar face of Jackson, her brother.


Eyes wide in horror, she dropped next to him, pumping at his chest, "You can't die, no! No, you can't die!" She cried over his body, even if she knew it was no use. She had killed her own brother. The annoying little brat of a brother, yet she cared so much for. Sobbing, she pulled him into her lap, cradling his head, "No," she sobbed over and over. The sounds of footsteps could be heard, someone was running, probably to see what had happened, probably the police even. Cassi didn't care, though; she didn't care, not anymore. How was she supposed to live now that her inspiration has gone?


A young man appeared by her side, clicking his tongue in disapproval. But Cassi didn't even tear her green eyes away to see who it was, she didn't care. One small click was all it took for her to realise, for her to freeze where she was. The feeling of something, anything hanging over her head told her body to freeze. "Wrong target," the man said, his voice full of ice as he hovered the pistol over her head. "Twins shouldn't be separated for too long, now, should they?" he asked, pulling the trigger. Laughing evilly, her boss dropped the gun next to Cassi and walked away, the sounds of sirens echoing louder and louder. Cassie had once again been hit by the force of the pistol, now lying lifeless over her twin's dead body.


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